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Pontiac Bonneville



  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Please keep us posted on the increased mileage you feel you are getting due to Mobil 1. I'd like to know if it continues. Ditto your statement on the rattles. It's not extreme but could be improved. My dealer keeps trying to eliminate them but is only somewhat successful.
  • pturner1pturner1 Posts: 33
    I have noticed some improvement in performance and gas milage with Mobil 1.
    In city traffic, where I spend 70 miles a day commuting, my mileage has improved from 18.5 to 19.5. Pretty amazing in Chicago traffic jams.
    Performance gains are hard to prove, however, at low rpm it just seems smoother.
    I also have a drop in K&N and 43k miles.
  • zzoom1zzoom1 Posts: 31
    whenever I have extra money laying around I do a mobil 1 change. Many times I'll throw in 2 quarts with my regular oil to know I've got about a 40% synthetic blend. I've never been able to determine exactly what the mix is in the synthetic blends on the market, for all we know it could be 5% synthetic and 95% dino oil. If any of you know the mix, I'd be interested.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Edmunds describes the changes for '02 as:

    "Only subtle changes are on tap for the 2002 Bonneville. Most notable on the list are new front and rear fascias for the base SE model, while new exterior badging and dual exhaust tips debut on the SLE and SSEi models. Newly styled 17-inch wheels, three new exterior colors, LATCH child seat anchors, an improved Monsoon sound system and redesigned cupholders round out the changes."

    I also note that Onstar is standard on the SLE - don't think it was in '00 (mine doesn't have it but mine is a pre-Onstar model anyway) and I'm not sure about '01. Of course that also comes with the auto-dimming mirror (which mine also lacks). The other thing that our '00s lack is the rear centre shoulder belt and the interior trunk release that became standard last year.

    BTW the bolding in the Edmunds quote is mine.

    Cheers, Dan
  • itiaitia Posts: 4
    Thanks Rich, Dan, Ken, Chuck, Dennis, and Ed. Sorry, I'm so late with my "thank you's". I've been busy......DRIVIN'!!!!!

    An awful lot of guys (kids to me) with shocked looks on their faces when they see who is driving the Black Dahlia. I'm sure they're saying "why her?". LOL

    Ken - The only times I've let hubby drive her is 6 in the morning - when he moves it up the street before construction crew starts. (We live on a dead end street and they're putting in sewers. They weren't supposed to start ours until the fall. Came home Monday afternoon with BLACK Dahlia and there was sand everywhere. She gets a bath and chammy rub down every I won't have to change her name to Snow White II - will let Chuck keep claims on that name).

    Ed - Got mine at Paul Masse's Flower Shoppe (oops I mean Paul Masse's Pontiac Cadillac GMC). A little ways for me to travel from Warwick, but I think I can handle the ride ;-)

    Ciao for now

  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    I can't wait to see the changes for 2002 model. I hope the cupholders will fit earlier cars.

    How exciting.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I've been hearing complaints about the cupholders in the Bonneville. Are they the same cupholders in the Grand Prix? Since some of you have Bonnevilles and Grand Prix's, I figure you could make the comparison.

    I've got this rubber tip on my cupholder (Grand Prix) and don't imagine it will take long to break off. Is this what the problem is with the Bonneville cupholder?
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    No - they're not the same at all. My GP GT cupholders are (I believe) like the ones in your SE: folded into the front of the centre arm rest. Once opened, the cups are virtually suspended off the front of arm rest. The GP's feel flimsy but I have seen similar ones last ten years and more. The Bonneville's are actually neatly hidden underneath a door directly in front of the shifter (i.e. between it and the centre arm rest). Once depressed, the door pops open and disappears to the back, leaving two offset and slightly overlapping cup holes in the centre console base. It's actually a neat design and looks (and feels) well built and with quality materials. Problems: 1. the holes are too small (for some - not for me as "big gulps" are not my vice) and 2. too close together - virtually impossible for 2 people to each have a travelling mug (again, not a big issue for me but a design shortfall all the same).

    Hope that helps Stacy.

  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    I've posted this before, but haven't got any response. I'd really like to hear from owners if I'm making a fair judgment or not.

    I've started shopping for a Bonneville a couple of months ago, for eventual purchase in about a year. I've test-driven the SE, the SE with the performance axle ratio and, a week ago, the SLE. I haven't found a SSEi to try yet.

    The performance axle is a must on the SE. The car's much more vivacious, perhaps because the transmission is also tuned differently. However, I thought its ride's a bit "boaty". The SSE, OTOH, has a much better ride and has almost all the accessories that are options in the SE standard.

    I found that it's a pretty roomy and comfortable car, with some nice amenities. I thought that the front seats provide little thigh support and the atmospheric engine, though competent, not brilliant.

    Have I missed any positive or negative point worth mentioning?

    I think that the SLE is a good value, or is the SSEi, with the supercharger, worth the price difference? Although I'm afraid it's above my budget limit.

    Many thanks.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I don't know how I missed your earlier call for assistance. All of us here seem to love the models we bought. I like the Bonneville because of its room, the rigidity of its platform, handling, power, and the convenience features. I also like the aggressive styling of the SLE/SSEi.

    Mine is a '00 SLE with traction control and leather. There are a ton of goodies that are standard on the SSEi that aren't even available on the SLE (Stabilitrak, Magnasteer, heads-up display, and memory seats were the ones that interested me) - that's without even considering the supercharged engine. Given the small MSRP margin between the SSEi and the SLE (especially equipped as mine is), these goodies are a big value. Downsides: a) I found that the SLE price was "softer" than the SSEi - widening the price gap; b) at the time I bought, there were no SSEi models on any local lots without the headroom-robbing sunroof (not buying off the lot definitely hurts your negotiating ability); and c) GM recommends premium fuel for the supercharged engine (a minor point to be sure). I will admit, that if it wasn't for the deal that I got, I'd have probably waited out for an SSEi.

    That being said, I know two SE owners who are more than happy with their machines - the extra bit of play in the handling apparently comes with more expansion-joint soaking than my SLE has. Still, you move to the SLE and you get stabilizer bars fore and aft, a sportier axle and 17 in. wheels with 235/55/17 Goodyear RS-A that stick to the corners. Plus you get those interior goodies like the Driver Information Centre, steering wheel audio controls, etc. standard.

    It all depends on what you want - they're all great cars and all represent good value IMHO.

  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Thanks a lot for sharing your impressions.

    I forgot to say that I really liked the leveling suspension on the SLE.

    The sunroof is a killer for me in almost any car too (I'm over 6'5"). Although I could use the electronic suspension on the SSEi as well. ;^)

    My brother drove a rented SE for about a month and the bucket seat really annoyed him. I've heard that the SLE and the SSEi have better seats, but I couldn't notice any difference. What gives?

    BTW, what pleases y'all most and what annoys y'all most in the Bonneville?

  • boosted1boosted1 Posts: 90
    I have a 2001 SSEi. My wife and I are both car nuts so we had to have the supercharged engine.

    I think that the Bonneville is one of the best cars out there in its class. The only thing bigger is the Cadillac Deville. Bonneville has excellent crash safety score as well. We wanted a big car with a big trunk as a mini van alternative.

    I think that any of the trim levels are excellent cars. It depends on what you want from a car and the $$ you want to spend. I don't think you would be dissapointed with any of them.

    I have gotten alot of positive comments about the looks of this car.

    There are a couple of minor complaints. Cupholder design, auto climate control, glove compartment size all come to mind. Any car will have some minor problems.

    We love our Bonnie.

    Good luck
  • montanafanmontanafan Posts: 945
    I'm not too sure that you would be at a great price disadvantage in you ordered your car. You get the color and options you want. The dealer gets a sale that comes right off the truck, to the wash bay, to your driveway, not a car that he had to swap in or pay 30-60-90+ days interest on. Plus I have posted it before, if you are thinking of any GM product somewhere in the future, check out the GM Mastercard to earn some rebate dollars to reduce the purchase. Another thing to try is 6 months before your ready, request a brochure by phone of email. I read on another forum that GM just recently sent certificates by email to people who had requested info. If they do something like that in the future, you might get your name on the list.
    Also another supercharger difference, here in Massachusetts it gets you into another insurance class.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    I have had a hard time tracking down Pontiac's claimed 0-60 times for the Bonneville SE and SLE. It seems the former comes in anywhere from 8.7 to 9.2 seconds while the latter ranges from 8.1 (with performance axle option) to 8.9 seconds. The range depends on who did it and whether or not it was a computer simulation as opposed to a bona fide test track result. Pretty well everybody claims 0-30 in 3 seconds or less.

    I think some of us SE and SLE are going to have to take them to the tracks....

  • skyhawk3skyhawk3 Posts: 42
    It was in mid August last year that my wife started having trouble getting out of her existing car (physical limitations ) She needed something with a higher seat. I told her any GM except Chevrolet. (no chevy dealers here I like). We finally went to look at an Aztec as the seat height was right and she did not want a suv. It was a good fit but she couldn't open the rear hatch easily. She wandered over to a car on the show room that was handy. After adjusting the power seat she got in and out several times and said that was the car for her. Bonneville! It was a must that the car have power seats both sides. The dealer could not find one so I said we would order a 2001. He tried to talk us into a leftover 2000 but the power passenger seat really was needed. We were pleased to find out that heated seats in a SLE were now available in 2001. The car was delivered in 28 days.It took longer to pick the color than the options. I might have saved an additional $1000 by buying the 2000 but it would not have been exactly what she / I wanted and needed. Our likes - power heated leather seats, acceleration, gas mileage, dual a/c heat controls, remote control entry, looks, dual exhaust and on star. Quality! 9500 miles and have not had a warranty claim or issue yet.We also like the dealer and his service department. Dislikes glove box is just that and hard to reach into, cup holders are poor. My wife loves her car. I get to drive it on the weekends and I am impressed with it. Which ever Bonnie you pick, I think you will be happy with it.

  • odin2odin2 Posts: 5
    been looking at getting a new SE Bonneville 2001, there is now a 2000 dollar rebate plus I have a thousand on CM card. Question is, what is a good price on a 2001 SE and is it worth waiting for the 2002 models. Also what is the difference between the SE and SEE. Thanks a lot, you guys here are so knowledgeable
  • kenbidwellkenbidwell Posts: 10
    I have scanned all the posts lately but have been unable to find any updates to the ASE Performance Chip modifications by Matthew aka refiner. I am also wanting to make this modification but want to know if Matthew could tell a noticable difference. If anyone has any info please post it, I doubt I am the only one that is interested in this information.

    Thanks, Ken
    2000 SSEi
    Black, tinted windows, 3.4" pulley, RAT Throttlebody, etc...
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    I'm one of those 2000 SE owners that Dan mentioned earlier - yes I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!

    True, it doesn't have the performance features of an SSEi supercharged engine but for all around comfort in a roomy family sedan that has unique styling in today's look-a-like market with proven reliability to boot - where are you going to beat it?

    Relative to seating - I have complained at times about the buckets in my SE not having enough padding and being too 'scooped' for my liking but have gotten accustomed to them and find them fine now. I do believe that the leather seats have a better 'sit' than the cloth seats in my car - however, I prefer the cloth feel.

    Cupholders are the only feature I don't care for - they just will not accommodate standard coffee mugs. The passenger ends up holding his mug
    I love the contemporary styling, the smooth ride, the incredible fuel economy (29-32 mpg highway at 75 mph on road trips). I like having a car that attracts compliments and curious inquiries "Is it a Lexus?" to which I can astound them at the price I paid for such a great car.

    Good luck in your search. You'll do well in a Bonneville.

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Be careful with that chamois - particularly if you have children around as I do. Mine has been trashed now that tiny scratches appeared on my Bonneville - one of the kids must have used it and dropped it on the ground - tiny particles of dirt remained and have done their nasty work on my car ! From now on - only freshly washed terry cloth towels for drying cars in my yard!

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    This weekend - we dropped off number 2 son at summer camp with his buddy - they'll have a ball!

    On the way back to our own camp - drove past the Louden NH speedway as the race was getting out - passing the NASCAR 18 wheelers that transport the race cars to the next venue - amazing paint jobs - and sparkling clean. Garrett won and Jeff Gordon came in 2nd - we didn't see either of them but did pass the #18 green Pontiac (hehehe) of Bobby Labonte and a few others.

    My wife was driving the Suburban at the time since I had to keep my foot elevated all weekend - broke it on Friday during my usual noontime walk - foot twisted under and came down just hard enough to fracture a bone - what an unbelievebly stupid thing to do!!! Now I'm hobbling around on crutches. Doc says a week on these and a month in the special shoe. Fortunately, I can still go in the water off my dock and can drive (heading to PA tomorrow - return Sat). No waterskiing for a while.

    Wish someone would invent a vacination against the post 40 syndrome!

    Number 1 son heads to British Isles tomorrow for 2 weeks with other 6th grade students.

    11 year old daughter is beside herself wishing for a similar escape to places distant! "It's not fair!!!" LOL

    Found out the Bonneville's fold down armrest passage into the trunk is perfect for storing crutches!

    Take care all - take my advice - walk and suck tic tacs - don't chew gum!

  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175
    itia- thanks for the name-keeping plug (LOL)
    like i got a patent on SNOW WHITE- i'd love to have Disney's residuals on that one!!!!

    evandro- i also have the SE (2000) but i have the split-bench seat- (Cloth)- my wife insisted on it over the bucket seats- she uses the car mon-fri- and she complained that the bucket seat was hurting her back when we test drove one before purchasing- it turned out (in my case) to be a smart move as the split bench is very comfortable
    and no complaints from -YOU KNOW WHO- was well worth spending the extra $100+ option.
    i agree with KEN- the cupholders are bad and the glove compartment should be bigger, but
    other than that we both love the car- its
    solid,reliable,plenty of power,good gas mileage,
    all around great car for the BUCK!!

    Ken- i took a picture of the car this saturday- and down-loaded it to my computer- now if i can figure out how to get it over to Edmunds?


  • smfransmfran Posts: 432
    Sorry to hear about your mishap. Maybe if you can get rid of the third kid for a while, your wife can nurse you back to health in peace and quiet!
  • itiaitia Posts: 4
    Geesh Ken - I can't believe you know enough not to drop a chamois - but don't know enough not to break a foot in the middle of the summer. Good luck driving to PA.

    ciao for now
  • fantascpfantascp Posts: 175
    KEN: sorry i missed that about your broken foot!
    i hope all will be ok!- busted mine twice- not a very pleasant thing- once on crutches for about 8 wks and the second time on a walking cast-

  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    I must have miss out on you breaking your foot as well. Not having a Bonneville, I don't read the posts everyday but do read a number of them just the same. I must have missed the post about your foot. Hope it gets better soon!

    What is this post 40 thing your talking about? I'm 45--I'm not ready for things to go downhill as far as health and broken bones go!

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon and can still enjoy your summer camp!

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    You're scaring me - I just turned forty and am a devoted gum chewer (Trident).

    Mend ye well my friend!

  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Thanks to all my well wishing Pontiac friends. I'm sure glad I don't have a clutch to deal with in this car!

    It's time for lunch here and since we're in plant 'shut-down' this week, the cafe is closed - so I'm about to head outside into the 95 degree heat here in Mass. BTW - I find my manual A/C to be handling the heat fine as long as it's left on Recirc. Won't do the job otherwise. Wife's Suburban is like a meat freezer!

    Dan and Stacy - How does the Grand Prix do for A/C?

  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    Yesterday, it was a humid 95° here (felt like 110° apparently) and I had parked the Bonnie outside. I had no problem with it at all. Was blowing ice cold air for a while. It did keep the fan on high, blowing luke-cold (if you'll forgive the use of a non-word here) air for most of the trip but I keep the interior set at between 72° and 74°.

    The Grand Prix is also fine in this regard - alhough my GT has a manual dual air set-up. So if you keep it on cold, that car will get downright frigid.
  • theicemantheiceman Posts: 736
    That was the title of an article on the CBC (that's Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) website. You can imagine my relief that it wasn't about me. I figured it had something to do with the BMW owners on the "Why are American cars unappealing?" board.
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