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Toyota RAV4 Noises and Sounds



  • I have a 2005 Rav-4 D4Diesel 2.0 Litre. I had the dual-mass flywheel recently replaced with a single-mass flywheel, because the dual-mass was damaged upon purchase and it was much cheaper to replace it with a sing-mass flywheel. I've read that's what most people do when their dual-mass goes out. Anyway, I've noticed that when I'm in 5th gear and I press on the gas, my stick shifter moves toward neutral about half-an-inch. Then, when I let off the gas, it moves toward the dash the same distane. Could the damaged dual-mass flywheel have affected my 5th gear? Has anyone else experienced this?
  • I have a 2005 Rav-4 D4Diesel 2.0 Litre. I had the dual-mass flywheel recently replaced with a single-mass flywheel, because the dual-mass was damaged upon purchase and it was much cheaper to replace it with a sing-mass flywheel. I've read that's what most people do when their dual-mass goes out. Anyway, I was driving up a hill the other day in 5th gear. I floored the gas and the car suddenly lost almost all of its power. I had to quickly down shift until I was in 1st gear, and I was not able to drive any faster than about 10 km/hr. The check engine light came on. I pulled off to the side of the road and turned the car off. I waited about 2 mintes and turned the car on and everything seemed to work fine. The check engine light eventually turned off, as well, after several drives. What could this be?
  • wingedwinged Posts: 1
    Hello... I have a 2008 Rav4 (less than 24,000 miles)...and am hoping someone can help with this. Increasingly, I've been hearing an exhaust type noise when I start to accelerate (especially after being at a stop). It usually happens during or after using the air conditioning...or perhaps is just louder and more noticeable then.
    It seems to come from below the rear (or sometimes middle section) of the car.
    I used to hear the same sound occasionally on my old Tercell. And was surprised to hear it also after purchasing the new Rav in 2008. Originally it only happened occasionally and I wasn't able to duplicate it at the dealers but now it happens frequently and almost always when or after using the AC. Have not heard this sound coming from other newer cars but sometimes hear it coming from older vans or trucks! Any ideas?
    Another issue:
    Have also been noticing that the engine seems to be louder lately when stopped at lights, etc.
    Does not sound smooth but has sort of a ticking sound or vibration. Again, it seemed to always sound somewhat that way but has been getting more noticeable.
    (I had to have the water pump replaced not long ago and am wondering if this could be related?)
    When first purchasing the Rav, the engine sound seemed a little surprising, as I had thought it would sound smoother but some have told me it is normal to have the slight chugging or ticking sound. Again, I often hear the chugging or ticking engines on older cars...but not so much on newer cars...
    Would be grateful for any insights.
  • Did you ever get this puzzle solved? Experiencing the same problem in a 2000 Rav4.
  • At low speeds there is a low frequency howling like sound which is linear to the speed of the vehicle. Seems to disappear at higher speeds above 15mph or so. It seems to match the wheel rotation and the noise is higher at one point of the rotation cycle than at any other. the noise is not affected by putting the automatic transmission into neutral. There is no noise related to gear shifting which is smooth. the tyres were changes about a year ago. also I am unable to pinpoint whether this comes from the from the front or rear but is slightly more noticeable from the passenger seat in front than the driver's seat. Any ideas?

  • yakirnyakirn Posts: 1

    @eaglefan1 said:
    We have a 2008 Rav4 Limited with V6 and AWD. We have been experiencing a loud humming noise for months. It seems to be coming from the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle is now at the dealer for the 3rd time for the same problem. They are not able to replicate the problem and yet we hear it whenever we get it back. The vehicle was purchased brand new and it's just a year old. We have contacted a lemon law attorney-you may want to check with your state's attorney general's office.

    I have just bought RAV4 2008 with 4 cylinders engine and I am hearing this Humming noise at velocity of about 40 KPH. TOYOTA dealership is not familiar with this noise and they keep telling me that it is probably an inherent sound and that I don't need to worry. Is there a problem with the transmission? eaglefan1, did you solved the problem? Does enyone else have any ideas?

  • I have gone to my Toyota dealer several times on the whining noise from the differential coupler on my 2008 Rav 4 with 85,000 miles on it. They said there was a recall so after 3 months they had me bring it in to replace the coupler. It sill makes the same noise. I am now told it is fine. BS, no way will I be able to trade this in with that noise. Major sound at 25-27 mph at about 1,600 RPM. HELP!
  • tanya50tanya50 Posts: 1
    Hey guy, I have a 1999 Toyota RAV4 and this morning when I went to take my son to school I turned my car on and it sounded like it was ready to grow wings and take flight, in other words it was like there were 6 blowdryers on and 4 vaccuums all going at the same time. It lasted for about a minute then stopped ... This is the first time it has happened. I have drove my car to 3 different destinations today and it hasn't repeated. Can anyone help me figure this out?
  • marymoon502marymoon502 California Posts: 1
    Hi every body , I just bought a brand new 2018 Toyota rav 4 XLE, 4 month ago and wierd noises are coming from my car first I felt the difference when accelerating like people said it usually after 30 miles. Then just today I was parking and reveresed when I started hearing this low beeping noise along with a rattling type of noise. I am sure it’s the transmission. I already took it to the dealer and they said that my car is fine and that they don’t hear anything. They told me to record the noise next time 😠😒 I clearly told thin that this happens sometimes but it happens often . I think they sold me a lemon. Will continue to take it to the dealer and see what they say this second time. Please buy the extended warranties if you are getting this car !!!
  • DeeNZDeeNZ Central OtagoPosts: 1
    Please help i have a 96 Rav4 auto... when i drive along the road at any speed and take my foot off accelerator this to slow down a horried clank noise starts its very loud and only goes away when i put my food back accelerator to speedup again...

    The second problem is when im going in reverse and going forward feels like one of the back wheels is locked at times the like feels like one is pausing and not turnng like skidding causing a shutter and noise driving along at times you can feel like a pause not turning properly maybe one of them its driving me crazy yes the oil has been changed

    any help would be so much appreciated
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