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2008 Honda CR-V

crvexl2008crvexl2008 Posts: 15
edited December 2013 in Honda
I am the proud owner of a 2008 CRV EX-L in Whistler Silver w/ Black Leather interior . I would like to hear from other "2008" CRV owners about their likes and dislikes, mechanical , cosmetic or any other problems that my fellow 2008 CRV owners have encountered. Thankyou in advance


  • tdiidmantdiidman Posts: 35
    I too bought a 2008 CR-V EX-L with navigation in March and already have about 4300 miles on it (drove it to Florida from Kentucky once). I've overall been very happy with the car so far. I seem to be getting what I would consider to be pretty good fuel economy (21-22 mpg 'in town' and '27-29 mpg 'on the highway'- even better than the EPA estimates). For me, the acceleration seems fine; although other might disagree, for how I drive, I do not consider it to be underpowered. The 'oil lfe' indicator is still reading 60% at this point, which surprised me somewhat (I must drive like a 'little old lady').I think the 'fit and finish' are good, though not quite at the level of my VW Jetta TDI. I think the handling seems better than that of most other Japanese cars I've had. As far as what I would change, probably the thing that I most miss in the car (compared to my new body style Jetta) is the lack of automatic headlights- rather than spending money on the chime to let you know if you're left your lights on when you open the door and having that stupid indicator light on the dash illuminated all the time whenever the lights are on, I just don't understand why Honda just didn't put in auto on/off headlights (how much more would it really have cost?). Wish it could be added aftermarket, but I doubt it. I also miss the rain sensing wipers my higher end Jetta has, along with the power passenger seat, but I do like the power driver seat and the dual climate control that were offered this year on the EX-L models. I had contemplated waiting for the new VW Tiguan to come out later this month, but a loaded up SEL version of the Tiguan (with all the bells and whistles I knew I couldn't resist) would have been pushing the $37K range, with likely no significant discounts. I got my CR-V for $27034 plus the cost of some accessories (got 10% off the installed price of the accessories from the dealer I bought it from). The CR-V gets better fuel economy, at least until, and if, the Tiguan becomes available with the diesel engine already available in the car in Europe (of course, I've heard that Honda may eventually put a diesel in the CR-V). Finally, I got an extended warranty for my CR-V from one of the internet sites for far less than it would cost for a similar warranty on a VW. I researched my options thoroughly, feel that I made a good choice, and am happy with my purchase.
  • crvexl2008crvexl2008 Posts: 15
    Yes the lack of an auto on/off headlights were a bit of a shock I just assumed Honda would have included such a common sense feature. Only problem I have been hearing about the 08 is that it "pulls to the right" at highway speeds. I will check out my 08 to see if my CR-V suffers from this affliction. I love the CR-V I believe it is the most appealing of the class. Am averaging 23.9 mixed driving so far. Great vehicle !
  • queenie7queenie7 Posts: 1
    Just purchased 08 Honda CR-V w/Navigation and love it. However, I am very disappointed that the navigation system has not been updated. Does anyone know when an update is coming out?
  • kevman3kevman3 Posts: 30
    My 2008 EX-L has 2100 miles on it. Paid invoice. Getting 26MPG, 80% highway, around 70 mph. Very happy with that. May even get better. Oil life still at 90%, I am amazed at that too. Should drop to 80% any day now. Would have liked 3rd row seat option, even if they were just for kids. Love how wide the back doors open. Very happy with my purchase, drive 100 miles round trip to work from NJ to Manhattan by day, cart the kids around in it by night.
  • crvexl2008crvexl2008 Posts: 15
    Have not tested the "pull to the right at highway speeds" yet, but have noticed some of the concerns of other 2007 cr-v owners have noted which will likely affect the 2008 model owners. The carpeted floor mats are looking like they might wear out quickly, and the driver door pillar is getting scuffed with the drivers side belt buckle. Everything else is A-OK so far ! I just wish they would have put the black or grey leather option on the "Green Tea Metallic" or the Glacier Blue Metallic" color models. I settled for "Whistler silver Metallic" w/ the Black Leather interior, the Whister Silver appears like a very light Blue metallic. Great SUV ...just the right size, great fuel economy, great price, beat resale in class, and that legendary Honda quality !
  • itsmecissyitsmecissy Posts: 3
    Have owned for 2 months today. Always owned Toyotas previously, so this is my very first Honda. I love my CR-V and chose it over the RAV-4 because of the CR-V's standard features. I held out for the Tea Green Metallic color and the only options I've added are fog lights and the hood deflector. Purchased really good floor mats at Walmart (of all places). My only complaint is that it -unbelievably-doesn't have Bluetooth!

    Other than that, I love it! :shades:
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    I also wish the Green Tea Metallic came with black leather instead of tan.
  • tobybtobyb Posts: 1
    I noticed that you found car mats at Walmart for your CR-V. May I ask which ones you purchased (the brand)? I can't seem to find any that fit really well, and I really don't want to spend $140 to purchase the ones from Honda. Thanks!
  • cqxcqx Posts: 2
    I'm a previous Honda CR-V owner, current Pilot owner, looking to downsize. I hate to give up my rear DVD entertainment system -- not available on 2008 CR-V. Can anyone advise me -- are there any decent aftermarket DVD systems that suit the CR-V well? Pros/cons? Am considering 2008 EX-L.... If it came with DVD available I would have bought one months ago. Thanks for any and all input....
  • tdiidmantdiidman Posts: 35
    I saw one on a CR-V at our local dealership in which there was a DVD screen located in each front seat headrest; in one of the units, there was the slot for the DVD. I can't recall the company, though, that made the product- but it exists. Might try an internet search or check with your local Honda dealer or aftermarket auto goodies dealer.
  • kevinaomkevinaom Posts: 4
    I recently purchased a blue 2008 CRV EX-L w/ Navigation from Lake Michigan Honda in Benton Harbor, MI. I have about 700 miles on it right now and have driven to Chicago and back. Overall, I rate this car very high with some really annoying little things that I think Honda could have fixed with little to no cost or effort.

    So, the good things:
    Nice interior. I think overall good fit and finish and the "cockpit" has everything readily accesible.
    I like having the "clean" look of factory installed XM/Navi (Performance of this will be in the negatives). I came from a car with a bunch of wires due to aftermarket installation. This is nice.
    IPOD connection is nice.
    Drives well. Like a lot of new cars, everything is "tight" and handles well.
    Great space. 5 can fit comfortably and you can still put suitcases etc. in the back.
    I love the backup camera. Probably will never be without one again.
    Very good gas mileage.

    Now the things which could be improved:
    Road Noise is too much for this type of car. I have a feeling it is the tires and when I posted that in other places, a lot of people agreed with me.
    The Navigation system is horrible. Knowing what I know now, I WOULD NEVER BUY the Navigation system Honda sells. Pure junk. Maps are not updated, too many "unverified areas" etc. Why can't it be at least as good as the ones that cost a measly $300 in Best Buy since I am paying about $1,000 for this one? I will never understand that.
    The "PC-Card" for the audio is hit or miss as to what to do. :confuse: Many boards have people buying exactly what Honda recommends and they cannot get it to work. I am trying a "hit or miss" approach. Try getting a PC card? They are almost always not available anywhere so is this just old technology? Why not just put a slot for a SD card?

    Ok, Overall, I would rate this a 7.5 to 8 out of 10. I like the car, not sure if I could have done better with a RAV-4 or VUE but I am not in love with the car. Would not cause me to buy a CR-V "sight unseen" for my next car. Honda had a big opportunity to get a life long "brand" buyer and they blew it.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 503
    Road Noise is too much for this type of car. I have a feeling it is the tires and when I posted that in other places, a lot of people agreed with me.

    It's not the tires...the car lacks proper sound insulation like the whole Honda lineup.

    If you like the car, have a car stereo specialist install dynamat on your floor under the carpet, in the door panels, & can try the fenderwells.

    Make sure they are reputable & not a big box store that may hire people just there for the paycheck.

    I am soundproofing my '08 Accord shorlty (when I have a spare minute) because the car is otherwise great. It's embarassing when you can't hear people on your cell phone because of the horrid road noise.
  • ocotillo10ocotillo10 Posts: 3
    I have 9,600 miles on my 2008 CRV and the oil life is just now at 20%. The owner's manual states not to change the oil until signaled to do so at 0 - 5% or once per year whichever comes first, but the dealer says not to wait that long, change it every 5,000 miles. I don't know who to believe. I'm not used to going 10,000 on an oil change.

    Anyone else have any experience with that?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Yes, freeway miles are kinder to oil than city driving. I've heard of people claiming 14K miles. I think my '07 CR-V suggests changing at 15% remaining oil life, or once a year.
  • rnlsbrnlsb Posts: 1
    I have been very disappointed with the Navigation system. It couldn't find a local Fed Ex or UPS store. It couldn't find the Radio Shack in my area either. These are places that I can easily find on my old Magellan. The Nav System was one of the main reasons I bought this instead of the Vue. It has taken me in circles and doesn't have newer freeway exits. Any idea if a new DVD to update the maps is coming out?
  • crvexl2008crvexl2008 Posts: 15
    Had the CR-V for 1 month appr. 1000 miles the drivers side floormat could be a concern already as some in the 2007 forums have noted, lots of shedding in the drivers side carpet will watch closely to see if its excess or actual deterioration of the floor mats, which would be warranted ? MPG so far averaging 23.7 mixed so far! I was checking stats and this CR-V and the Accord share the exact same engine except the Accord is torqued for almost 25 additional horses and gets a higher MPG . ...keep us informed of the floormat issue fellow forum users!
  • kevman3kevman3 Posts: 30
    I love my 2008 EX-L with 4K miles on it, but the floor mats really are poor quality. Thet are shedding, and have large indentations in them already from my foot. Are the mats under warranty? Will Honda replace them?
  • cinglemomcinglemom Posts: 49
    I am a new owner of a Honda CRV LX 2WD - I've had it for one day and I'm loving it. I traded in my 2007 Dodge Caliber. Boy, I'm glad I did.
    It's plain and could use some additional perks..but comparing it to the Caliber... It's a dream car. :)
  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    Hi Folks, have anyone heard anything about the 2009 in terms of a possible re-design or when a re-design may be coming? The CR-V seems great, but it could use a few more ponies under the hood, even another 30 would be nice to get up to highway speeds quicker.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Don't look for any big changes with the 2009 CR-V design. 2010 (4th Year) will be time for the Mid-Cycle Change, which usually changes some details such as headlamp and taillamp design, and a few interior upgrades. The big redesign will be most likely in 2012.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    If gas prices continue rising, I wonder if automakers may need to rethink their near annual tradition of boosting horsepower. More people may start looking for cars with fewer ponies under the hood.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    These days, getting better fuel economy usually accompanies more horsepower. See the RAV4 V6 for an example. A much more efficient engine than the 2.4L RAV4, since it just about matches it for fuel economy yet makes TONS more power.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    The ability of an engine with more cylinders, weight, and horsepower to provide better performance with little loss in mpg only applies if the weight of the vehicle is more appropriate to the larger engine. That is, the RAV4 is really too heavy for a 4-cylinder engine to operate efficiently and provide the acceleration people want. Re-gear the engine to operate at max efficiency, which would slow its acceleration, and it would provide much better mileage.

    If all things are equal, more power comes only at the price of reduced mileage.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    These days, getting better fuel economy usually accompanies more horsepower. See the RAV4 V6 for an example. A much more efficient engine than the 2.4L RAV4, since it just about matches it for fuel economy yet makes TONS more power.

    What is the real world fuel economy in the Rav4 V6 compared to the EPA stated, and same for the 4 cylinder version. How much of a deviation do you get with both?
  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82
    For those of you who have a 2008 CR-V EX, can you check something for me?

    I have a 2008 CR-V EX (Green Tea Metallic) that I took delivery back in 12/31/07 and with my first scheduled oil change coming up (currently at 20% per MMC), I need to double check on one or two items that may or may not be warranty/service related issues when I go in for service.

    1. Honda's website states that the CR-V EX and above models power moonroof have a tilt feature. Does it really have a tilt feature or is this just a mistake on the website? My CR-V doesn't have a tilt feature as far I can tell.

    2. Are your rear speakers (by the doors) softer than the front door speakers when you adjust the fader to fade to the back? Mine is much softer than the front and I'm not sure if this is just by design, or if the front and rear volume should be equalized or the same?

  • smackldogsmackldog Posts: 82
    DOH! I am an idiot! :P

    It dawned on me that I may have missed something, so I looked it up in the manual and sure enough, on page 110, it states that to operate the tilt feature, you push on the center of the button (up towards the roof).

  • sleake1sleake1 Posts: 2
    I have had my 2008 CRV for less than 24 hours, got on the highway and home and the TPMS light came on. We checked the tires, the manual said there it was a malfunction and to contact the dealer ASAP. Has anyone else had this issue?
  • darkshierdarkshier Posts: 7
    Personally, I have not had this issue with my 2008 CRV EX, I have had it since April 4th. However, my friend just bought her 2008 CRV EX on this past Monday, and she had her light come on, on the way home from work on the next Tuesday. She took it to the dealership and they told he she had lost 1 PSI on one of the tires. That's pretty much all I know, sorry if that doesn't help.

    I love my Green Tea CRV though, I can easily see this car lasting me 10+ years.
  • sleake1sleake1 Posts: 2
    Yeah, I took mine back to the dealership yesterday and they said that the sensors weren't communicating for some reason and reset it. We shall see, I love it otherwise. I have been Honda loyal for 16 years, so I hope I will love this Honda as much as I have my civics.
  • njexpressnjexpress Posts: 170
    Hi Folks,
    When are the '09 CR-Vs expected to hit the lots? Any input would be appreciated.
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