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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Exterior and Body

vmalvagnavmalvagna Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I own a 2000 Sonoma, Extended Cab. ( a great little truck ) The 3rd door handle just broke, Are there any little tricks of the trade or anything that could help me that I need to know , or anything that I should watch for ?
Thank You. :shades:


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    phishazphishaz Member Posts: 3
    Our 2001 S 10 just did the same thing - found a new one on-line for $20.90. Doors are no fun to work on - my 2001 Metro; back door only works with the power lock switch. If you manually lock it, it won't unlock - have to take the whole thing apart and monkey around with it to get it unlocked. Never fails, no matter how many times I tell people not to touch it - it is right at knee level and always gets bumped.

    Back to the S 10 - like vmal asked - is this a fairly simple replacement (the handle in the door frame). Plastic parts break like crazy in Arizona (on both Chevy's).
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    stephymaystephymay Member Posts: 3
    Can this be done? is it worth doing? I dont want to have to cut the bed in half weld it ect. These are some questions I would like some help with.. I just got my dads 1993 Sonoma from my uncle, (who got the truck when my dad passed away last Oct.) My dad had a string of bad luck (really) and had hit three moose in three months with my little pickup, now along with the obvious dents my uncle decided to put an old engine in the back to the bed is coated with old, nasty oil. The bed isnt worth fixing but I cant for the life of me find anothe,r and I dont really have the money to buy an aftermarket bed. I got an email from a guy who has a '96 bed (I know its a different body style) but I was wondering if it would atleast fit on the truck? Would any other parts fit? (like fenders cause if they did I might just redo the truck) Thanks for your help in advance..
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    newbie32newbie32 Member Posts: 1
    i have a 1992 S-10 long box single cab. im looking for a hard tonno cover, new tail gate, and some new head/tail lights (preferably euro) just wondering where i could go online to find these parts...first vehicle so i wanna make it look good... also for the tail gate i want one that will be flush with the back of the truck.
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