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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • mellismellis Posts: 150

    There is no comparison between the WRX and the Jetta 1.8T. The Jetta chipped is just as fast, $4,000 cheaper, and is not incredibly ugly like the WRX. Also, there are many performance parts available for the Jetta - nothing for the WRX.

    The only thing the Jetta lacks is AWD (which is OK, but adds weight and complexity). Compare the resale value of a VW vs a Subaru too!

  • I agree with Tazereli. Jetta 1.8T/VR6 do compete withe WRX. I own Jetta VR6 and Impreza Wagon, so I guess I can say something about it. From a quality point of view, these two cars are no match. Jetta is known for its class-leading quality in both exterior and interior and Impreza is known for cheap looking interior. VR6 is superve in many respects. Especially, the engine, which is specially designed to fit into the small engine space, can provide something other cars cannot. There is no other cars with this compact size, yet offers nice V6! 1.8T is also known for its excellent low-rpm range power output. Handling of Jetta is also a strong point. I really love it on highways, towns, and twisty roads. Even if WRX comes out to the market, VR6/1.8T still have an edge in terms of everydays commutation, in which we use 1000-4000 rpm range for more than 90% of the time. No matter how hard Subaru tried, it can not hide the nature of WRX, which is desinged for WRC where people sedomly use below 5000 rpm.

    On the other hand, it is no doubt that WRX can provide us something no other cars, including VW, can provide. You may be able to tweak 1.8T to get more power, but remember, normal production models of WRX in Asia/Europe produces 280+ horse powers and the same engine is used for WRC in which I don't know how much power is produced. Clearly, WRX's root in WRC is something special and we are fortunate to be able to experience a part of it (WRC is the only world championship which is based on 'REAL' production models).

    In a circuit, I am not sure even premium cars like BMW330 and Audi S4 can beat the $24K WRX. Some reviews already reported 0-60 for 5.5s. Of course, accerelation is just a small part of a car. Still, if I am buying a car, I would be in serious problem to decide VR6/1.8T vs WRX. VW can make everyday's commutation enjoyable and relaxed. WRX gives me a lot of excitement. These two cars live in different places and no direct comparison may be irrelevant but for those who are buying a car, it is highly likely they are compared. Which is better is not a good question, but the question is, which motor life you would choose.

    One final note: When I am driving VR6, I always feel that I am on the way to buying BMW330 someday and VR6 is a 'poor man's 330'. Everytime I see BMW329/330, I envy it. If I had WRX, I guess I could forget it because I would be in a totally different leage (and I can beat 330 :))
  • mellismellis Posts: 150
    I too considered the WRX. I could not get past 1) the WRX's looks, and 2) the price difference.

  • When it comes time to buy a car, I will consider the WRX and the Jetta. I currently own a Subaru and really like it. IMO, if you want a car that will last as long as you want it to (and take care of it...) and a car that will take you ALMOST anywhere you want to go, get a Subaru. Please note, this is not in any way a shot at VW.

    One of the reasons why I am interested in the Jetta, is that it's not as bland as my Legacy sedan. Don't get me wrong, I love my car, but a little more spice would be nice. If Subaru wants to combine what I love about my car right now and add some spice to it, I'm willing to listen. I'd be crazy not to. At the same time, if I'm someone who is looking for a car in that price range (and don't have a grudge against Subaru, like it seems mellis does...) then why not check it out? If your investing that kind of money, explore all your options.
  • mellismellis Posts: 150
    I have no grudge against Suburu? Like I said I considered the WRX. But it is ugly IMO and alot more money. I did check it out.

  • I just bought a 2001 Jetta, and I am hearing alot of wind noise out of both the passenger and the driver windows. I have taken it to the dealer twice and they say they don't hear anything. Has anyone else had this problem or is there a sure fix for this. The next time I go to the dealer I'm gonna tie someone up and put them in the trunk
  • My new 2001 has tan (velour?) interior. It is a linty mess! Someone stopped me on the road to ask if I had this problem too.
    I tried to clean it with a vacuum and a lint brush, and the black lint is still covering anything. I never fabric protected the seats, and am trying to get all the lint off before I do.
    A minor problem, but my new car looks filthy.
    Any ideas?
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I know how you feel.......I have a 2001 Jetta GLS with a black interior. I have blond hair and it sticks to everything and then there is white lint and cat hair (no, I don't let the cats in the car) all over the seats. I vacuumed it today but it didn't do much good. I have given up for now, the car will be professionally detailed in the spring on Penske Automotive's dime since they got grease all over the headliner. Other than carrying one of those lint removers I don't know what else to do. Guess I will just deal with it since we are selling the car in October. I had the same problem with my 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS, never did figure out how to keep stuff from sticking to the seats and I tried everything.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    Sorry to say the obvious, but GET LEATHER!! I never owned a car with leather until now. And I'll never go back!
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I wanted leather in my Jetta but money was the deciding factor on that. The Nissan Quest I traded in had leather and I loved it. I miss my leather seats.
  • Sorry to accuse you of having a grudge, but for a minute there I really thought you did. I thought you were one of those guys in the CRV vs. Forester site. Those guys sure are passionate about their cars. Subaru has had some kinky styling...remember the Brat...Yuck!

    Does anyone know if the Jetta's 1.8T is going up to 170hp like the Audi's and the New Passat's did, next year? If so, I wonder what they're going to do with the VR6? One can only dream.
  • If I am not mistaken, I thought VW already introduced new VR6 with a twincam head (200 hp) in Europe and Asia. You can also choose AWD.
  • I bought my jetta about 3 weeks ago. I love it to death.. so sweet and perfect.. pkay enough of the mussiness. But I'm having an issues ALREADY. I brought it in about a week ago because i heard grinding when I would turn. They told me it was a loose strut and tightened it..ahhhhh I was so happy, just something little. But then 4 days ago heard the same noise again, brought it back and they tell me that my NEW car would have to stay in over the weekend, they need to put a whole new strut in. Granted they gave me a loaner.. a jetta also.. but that still dosen't help the fact that my car is in the shop. Just thought I'd share my pains and see if anyone else had these issues.
  • Happens to all automakers. Bad luck (as I'm sure you agree.) :^)

    My gripe is - why didn't they find it before you got it? Nobody checked the front end at the factory? The dealer just puts them out without looking? The service tech didn't see anything wrong with the strut the first visit? The answer is yes, of course, to all questions. I think the auto makers need to do better to insulate the customer from quality problems.

    Great car, however. Good luck with it.
  • I bought a 2001 Jetta just three months ago and last Thursday the car died on me while I was driving home in a snow storm. Just my luck! The dealership tells me that they must put a new transmission in it. It is obviously covered under warranty, but I am not sure that I even want the car any more. I am concerned that I may have continued problems down the road. I feel like telling them to keep it and then go get another type of car. Any suggestions?
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    Get a Subaru. As reliable as any other Japanese make and twice as fun. the 2002 impreza comes standard with a 2.5L engine that makes VW's 2.0 seem like a Geo motor. If you do decide on another Jetta do yourself a favor and avoid the 2.0 engine. It is severly underpowered (115 hp) and too old of technology. Get the 1.8T or the vr6.
  • thanks for your concerns. I agree with you 100%. I love my car and I don't understand why they didn't see the problem the first time around. I know that the second time i can back they didn't want to take any chances of just tightening it again and me coming back again.. third times a charm and a chance for lemon law i'm guessing.
  • flacaflaca Posts: 168
    I am getting ready to lease a new car. I have had 2 Camrys for the past 9 years and I am ready for a change. I just want to know if you people are really happy with your Jettas? I want a realible car. Are you happy with the 2001 GLS 1.8LT? Thanks.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I have had my Jetta for 20 days now and have put 2100 miles on it. I haven't had one bit of trouble with it, I love it. Mine is a 2001 Jetta GLS 1.8T 5-speed. I have been getting 26 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. Its a blast to drive and so far has been extremely reliable. I live in Alaska and the cold temperatures take a toll on a vehicle but so far the Jetta has been great. I have owned both american and japanese vehicles before and none have been as good as my Jettas. This is my second Jetta, I used to own a 1994 Jetta GL. Good luck.
  • fischdafischda Posts: 272
    For those of you wondering about Jetta quality, and for those Subaru fans pooh-poohing VW, here are my observations:

    2000 GLS 1.8T, loaded. Perfect car!! Most fun I've ever had driving (even more than my old RX-7)!! Two things have gone wrong. 1) A leaky valve core - dlr replaced valve core and stem. 2) Stuck cupholder in rear - dlr unjammed, said use very light touch when opening (those German overengineer everything)!! Is that enough? No bad tranny, no bad O2 sensor, no failed pwr accessories, no NOTHIN'! I LOVE THIS CAR...

    I used to own a 2000 GLS w/the 2.0 (it crashed and died - no human injuries). Why do people bad mouth this engine?

    "It is severely underpowered (115 hp) and too old of technology."

    Check the torque, 122 at a low 2600 rpm - NO Japanese car has that much usable torque down that low. Translates into better zip than more hp at higher rpm. So what if 2-valve/cylinder technology has been around for a while. It's a bulletproof design that will last for 300,000 miles if cared for properly. An enginve full of valves and new technology doesn't make it better!
  • mad11mad11 Posts: 2
    Has any one had any problems with their coolant light coming on frequently with no apparent cause?
  • Hi. I'm considering the 2001 Wolfsberg Jetta. I love the 10/100,000 powertrain warranty, but I'm looking to up the bumper to bumper. The salesman said VW is offering a bumper to bumper extended warranty to 7/100,000 (not sure on the years, but positive on the mileage). Does this sound like a good deal? Also: The WE I'm looking at is 21,800. I'm going to try to buy it for 21,500 or so WITH the extra warranty and the CD player installed. I've seen people getting the WE with all options for 20,500 or so. What are your thoughts on this as well. I'm also considering the WRX and Accord Coupe. I loved the feel of the Jetta, but haven't tried the new Subaru yet (obviously).
  • Sorry. The extended warranty is going for $1000
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    to drive the WRX is to love it! It is in a totally different league than any Jetta. This is not a slam to the Jetta at all. The WRX is a street acceptable rally car complete w/AWD, etc. The acceleration and handling figures are awesome. The WRX is one of those special vehicles that only comes around so often. Once again this is not to denegrade the Jetta, it's a great car in its own right.

  • I purchased the extended warranty (4 years/50,000miles) with my Wolfsburg for $740. i highly recommend it, because 2 years just isn't long enough.

  • Thought this might provide some visibility on B-to-B warrantees as well as your likelihood of getting your WE at your price.
    Regarding the warrantee, I just got an extended 5/60 B-to-B warrantee on my Passat for $767. Keep in mind, it is more car (no slight on the Jetta), so one should expect to pay slightly more for a Passat warrantee, but I doubt much more. If it is a 7/100, I would be a bit skeptical on the yr/mileage ratio. 12k per year is typically the standard, so what happened? In fact, 12k/yr is conservative in terms of actual miles driven these days, but it is accepted in the "warrantee world." I would keep the 12k/yr ratio in mind, then calculate the life (and therefore, value) of the warrantee based on the smaller number. Example, for the 7/100, I would value it the same as a 7/84. For a 7/60, I would value it the same as 5/60. Of course these aren't absolutes, but it will help you keep from overpaying for the warrantee.
    Regarding the $21,500 price: Is the dealer asking $390 for the CD player? They did here. A blatant gouge, but what are you going to do? Anyway, I got it for $290 (which doesn't make me feel like dancing, but I would have gone without one before paying $390 for a simple motor, laser and a few wires in a 5"x6" box). So if you know that people have bought the same color car (dealer flexibility changes with demand), with the same options, for $20,500, then $21,790 is certainly in the ball park for your car and target price. It wouldn't hurt to go in (let them run your credit if it's good so they know you are in a position to buy), refer to the sticker price ($21,500) and and say, "I'll take it at that price today, but the car has got to have the x/xx warrantee and a CD player or it's just not a smart purchase for me." You already know you are close. Whether they kick it around before saying No, or just go straight to "No", the only way you're going to know whether or not it's do-able is to walk. Politely ask for one of their cards, write the car/color/options/warr/CD on the back with your phone number and say, "Fair enough. Give me a call if you change your mind." and walk. If they don't call you within a week, then it's too low. Come back with a new sales guy and start again.
    And don't feel you have to come in with your tail between your legs. I think that having a confident idea of their approximate bottom-line price is useful, and it certainly answers your original question. If you're not at risk of losing an already great car deal on the car you want in the next week and aren't in a hurry (which isn't a good state of mind to buy a car anyway), then this path isn't so unreasonable.
    Finally, if you go to a dealer that is known for moving inventory quickly, they are probably in a better position to take less profit per car...doesn't mean they will, but it was clearly the case in my last experience.

    Sorry for the novel.
    hope it helps.
  • Thanks for the info. Believe me, I have been researching and waiting for a long time. I am patient. I have a car that is paid for now and runs okay (Cavalier-what was I thinking in 1996??). I'm willing to bet that the WE is pretty hot right now, but its seems like car sales have been down a bit, and it looks like there may be some lean days ahead for the automakers. I'll be patient and give your advice a try when I'm ready to make an offer. The way I see it, I'm in a good position unless the tranny or head gasket go in the cav. again. What a mess.... I'm ready for some refinement and quality... Thanks for the reply.
  • Can anyone point me to pictures or any various and sundry information about the new Jetta Convertible that's due to replace the Cabrio later this year.

    I would love to see or hear what others have heard so far...

    Regards from a dedicated Cabrio owner.
  • THIS GOES OUT TO ALL DEALERS Iam looking for a blue lagoon jetta fully loaded with the PZASports- Luxury Pakage the PLA leather,The PMC NE Emisions the RSM monsoon am fm cassete and a spoiler Grey leather 17 sports rims come with the sport-lux for your 23000 or b/0 thanks i am serrious i want this car. look at my name iam jumping the gun a bit
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    You need to specify an engine...all of the above
    available with both the 1.8T & VR6....
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