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Acura RL



  • Is it true that the rebate has been raised from 3000 to $5000 as of 12/1. I closed on mine on Nov 30th and can't believe I may have cost myself 2k for 2 days of ownership?
  • It is true, Travis. However, it wasn't posted on Edmunds until about the 11th. I picked up my Ruby Red RL Sat for $33,000 with mats, muds, pin stripe and cargo net at Jay Wolfe in KC. They have a few 2000's left so hurry in anyone else...
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    phil mason, I've been interested in the RL in red for some time but have had a hard time finding anything more than the paint chip -- can you describe the red? Is it like the firepepper red that is on the TL? Or....?


    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • I am surprised nobody has mentioned the article from car point that Acura will unveil THREE new car at the NAIAS (next two weeks).

    While previous reports showed sketches of the TL-S, RS-X (nee next Integra) and the X concept vehicles (SUV type), the car point site mentioned that the 2002 RL will be equipped with a more powerful engine. Whether this is accurate news, and whether the RL will be all new remain to be seen.

    If it's all new, please, please Acura, make it with a V8 and AWD. And please don't make it ugly like the nexus LS 430 or Infiniti new Q 45.

    Here is the link:
  • 1964519645 Posts: 8
    alexalee1, I would say that the article you read has some truth to it. The Aura dealers in the Northeast are not taking any new orders for the 2001's. I was told that they will be using their allocations and waiting for the new RL that is to be here mid year. I also learned that the dealers already have color charts for the 2002 RL
  • 19645: Thanks for the confirmation. I speculate that it will be a leap in terms of features, design, etc. from the current model. And, following the TL price, it will be value priced as well. That's why we have a $ 5000 rebates for the current 2000 RL.

    As the previous press release said, the 2002 RL will use the GM OnStar.

    I am amazed that nothing is leaked yet. I am willing to bet that it will still be FWD with V6.
  • 1964519645 Posts: 8
    I agree it probably is a V6 with the FWD....The two dealers that I spoke with are afraid that it will become RWD since the perception is that it would be very poor in the snow. The dealers are anticipating that the price will be in the $50,000 range. I wanted to buy a 2001 RL but do not want to do anything until the prices are confirmed on the 2002 RL. I would hate to spend the money on a 2001 RL and have Acura price the 2002 RL the same way they priced the 1999 TL (which was less that the 1998 TL)
    Hopefully there will be some good rebates on the 2001's. January 7th will hopefully tell the story. Do you own on RL now?
  • No, I don't own an RL yet. I have been waiting for this new RL since around August 1999. It was rumored to be unveiled at the Paris auto show that year (by AutoWeek, nonetheless).

    I have a TL for my wife. At the time we bought it (in August 1999), I was considering the RL, because I thought it was a better deal (MSRP for TL, invoice for RL, the difference at the time was around $ 10,000, plus the RL is still made in Japan).

    I _thought_ I should be able to upgrade my current car (Acura Integra GS-R that's been with me since college) to an LS 430 type car this year. But, the current Nasdaq downturn, and the uncertain economy make me think that it's wise to wait. There will be some good deal, the dealer won't be so greedy, etc. I am sure I am not alone in this thinking. When times are not so rosy, people will defer car purchase first than home purchase, as we witness in the Bay Area house prices which still going up.

    As it is, new model or not, the current RL with $ 5000 rebates still make it a good deal. And, when the new RL come up, the 2001 model will hopefully be discounted some more.

    BTW, this spelling check software UI is a pain. I only want to check one spelling (nonetheless), and I have to ignore several good words (ie. RL, Paris, etc.).

    And, posting, if you wait for a while, it forced you to logout, and login again. Good thing I copied my post to the clipboard first at the first sign of trouble.
  • 1964519645 Posts: 8
    I have been waiting a while as well,at least since 1999. You are not alone I am currently driving around in an 88 accord with 230K on it. It's old but still drives fine. I'll be waiting to see if the 2001 RL gets discounted

    I agree the spell check is a pain
  • Congratulations on your new RL.

    No problem to apply Zaino in the winter - just make sure that car is clean and dry, and that the Z can dry properly.
  • 1988 Accord eh? Brings back memories. A decade ago, I had a 1987 Accord LX 4 door manual. In the short period I owned the car, I babied that car, bought factory service manual, changed stereo and speakers, wax often, etc.

    In the three months I owned it, it was broken into twice, you know, San Francisco Sunset district back then was bad for parked outside Hondas. I had to sell it since I had to go abroad for a while plus I need the money. Broke my heart :(. The steering feel fine back then, but, now when I tried the same model (after having a newer model Hondas), I feel that it is too light. Probably Honda hasn't mastered the steering with more road feel back then.

    Anyway..., I digress....

    Now back to Acura RL discussion, specifically this Zaino wax: I never used it, I always used the Meguiar 3 steps wax, and been happy with it. I am a little wary of a wax company (Zaino) that ask you to use the liquid dish washer to strip off any remaining competitor wax. I thought it's a no no to use a regular dishwashing soap on your car. Let the flame begin... :)
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    To be specific, "Dawn." And it's not recommended for regular use, but only as a wax stripper to clear off the waxes before you begin using a polymer product. But even then it's not required ... sort of like the spell checker.

    Take care.
    Joe W>
  • Hi guys. First, I'd like to introduce my self as a new member. My name is Rudy. After reading all you guys messages, I wonder that some of you guys paid $33000 or less on a new RL. Is that outdoor price? or before Tax, and Licence?. Thank you guys for responding my question.
  • msotomsoto Posts: 2
    I'm in the market for the first time in several years, with the RL rapidly rising on my list. I'm considering both new and pre-owned and weighing leasing vs. buying. A few questions: (1) is there any advantage to buying now (the "end of the year blowouts")versus waiting until after the first of the year? (2)to anyone leasing an RL, did you have any success with negotiating a higher than average residual value? (3) to anyone who has purchased a 2001 RL, what is the lowest serious offer that you would consider making with a straight face (the local dealer is asking 42.6K without navigation)? (4) Is there a significant difference in the ride/performance/interior space between the RL and TL (to justify the 10K+ difference in the price)? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Hi Everyone, I just wanted you all to know there are still a bunch of 2000 RL's out there to be had for cheap money. Here was my deal from Antonino Acura in Groton CT. 32,711 with mats and a car cover plus a $189 processing fee. That was $32,900 out the door for a non-navigation cash deal, including destination, mats and a cover, plus tax/tag/title. I was very happy with the deal. By my research, that was just about invoice for the car. They really wanted to move it by the end of the year, so that helped a bunch. I am in the military and wanted to register the car in VA. They were very helpful with that as well. They could have been a bit faster with the paperwork, but overall, I was very happy with the entire process.
    In my search, I found four leftover at Clair Acura in Mass and one left at Acura of Newport. Newport didn't want to come below 34,300. I told them they were out to lunch, but they didn't want to hear it. Clair came in at 32,980 and they have some left, so they may be worth a call.
    Thanks to all for the help you gave me in my search and negotiations. I haven't posted before, but reading all of yours was a big help.
    MSOTO, I would take a serious look for a leftover 2000. The deals will be far superior to any you will get on a 2001 and there is virtually no difference between the cars. Leasing could get a bit dicey as the 2000 rebate of $5000 and the rebates sure to come later in the year on the 2001 will have some kind of effect on residual values and make it difficult to see what kind of deal you are getting. The loan payment on a heavily discounted 2000 may approach the lease payment you can get on a 2001.
    Dealer says 2002 will be V-8 and RWD. He also told me that using 87 octane gas would have no detrimental effect on the engine at all due to the knock sensor. I suspect this is not true over the long term. Anyone have any advice on that topic?
    Thanks again to all.
  • Bucket 194
    First - Congratulations on your new RL! Great Deal!

    Running 87 Octane will not hurt the car, this part is true. However, the computer compensates for this by retarding the timing to prevent pinging. The result is less power and poor gas mileage.

    My own experiments with this took me from 19-21 mpg to 24-26 mpg, going from 87 to 92. The % of increase in mileage was greater than the % of increase of gas cost, so in the end the cost per mile is CHEAPER to use Premium. The performance difference alone was worth the price.

    It really is best to use the gas the car was designed for.
  • Bucket 194
    Congratulations on your RL

    That's a wonderful deal. I went to two different dealers today. They don't believe me with that kind of price. Bucket 194, Let me make sure again. So, the price you got is already including tax, title, and license. Another, what is sales tax rate in Groton CT? Thanks for responding my question so I can get a good deal like you.

    Is there anyone who paid $33000 or less already include the tax & license? I'll appreaciate any response from you guys.

    Since I live in Southern California, Please let me know if Anyone know any dealers around LA,Orange,Riverside that can give a good deal.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Could someone please explain where on this Edmund's site and what info I need to find these great suggested prices on the RL? Thanks for your help!
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    Folks, Town Hall had a severe problem last night, and posts made after sometime yesterday morning disappeared in the process of getting TH up and running again. The technical folks have been working all night - and are still working - trying to get them back.

    I understand some have already been restored, and more may be coming, but there are no promises at this point.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies for this situation and trust that every effort is being made to rectify the problem. Thank you for your patience.

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