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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Having just returned from the VWOM Plant in Puebla...I can assure you
    that with exception of leather, etc...the interior of every Jetta is the same...

    The CupHolders are below the AshTray and you have to push where the
    little Blind persons dots are, and the cupholder tray will come out...Don't any
    of you have a Sales Person that showed you this stuff????

    If not call me : 831.521.5113
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Here are some photos: shows the five tiny dots on the cupholder door. Mine is real sluggish and needs some coaxing out. Not near as responsive as the ones in the front. shows the holders in the open position. Sorry about the bad lighting. I'll try and lighten it up a bit in photoshop.

    Hope that helps.


  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Just re-read the piece that we did about the Puebla Plant...You would
    be well served posting it as an entirely new topic...Your edit is so good
    and the pix are great...I am sure that a large number of the Jetta posters
    do not now that it is there, and it would also link them to the
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    Yeah, Peter. I should just add that URL to my SIG. There are so many new people coming on board these days with the new VW's it hard to keep track! ;-))

    So gang, you can virtually visit the Puebla plant where your car was made, and read VWGuild's impressions of what he saw when he visited there. It's well worth a visit and not too long to read.

    One thing I will add a little later today is the ability to click on the photos for a full size version. See it at:
  • Nuride, I feel your pain. This week I started looking for a silver automatic 1.8T w/ leather and lux package.

    I live in St. Louis and we have about 5 or 6 dealerships here. One dealership e-mailed me that there were no 1.8T's in the states that were not Wolfsburgs. I wrote him back telling him I was sorry to hear that since there is one that lives in my parking lot and another at my gym every morning. Both silver to boot.

    The guy at a second dealership spoke w/ me and told me that automatic 1.8Ts were almost impossible to find. He cited Wolfsburg as the reason. Which is a damn shame since I think the featureset on the WE is disappointingly low. I'm not interested in it. The colors of the WE are also not great IMHO.

    I asked this second guy if it would be possible to order one with what I want. I'd be willing to agree to buy and wait. He told me that no VW dealer is capable of calling up VW and saying "We want a car with X, Y and Z." IS THIS TRUE?? They have to choose from the configs the factory is spitting out is basically what he was saying.

    He said 1.8T automatics are not being rolled out these days and so they're not available. He offered to do an "extended search" at other dealerships in the country. But of course it will cost me even more for them to have it brought to StL. How much more depends on how far.

    Of the four dealerships that have contacted me so far we haven't really even begun to discuss price because we're still fighting over availablity!

    Obmot you said there were a lot of Automatic 1.8Ts in Houston? Could you give me your zip so I could search on the VW site for your dealers and contact some of them myself?

    What has been everyone else's experience with 1.8T availability? Is it really true dealers can't order from the factory exactly what you want??? It really seems ridiculous that you can configure things any way you like on VW's website if you can't really have it that way.

    Any comments are most welome!
  • jemmyjemmy Posts: 6
    Greetings, I'm new here and really appreciate senior members' favors out there. Recent grad looking for nice RELIABLE car for next 4-5 years, test drove Wolfsburg Black/Black: good experience, like the 1.8t power and the smooth drive.

    Need help on:
    1. How's the reliability of WE? I really want my first car to keep up with me for next 4-5 years. Please advise.

    2. offered $20,540 (with tax etc around $22000) for black/black (with sunroof, monsoon, and cold pankage+6 CD changer) said can not go lower than that because it was the best color selection for WE... what do you think of this deal?

    3. Don't know much about past wolfsburg edition, how's WE history? Salesman told me WE only comes out every 4 years, and there's only 15,000 limited for 2001 WE produced and they won't be getting any more shipment in the future (no 2002 WE), is anybody can confirm this case??

    4. This big decision makes me kinda picky, what do you think WE compares to some new 2001-2002 line-up such as: the Acura RS-X, Nissan SE-R, Mitsubishi Lancer, new Honda CRV or Toyota Matrix... (mostly with consideration of 6 speed Manual option and bigger HP) should I wait???? Please advise.

    I really appreciate your help, please freely comment on my questions or email me at for some helpful informations. Have a wonderful day!

  • obmotobmot Posts: 61
    Jemmy sounds like a lot of grief! The VW guy here said if they dont have the WE I want with the exact options, he'd just order one. Getting one with options as desired didnt phase him at all.

    Anyway my ZIP is 77006 (Houston TX) and the two dealers Ive been to are Momentum VW and Archer VW. There is a dealer in San Antonio with a huge selection (Ancira VW) that has their inventory online. If you tell me exactly the jetta/color/options you want - I will check the lots here myself since I live so close. I mean heck you could buy an $89 Southwest ticket to Houston and drive the darn thing back to St. Louis yourself it is an easy one-day drive!

    But I do disagree with one thing, I think the Galactic Blue WE with black interior is very sharp!
  • obmotobmot Posts: 61
    The Black/black WE you mentioned with CD can be had for $21400 out the door (all fees) in Texas. Also, statistically, the Blue WE is more popular than the black. I like the black as well but black cars show *every* blemish, scrape, scratch, etc.
  • I live in TULSA, OK. Avail of my car was similar back in early FEB. I cut a deal with a store in ARLINGTON, TX at my desirable price. They, in turn, searched all of the TEXAS market for my match. The dealer traded with ROD EAST VW in SAN ANTONIO. I flew to DFW and my delivery dealer in ARLINGTON picked me up in the new JETTA. I stayed overnight with friends and family and drove home (4.5 hours) the next day. This whole process took only 8 days from the first phone call to the time the new JETTA was in my garage. I have to agree that TX has a BIGGER selection available!
  • From ST. LOUIS to Midway Airport on Southwest for a cheap one-way fare. I'm sure the Chicago market will have a greater selection also. It might be a shorter drive back through Illinois too. Good Luck...
  • obmotobmot Posts: 61
    As I mentioned I think it might have something to do with TX being the port of entry. The lots here have virtually every permutation and combination of Jetta/Options.

    Try searching TX walkabout - you might find what you want just one $89 plane ticket away!
  • flacaflaca Posts: 168
    There are NO blind people dots in my leather Jetta where the cupholder should be. Believe me - even the sales guy when he was going to show me where they were said "oh, this one doesn't have rear cupholders". For now, I am letting this subject rest.
  • First of all thanks guys for the quick replies and the support. I've had my eye on this car for months now. And now that I finally try to buy it seems that I can't. I was beginning to think I was S.O.L.

    Thanks very much for your generous offer! Here is the exact config I am looking at:
    Silver Arrow 1.8T GLS Automatic Transmission w/
    Luxury Package PEA
    Leather Package [Black] PLA
    In-Dash CD SCD

    If you could tell me what you find I'd be VERY grateful. I have no problem at all jumping on a plane and coming down there. SouthWest airlines WAS the first thing that came to mind actually.

    BTW I do like Baltic Blue and Bright Green but they are darker colors and VERY hard to keep clean. Silver is the only nice light colored option.

    Likewise for Chicago. SouthWest flies there too. Cheap! I am only too willing to look in the Cha-Town area do you have a zip I could use? And yes it is closer to St. Louis (4.5 hours). It will definitely be to my benefit to check more than one option out. I don't want to be held over a barrell w/ price because a dealer knows of the lengths I'm going to to get a hold of this car.

    All my research indicates that fair price for this car as I've configured it is $21,660 and I'm trying to stick VERY close to that.

    BTW does anyone have any idea if the multi-function steering wheel works w/ anything other than the VW installed CD Player/Changer? One dealer here quoted me $400 for the in-dash CD. Highway robbery WITH assault and battery.

    Thanks very much folks. I'll keep checking in here for responses.
  • wntajettawntajetta Posts: 12
    I was surprised that my WE doesn't have a rear cupholder. After reading the posts I went out to make sure that maybe I didn't push or pull correctly but holder. Oh well.

    I have had my White WE for about a month now and couldn't be happier. I paid 21,200 with roof, in dash cd, cold weather package. If anyone would like more information about WE I'd be happy to chat.
  • I can offer up a little info to answer some questions I've seen here.

    ALL Jetta's are made in Mexico. Period.

    The engine and (5-speed) tranny are assembled as a unit in Germany, along with most of the parts, but the cars are assembled in Mexico. This is all posted (by law) on the window sticker, so don't believe the dealer, just look at the car. There are also manufacturer stickers on the inside driver's door that have this info.

    The place where Wolfsburgs come from: Every few years, when VW is revamping the model line, they get rid of the old stuff in inventory by dropping it into a 'special' model. Back when the Golf was the top-selling car, you would see Golf WE. These cars were basically standard Golfs with all the GTI trim.

    The Jetta WE is basically the same sort of deal. They are clearing out all the extra turbos and other things to make room for the new stuff. This is part of the reason for the limited numbers; they are clearing out the parts lockers, and have limited supply. Plus, 20,000 units is actually a lot of cars.

    Last time they had a Wolfsburg was 1998, just before the A4 body style came out. It looks like a good deal: You get a lot of stuff for (relatively) cheap money. Look closely, and you'll see that a lot of the upgrades are (once again) GTI gear. Leather wheel, leather stick, turbo engine...

    (BTW, this is the same engine that has been in the Audi A4 since 1994. It's well-tested and lasts forever. And it's built on the same line.)

    Price: I am picking up my 2001 Red Jetta WE with sunroof, Monsoon, Cold Weather package (useless!). black interior and 6-CD changer this week. I am paying $20490 plus tax and title. This includes the changer. Sticker is 21,640 plus $495 for the CD changer(rape!) = 22,135. This is the Boston, MA area. You should be able to find these cars for about $100 over invoice, although I've seen ads in the paper allegedly hawking them for less.

    Reliability: Funny thing about VW's: People either love them or hate them. I don't get it. This will be my 4th VW. My wife drives a 2000 New Beetle(silver, of course). We love these cars and have had no problems with them. Just so you don't think "wow! 4 VW's! They must break down a lot" The first was a '72 camper with over 250,000 miles on it, the second was a 1990 Golf with 150,000 miles on it. They both ran great when I sold them; no rust, no rot, and everything worked.

    My third VW, a Red 2000 Golf GLS, died a horrible death 3 weeks ago when I got sandwiched between a Jeep and an Olds. The Jeep in front of me stopped, I stopped, the Olds behind me hammered me going 60. The car drove great, ran great, and not a single item on the car gave me problems in the year that I owned it. The only good thing to come out of the weeks of Hell(Hell, by the way, is dealing with an insurance company, so Sartre was partly correct), is that I now get to drive a new VW with the turbo engine.

    One personal note: I prefer the Golf. It has a certain quirky personality that appeals to me. Plus, you can fit a refrigerator in the hatch (only a slight exagerration.) But for the money, the WE comes with far too many cool features to turn away. Plus, it is impossible to find a turbo Golf GLS with the sport suspension (I like 4 doors).

    I am totally psyched about the Wolfsburg Edition. I know from experience that VW's are well built cars that last. Add the great engine, awesome handling, and kicking Monsoon stereo, and you are truly experiencing Farhvergnugen.

    My apologies for my utter lack of brevity.
  • Are you saying that since the Wolfsburg is being offered they are doing a drastic change in the Jetta next model year? To an A5 body style perhaps?? The A4 style is only in it's third year right now...
  • I don't think that they are changing from the A4, but they are changing the 1.8T to a 180 HP monster. They are also changing the standard stereo(to include a CD player), the standard feature package on the GTI, and quite a few things on the Jetta and Golf.

    I'm not clairvoyant, but historically(and this has been verified by VW sales people, for whatever that's worth) the Wolfsburg only comes out when VW is making big feature package changes. Check out and other such sites for more info.
  • Go to and click onto "Research a car" tab, enter "Volkswagen","2001","JETTA", hit the "go-to" and then to the "find dealer" go to. THIS will allow you to find a dealer within the mileage of YOUR ZIP CODE ! If you select 300 or more miles, it will list dealers in Chicago, Memphis, Nashville, Kansas City, Louisville and Indianapolis etc. Some of these dealers have a way to look at their inventory on-line. Most all of them have an -map to help pinpoint their street location. Illinois shows a bunch of dealers. This is how I located my dealer in Texas. When U call one in a certain area don't call his neighbor unless the pricing is outrageous. This is because if too many dealers next to each other try to tackle the same car it could be counter-productive. Also the dealer in a large area will want to do a dealer trade so each dealer can keep their holdback monies from the factory. If one dealer just buys a car from another and sells it to you, then you will pay a higher price since your selling dealer gets no holdback but the dealer they got it from does. So ask one of these stores what amt over invoice they are willing to do to locate/dealer trade for your choice of Jetta. When you find the right #'s then hand that dealer the ball. If they drop it, then hand off to another. Maybe if you contact a dealer in each of these cities then they won't bump into each other. Call at least maybe 2-3 in Chicagoland since it is a big market. If you have any other questions then email me from my profile...
  • afryarafryar Posts: 50
    I have a 2001 GLX with the steering wheel controls. I did exhaustive research on the steering wheel controls and their compatibility with an after market DC Changer as I didn't want to shell out the 450+ for a dealer installed one. Anyway, what I found out is that the steering wheel controls are directly connected to the stereo (head unit). So if your after market DC Changer works with the controls on the head unit, it'll work with the steering wheel controls as well. As for mine... I ended up just getting an in-dash DC which works fine. Good Luck!
  • afryarafryar Posts: 50
    FYI: The spell check changed all my "CD"'s to "DC"'s.... technology...
  • k_h_bk_h_b Posts: 54
    How can you NOT find your the rear cupholders folks? *sigh*, Why is it important anyway? They are of No use. To whoever was asking I paid 20,100 for my Galactic blue/beige interior moonroof/monsoon/heated seats before tt and l. it was like 21,300 total. Also, don't bother with dealer installed options, way too expensive. For the price of the dealer cd player I put in a sony mobile es explode cdx 650 in my car. Fully LCD face, colors match Perfectly, plus you can keep the lil kubby hole there. Motorized face with remote etc. Keep the stock stereo and put in an aftermarket cd, the stock stereo just slides right out, all you need is a little tool you could get from kay? ;I
  • mary1421mary1421 Posts: 8
    I just bought a Wolfsburg and I don't like the rims...... I prefer the 6 spoke alloy wheels..... How can I change them? Where should I go? Any ideas?
  • k_h_bk_h_b Posts: 54
    BBS Wheels are very nice, I love mine, I dont know why you would want to change them =/. is where you'd go if you wanna order/see what other wheels would look like. I'm sure you could sell your BBS wheels for some decent change, they are expensive.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    That's one of the car's value props!
  • synistyrsynistyr Posts: 8

    Called up crutchfield to get a Panasonic 8 disc(DP-88) interface to my 2001 Jetta Non-Monsoon..

    The guy said the P.I.E. VW/PC-PAN8 for 8 Disc WON'T work with the changer.. is he right, or should I order anyway?

    P.S. Anyone have any Canadian sources for the cable? :)
  • bluejettabluejetta Posts: 272
    I show that adapter #469VWPCPN8 is the correct one. Crutchfield is supposed to know their stuff and that's where I got the number from awhile back. I gathered this info for my website a few months ago:

    Hope that helps.


  • If you have not taken delivery yet, maybe you can cut a swap deal with your dealer. Make sure you don't take a 15" wheel and tire since your W/E has a 205/55HR-16 tire. You don't want to give up any rubber on the road. Besides, ask your service dep't if they will rotate and balance aftermarket wheels and tires under the warranty maintenance period of 2/24...
  • afryarafryar Posts: 50
    It's the Panasonic 6 Disk that works with the Jetta, not the 8. I don't know what the difference is, besides the 2 disks, but the Panasonic 6 CD changer (with the proper cable) will work fine. I'm not sure of the model number but I'd know it if I saw it. Good Luck.
  • After driving the Jetta with the 18T and both the Jetta and the Passat with the 6 in it, I could be happy with a Jetta with either engine. All this talk of reliability problems bothers me. Currently I have a 1985 Accord SEI with 205K on it and it runs like a top. I've never had a car with this many miles on it and I probably never will again, but I like knowing that it has lasted. Can anyone help me. I'd like to know if either the 18T or the 6 can reasonably be expected to go 200K. With a 10 yr 100K warranty on the drive train and a 24/24 warrantee on everything else it makes me wonder. Clearly VW expects the engine and drivetrain to last 100K, but what happens usually after that? What is it that they don't expect to hold up? Can anyone tell me exactly what seems to be the problem and which engine has the best long term track record.
  • roninjoutenroninjouten Posts: 201
    Look at the stats for the 1.8T on the A4 (same engine) in Consumer Reports. The engine is a wonderful thing. As for other aspects, JD Power's initial quality survey puts the Jetta almost at the bottom among Korean cars.

    The VR6 on the otherhand, since its introduction, is pretty well known for being a poorly made engine. Additionally the extra weight of the VR6 adversely impacts handling on a fun little car.

    BTW, what other manfacturer do you know of with over a 100k warranty on the engine? Not Honda or Toyota or anything American. In fact Honda's warranty is rather skimpy at 3/36k.

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