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Hyundai Sonata Air Bags



  • Wondering if you ever had your accent air bag repaired? We have had ours in 9 times for the air bag. I have sat in the passenger side seat weighing 220 lbs. and sometimes the air bag off light is lit. Hyundai says i am not sitting in it properly. The light has stayed on with at least 8 different people in that seat, most of them over 150 lbs. The dealer even took pictures of it with my wife sitting in the seat. Hyundai's response it works as designed. We bought the car in July of 2007 and still cant get it fixed. It doesn't qualify under the lemon law because they only tried to fix it once. The other times they told us it works fine. Another way to dodge the lemon law.
  • davis22davis22 Posts: 17
    Never got mine fixed. I gave up. They pretty much replaced the seat and then said I was sitting it in incorrectly. I know this isn't true but I can get the light to turn off if I bounce around in the seat so that is my method right now. It really sucks but I got so tired of going to the dealership. Even worse, our local dealership went out of business so I'm pretty much out of luck.
  • nancylknancylk Posts: 4
    There is a class action against Hyundai re: airbags for several models which was filed a few months ago.
  • I have had this problem with my 2006 Sonata continuously. They reset the light over and over and over and then in SEP 08' replaced the seat belt buckle. Light is back on but now out of warranty period. I have to pass inspection, so it is $125 for the diagnositc (active code B1706) and $179 for a new buckle plus labor. I will have to do this yearly to pass inspection. I would like to know about the lawsuit and how I can follow it or apply to be part of it please? Thank you. (FYI- no accidents ever, no car seats or kids used, and my car only has 61K miles) :mad:
  • I am willing to try to turn it off using your method, just so it lasts long enough for the light to stay out for the inspection. Thanks for the hint!

  • nancylknancylk Posts: 4
    There is a class action going on for this sensor issue; Google it and you should be able to locate the firm and how to join.
  • thndrstmthndrstm Posts: 47
    I had this problem for 2 years, was unwilling to pay for a new seat and was unable to find it used back then. Recently I had more luck and found an exact match at for $150. Installation was another $80. It works!!!.
  • My 2006 Sonata also has the air bag issue. Finally rec'd recall letter. Took to a dealership and was told the 'codes' didn't match the recall, that mice may have chewed the wiring. Also that I need to replace the air filter ($40) and have the transmission serviced. The cost to replace the sensor and wiring harness given at $395+ tax. Told to do the air bag sensor. Called the next day to say the parts were insufficient and that the wiring harness now is the engine harness and the repair is in excess of $2,000. Had to get the comprehensive insurance company involved and I'm waiting to hear. How do I know the recall was not valid? I do not trust dealerships!

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