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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • A strange problem poped up with my 2001 Grand Cherokee. About 3 weeks ago the left turn signal stopped working. I thought that I would check the bulbs that weekend, but I forgot about it and a few days later I noticed that it was working. Now it will stop working and the next time I drive it, or later on the same trip but sooner or later it will start working. I can not pinpoint anything that I can think may be causing this. Has anyone else seen anything like this?????? Thanks for you help. Jerry.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    replace bulb holders in tail light they go bad bout 10 bucks each
  • I know you posted this a long time ago but I just wanted to let you know how much it's helped me... I had the EXACT same problem. I was happy to read how simple it was to reset the system. Just unplug the ground, wait a minute, then reconnect. Everything's fine now.

    Now all that's left to do is change the heater core, Blend doors and Hydraulic radiator fans' solenoid and my 2002 G.C. will be like new :~1 Guess that's why Jeeps acronym is Just Empty Every Pocket.

    Thanks again!

  • sillababe41sillababe41 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee and would do a slipping thing, the gauge would go up and it was like a stand still, then it would reengage itself. I thought I was out of gas like 3 times and had it towed the last time, cuz it was just chugging and wouldn't drive. It was a simple wire on the Throttle Position Sensor, the wires were exposed/split open. You could either need the wire replace or the TPS replaced or both. Jeep has been running fine now. TPS is the brains to telling your vehicle how much airflow, and fuel delivery to your computer of your vehicle.When its defective, it causes intermittant burst of fuel from the injectors and an unstable idle because the PCM thinks the throttle is moving. So it is a very important part. Its located right under the throttle body at the end of the shaft right on top of your engine. It can affect your gas mileage and how your vehicle runs. The wire is like $5 and if you do need to replace the TPS its about $35, plus labor. Shouldn't take longer than 20-30 minutes to do. Good luck!
  • lttdlttd Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Hello I hope this post may help some people if they are having the same problem with their Jeep. A family member owns a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 V6. The Jeep was bought brand new and she never had any major issues with it. The vehicle was well taken care of and it only has 73,000 miles on it.

    On May 9, 2011 there was a problem with the dashboard and tail lights going out. You would be driving and all of a sudden everything on the dashboard would go dead, rear tail lights would go out, but the vehicle would still run fine. She shut the vehicle off, went to restart it and everything would come back on as if nothing happened. It was brought up to the dealership and had to be left there for two weeks.

    No error codes were found on the computer, and the instrument cluster was replaced which seemed to fix the problem. The Jeep had two incidents where the dash went out again and it was brought back up and checked. There was a loose connection in the wiring which was fixed and the vehicle was fine. The total cost for the repair was $943.22. I could not believe the cost and this is why I hate new cars with extra electronic devices that I feel are not needed. It is so much cheaper to fix my 1975 CJ5 which runs great, lol.

    Back to the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee, in the month of Aug the check engine light would come on and off. Which happened a few random times but the vehicle ran fine and everything worked or so we thought.

    The last week of Oct my family member went out to do some shopping and all of a sudden on the dashboard all the brackets on the gears were on as if the vehicle had all gears engaged but the vehicle was in drive. Also the check engine light was on too. When it happened the vehicle went into a low gear and was dragging. She pulled over shut the Jeep off and turned it back on. Everything came back on and seemed to be okay and she made it home. We turned the Jeep back on once again all the brackets on the dashboard were on the gears even though the vehicle was in park and the check engine light was also on. I noticed the brackets were flashing on and off. So we called a friend who repairs older Jeeps and asked if we could bring it up. I drove the Jeep everything was fine. I stopped at a red light when the brackets came on and the vehicle went into a low gear. I pulled over and tried to restart it until it would go off. I got lucky and made it up to his private shop. These are the codes that came up on his computer.

    #1 P0700 Trans Control Sys Malfunction
    #2 0404 Invalid Data Recovered From Control Module Gear Shift
    Note: P0700 Came up twice

    He said you have to take it up where they have the computer to put it on. Also sometimes the codes are not saved on the system in your vehicle or it might take several times for the computer to save it. So I made my way home and we had the vehicled towed to the dealership. I t was unsafe to drive and we did not want to ruin the 4x4 or transmission.

    On Nov 2, 2011 the vichle went up for repair and on Nov 4, 2011 it was fixed. They replaced the PRNDL/ESM Module and so far today the vehicle has been okay. The repair cost $1,199.66. I really hope that the Jeep is fixed and we do not have any more issues. The computers and repairs are so expensive and can be a nightmare. I dislike having a computer decide if my 4x4 should be on or not. That should be up to the driver to engage because what do you do if the computer malfunctions and you can't shut it off? I hope this helps and if anyone has had the same problem please let me know.
  • pole2pole2 Posts: 17
    I went to my Jeep Cherokee today and it won't start.
    Jeep acted strange this week. Alarm went on three times this week without any reason.I got message on dash board that tailgate are open but they not.
    And finally before I turn key my wipers went on on perfect weather.
    Now when I turn the key I got all light on the dashboard and after 5-7 second everything disappear and looks like there is now power. Of coarse engine not starting. I can only hear some noises going i think from transmission.
    Anybody have any idea. please help
  • joe3djoe3d Posts: 21
    Hello, I have a 2005 JGC and the vent, temperature and directional knobs all do not illuminate now. Makes it hard to see during night driving. Could this be a fuse? If so, where would it be located? Thanks, Joe
  • donnie11donnie11 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    95 jeep cherokee 6cyl. 4.oL Turns over but no fire. Have replaced crankshaft sensor, ignition coil, coil wire, plug wires and plugs and rotor. Rotor is turning when engine turns over. I cant figure it out! I do hear a clicking coming from one of the relays, but I swapped relays and both work meaning I tried the relay in another spot. Fuses are all good and fuel pump has been changed. Any idea on what next? Am I down to replacing the distributor or is there something else to check? And have a happy turkeyday everyone.
  • i recently bought a 98 jeep G/C that has a draw on the battery will drain battery in couple days. so far i have replaced battery with a new one and traced draw to the cluster fuse in fuse panel on pass side kick panel. if i pull fuse draw goes way but I lose interior lights, dash gauges, and radio will not work but lights up. I have tried testing the dome lights they come on and go off with the timer as they should. has anyone else had this problem ? driven me nuts any help would greatly be appreciated. thank you
  • mock2mock2 Posts: 11
    Had problems with charging system gauges shut off lost all power showing discharge on amp meter. changed alternator. more engine light gauges all work showing normal reading on amp guage everything works at the same time. but radio lite and clock lights still go out only when headlights are on With the click in glove box
  • My jeep has been draining batteries for two years now, only happens in the cold months but can be assured that will have to replace the overcharged drained battery in the spring, mechanic cannot seem to pinpoint the exact problem, have resolved a few minor issues but cannot seem to fix the drainage problem, dont want to kill another battery......also it seems my temp guage gets stuck in the hot position check gauges light comes on, hear a swishing liquid sound and then the light goes off and guage goes back to normal???? actually, not for sure its the temp guage, its the right bottom guage and am assuming its temp???
  • Thanks for posting this information. We bought a used 99 Laredo at was wondering why the guy said good luck. Passenger side window, air vents, and cruise control don't work. We fixed the break light thing. So if you could tell me how to fix the window, air and cruise that would be so wonderful. I haven't had the stalling problem yet but I have looked up the fixes for that too. Thanks again
  • I have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (5.7L). While running all the guages shut down and went to 0 and all the electrical warning lights came on. The car continued to run ok but after parked and shut off the Jeep started but wouldn't continue to run - kept stalling. After a few attempts the Jeep will not start at all all! All lights, stereo, etc. are working but the engine will not turn over or even click. The Jeep died approx. 1 month ago for my daughter and we had it towed to a dealer who installed a new starter. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
  • i have a 2005 jeep grand Cherokee lardo and about a week ago the heated seats would stop working and star back after the truck would sit turned off over night, then today the radio would turn on and off, service electroinc brake system would pop up on the dash the dash would start dinging, and last night my key wouldnt unlock the truck. but has all day today. i work at a ford dealership and have never heard or seen anything like this. this is actually my second jeep i had no probs with my 97 but i brought this one used only a month ago. if someone could point me in the right direction to look that would be great
  • pj43pj43 Posts: 9
    Have your mechanic check the CPS (crank positioning sensor) if he hasn't done it yet( cheep part expensive on labor) or the modle inside the distributer.
  • Having the same problem replaced o2 senor map sensor, then know the muffler round as a balloon and backfired. the pcm screw was held by 3 screws and loose. when he pulls on the harness it shuts off. you are saying is is grounding out on the firewall. remove the bootom left bolt and stuff a shirt behind the pcm do you leave the bolt off. some one said in another post replace screws with plastic ones. we are frustated. it seems the pcm was replaced in 06 we just got this in sept 11. i do not want to replace this pcm.
  • did you get this problem fixed
  • I'm not particularly knowledgable about such things but..... I have a 2001 JGC. I had a problem arise effecting both the heater vent controls and the cruise control. Both stopped working at the same time. I did some research online and learned that it was due to a vaccuum leak. Took the car to a mechanic and explained what I found online. He found and fixed the leak and both issue were solved. It was a very inexpensive repair. Hope that helps.
  • Plastic screws will work too. I got too frustrated with having to go to the hardware store to buy the plastic screws. I had plastic spacers in my tool bag and placed them in between the PCM screws. I flipped the PCM upside down (meaning the harness is still facing forward but the PCM is upside down) and have not had a problem since. I played around with it and finally found a position that worked. For some reason the angle of the PCM mattered as well.
  • I am experiencing the same issue with my 05 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L. All guages drop to 0 and it goes into low (tow gear) and the check engine light goes off. I was driving the other night and everything shut down all at once and the Jeep stalled. It started back up and ran fine the rest of the way home. The check engine light is still on but I haven't driven it since then.
  • To anyone having flickering headlights/interior lights issues - I have found a solution!! I had this problem for 3 years and finally found a specialist that immediately knew what to do. It's your light switch/turn signal. You just need it replaced. It cost me only $200.
  • I have same exact problem now for past few months on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee .... Thinking it might be a fuse also but not sure ...??

    ((And also in addition to previous posts my jeep's whole electrical system instrument panel used to flicker on and off very crazily for no reason but when I would turn the jeep off and back on the instrument panel would light up normal . Took it to dealership and they never could find a problem and now it has not happened luckily anymore in the past couplen years ....))
  • For several mornings, I have been woken up at 3 am or so for the alarm in my Jeep Cherokee going off randomly. I thought that if I pulled the fuse that it would stop. It did not. I pulled one of the other fuses related to the security no avail as a matter of fact this morning when I went to start it to go to work. It would not start. When I put the 2 fuses back in it started just fine. What in the wprld could be causing this and what can I do?
  • I am guessing maybe a low battery.

    I've had similar problems. I got the car used (180,000 miles now) and I don't know how many owners before me, but I didn't get a door remote to lock and unlock the doors. Have to use the key. I found that if I lock the doors with the switch inside, shut the door and leave, the alarm goes off within 5 minutes. Have to use the key in the driver door to reset the alarm. Also had left the dome light on and the battery died. I couldn't get it started via jumper cables....lights just kept flickering and the ignition clicked....until I thought about resetting the alarm with the key in the door....and it started fine. It's inconvenient but door reset seems to solve the problem for me. Hope it helps.
  • I know this post is old but I've heard this a few times and experienced it twice myself.

    Once the battery went dead and had to have the jeep jumped, it triggered the alarm which kept the car from running after a couple of seconds. I had to reset the alarm. Since I don't have a door lock remote, I simply used the key in the door, turned it like I was locking and unlocking which reset the alarm.

    On mine, which is a bit old and beat up (3rd, 4th 10th? owner), if I don't use the key to lock the doors, the alarm will go off 5-10 minutes after I leave the car. Still can't figure that one out but maybe this will help. Good luck.
  • im about to buy a 1994 jeep grand cherokee from an original owner and is in great condition for 1.600 was all fired up about it then saw the reliability marks when it came to transmission and driveline issues and elrctrical, and even the 4 wheel drive! however the classic didnt have those low marks in any category. ive owned several xj's in the past, great wheelers and reliable daily driver, however i was looking forward to the much cleaner and more luxury insides of the grand cherokee, it has the same engine as the xj, the 4.oliter. can anyone tell me something good about the zj, or am i making a mistake choosing thezj over thexj, could use some opinions on this matter
  • My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee,had these problems .
    On startup no gages,no warning lights,no read out from the status control pannel, and no turn signals.
    Removed negative battery terminal connector for an hour then reconnected it to the battery.
    This seems to have corrected the problem.
  • mock2mock2 Posts: 11
    no need to wait 30 minutes. 30 seconds or count to 30 did it for my 95
    jeep gran cherokee
  • I purchased a new 2011 GCL V6 a couple of months ago. All's going well EXCEPT I've had three battery failures so far the last being Xmas Day. Car not driven for three days and battery dead flat. Roadside assist got it going. Now have no radio or other panel features. Screen blank. Never in my 40+ years of owning cars have I experienced this. My other car is a Mercedes C Class 200K and all we do is put fuel in it. It is a perfect vehicle.

    Last trip to the dealer found no fault. Second failure they changed the battery and now three weeks later back to square ne.

    Any thoughts?
  • One of two things is causing the problem. The battery is getting discharged due to a short, or the battery is not being charged when the GCL is running.
    Because the radio and panel features stopped working. the best guess would be the wiring to the automatic switch assembly(or the assembly itself) that allows the radio to stay on when the switch is turned off until the door is opened.
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