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2008 Honda CR-V



  • peacheypeachey Posts: 12
    This post ["Beware of CR-V Vibration..."] was originally started by a person experiencing a severe body VIBRATION in the Honda CR-V and the refusal/failure of American Honda or a Honda dealership to correct/address this defect. The vibration has been described in detail in several previous posts concerning this subject although several responses have been off topic. So what is meant by "rumble" and how is it similar to the "vibration" which is/was the subject of this forum?
  • lvdgslvdgs Posts: 5
    On my 2010, Rumble is noticeable at 1500 rpm and between 40 - 45 mph. Sounds like going over rumble strips. If you accelerate to change gears, it stops or back off accelerator, it stops. Only slight vibration in steering wheel and if radio is on, don't hear it as much.(-:

    I answered three surveys complaining of this problem and maybe, just maybe Honda will fix it?
  • peacheypeachey Posts: 12
    It appears the 2010 CR-V has other defects than the 2007 and 2008. Your "rumble" description appears dissimilar to the original forum topic.

    Honda isn't going to fix anything as long as their CR-V sales remain constant and until perhaps [if and when] there are multiple fatalities related to the way the car handles (difficult to control in high winds and during high speeds due to the severe vibration of the body).
  • Same exact thing happens to my 2010 CR-V!!!! I also complained to American Honda.
  • lvdgslvdgs Posts: 5
    Another blog I've been on says this is a very common problem in the 2010 model and 2009. They even call it a "harmonic tingle"....don't know if the bloggers named it or Honda themselves named it.

    Either way it's not dangerous so far (X fingers crossed) and doesn't cause any difficult handling, etc. Just annoying at times....but if I blast my favorite Bob Segar CD, don't hear a thing...LOL
  • tomas_htomas_h Posts: 1
    Interesting to see that the same problem exists in the US and Canada as with the European CR-V. I have a Honda CR-V 2008 with the same problem. At speeds between 95 kph and 105 kph the entire car vibrates. I've had the car in for service at the local Honda dealer in Sweden three or four times since I got the car 18 months ago.

    The explanation I get now is that there is a software error in the system controlling the fuel/air mixture. Apparently there is too little fuel in the mixture at certain speeds that have some cylinders not firing correct.

    They say that Honda Japan is working on a fix and that this fix should have been available several months ago.
  • lvdgslvdgs Posts: 5
    Promises promises from Honda e.g. several months ago. Oh well...)-:
    Still love the 2010 but you would think since 2008 they would have corrected it....
  • I "enjoyed" reading all the posts since my last one in July 09 about the "newly redesigned Honda CR-V" vibration problems. I thought I had my problem licked by buying the best that money can buy - Michelin Latitude Touring tires ($1000) for my 07 CR-V LX back then - but now know that even great tires can't beat this problem. I have 51000 miles on my car and I put the Michelin's on at 38000. I recently noticed the same vibration problems and "out of balance" sounds coming from the vehicle at highway speeds that I've had from day 1 with the vehicle. Soon the car will become undrivable/unsafe again as it has in the past. I have to do something quick so I either need to sink more money into tires that can last a year - or buy a new car.

    You can test if your tires are "chopped" yourself by rubbing your fingers over the tread (I find the outer tread-line next to the sidewall to be the most pronounced). Rub it 1 way towards the front of the vehicle and then the other way towards the back of the vehicle - it will be smooth one way and "choppy" or difficult the other way if they are chopped/cupped.

    I only recommend someone buying a CR-V who likes to gamble - knowing they could lose all their money. You may be OK, or you may have the nightmare scenarios that many of us with 07 thru 10 models are having. I wouldn't do it if I were you.
  • Tomas, I have the exact problem as you have described.

    Did you get any help from the Swedish dealer.
    If so, what was the fix? (was it software related)

    I also experience a slight juddering/vibration while driving on cruise control set at 100km/h. The vibration starts just before downshifting occurs due to increased load (or if I change from 95 to 100 km/h on the cruise).
    Did you have this problem?

    CR-V 2010, 2,0L petrol, 5sp AT, 9000km, Adaptive cruise
  • brefbref Posts: 2
    Can I tow a crv with a 2-wheel dolly? Are there any limitations or problems I should be aware of?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    Is your CR-V AllWD or FrontWD?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Just looking through post because I am having this issues with a 2008 CRV AWD. It happens most often when I am trying to drive the 45mph speed limit. Vehicle will vibrate and rumble significantly unless I either hit gas a little harder, lay off the gas, or drop vehicle into D3. I have before kept driving at certain speeds to see if it will occur and if it will go away on its own (which it doesn't) Have been able to produce it also around 25mph or so but not as often as the 45mph speeds. It is extremely annoying and cannot be good for the vehicle. Are there any idea on cause or fixes for it? I don't want to have to keep driving like that when it start to do it.
  • peacheypeachey Posts: 12
    I have driven my 2007 CR-V-EX over 78,000 miles since I purchased it new in May 2007 and still experience a body vibration at 60-65 mph which has been present since date of purchase (previously posted on this forum). I am methodical in performing the recommended maintenance however the Honda dealership and American Honda have failed to address or pursue a solution to this problem. I was given coupons for a few free oil changes and tire rotation. I am impressed with the CR-V's reliability however when it is time to trade it in for the 2012 I will not purchase another CR-V if this vibration has not been resolved by Honda.
  • I have this problem as well on my 2007 with 63,000 miles. The problem has always occurred in some form and I'm pretty sure it has to do with the rear differential. We should try to organize a group and send a formal letter to honda (or at least BBB). My dealer changed the rear diff fluid twice now. It seems to be worse on certain road services. I think surfaces that don't allow the wheels to slip/skid exacerbate the problem (my 1997 AWD Jeep had the same problem). When I first got the car there was a service alert regarding the differential fluid not being suitable in cold weather. The dealer changed the fluid under warranty but the 2nd time they charged me. I should have fought harder but at the time I thought the vibration might be from my tires. I have since replaced the tires and the vibration is a little worse (back to the slip theory - the newer tires slip less).
  • I have a 2007 LX 2WD (no differential) and I suffer the vibration problem. Convinced this design problem destroys tires prematurely. Last year, I test drove different versions of the 2011 CR-V on the highway and felt the vibration in all of them (so did the guy that drove with me).
  • Hello, I purchased my Honda CRV EX-L brand new from a Honda dealership in the summer of 2008. I spent at least eight hours to purchase this vehicle. Top of the line, everything -- voice recognition, back-up camera, navigation, leather seats, heated seats, sunroof, vtec engine, mp player, 6 loaded cd player including cd player in dash board. 17 inch wheels, tinted windows, dual air -- everything you name it. In the past two months -- minor repairs -- replaced battery -- I was at grocery store and came back to my CRV and it would not start. One week later the back rotors were grinding -- no warning. The brake pads were replaced one year ago. But, I am still happy with my CRV, it has taken me places with no problems and I still receive compliments on its body style -- especially when it is washed, waxed and tires are shinning! But no problem -- what took the "cake" was that my air conditioner went out on Sunday July 14, 2013. It has 123,00 miles. I would have less miles but I am a life and health insurance producer for the State of Maryland so I traveled a lot two yrs ago. I took the vehicle to Firestone and they said the compressor went out. They told me it would cost $1,300.00 to repair the problem! I was shocked because this is not an old Honda. I used to own two 1999 and 2005 VW Passat (turbo engines and stick shifts) two Nissan Pathfinders (top of the line) 1987 and 1991, 1996 Dodge Intrepid, a 1985 Z28 Camero, 2000 Chevrolet Malibu -- I could go on and on of all the cars I have owned since 1979 -- and I never had a compressor go "dead" on me. After I read other posted messages, I was amazed at the problems with Honda CRV ac. Once I take my Honda CRV for repair I will send "Edmunds" a copy of all receipts and I do hope there will be litigation in the Civil Court system for a class action suit in the near future. My advice is to purchase an extended that Honda mails to you. I just received a warranty from them in the mail today, Thursday, July 18, 2013. Best regards to all Honda CRV owners!
  • jjsnyjjsny Posts: 1
    2008 CRV EXL - a/c just crapped out on me this afternoon. Only 58,000 miles; really upset with Honda; going to bring it in to my mechanic tomorrow morning. Shame on them and count me in for exposing this ridiculous money suck of a problem.
  • Last weekend my mom got a Subaru so I dumped my dying 2003 CRV in the dealer lot ($3000!) and bought her 2008 CRV AWD EX. The New V only has $36,000 miles after six years.

    After a decade long mutually destructive relationship with my Honda or Hate (HOH) I'm ready to do it right this time. I read the forums and goodle the hell out of all the forums but I'm delurking's kind of overwhelming. My mom took the car to one shop (I already called for the repair history, "it's in the mail") about twice a year for an oil change every 3000 miles.

    Heres what I know needs attention...well first those bumper stickers need to go. Only the magnetic ones transferred to her new Outback and now Im suck with a dozen stickers about dogs, the beach, life is good, kayaking, etc...i love my mom but I want them gone. Any recommendations for a paint safe glue remover?

    More important stuff: The New V has finally worn out the original continental tires. Its battery is dying. The ivory colored interior cloth is really brown around the door handles. And the back brakes squeak. I saw the notice about reimbursement for the a/c compressor clutch but it didn't seem like I have to take any action.

    Today I met Maintainance Minder (mind blown...and frustrated), which claims 70% oil, an A, and 1500 miles to a B (at least that's what I think the MM said, bear with me, it's only been five days). The sticker on the New V's windshield says I'm 300 miles past due for an oil change; I'm assuming that's based on my moms 3000 mile schedule. After reading these and other forums, and based on my experience with the HOH, I think I can go for another thousand miles or so before changing the oil.

    But what about rear diff? brake fluid? ATF? Flush or just replace? and what about cabin and air filters? And while I've still got your attention, does this thing have a timing belt or chain?

    I'm disappointed that the 2008 models lack a formal maintainance schedule (I did grab the 2006 one though, thanks) because I need a lot of guidance with car care. My ten expensive years with the '03 CRV honestly taught me nothing...I sucked, the car sucked, glad its over. So this time will be different. I really want to do right by this car and figured that by now other Edmunds members must know a thing or two about maintaining a 2008 CRV with 36,000 miles. So...what do you suggest? Any tips? Warnings? Thanks!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited September 2013
    Try the tips in this discussion for the stickers:

    "Removing stickers, labels, decals, glue, sap..."

    Or just take it to a detailer and let them do it while they work on the areas around the door handles.

    The Edmunds Car Maintenance Guide should give you more details on what the maintenance schedule involves.
  • I must say that I've been experiencing a similar Steering Wheel vibration for quite some time on my 09 CRV, which currently has 36,000 miles, when I first noticed it, I though it was just caused by my pervious balancing after 30K maintenance, and that It could be fixed easily, but after reading the many replies to your post, I started to realize that this might not be something fixable and I might have to let go the car, as now I can't be sure if everything dangerous will happen altogether with the vibration at a high speed (> 70MPH) on the highway, and it does terrify me thinking about my wife and daughter while they are on this car everyday, with HONDA itself could not figuring out the cause at all. (according to all of your cases)

    I won't be recommending CRVs to my friends anymore which I been doing for quite some time.

    BTW I just called a HONDA dealer asking about the vibration, and they told me they will need to see my car to test the issue, but i am pretty sure that according to his first response after hearing the word "Vibration", he's seen enough similar cases.
  • 08crv08crv Posts: 2
    edited October 2013
    OK I have went to great length to find an answer to the vibration problems in CRV's. I have the vibration problem to. Its the drive line. Not tires like the dealers will tell ya. Its not the rear end or transmission. Its the drive line that's out of balance and also the center support bearing could add to the problem. Don't go to Honda because a new drive line is 1.3K. Go to a drive line shop who specialize in drive lines. More bad news. The universals in the drive line will need to be replaced also. They are built in to the drive line and has to be specially replaced. Honda knows all about this but will not admit to any problem. Honda calls the vibration "Harmonic Tingle". Really! So its an expensive fix. Mine did the vibration thing at various speeds. Backing off or slight acceleration made it stop. Happened with cruse control on also at steady speeds. Real pain in the [non-permissible content removed]!
  • 08crv08crv Posts: 2
    Its the drive line.
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