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Honda Accord Coupe Wheel Vibration



  • You have assumed correctly, in my case. You have one huge thing in your favor. You have the supportive testimony of multiple technicians. I have acknowledgements from my a Honda Service Director and the Honda Zone Manager, but all are declaring the shimmy as normal and just the way that the cars are designed to drive. They have lobbied against me after I drove my case all the way up to the Vice President of American Honda. American Honda has instructed the local Honda Dealerships, **do not attempt any further shimmy repairs on my car**. I refused to close my open Case, but Honda took upon themselves to close the Case anyway. I will gladly join your cause "strength in numbers* and hopefully my recent loss won't hurt our cause and fight. Send me an email and I will gladly send you my scanned copies of records and the emails that I drove all the way up the food chain.
  • These Forums allow guys like us to connect and share information like never before. To all who are getting "stonewalled", why did they settle with me if this is normal?
  • rcummelinrcummelin Posts: 184
    edited August 2012
    The Accord vibration issue is not the only problem with the current generation Accords. The VCM problem with the V6 has also been discussed at length on this forum in another thread.

    The common thing with these and other problems customers are having with their Honda vehicles is Honda's response(s) which are usually "The vehicle is operating as designed."

    Well, I am one of those who opted to not bother fighting Honda. Although I have plenty of time to do battle, I simply haven't the energy. Unfortunately, most of these fights seem to have one result: Honda refuses to fix or repair their poor vehicles. Our two most recent Hondas were a 2010 Accord EXL V6 and a 2010 Ridgeline RTL. Both were top-of-the-line, costly vehicles but both were plagued with problems that Honda acknowledged but refused to fix. Really a shame, as Honda made good vehicles several years ago.

    After owning a total of seven Hondas, we no longer own any. My suggestion to all of you that are plagued with broken Hondas is to get rid of them and find a better car. There are many outstanding cars available on the market that don't suffer from all these maladies--find one and enjoy life. Don't waste any more time or energy on Honda--it's not worth it.
  • My 2011 Accord Coupe V6 was my 4th Accord, and 2nd V6 coupe. I would not have bought a 4th, if the first three had not been terrific. Apparently 2007 was the pinnacle year for the Accord. I had a 2003 V6 Coupe - drove it 60K Highway miles on factory tires. Every mile was smooth fun. I bought two 4 door sedans in 2007; one V6 and one 4 cylinder automatic. Both were outstanding. Our baby had gotten old enough to get in and out of her car seat without help, and I wanted back in a V6 coupe, even though the 07 EXL Sedan was perfect.

    One thing that is worth mentioning, is that our Regional Honda rep paid to change my wheels because in 2008 the new body style came with a new wheel type for the V6. There was a replacement of many many sets of wheels on that 2008 V6 coupe, due to unexplained vibration / shimmy issues. He looked around the country to see if any of those replacement wheels were still in a parts warehouse somewhere, but none could be found. He suspected that the 2011 coupe might be plagued with the same issue, since 2011 coupes had a brand new wheel design. This ultimately led to me getting to select an aftermarket wheel and tire combo, which did not change the vibration / shimmy AT ALL.

    The Honda Legal Dept rep told me my settlement would have been more, but they insisted that I keep the $3000 BBS + Bridgestone Serenity set as part of the settlement. I didn't want them, as I was 100% sure I wasn't replacing this frustration with another Honda. These are for sale if anyone has a non vibrating Sedan or Coupe and is interested...LOL!

    As a recent post said, do the best you can and get out of the frustration car, and into something better. I believe this is good advice; this type of thing takes a lot out of you. Unfortunately things change for the worse sometimes, and apparently this is one of those times for Honda. My dad and grandad were diehard Chevy guys for decades until a 1979 model stopped that, and was handled by the manufacturer in a simaliar manner of denial.

    Hope the other info helps
  • If I had purchased, not leased this 2012 V6, i certainly would just get rid of it, but then that would passing the problem on to another unsuspecting consumer. I don't plan to "fight" Honda, i would like to bring a little more attention to the public on this issue. Has anyone gone to their local media on this subject? This is part of my approach, to hopefully stop other potential Honda customers from falling into this trap, because that is exactly what Honda has created, a trap for the consumer.
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    I have the same issue with my new Accord. Dealer has confirmed a postive "shimmy/shaking" while driving 60-65 mph on highway, and they cannot repair it. Honda MFG has stated it is a "characteristic" of the Accord. What the ____? Does that even mean? Who is their right mind would continue to pay/drive a vehicle that does this? I was also told it was just "my oppionion" that I don't feel safe. It is not a comfortable feeling when driving on higway, that steering does that. So, basically I am spending over $20,000. to drive on the back roads. This is insane? Has anyone had any luck returning?
  • dinofldinofl Posts: 53
    I was in the same boat as you. Honda has just told you to go jump in a lake just like me. Bottom line.. Keep it or sell it. Those are your only options.
  • Honda is now acknowledging that there are random thermal breakdowns in the front upper ball joints. After 2 to 3 hours of consistent driving under hot conditions you will begin to hear moderate but pronounced gear-binding noise in the front end while driving slowly or over a rough surface. You should also notice that your shimmy worsens under these conditions also. Honda still denies shimmy problems with these cars, but any accredited front-end specialist will tell you that defective or worn ball joints causes shimmies. Supposedly Honda Engineers are working on a corrective ball joint. No ETA on the fix yet. Please know that these malfunctioning ball joint can/may cause premature wear to the other suspension and steering components. Honda says that this is not a vehicular safety concern and that us consumers should not be concerned either. Sure, bull$$$$. I am going aftermarket with **Problem Solver Moog Replacements**, and just pay out of pocket for a front-end specialist to do the work. My family's safety is too important to me to wait on Honda.
  • I purchased the 2012 honda accord ex-l v6 last week. The steering wheel vibration situation came to my attention the first time I drove the accord on the highway at about 65mph. Through the 200 miles, I can almost feel the vibration every time I drove. I contacted the dealer and they said they will check the wheel alignment tomorrow. After reading all the posts, I suspect that a simple wheel alignment is going to fixt the issue. If there is a class action lawsuit against honda about this issue, I want to say that I am willing to stand against the greedy car maker.
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    I can understand how you feel. You are describing my car perfectly!! I also have had the A/C worked on 3 times as well. I have been driving on back roads ever since. The most the dealer will do, is buy back the vehicle and I would have to pay 4000.00 to break the lease. Thats crazy...
    The part I am most upset about is, why would a MFG...knowing there is a problem, let people to continue driving these vehicles with these major defects? My familys safety is just as important. I want Honda to take the car back and refund me the 4000.00!
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    Hopefully the allignment will work for you. They did that with mine, and a week later it was worse. Then they kept it for a week. Rotated tires, put new tires on, balanced again. Then they confirmed it has a definate shimmy/shaking and they cannot fix it. They informed me their was nothing they could do, and to contact the MFG. So, I am doing what I can to get them to take vehicle back.
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    Yes, I did send a letter to our local new station. I plan on fighting Honda as well. My dealer confirmed shimmy/shaking at highway 60-65 mph. I just take back roads for now. I don't feel safe on highway! We shall see what happens. Just starting the process!
  • The alignment did not resolve the vibration, and the service manager told me that it was normal for the car to vibrate when it changed from 6-cylinder to 3-cylinder as the engine was designed to. I find it hard to believe that a new car will vibrate under normal driving conditions. BTW, I was looking at and there are three complains about this issue right now. If all of us who are experiencing this problem here file a complaint, I think that will give honda more pressure. The complaining website is
  • there are a lot of us experiencing the same problem with our honda accord. I am also considering to contact the local media. I also found this website which allows us to file claims. The website is administrated by The Office of Defects Investigation (ODI), an office within the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Hopefully they will bring more pressure to honda on this issue.
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    I have the exact problem with my 2012 Accord. The problem started 2 months ago. I have made numerous calls to Honda MFG. Dealer/Service Department states it in "unrepairable". I am getting same response from the MFG as you. Just you still have vehicle? how was it resolved?
  • I got a settlement and promptly got rid of the Accord.
  • Mind telling us what your settlement was and how you maneged to get it?
  • I still have the vehicle, it still has the progressively worsening shimmy and Honda is still being jerks about it. After only 2 months of ownership and constant annoyances with shimmying, combined with Honda's refusal to acknowledge the existence of it and BBB declaring that I have no case, I am giving up. Honda has at least acknowledged the defective Upper Ball Joints in the 2012 Honda Accords but has no fix and no ETA for a fix. Moog makes a special line-up of *Problem Solver Parts*, which are designed specifically for areas of known weaknesses with various vehicle manufacturers. 2008 - 2012 Upper Ball Joints are at the top of that list. I have decided to pay out-of-pocket for the Moog Problem Solver Parts and Pay a locally accredited independent Front-End-Suspension Specialty Shop to do the install and realignment. I should not have to do this, but my piece of mind and reduced aggravation is worth it. Good luck my friend.
  • If I were you, I would escalate your issue all the way to Takanbu Ito the Honda CEO in Japan. I saw and email for him that may work [email protected] I would copy the owner or GM of your local dealer. Tell them you plan to notify the local media and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as you feel this is a safety issue. You have to get to someone with ability to make something happen. Write your email to Mr. Ito as a very disappointed customer with major concerns over your safety in the Honda vehicle. Just by copying your dealer you may get some action but you need to be sure you email the head person for your dealer... not your salesman. Good Luck!!
  • lorna3lorna3 Posts: 11
    I am having the same issues, the MFG will do they keep saying it is a characteristic of the accords to shimmy/shake. what the? does that even mean? I have parked the car in driveway. I am getting an attorney, have filed with BBB and reported to the NHTSA.Sent a letter to the local media as well.
    On another note, upon gathering up all the info to send to attorney...I noticed the vin# on vehicle dosen't even match the contract I signed! Hmmmm...I wonder if that's a problem! You would think dealer would be more supportive and not want all this going on. The shimmy in my car is worse, now it even does it in park! oh, and it is pulling to the right!
  • I am having the same problem as many others with my 2012 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan. My car shakes and shimmys from 50-70 mph. It was horrible when it was a cooler temp outside yesterday. I wrote my dealers service manager and the GM after the service lady was rude with me for calling back to complain that road force testing it did not solve the problem. She said she did not think there would be anything they could do. So after I emailed them they are taking my car today to look at it. They said they are aware of the complaint going around and they want to try all they can to resolve the issue. So we will see.

    Reading all these posts make me think this will not be something they can correct. Next question is then what do I do? Has anyone been successful returning their Accord? I wonder also if it is not every single Accord doing this if I can just trade mine. This is such a pain to deal with. It is very disappointing to spend so much and be in the dealership over and over with a new car.
  • I have contacted the NHTSA about the shimmy in my 2012 Honda Accord V-6. I have taken my car to the dealership where they have performed all of the services that all of you speak about that you have had performed. However, after contacting the NHTSA, I was told by them that they only have 3 complaints regarding this vehicle. I was also told that in order to initiate a recall they would need more complaints. There are 150 of you on this board with this problem. Please contact the NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236 if you have not done so.
  • Thanks to the aid of my local Ford Dealership, I am longer the owner of this problematic vehicle. My sincere best wishes and support to all of you who continue to courageously fight this difficult battle.
  • Hello,
    I was just wondering, how long it took for settlement? I am in process with attorneys and have filed suit. I have also filed with Better Business, NHTSA, and a local news channel. I hate driving this car! I do not feel safe at all!
  • Hello,
    I have the same issues with my 2012 Accord. I have filed with the NHTSA, BBB and local news station. Recently seeking Lemon Law with an attorney. I am hopeful that Honda Mfg. takes the car back! I hate driving it. Avoid thw highway as much as posssible. The shaking is horrible! Dealer unable to fix. I have been told the same thing by MFG. I guess they are waiting for someone to get seriously injured or even killed before they do anything. It's a shame, that Honda is not standing by what they are selling.
  • srae1001srae1001 Posts: 3
    edited September 2012

    I went back to Honda and they kept my car for 5 days (gave me a rental). They balanced and replaced the tires to no benefit. They then test drove other cars, and after seeing that many other vehicles on the lot had the same issue they filed a complaint with corporate and put my original tires back on. I have my car back and they have have filed the complaint with Honda Corporate about a few other cars that came in after mine in those 5 days as well. They told me they do not think it will take long for a recall. I hope this is true because I HATE driving this car. They have ensured me that they do not think it is a safety concern. I am mad but I guess if a recall does not come out soon I will seek to go after them using the lemon law. My sales lady went on and on about how I am covered under the lemon law when I showed up to return my rental and take my car back. My car shakes, vibrates shimmies whatever you want to call that that makes my teeth rattle on back roads and highways.

    I took these comments from this site to my dealership when I took the car back the second time telling them what I have read and I am not playing around. My service receipt states that Honda Corp is investigating.
  • Oh man, this thing is getting way out-of-hand IMHO. While I would like to see Honda do a recall on the Accords for all those owners suffering out there, there's not much sense in recalling something if there's no fix for the problem. AFAIK, Honda hasn't been able to fix any of the "vibrators" yet, so I'm at a loss as to what a recall would do. Thank God we dumped our vibrator last December. I wish all of you good luck in finding a resolution.
  • I agree. My family and I are so relieved to be rid of our vibrator. No more frustration, no more wasted time, no more fruitless efforts and no more safety concerns or fears.
  • Warren Webster, Miami, FL
    Hey Everyone,
    I've been looking for answer to the same issue everyone is having. At first I thought it was a tire balancing issue and had Pep Boys re-balance as well as re-align the car countless times. Then Pep Boys thought it might be the axles. I took it to my mechanic who told me there was nothing wrong with the axles and advised me to take it to Honda. Honda looked at it and said there were some stuff that needed to be tightened, but that they dont see anything wrong. A clinet of mine that is a wheel and tir placed was able to help me find this forum. This is so frustrating, especially since I use my car for work to meet with clients. I would like any help that you guys could give me.
  • srae1001srae1001 Posts: 3
    edited October 2012
    Please make sure you post your complaint to the NHTSA website. I took mine to Honda and they have filed a complaint with Corporate and they keep calling to update me. They called yesterday from the dealership saying Honda is close to coming up with a solution. They are waiting on Honda Corp to come up with a recall or solution.

    Initially I took them these posts and complaints telling them that everyone has had tires balanced and even replaced but the problem was not corrected. Once they experienced the same thing and gave me a rental for a week they realized it could not be fixed and filed it with Corporate. They then told me that a few other people came in with the same problem and they found some in the lot that did the same. If nothing happens I guess I will have to go after the lemon law protection but for now at least they are admitting its a problem. Don't give up. I see many people saying that when they go to the dealer they are being told it is simply a characteristic of Honda cars. Not true! I am glad my dealership is being nice.
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