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2005 Honda Pilot Shudders



  • campkapalacampkapala Posts: 21
    Thanks for your great post on the converter. I thought the Acura statement covered the converter as well as the transmission. So, the converter goes first and then the tranny, right? Does it do any good to drive in 3 around town when you so much of the lower gear driving occurs? Someone else posted that as a solution.

    Why do you think that Consumer Reports does not bash Honda for this transmission problem - or least they did not when I bought mine a few years ago. You would think this would be something they were all over.
  • Our 2004 Pilot, ~120,000 miles is exhibiting the same behavior. We have occasional shuddering (like running over the small road bumps used to keep one from falling asleep and drifting off the road - this I can hear and FEEL), and occasional rattling (sounds like a loose piece of metal rapidly flapping - can only hear this one). Both of these only last for between .5 - 2 seconds when they appear (and they don't appear at the same time), but they are worrisome.

    ...One more to the list.
  • I have the same problem with the 05 Pilot we have. Have taken it to a dealer in Dallas TX last year had the fluid changed and was told it should be OK. Stared again a few months. Just got it back from the dealer here in Nashville and they said they upgraded the software - $50.00, so far the fix is working. Have been told a transmission is next - $4400.00. Not something I look forward to. This has been the only issue I have had with it. Bought it new in 04. Still not sure why they charged for a software update, even Microsoft provides free updates!
  • Looking at the date of this post I don't know if the following will help, but I've noticed the same in our 2005 Honda Pilot AND in our 2006 Honda Civic (Real light acceleration it shudders at a much lower speed) However I did search some other forums and found one where the person replaced the Transmission Pressure switches and seemed to correct the problem. I am looking to try this as it will be much cheaper than taking it to a dealer and pay alot of money for them to possibly not find the problem. pressure-switches.html
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