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99 Jimmy amplifier power cable routing

phw715phw715 Posts: 3
edited April 2014 in GMC
I'm installing an amp into my 99 Jimmy. The battery is on the passenger side which is the same side as the blower motor assembly that has a big plastic housing covering the firewall. Does anyone know an easy way to route a power cable through the firewall without drilling? If I have to drill a hole, where is a safe location to drill?


  • jimmy99sltjimmy99slt Posts: 9
    use zip ties to run it over towards the driver side and youll find a few grommets you can squeeze it through. if you really cant figure it out text me (4196779434) and ill send you picks of mine, or i'll sell you mine with everything already ran.
  • ztballztball Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and I cannot find the grommets. Can you either e-mail me the pics or text them to me? I cannot send text but I can receive them. Thanks.
  • jimmy99sltjimmy99slt Posts: 9
    Oh they are fun to get to, but it can be done. However without your number or email address I cant send them to you.">I'm not really lookin forward to climbing upside in the truck so I think I'll wait to see if you respond before I do.
  • phw715phw715 Posts: 3
    I couldn't find any blank grommets either and ended up drilling through the firewall. If you look on the driver's side of the firewall, you can see where the cruise control cable comes out. I drilled just to the left of it. The cable will come in just right of the accelerator in the interior. Hope this helps.
  • Could someone email some pictures of the best places to drill, or grommits to run 4 gauge wire through, my email address is
  • woopeewoopee Posts: 1
    Hey, the above thread is a little bit older, but I need some help for the best drilling position in the firewall of a 2000 ZR2 blazer or the gommets where I can route the power cable. Some pictures would be nice.
    Thanx for your support. Email is
    Best regards from Europe Germany.

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