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2010 Toyota Camry



  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Toyota is really going to have to hit a homerun inside and outside on the 2012 Camry when it comes out next year; it has heavy competition from the 2011 Sonata and the refreshed Ford Fusion; the Fusion for example, was improved to be quieter, smoother, and more comfortable than the previous 3 years! those three adjectives sound really similar to ones describing the Camry so I think Ford had Toyota in its sites!

    I think the main thing Toyota is going to have to do to stay competitive with the Camry is more (1) more aggressive/sportier body style, (2) better interior materials/fit and finish, (3) keep the same kind of ride while improving handling/road feel (something the fusion and altima are kicking its butt at right now), and (4) add a couple of new features already done in competitors, like ambient cabin lighting, rear camera option without having to get navigation, intelligent high beam control, illuminated steering and homelink controls at night, HID Xenon option on V6 models, etc!!
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Just don't overcomplicate it!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited February 2010
    well thats certainly true and with Toyota's current situation they are going to have to focus a lot on safety issues with the next gen Camry but those things I mentioned have to happen in order for Toyota to compensate for the negative publicity their current recalls are going to have on their reputation for the immediate future, which I would say is 1-2 years; after that, I think people will forget about these current recalls and things will be back to normal for Toyota!

    because of recent events, they are going to lose some sales for the time being, that being the case, it makes it ever so more important that when they go to introduce the next Camry that things are just as competitive in regards to body style, technology, etc in order for them to comeback and possibly be the sales leader again, which I think will def happen once all this media hype and blowout is over, which as you know over on the auto news forum, has gotten the GM and Ford sharks foaming at the mouth, lol!!!

    its just that, competition in the mid-size car segment is extremely competitive and after seeing the new 2011 Sonata I was like wow, okay that's different! plus, keep in mind the Altima will be redesigned for 2012 also giving the Camry competition and the Accord and Malibu are on the same schedule so what ever Toyota comes out with, Honda and Chevy will have a year to study it before they introduce the next gen for the Accord and Malibu respectively in 2013!! thats why its even more important for them to get the Camry right!!
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    edited February 2010
    which as you know over on the auto news forum, has gotten the GM and Ford sharks foaming at the mouth, lol!!!

    A'int that the truth, esp. for the GM fanboys! ;)

    Honda and Chevy will have a year to study it before they introduce the next gen for the Accord and Malibu respectively in 2013!!

    A year isn't enough time for either competitor to make more than minor tweaks to these cars, other than changing standard vs. optional equipment.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited February 2010
    I've never been that crazy about the Accord or Malibu; especially the Malibu after the horrific problems I had with m 01 and 04, which have kind of tarnished me! I've typically only been interested in the Altima and Camry, mainly because each has been the best out of the rest in regards to seat comfort for my back, which is really important for me because my back is so sensitive after two major spine surgeries!!

    I am pretty sure thatToyota will do good with the redesign, the 07 was a pretty big departure from the 02-06 body style so I'm hoping that trend will continue from 11 to 12!!
  • acdiiacdii Posts: 753
    Boy Howdy, you hit that one on the head. the Camry has a LOT of catching up to do if it wants to equal out the Fusion. Ford has plans in to totally redesign the Fusion in the next few years too, and with the trend they have been going, the next one will be a knock out. When you put them together now, side by side and compare, the Camry is a plain Jane car now, about what a Corolla was to a Camry. The Fusion has Sync, which is great, rear view camera in the mirror, don't need NAV to have it, BLIS, which I find is really good to have, it detects cars or people on either side if you are trying to back out of a blind spot, such as between two minivans or SUV/s, the styling of the dash is impressive compared to the Camry's HoHum dash. Look at the Fusion Hybrid dash against that on the Camry Hybrid, all the information you want, programmable, and you don't need an $1800 NAV unit to look at it. Ford has out now the JukeBox if you have NAV. When you hear a song you like, you can tag it, next time it plays, it gets recorded to the car's hard drive so you always have it. It is in the Flex, and should soon be in all NAV equipped Fords soon. Toyota really has their work cut out for them on this one to get back into the game.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    yeah, the 2012 has to get some of these tech updates that the Altima and Fusion have to stay competitive; the 2012 Camry is going to say a lot for Toyota and I'm anxious to see what they come up with; this next gen Camry can't be a single or double, it needs to be a full home run!!
  • berriberri Posts: 7,741
    Given all the bad press the Camry is getting lately, I wonder if the next new model will sport a different name?
  • Thought i got my first recall contact/notification today from my dealer today but it was just an ad for $1000.00 off purchasing a new Toyota. Wow!!! I am going to run out and buy another 2010 Camry so i can have two cars waiting to be repaired. Idiots!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    thats sales for ya! ;)
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    No way that's going to happen.
  • pixshooterpixshooter Posts: 51
    edited February 2010
    Sheet is going to hit the fan real soon I think. Even if your car has been repaired be careful until we find out about this.

    Expert: Electronic Design Flaw Linked to Runaway Toyotas

    A flaw in the design of Toyota's electronic acceleration system prevents the car's onboard computer from detecting and stopping certain short circuits that can trigger sudden speed surges, according to a professor of automotive technology, Dave Gilbert of Southern Illinois University's auto technology department. As a result, Gilbert told ABC News, the Toyota computers will not record an error code, nor will they activate the "fail safe" system designed to shut down the power and put the car in the "limp home" mode.

    "This is a dangerous condition, it is not fail safe," said Gilbert in an interview to be broadcast Monday on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.

    "If there was this kind of fault, it will never set an error code," said Gilbert. As a result, he said, there will be "no fingerprints, no trail" when Toyota engineers inspect a car after an accident or incident of sudden acceleration.
    Must see video!!! -runaway-acceleration-problems/story?id=9909319 <Hope this link works. If not then google the story in bold letters
  • What gives on this sporty model, or did I misread something???, or is it just the 2010 SE which is not being recalled???

    Having spent a couple years with a Japanese automotive cable mfgr in the early 80s at a plant near Battle Creek, Mi, I found out they did operate then at a level of very attractive pricing with decent quality on most products..Some items were questionable, however to hit goals it was pushed out the door..

    At this time in history, the Japanese were in an expansion mode looking for joint ventures and opportunties to grow quickly since they were given by our Congress some 5 years to obtain 75% domestic content to their production of cars in the USA..They obtained that goal by bringing their suppliers from the island to the USA. and very little content was used from the traditional Big3 supplier..

    They did escape the UAW, however the climate is changing for that scenerio with the Obama guys in charge and the current recalls...The Asians bought their way into this country with payoffs and it will only cost them more kickbacks in the future..Having spent some 34 yrs on the supply side to the automotive end, I watch the transition slowly invade our markets..

    Blame bad quality, unions, or whatever makes you happy on the dismal state of our automotive Big3, for the landscape has changed and jobs disappeared overnight, and those "good times" aren't coming back..

    The Japanese started in this country with a clean sheet of paper, and used our alot of our tax $$$$$s to kill our industry...Kia and Hyundia are really going great guns using our funds and the Korean govts funds to further decimate our industry..

    Buy whatever works for you!!!!!! My history has been "41" Big3 offerings and 2 Porsches which were purchased in Germany..
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    One little detail not mentioned in the broadcast: Gilbert was hired by Sean Kane's Safety Research and Strategies, an "expert" safety group funded largely by trial lawyers. Kane's been on a bandwagon promoting sudden acceleration as a genuine vehicle issue having nothing to do with driver error. He has only one engineer on his own staff.

    A little conflict of interest here to drum up more support ($$$$) from the trial lawyers?

    BTW, Gilbert didn't do all that well during the congressional hearings yesterday, probably not used to being in the limelight. Kane had to step in and take over.
  • We bought a 2010 Camry SE Jan 12 2010, the dealer called me 2 times to say No Recall on our Se.Looks like the floor has been reworked at the factory(dip in floor under pedal), came with no floormats, had Denso sport pedal which looked shorter than 09
  • Good thinking on the floor mats for the pricing is a ripoff, around $300. I assume you are driving the 4-banger..Any displeasures at this time..A dealer in Tampa quoted me 19,500 on 2010 SE w/sunroof only..last week.

    Being retired, I do shop SE Toyotas, and Mustang GTs, for it is time to dump one of my cars..They are certainly different cars, but at my age the GT is really more of an "ego purchase" than practical..My Detroit background keeps me away from the Camry SE., even though I think it is a neat 4 banger w/great suspension, but lacking any excitement..Got to make a decision within the next 2 weeks...
  • We did buy the 4cy, my wifes car, she loves it. We traded in a 98 Avalon, she says the Camry is just as quick. Purchased mats with clips on line
  • I purchased a 2010 SE on Jan 8. Denso sport pedals. No recalls on it either.

    For the record, my wife and I are really enjoying this car. No worries about SUA. I am not convinced that there is an electronics problem.
  • If I am a lawyer then I play this tape....

    Family Killed in Santee Car Crash 911 Call- The Lexus Crash

    Accelerator stuck at 120mph
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    edited February 2010
    Yeah, I've heard it before. We know from the sheriff's investigation that car had an unsecured rubber mat from a Lexus RX placed on top of the factory mat for the ES he was driving. As I've already mentioned, an older driver of the same loaner car experienced sudden acceleration a few days earlier, but was able to bring the car to a stop without much drama. He then yanked out the offending mat, and the engine revving stopped.

    He complained to the dealership about the problem, but no action was taken. To me, the dealership bears most of the blame for putting in an incorrect mat, on top of the existing mat, AND not securing it, all in clear violation of Toyota's written instructions. As has been pointed out, it's silly to use a rubber mat in SoCal in the first place, where it hardly ever rains.
  • oparroparr Posts: 74
    Did the moderators finally yank it?
  • Toyota needs money, they will gut pricing as I have seen in the larger city dealerships in Fla..18% on some Camry sedans, even low inventory SEs.

    Their stock on Wall Street really hasn't been gutted too bad..It's a good daily play to grab a couple bucks a share..

    I am chasing an SE 4cyl w/sunroof only, only 2 in stock and pricing is being shaved. They have 6-6cyl SEs, so I may switch the game..I assume the 6cyl has the same suspension setup as the 4-banger, I see the tire is the same size, and the premium for the six really is the extra zippo...Maybe we can get a 20%+ discount and a little more dough on the tradein.. It's a fun game!!!!!

    The real thing holding up my purchase is---sick of FWD cars, and the IS-350 Lexus is high on cost, only one dealer within 30 miles, Camaro comes to mind, but the Obama ownership of GM doesn't excite me, Caddy CTS is a 2 ton creation, however I still like the simple Mustang GT..Who knows???

    Don't worry, Toyota will come out okay and flatten GM and Chrysler..Maybe they will be forced to unionize their assy appease the left..Follow the money..
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Get the Mustang.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Not sure what thread you are talking about but no, I didn't yank it.
  • I got 16% off of list on an SE 4 cyl with moonroof and spoiler back in early January. That was before the media blitz over the recalls. I'd think that you could do even better now.
  • oparroparr Posts: 74
    Not sure what thread you are talking about but no, I didn't yank it.

    This one;

    "Toyota Halts Sales of Popular Models - Accelerator Stuck Problem Recall"

    Anyway it's back again. Didn't see it the other day.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I don't think it ever went away.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You are correct, sir! :)

    It's on the Automotive News board anyway, not here in the Camry group.
  • motorcity6motorcity6 Posts: 427
    Too simple, not enough trashing of Toyota as yet, and the Obama team of radicals will start picking their pockets..Great time to buy a Camry!!!!!
  • dookie84dookie84 Posts: 33
    Do you have to keep up with all scheduled maintenance in order to keep the warranty valis? My Toyota sales person said that you don't have to.
    Also - my 5K maintenance required light came on and won't turn off. I got the revised maintenance schedule booklet from Toyota re the 10K oil change interval. So the only things for 5K are - rotate tires, check floor mats (stupid), visual check and check fluids (stupid). I'd like to take the car somewhere else than the Toyota dealer for the tire rotation. Any way to turn off the annoying Maint required light without taking it to the dealer? It overrides any of my other displays like odometer and temp. I'd like to have it disabled permanently.
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