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2010 Toyota Avalon



  • gohawaiiangohawaiian Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 84
    Since the Avalon is sometimes referred to as a Japanese Buick, are any current Avalon owners taking a long, hard look at the new Buick LaCrosse, which has been garnering praise as a very successful new GM product, and which is taking on the Lexus ES350 in recent advertisements & TV commercials?
  • I have taken a pretty good look at my neighbor's new LaCrosse. It appears to be a nice GM car, but I wouldn't trade my Avalon for it just yet.

    Buick's design criterion seems to be closer to Japanese standards, but not quite there yet.

    As an after thought, I wouldn't spend the difference to go from an Avalon to a ES350, either!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    There's a Lacrosse on display in the mall where we have lunch several times a week. Nice looking, but if you check out the trunk you will find a major shortcoming in this model. It looks like a Honda space at all. We could never travel in this car.... but it does look impressive both inside and out.
  • I am a long time Buick owner who switched to Avalons a few years ago. I have no regrets on that. I recently decided to check out the new LaCrosse at my former Buick dealer. The car was nice but does not compare to an Avalon. Try getting in the back seat. Unless you are a pint sized adult, which I am not, you can't get in it. The rear passenger compartment is more restricted than a Lexus ES350 and that is bad. The person who commented about the trunk space is also correct. It is pitiful. The two Avalons we own are spacious and comfortable cars. The LaCrosse does not compare at all.
  • I'm a big boy so the LaCrosse isn't for me. However if I were looking at what I consider a comperable buick I would be looking at the "lucerne". I'm assuming they still make them. When I bought my 07 Avalon I was actually about to sign the paper work for a new Lucerne, but my wife talked me into going down the street to "just look" at the avy before I committed to the Buick. Now between those two cars, I do think the Lucerne had a better ( softer ) ride and the one I was about to buy had the V8 Northstar in it so it would get up and run. Nice looking inside, but when it came down to it, I actually had more room in the avy, not to mention V8 performance with v6 fuel mileage. Recently took the avy on a quick trip to the ozarks and we got 29.2 mpg, and that's including alot of "hill" driving.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I too had been a Buick man before my Avalon. I can't say as I'm real happy with that.

    Let me explain a bit.

    I had 3 Buick Park Avenues before getting my Avalon (and 4 Toyotas and still have the 03 Camry), One of the Park Avenues had 337,000 miles on it and I LOVED it, but time was starting to wear on the car, and it wasn't worth fixing anymore:(

    My second Park Avenue, was a very nce car, but while driving one day, I saw a Beautiful Park Avaneu Ultra for sale, and bought it right then and there! Well it was just beautiful, smooth, quite, comfortable, but some 15,000 miles later, the Super Charger blow, and well, that's when I purchased the Avalon (because they no longer make Park Avenues).

    I look at a Lucerne, but wasn't real impressed (it was a base model).

    I will say, the new ones look very nice, and I'll likely take one for a drive some time.

    What I'm really waiting for, like everyone else, is solid information on the next NEW Avalon.


    PS But I've got my eyes open for a nice LS 460 L:)
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,908
    I have taken a long hard look at the 2010 Buick Lacrosse and here are some basic metrics:

    2010 Lacrosse CXL…//2010 Avalon Limited
    MSRP: $29,645…//$35,285
    Invoice: $28,459…//$31,401
    MPG: city - highway 17- 26…//19-28
    Cargo volume: 13.3cu. ft...//14.4 cu. ft.
    Exterior length: 196.9"…//197.2”
    Exterior Width: 73.1 "…//72.8 "
    Exterior Height : 59.2 "…//58.5 "
    Front Legroom: 41.7 "…//41.3 "
    Rear Legroom: 40.5 "…//40.9 "
    Front Headroom: 38.0 "…//38.9 "
    Rear Headroom: 37.3 "…//37.5 "
    Front Hiproom: 55.2 "…//55.8 "
    Rear Hiproom: 53.9 " …//56.2 "
    Front Shoulder Room: 57.4 "…//59.4 "
    Passenger Volume: 102 cu.ft….//107 cu.ft.

    Although the exterior dimensions of the cars are similar, that is not true for hip and shoulder room. Nonetheless, the Lacrosse has more interior room than the 00 - 04 Avalon. Still, the Lacrosse is one beautiful car that makes the Avalon look downright dated and dowdy.

    I am definitely leaning toward the Lacrosse and I will probably make a decision during the President Day sales in February when better deals will be available.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Of what good would be a V8 NorthStar engine in a FWD vehicle..??

    So severely derated/detuned for safety in the lower gear ratios as to be outperformed by most any V6.
  • Why would you throw in the fact that the 2010 Lacrosse has more interior room that a 2004 Avalon? If there is any doubt in anyone's mind about interior room, just go sit in the seats (front and back) of a current model Avalon and Lacrosse. Also, look in the trunk.

    The Lacrosse is a nice car, but it's not quite the roomy, comfortable, honest 29-30 MPG at 75 MPH, Avalon that I own.
  • Here's my take on avalon. First you can't compare it to the Camry or the ES. It is rated a large car by the EPA. The real question is if Toyota needs or wants a flagship, and if they do will they be happy with a mid-size Camry in that role.I think the Avalon needs to be a large car and needs to be even more luxurious. Toyota worries about encroaching sales of the LS, but people who want a Lexus don't shop in the Toyota store, and the two cars are already more than $20k apart. Plenty of room for more Avalon in that gap. The Limited could be made more luxurious with only modest upgrades to the exterior. Perhaps better/larger wheels and a chrome strip. Inside they need to lose all the hard and painted surfaces and add a motorized tilt/telescope steering wheel and touch screen navigation. It would still top out near $40K.
  • Right you are. Why do people compare mid size cars to Full size cars? No one questions the 5 and 7 series or the E and S class, so why the Camry/Avalon equation. This is Toyota, the largest car company in the world. Are the mid-size Camry or the new Lacrosse really flagships? Do you think GM would settle for the LaCrosse flagship if they had the development money to redo the Lucerne. I remember when their Lesabre was the best selling Full Size car in America. That market is still there, and Toyota's Avalon is the right formula to fill that need. Don't be fooled by bean counters marketing. Full size cars may be under pressure, but they'll be back, including a new Q, or do people think the mid-size M35 is really Nissan's idea of a Flag Ship?
  • I agree with you, but there are additional synergies. Avalon is traditionally built on a former (stretched) Camry platform which means old, long ago paid for tooling. Also, despite Avalon being a North American only model it shares bits with other Toyotas such as the Austrailian Aurion. Besides Toyota cannot afford its' only large car North American offering to be a rear wheel drive LS that's starts at $60K plus.
  • Mystery solved. Toyota wasn't ready with a new 2010 Avalon due to economic uncertainty and there own internal slow down. They simply delayed the introduction to an early 2011 that comes out in Feb/March, and allowed themselves a few months of 2010 production of the existing model and a few more months to amortize the existing tooling. Incidentally, and also based on economics, this longer model life is a prelude to the future from not only Toyota but other car companies as well.
  • Along with many other individuals who like the Avalon, I am very curious to see the new generation! I think you're definitely correct about the time it will probably debut. My only hope is that I will not regret buying a 2010 once seeing the redesigned generation! I like the current generation, which is why I bought a 2010. But, I have a feeling the new generation will be a huge improvement over the current generation.

    Spring is fast approaching, so we'll just have to wait for the details!
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I think, IF they are coming out with a new Avalon, it MIGHT get announced in early spring - FOR fall delivery, But I wouldn't be surprised at all if we hear nothing until late spring or early fall, unless of course they have already started to slow down on production of the 2010 Avalon.

    It wouldn't make much sense to me, for folks to buy a 2010 in the spring, if Toyota is talking about the 2011, again unless the 2011 doesn't become available until late 2011, and or, unless the price difference is worth it, or they don't have any 2010 left.

    I don't see Toyota making a 2010 Avalon because of all the cost associated with it, and then coming out with the 2011 Avalon just a few months later.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Or for the fact, what are the dates for any car shows in 2011. Based on these, we can start guessing when Toyota might announce a new style Avalon.

  • I'm trying to remember exactly, but Toyota published production schedules in September that showed the 2010 being built only October 2009 thru February of 2010. That's a shortened production season by about 3-4 months so that the new 2011 model could begin in earnest starting in March. Also, if I recall didn't the current model come out in March 2004 as a 2005? This timing would be consistent for Toyota. I really think a fall intro is unlikely due to the shortened 2010 production scedule.
  • I am a current owner of a 03 Avalon XLw/leather,power seats,alloys and moonroof. I am about to hit 80,000 miles. This is my number 2 family car. I already own a new SUV as the number 1 family car. I am contemplating trading up to a new 10 Ltd or even a used 06-09 Ltd. I have spent money only on regular maintenance,front brakes and a new set of tires in its first 80,000 miles. This tells you that I am happy with my old Avalon. As you might expect, it will cost me $10K to $25K to go to an 06 + or 10 Limited. For all you 2nd and/or 3rd generation owners- Is the 3rd gen Avalon that much better than the older gen 2 Avy? I am concerned as the mileage is getting up there that I finally may have to start putting money into my 03. Any thoughts as to reliability of the 2 generations or probale upcoming expenses would be greatly appreciated,
  • As some of you may have read in my previous posts, I recently purchased a 2010 Avalon XLS. The one feature I wish I had is a rear window sunshade. Whether it be manual retracting, or power, I do not mind. Does anyone know of any reputable aftermarket brands? I assume the power shade that is standard on the Limited model could not be installed on my XLS model. If anyone has any advice, please post. Thank you!
  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    We have a 2000 Avalon with 140000 miles and replace nothing but brakes and tires
    I t still looks like new and runs fine. My wife says she notices it is not quite as tight as it used to be and compared with my 09 camry. It could run forever
  • While searching on Google, I came across this site, featuring information on the 2011 Avalon. I'm not sure how accurate this information is, but there are three new colors listed. The 3rd generation style is in the picture, but as we've been speculating, a new body style is probably in the works. There are two models listed, a Base and Limited. Here is the link if anyone would like to view it: oyota/make_id_int/37/model_vch/Avalon/newUsed/New/series_id_int/62367/breadcrumb- s/HP%2CResearch%2CMakeSearch/virsection/summary
  • I bought the 2008 Toyota Avalon Limited and I now have 25,000 miles on it. It is the best car I have ever owned. It is extremely quiet and I consistently get between 30 and 35 miles to the gallon doing 65mph with the air on. I have had no repairs and zero complaints. There is also the feeling of luxury when you drive this car. You could pay more for so called luxury cars, but you would be wasting your money. Read the latest Consumer Reports on large size vehicles, which this car is.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 591
    We have owned one of each of the 3 generations of Avalons. The first two cars lasted about 4 years and 90k each. They were near perfect, two of the best cars we have ever owned and looked great when traded. The 2007 Limited is the same so far, 50k and a great car.

    The first two models were very similar except sheetmetal. Moving to the 2005 and up is totally different experience. Everything has been changed. The view out and the front seats are better in the '04 and earlier but engine and suspension changes make the '05 up an overall superior car, my opinion. Hope this helps...
  • I don't think this site is reliable. They have no new information and simply retread or speculate about the future. I think we are all in somewhat disbelief that Toyota could have a new model intro in the next few months but there is no info. on it. Seems crazy in this day and age that they would not avail. themselves of the multitude of ways they could leak something. Still Toyota is struggling these days, and I think they don't want to do anything to kill the sales of the 2010 in its' last few months. Plenty of people would wait for the 2011 if they new for sure it was coming vs taking a "leftover" 2010. Besides Toyota does not want to closeout 2010 cars at distressed pricing, they want to produce only what they can sell at full margin for as long as they can. IMO.
  • I live in New England, and we had 20+ inches of snow this past weekend! My car is filthy and I am tempted to take it to the car wash to pressure wash it. Over the years, I've heard negative things about these pressure washers as they may cause more fine surface scratches. Also, I am concerned to wash it this way because I have the clear paint protection "Road Guard" on the front end of my new Avalon. Is it safe to pressure wash the clear protectant, or will the water pressure lift it? If anyone has any advice or tips, please post! Merry Christmas to everyone!
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I too live in New England (Maine), and must deal with the washing issue daily. All I know is not washing it, isn't an option.

    I've been through both pressure washes with and without brushes, and well, the car gets some fine scratches.

    I get it detailed in the spring and in the fall, and hope that helps.

    My car is Black so you know every little thing shows up:(

  • Yep, you folks got wacked with a winter storm! We got 5" in my area of Nevada, and thought that was a lot. Thank goodness the roads are generally not salted here, but they do sprinkle gravel which plays heck with windshields and paint nicks. I refuse to use a car wash with automatic brushes, as the car preceding me may have been some hunter's truck with an inch of mud and grit on it. I will use a manual brush following close inspection.
  • I have never had an issue with the touch free pressure washers, I tried out one of the old fashioned roller types when I first got my car and it took all my clear coat off my mirrors, I was lucky that my dealer replaced both at no cost.
    Since then I have only used the touch free pressure type and so far have not had any complaints.
    The Avalon does have a pretty thin layer of paint compared to many other models which is quite a shame, but I do still love my 2007 XLS :)

    Hope yours comes out of the washer problem free as mine has so far.

    Good luck

  • Does anyone know how to lock out(deactivate) the interior trunk switch next to the driver's seat on a 2010 XLS? It seems to me that as soon as you hand off your key to the valet, they can enter your trunk simply by hitting this switch. Is there a lockout for it? I understand that the valet ket doesnt necessarily open your trunk, theres no key slot anyway. I havent been able to find anything in the manual about this.
  • The manual for my 2007 Avalon says that the valet key coding will not allow the trunk to be opened via the trunk switch. I assume it is the same for your vehicle.
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