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Pontiac Montana Audio

jdipietrojdipietro Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Pontiac
The CD player all of a sudden stopped working..when you push the CD button it is stuck on track 9.. Can't eject, play anything???

Radio works fine though..

Any thoughts


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    24randyo24randyo Member Posts: 6
    We have a 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport (with the Montana package). We live in a colder climate (Canada) and during the winter when the weather is cold, the display on the stereo works fine. However, when the weather warms up (it was 23C, 75F yesterday), or when the dash gets good and warm, the display goes all goofy. The letters and numbers get all jumbled and are flickering and dancing around. The stereo still works fine, but you can't tell what time it is or what station or what track you are on. As soon as it gets cool again, the display works fine again.

    Anyone else had this problem? Anyone know if there might be an easy fix?

    Please let me know.

    Thanks, Randy
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    clubsudzclubsudz Member Posts: 6
    I find in my 2006 Montana SV6 when my DVD player freezes up that pulling the radio fuse from the fuse box fixes the problem. My guess is it reboots the software in the radio.
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    fireixiifireixii Member Posts: 2
    My dvd player crapped out at 40,000. I took it to the dealer and no questions asked replaced it with a new one. Now my wife just called me and my cd player has crapped out so back to the dealer it goes.
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    aceshigh2aceshigh2 Member Posts: 2
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    aceshigh2aceshigh2 Member Posts: 2
    Just wondering if there is a way I can run my Mp3 player through my DVD player with a headphone jack to RCA converter cord. It seems as though the DVD player will only switch to that input if there is video input as well. Is there a way I can force that input to work without a video input?
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