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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problems



  • eltechoeltecho Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I have a 1998 jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9
    I am having problems with rear light failure
    1. all the lights are fully functional.

    2. I need a schematic showing the wiring for the plugs p1 and p2 on the light sensing module and where the supply voltage is sourced and what the outputs end up feeding, they appear to be on P1-9 wire blu with black tracer

    3. I know the module has U4791B comparators in it. The comparator outputs pins 3&5 are all 10.5 to 12v- I think this is coming from the module that the output feeds

    4. I have cleaned all contact and the bulb measure about 1.0 ohm of resistance.

    5 Can I eliminate this module form the system as it causes more problems than it cures.

    I appreciate all assistance in advance
  • I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee SE V6. 75K miles. Was rear ended 3 years ago and it did minor damage. But the right rear tail light was knocked out. As I left the repair shop the check engine light came on. Took the repair shop a week to figure out it was an O2 sensor. After two sensors he finds that it was a bad wire under the hood. 6 months later the AC goes out and the blower motor sounds like its gonna blow up. 6 months later the right rear window gets stuck down. 3 month after that none of the windows will do anything and the power mirrors don't work. But the good news is that the fan blower is no longer making that awful noise or smelling like its on fire. Seems to me there is an issue with too much load on a circuit. I am glad I found this forum so I could see that there is others out there and my issue is not isolated. Not that I am glad anyone else has issues. If anyone knows of a fix please let me know. I can't keep driving a car that I have no AC or ability to roll down a window. I was told by the mechanic that there was a controller in the drivers door that was bad but I think he's chasing a ghost. Please help. I am taking it to another troubleshooter Monday. I will report the findings.
  • I have owned my Jeep since Oct 2010. I have dealt with mechanical and electrical issues since March 2011. I have not had any mechanical or electrical issue since July 2011. The Jeep had less than 25K miles. Now fast forward to November 2012 Jeep has 28K miles electrical problems have re surfaced, the dashboard gets hot to touch whether the radio or heating unit is on or off. Left rear turn signal will not work when headlights are on. Brake lights do not dim. Off to the dealership I go right before a scheduled road trip... :mad:
  • 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Entire dashboard panel gauges are not working, but car runs fine.

    Dashboard panel gauges - such as gas, speedometer, oil gauge, suddenly stopped working while car was driving. All gauges went to zero, as if the car was not on.

    The engine was replaced 1 month ago, and had no issues till recently, gauges just stopped recognizing the car being on.

    Note, the ignition key has not changed.

    Also, the security system is not working, and the windows do not go up or down.

    There is a indicator on the panel that I've never seen - the sentry security system (a key with a line through it) is lit up on the dashboard - as if there was no key in the ignition?

    Any help with this would be appreciated. The heater and radio work? Engine also runs fine. Engine was not replaced by jeep dealer, but car runs really nice - not sure what this problem is? Could it have to do with the ignition? Does this require servicing now by a Jeep Dealership?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • cc49cc49 Posts: 1
    Hi, was wondering if anyone evr had the problem the calendar/clock keeps going back to factory set & the jeep wouldn't start yesterday/ anyone know what this might be? i am scared to drive might shut off in traffic HELP :confuse:
  • zjscarriozjscarrio Posts: 3
    edited December 2012
    I resently had the same problem with my 96 jgcl, i took the headlight switch assembly out and apart. 4 or 5 of the soulder connections to the circuit board were old and cracked, causing my interior and dash lights to flicker when i would drive at high speeds with my headlights on (from vibration). I also realized it when i gave the switch a smack while the car wasnt moving, having the same flicker effect. I took a soulder gun to it, and re-did all the broken connections. No more flicker.
  • I resently had the same problem with my 96 jgcl, i took the headlight switch assembly out and apart. 4 or 5 of the soulder connections to the circuit board were old and cracked, causing my interior and dash lights to flicker when i would drive at high speeds with my headlights on (from vibration). I also realized it when i gave the switch a smack while the car wasnt moving, having the same flicker effect. I took a soulder gun to it, and re-did all the broken connections. No more flicker.
  • Crankshaft position sensor??
  • I have a 98' that is somehow drawing 4.29 amps of power when it is shut down I have been working on tracing wiring to search for damaged wires but still have not found the issue, has anyone else encountered this issue? because having my jeep die every few days is really getting old.
  • There are 3 bulbs in the 3rd brake light , all must be working . 1 will trigger a lamp failure .

    Also , a small side marker bulb can also cause the warning and go unnoticed .
  • I'm just curious to know if you found out the problem yet? I'm having the same problem and I'm hoping it's something as simple as a switch.
  • My 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has been flickering the exterior and interior lights simultaneously. The lights will go off while I am on the highway and with 2 small children in the car this is unacceptable to me. This is dangerous. The lights will turn off completely and the only way I can get them to come back on is when I flick on the high beams. After I do this, Instead of the high beams coming on the regular lights will come back on. I have been to my dealership every time this happens and they eep telling me that they do not know what is wrong. I have had it with this car. For the amount of money I have spent on this car. This should not be happening. I would not recommend this car to anyone.
  • I had the same problem with my 2005 Grand Limited. The dealer claimed they could not find the fault. So I wrote a letter to the Service Manager asking him if it would take an accident to happen before they would replace the switch. He rang me back and booked the car in immediately. They replaced the switch under warranty, ie the left hand stalk. Works perfectly now.But it is damned annoying having to keep taking the car back and forth so I was glad when the service manager had it fixed.
  • jlm72jlm72 Posts: 1
    This has been happening a few times. I replaced the alternator about a month ago. When I start the Jeep, it is running on battery, I have checked the belt, and things seem to be working. A few times I have but some lubricants around the moving parts, and the alt kicks in.

    Don't know what the problem could be.
  • Many of the problems you're describing happened to me. I suggest you start with unhooking your battery for about 30 minutes to reset the PCM. If that fixes the issues it's just temporary. Open your driver door and you'll see a black rubber sleeve. Pull it from the door to expose the wires inside. If I had to guess there will be 1 or more of these wires either nearly severed or completely disconnected. Sometimes you have to look carefully as I didn't see the problem at first but 8 months later there it was. I used copper sleeves and electrical tape to fix mine. Took 5 minutes. Hope this helped. Good luck
  • 2007 flex fuel grand cherokee has a 9481 code that indicates a bad relay, but when I swap thr high relay with the low one, the code remains the same. Does this sound familiar?
  • This problem began as a intermittent roaring fan, like it was stuck on and sounded like I was just flooring it. Sometimes it would stop and sound normal, then it would do it again in a few days. Finally it just stays on all the time and the check engine light comes on and this is where the 9481 code comes from. An interesting twist to this problem is that when the check engine light comes on the left tail light assembly stops working, and when the check engine light goes out they work again. It sounds like a short of some type but that don't explain the constant fan.
  • mwolf9000mwolf9000 Posts: 29
    edited January 2013
    The rear liftgate on my 2005 JGC closes properly but a "Liftgate Open" idiot message comes up on the dashboard info screen. And so all the interior lights stay on while I'm driving. Any solution?
  • The first thing I would look at is the liftgate close switch. One bad switch would cause all your problems. I have the older body stlye so I don't know where yours is, but I'm sure you could find that out. Next, given the history of wiring problems in jeeps, I would look into the wiring to the switch. Good luck.
  • I am getting these codes ( P0320 - P0340 ) when using a scanner to check the engine light. I have already ordered the new sensors seeing as they are quite inexpensive. Should I replace one at a time to see if one is causing them both? How easy are they to replace?
  • Here ya go . Watch cylinder head with 0331 casting . Just had to replace at 130,000 miles . Heater core blew too ! Yeah big bucks for both , big buck ! Blinkers also have a problem with the relay . Pneumatic openers for hood and rear hatch door are bad . Just a few things that are true of this vehicle . Seems the whole cooling heating system has issues from what I have read . New head gasket, new cylinder head, new heater core, new radiator , what else can go wrong ?
  • Hello all- looking for some suggestions; we have a 2012 GC Overland, we have had it for about a year and are around 16k miles. Oddly some random electric glitches have plagued us.

    1. The Bluetooth is horrible; connectivity to my wife’s i-phone is inconsistent. She gets in the car, if she gets or makes a call, the call always starts out on the headset and then in a minute or so switches over to the car. Once connected, the noise/sound quality is a joke. I can barely understand her when I am on the phone with her.
    2. The “EZ exit” seat feature stopped working for almost two months (we checked to make sure feature was activated). Then randomly it started working again and has been fine since.
    3. The radio pre sets for “memory 2” will randomly get wiped out

    So for the above, as they were minor problems, we have not returned to the dealer. Then this week, while my wife is driving the rear glass hatch (not the lift gate) will randomly release. She then has to pull over and close it. This happened 12 times between Monday and Tuesday. We have an appointment scheduled for Friday, but my guess is that they wont be able to replicate any of these issues as they are “random”

    Has anyone else experienced any of these issues or have any solutions?

  • my name is eric kinney i am having the same problem did u get yours fixed?is so what was it ?
  • front sidelights stopped working then passenger side windows stopped working now no central locking anyone please help
  • karma90karma90 Posts: 6
    I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, Automatic, 2WD, the vehicle starts up perfectly but then instantly dies. Not a sputter nothing it's like it just loses spark. The power works fine, the dash lights come on, no problem, automatic & manual head lights work great so far. Power windows and door locks work,my interior lights work. Gas light comes on, but there's gas in the jeep. None of the gauges move at all. After trying to start it multiple times there is no sort of clicking from inside my vehicle like when my alternator went out & my battery kept dying. I recently replaced the alternator 2 days ago. I replaced transmission catalytic converter, muffler, & major tune up 6 weeks ago.

    I was driving the jeep earlier, but 20 minutes later, it starts up for a milli~second, then shut down. I've checked the battery cables & clamps, there completely in tact & tightened.

    Any suggestions? Other than, get rid of it & get a new car
    !!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  • this may sound crazy now it worked for me go to passenger side of the car take the key and lock and un lock it several times then open the passenger door and get in and start the car it should stop it did for us hope it helps
  • ozjeeperozjeeper Posts: 5
    While you were replacing the muffler, did you also check the Oxy Sensors? My Jeep did what you describe and the problem was one of the Oxy Sensors wasn't working.
  • wpatterswpatters Posts: 54
    I have a 93 and it could be the security system since it will act like that so you can not steal the car. If you lock and then unlock the drivers side it might fix the problem. My only other experience with not starting and running is a bad coil. Easy to replace....made a huge difference in how it ran too. Ours had 150,000 miles so it gave a good life.
  • karma90karma90 Posts: 6
  • karma90karma90 Posts: 6
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