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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • So far I have seen Power control module issues, ignition key issues, and pretty much electrical in general as far as i can read, My 2006 Jeep Laredo has now stop working as a result of flickering lights and the car not being able to come on? IS there any way to find out if we can get these electrical issues to be recalled? Anybody else having problems with their 2006 Jeep Laredo????? PLease reply, maybe we can all start a petition and turn it in to the NHTSA!!!! :mad:
  • At first everything in dash went to zero gas showed none speed went to zero. Now it will start but than die. Everything else works but just won't stay started please help
  • Same thing is happening to my '06 Laredo
    We need to start calling this number from Dept. Of Transportation
    NHTSA to make this issue become a recall, 1888-327-4236
    Spread the word! We don't have to pay out of pockets if it becomes recalled !!!
  • If it's the factory installed alarm, you can just not arm it instead of pulling the fuses. With the doors closed use the automatic door locks to secure all doors & liftgate. Then exit the driver door and either slide the lock manually and close the door or close the door and lock it with the key (not the fob.)

    If the alarm works all day at work with no problem, I would consider that someone is screwing with you. Maybe they don't like where you park or something.

    Alternatively, maybe your battery is running down after X hours and your alarm is responding to the drop in current.
  • thank you for this info it help me a lot for time and cost thank you again
  • I had just purchased a 1997 Grand for my daughter. There is a Tech Bulletin out you need to replace the ATC control module. The serial number on the replacment part must be 0109293 or higher. Call dealer ask for TSB# 24-07-97. Hope this helps
  • jbaker93jbaker93 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    I just had my 1996 jeep for a little over a month and already having electrical problems. My dash board doesn't work and the radio don't play. If it is the brain in the jeep how do i find that out. The fuse blew and if you try to put another one in as soon as you touch it the fuse blow again. every thing else works fine.
  • I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car stalls on me while driving and the back window goes down intermittently. The battery is new and I have replaced some electrical wiring. I have read that it could be my crankshaft position sensor or my computer box.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Lately, there have been some intermittent problems. At first, it would occasionally not start due to a dead battery, but with a quick jump, I was back on the road, but wasn't sure what was drawing off the battery. This I had to do about 4-5 times. Then, it happened and I had full power, but had to keep my foot on the gas in order to keep it from dying. Last week, while driving, everything cut out, the radio, the lights, the dash, everything but just for a second, then it all came right back. This happened a couple times. For the past week, I haven't had any issues at all, until this morning. I started the Jeep and it started fine. I pulled out of driveway, put it in drive, but had to stop to let someone walk by. At this point it just died. I tried to restart it, but had no luck. I turn the key and it sounded like it wanted to start, but didn't- there were no dashboard lights when I turned the ignition, no lights, radio, etc nothing. I got it to start once more and was able to get it in to a parking lot before it all cut out again. At this point, the steering wheel won't lock, nothing is getting power, not even my locks, although it stills sounds like it wants to start. Please help!!
  • I had kind of the same problem with my 94 GCL. The first thing I would look at is if the check engine light is coming on when you first turn the power on. Don't turn it clear to turning over, just powered up. If the check engine light doesn't come on and it won't start it is more than likely you computer. Sometimes my light wouldn't come on and it wouldn't start. I would wait a while with the key on and the check engine light would eventually come on and it would start right up. The time waiting for the light to come on was longer and longer until it just didn't come on and wouldn't start. There were also many other things going crazy like yours is but I figured out the check engine light was the main giveaway for it being the PCM. I bought one from ebay about 2 years ago and haven't had any problem since. Hope this helps and good luck.
  • At this point, absolutely nothing comes on when I turn the key- not part way or all the way. I am having it towed now. Will I be able to pull a code off it still if its the actual computer I have to replace? Are there any other tell tale signs that I should be looking for as well?
  • i have the same problem with my jeep mines a 5.2l v8. i changed a lot of parts the only thing i have left to do i my crank position sensor or my neutral safety switch. ive also tryed three different ecms and nothing.

    if u get it running can u please help me by letting me know what u did.

    thank you
  • I have a 95 JGCL 5.2 liter with factory alarm. I've had this truck for over 12 yrs, and I've had this problem for probably 5 to 8 yrs.
    with the doors are unlocked, if I open a door the dash lights and the 4-ways start flashing, I have to hit the power unlock switch to turn off the flashing lights or it wont start, If the doors are locked, I have to unlock the passenger side door or the alrm will go off, even when I unlock the passenger side door, the lights still flash and I still have to hit the unlock button.

    I have cut the violet wire with the yellow stripe, that comes in from the fire wall on the drivers side floor board, and grounded it, that was supose to have disabled the alarm, that didnt work, and I have even removed the security alarm module.

    the alarm doesnt come on now when I unlock the drivers side door, but the light still flash when I open any door, and if I dont hit the unlock button to turn em off, it will drain my battery.

    does anyone have a clue as to how to fix this??????
  • Car is 5 months old, less than 10K miles: Replaced radio/navigator three times and it still stops working intermittently. Dealer said no one else has problem, suggested another replacement.

    Now alarm goes off intermittently, once while car was running and I was parked, another time when no one was even near the car and I was in a building. Don't dare lock it. Dealer says can't see a problem.
  • Can you expand on this problem? I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.7L V8 and the 45RFE transmission - 3 days ago, my heater vents went a little off (the floor vents stopped working) and the day after that, my CEL came on, and I have no automatic shifting - cant manually shift into 1st at all, and can only manually select 2nd, or D (which I'm guessing is limiting me to 3rd gear only). I'm about to drop $327 on a transmission control module, and would like to avoid that if it could all just be from a vacuum leak. would you mind linking us to some of the stuff you've read online about this? (Haven't tried cruise control, but I wont be driving this vehicle until it's going in for repairs)

  • I had my alarm going of randomly in my '95 Grand Cherokee. The fix was easy. Remove the drivers door panel, in the lower left part you will find a connection that runs up to the door key lock. Unplug this and put a jumper in the end that comes from the front of the door. Tape this up well and leave it unplugged. The jumper grounds out the factory alarm and you will never have alarm issues again.
  • Can anyone tell me what is going on with my jeep. When im driving along the car just quits the engine shuts off and i coast to the side of the road.I let the car sit for 15 min and it starts again. I have everything else working just wont start like its out of gas or not getting juice from some electrical power.
  • i have a 2011 jeep GC and just found out that this year did not come with a red battery battery warning light. i have looked at 5 or so same year and all do not have it. the manual say it is to come on at start up for a bulb check and then out. all other warning lights come on and out. you tube has a video about this and tells that it has no battery warning light. does any one else no about this.
  • Hi, I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 2.7 diesel 2004 model. I can not lock the doors with the remote control, nor locked doors. I have changed batteries. I have two remote control and it is the same for both. Interior light on the passenger side does not, can not discontinue the mirror on the passenger side. Some who have experienced similar and have proposed a solution?
  • When in Auto headlight mode the dashboard lights come on and you can hear the relay click on when it gets dark BUT the headlights do not come on. They come on when you move the switch to manual. Is there a particular fuse or relay that just controls turning on just the headlights? If someone can tell me exactly which one controls that I will replace. They are not cheap so I do not want to experiment.
  • This sounds similar to the problem I also have ,but fixed today I'll tell you what i did and see if it works for you. When you open the passenger door there is a rubber grommet that the wires for the controlls go thru. Try and slide it back from the door side (do not cut this because it keeps moisture away from the wires) and see if there is a black wire ( its the ground for the passenger side controlls) if its broken find both ends and butt splice together. You can also add a small piece of more flexible wire to help this from happening again. With that wire broken i had no pass side controlls and the int. lights stayed on and the keyless entry would not work.

    Also check the driver side wire just in case. :)

    Hope this helps
  • I also have a 2011 Gr Chk with low mileage and the Sirius radio loses connection under even the smallest of overpasses. Along with that, the front charger doesn't work; the key is not detected on occasion; left rear blinker went out (took 2 and 1/2 years on my other cars to need a bulb); and the navigation keys do not punch in. Mostly electrical issues. They replaced the navigation system yesterday and it seemed to help the sirius xm situation. However, now the front charger doesn't work again.

    Does your entire radio/navigation stop working or just Sirius xm? Hope I don't have to look forward to my alarm going off next.
  • I had this problem too. The dealer tried flashing the module. They checked the bulbs. No result. I was sure it was the stalk but they told me if that was the case nothing would work.
    So I put pen to paper and wrote to the service manager with a copy to Chrysler's headquarters here in Australia. I told him that I would pay the costs if the stalk was found to be OK.
    It was the stalk. They replaced it under warranty and Chrysler also followed up to make sure I was happy.

    So try it. What I have learned is that if Chrysler don't issue a recall or fault docket then the dealers won't look at it.

    They still haven't issued a recall for these faults so maybe it would be worth it over your way.

    You can quote me.
  • marlermarler Posts: 4
    maybe the inside light for jeep. the wire runs to the door and it can get pinched draining the batter and makeing light stay on or alarm light flash
  • melcow71melcow71 Posts: 1

    It my first time to join the club

    I did looking for fuse blew but relise there no fuse for windows....

    Now four windows and two mirrors won't open or won't move at all...I though it was fuse but nothing there.

    I knownfusebox under the wheel streeing but nothing for window fuse.

    Anyone know how to fix the all window back on bec spring coming soon. Also my dogs as well....

    Any help will be great

    Thank you
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    I am pretty sure what it is, i had the same, and found the answer on forum. The ground wire from your window control panel on door probably broke in 2. The common place it breaks at is inside the rubber boot you will see that covers wire harnes leaving door and going into car near the hinges. Pull back the boot, look for a big black wite that is much thicker than all the others, it is the ground. It is such a thick stiff wire that the constant bending as you open and close door over the years will eventually break it in 2. It still may have a few strands not yet broken. I easily fixed mine by stripping off a little insulation on each side of break and putting the 2 broken pieces inside one of those twist on wire splices that looks like a little cap, get them in electrical dept at home depot or ace hardware. It did not look broken when i first looked, put i pulled on it and one end came out, i had to dig in bundle to find other end. Others say to replace entire ground, thats a lot more work, mine has been fine now for 6 months, if it breaks again i might splice an extra piece in to make it longer. i have a 99 grand cherokee laredo. Post a reply to let me know if you fixed.
  • If anyone can help, While I'm driving my 2006 Grand Cherokee it runs fine, Sometimes while I'm stopped and on idle, my RPMs drop and it starts to sputter like I'm running out of gas. It has stalled out once from this. HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  • i have a 97 jeep cherokee lareado that shuts off sometimes takes hours to crank sometimes cranks right back. The other day all the guages went crazy and the headlights flicker off and on. Any help out here? Thanks
  • Hi there. I bought a 96 GC laredo last year. Ran great at first, but then started having a dead battery in the morning or after a few days of not driving it. Changed the battery. Still dead. Checked alternator, everything is fine. So recently I have had other problems like the stero staying on after I turn car off and even lock the door from the outside. Now the alarm has been going off randomly. And the ahzards went off the other day. I have to jump it everytime time I drive it now. The windows also will continue to work after the key is out of the ignition. Any suggestions on what I can do? I really love the vehicle but I dont want to dump a buch of money into an older rig like that. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    I answered your post 2 weeks ago, did it fix problem? Give me the courtesy of a reply.
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