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Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier



  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    We are NOT getting into that whole premium fuel thing again are we? I respectfully decline to participate in that topic from now on. :)

    Premium, shmemium!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I have no problem with premium fuel. I fuel my car with either 89 octane midgrade or 93 premium. Altough the engine is designed for 87 octane regular, I simply distrust the quality of most regular fuels.

    I have had excellent performance and fuel mileage whenever I use gasoline above the 87 octane level.
  • <<have not driven a new Altima, but I have been in one. I didn't think the interior was any worse than any other Nissan. I think the Altima's price point is what SHOULD propel it to the top of the class.....$24k for that V6 and leather? There is a Jetta GLX competitor if their ever was one... >>

    That's amusing. Jetta GLX is a compact. Altima 3.5 SE midsize. Jetta seats 2 comfortably and 4 with severe pain or 2 occupants are legless. Altima seats 4 easily. Jetta has an ancient beam axle. Altima sports an all indie multilink setup. Jetta has a reputation for being unreliable. Last gen Altimas were far above average and the VQ engine is essentially peerless. Jetta handles like a drunken pig. Altimas universally praised for sublime, near perfect handling. Oh sure, I see how you can compare these cars. Jetta beats the Altima in one subjective category: interior design and finish. Based on objective data (handling prowess, engine performance, 0-60, reliability) the Altima thrashes the Jetta like a red-headed stepchild.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I don't know why you say the Jetta handles so badly. I have the sport setup with the 17-inch wheels and my car handles great. I even got comments from a couple friends about it. It does have more body lean than my Protege had, but it still handles great. And the grip is fantastic.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    looks like you bought the wrong car then, huh? how do you live everyday, knowing that there are cars out there that are that much better than yours for the same price? i don't envy you... sounds like your next car is the altima! good luck with that. i mean, with the jetta only being better in one way, you surely must be picking up your altima today - trading in that obviously inferior jetta.

    let us know how it goes. just don't plan to sell that altima too soon. almost as bad resale value as a protege. you should do well on the jetta, trade in wise. i traded a 99 VR6 with 20k miles on it. Paid $22k. Got $19k at a dealer for it a year and a half later. When I traded my 98 Altima in on the 99 Jetta, I paid almost $20k for the Altima, got a little over $13k for it a year later with about 9k miles on it. I was crying...but I needed out of it.

    I totally agree. As I said before. The new Altima sure seems nice. It will be interesting to see how many would-be VW buyers will cross shop at a Nissan dealer.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I checked out the new Altima before I got my Jetta actually, not that you mention it. The car is absolutely huge inside, but I don't care for the front and rear styling. Too boy racer for me. The interior was also cheap looking, IMO. So I got the Jetta.
  • AnakinAnakin Posts: 410
    There are a few people on VW Vortex who have added a chip to their 2002 Tip Jettas.

    Check the 1.8T forum for more info.

  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    The Altima looks great, from every angle. Obviously, they took the roofline right out of the VW design school, but still, they did it right in my opinion. I actually don't mind the rear lights either. I do think that Acura does a better job of that "pod" instrument cluster look than the Altima. Of course, none of them have the way cool indigo lighting that VW has. I would buy the VW for that reason alone....;)

    I just hope the new VW's don't get too much more "global-ized". Remember the Cabrio interior, the 97 Passat interiors. Those looked European!! Anymore, they are kind of looking Japanese. Which is fine for functionality, but what happened to character. I guess that is why I don't mind the Altima interior. It seems at least a little unique.....One look at the Camry interior and I thought - Sienna minivan anyone? Same with the Accord. Those interiors work well in the vans - but have no place in cars!
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    Take a look at the 2003 Mazda 6!

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    "just hope the new VW's don't get too much more "global-ized". Remember the Cabrio interior, the 97 Passat interiors."

    Those pre-1998 VW interiors were the ugliest interiors available on any European car of the time. Pure German Teutonic cheapness to the max. Those interiors that you praise so much put VW at the brink of bankruptcy.

    I'll take the new Interiors, with rattles and all, thank you very much.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    You drive a Chevy, and you say that VW made a cheap interior?? Come on now. I would take any foreign, even Hyundai/Kia interior, over even a Lincoln or Caddy interior.
  • I already stated the Altima is not for me - and boy do those Nissan resale values blow. It's astounding how little a used one year old Max is worth compared to the far inferior Camcords.

    As I've stated previously, I'm not a fan of the bargain basement interior in the Altima. But on the reliability and performance levels it crushes the Jetta.

    I'm holding out for a G35 or possibly the Mazda 6 or RX8. If all else fails, I can fall back on a 3 series this fall.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Justin, hello anybody home?? Think! The pre-1998 VW's were ugly, overpriced and unreliable cars. The only people that bought them were hardcore VW fans and cult followers of the brand. However, not enough to sustain the then declining sales of these cars. Dr. Piech did the right thing for VW but he also forgot to add the relibility part to the mix.

    Maybe the only VW of the pre-1998 era that I ever liked was the Corrado, but unfortunately it was another junker that loved to spend more time in the shop than on the road.
  • man this post is funny. you guys get your panties in a bunch over the smallest things. continue entertaining me please!!!
  • newcar31newcar31 Posts: 3,711
    Actually, the new Caddy interiors are not that bad.
  • Overall, I don't feel like going into alot of different areas since there have been so many various posts latey. Basically, I think VW's are very good cars and far better than anything else in the compact class, although they better not be sitting on their bums in Wolfsburg with BMW working on the 1 series. I think VW needs to take care of the following issues for the Jetta/Golf
    -Revise the suspension, there's alot VW could do considering other companies do. Give it an independent setup, and far less body roll. If any of you read the article on the 25th Anniversary GTI over in Germany either by VWVortex or the Car and Driver article, that suspension seems perfect...
    -Take a tour of Toyota/Honda and learn out to make quality control top notch, menaing erradicate creaks, rattles, squeaks...(really quite annoying, especially when they appear from delivery...)
    -Add some bigger brakes in the back
    -Seriously improve dealer service
    -Bring over the GPS system(I know..not really neccessary but I'd love to have it..)
    -Increase size alittle only so you could have some more rear seat room..
    -Add interior storage space
    -Get rid of the 2.0(the base engine should at least have 125-130 hps) and get better mileage..

    That's about all I can think of right now, it's not to much to ask for is it...? :)

    On another note, I know it really doesn't have to mcuh to do with VW's, but I've been bored lately and have needed something to look up online, and although I still have another two years on my Jetta, I'm thinking of what should be next. I'd love a Bimmer or Audi, but probably can't afford one althoguh used may be possible but I prefer new.I really only want a German car.) But a more realistic car might be the Acura TL Type S, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with the interior(spoiled by VW). Anyone got suggestions, or let me know if this isn't the place to talk about it...
    Sorry for the long post
  • G35 offers more performance for as much or less than the Acura TL Type-S. I had a nice look at one a few weeks ago. The interior's nice visibly but I couldn't touch it. :( If the V6's 260 HP gets put to the ground correctly, that car will be a barn burner. The option of the manual later this year also is really attractive.
  • sorry, but wasn't to sure if you got a good look at the G35 or the type S, since both have 260hps and both will have a manual later on...(Ithink the TL will..)
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    First I will not even remotely entertain thoughts of conspericy theories pertaining to publications and how they favor one brand over another. Let's be realists, people.

    Altima has moved up market to compete with the likes of Camry and Accord, NOT THE JETTA!!!.

    Also I would beg to differ that VW's quality is on par with the likes of Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura. This is reflected in the resale value, data proves this, check Edmunds, Kelly Blue book, etc. Very little value in pre 98/99 models. I don't know how many times I've seen a $4000 96' Jetta for sale.

    In earlier posts I've raised the question about the viability of a $40k VW. With VW's current dealer network IMO this won't be a successful venture, although with the postings of some of the board members here, VW may have a chance as their "loyal" customer base fails to REALIZE or ACKNOWLEDGE any problems/shortcomings w/ the product line.

    2.0 Jetta is a dog, had the 1.8T (great and very tunable engine) not been available, I wouldn't even be able to post on this wonderful forum.....

    As far as chipping these engines, I was considering this (read in past about $400 for around 200hp). As a recommendation, get your dealer involved in this process, as if any problems arise due to the modifications they may not repair on warranty.
  • can drive a TL type S anywhere. The G35 isn't out yet. It's making the rounds at autoshows and some Infiniti dealerships. I saw it at the LA Auto Show.

    I have to drive one to see if it's the successor to my Jetta. Given its stats and Nissan origins, it seems likely I'll go for the G in the fall.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    VW marketing magic.....sell questionable quality product at high prices to an unsuspecting and very young customer base. Top it all with the "European" Aura and Voila! instant formula for sales/marketing success!
  • How good (traction, wear, ect.)are the tires that come with the Jetta sport package? In your own opinion. . . .
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    the accord's interior is virtually perfect in my mind. the accord is in its last year and i'm hoping they only make very minor changes with it. exterior is a different story (with the sedan anyway). i'm disappointed with the interiors of the new camry and altima. my next car will be another jetta or an accord, just waiting to get more info on the 03 accord.

    teo: i'll take the demographics of jetta owners over those of an impala anytime. by the way, aren't you driving your second impala because your first one was defective (something with the suspension) and chevrolet replaced your car? i just think you have a lot of nerve ripping on the jetta's build quality.

    blueguydotcom: why are you so sure the G35 will offer more performance the Acura TL Type-S? i just don't see it that way. when the tl finally gets it manual, chances are it will be much better than anything nissan offers.
  • building block in the company's positive direction since '94. That direction, logically, is to take on BMW, Mercedes, Lexas, et al. And why not??!! The W8 can be looked at as a bargain as an AWD, 8cyl., euro/luxo sedan under 40k. By offering the Jetta/Golf in the same showroom for under 20k is something BMW cannot dream of. Also, at least here in the Seattle area, $4k 1996 Jetta's are scarce. It's 2.0l engine is not that doggy at all. It's perfectly suited for it's design, and still modable for sure. Remember too that 1994 to '98 Jetta's are 300 lbs. lighter than the current ones. Granted the mid and high end are not what a 1.8T revs like, but it can easily feel solid at 100mph. We have both a B5.5 1.8T, and a 2.0 (1995) Jetta Std. trans., so I can tell the Jetta's power is good enough.(IMHO) Why is it that some people can't see that growth of market segment for VW, is a good thing?? Word is VW may be entering world rally racing too!! Enjoy your 2.0 Jetta!!


    Steve A.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    I mean, for ME, I would only buy a 2.0 in the Cabrio. But, the 2.0 is the workhorse, and sales prove it. It must not be that bad. And again, if it is, what does that say? It IS the best selling engine in the Jetta line-up. People can choose to buy the turbo and VR6, but most don't. That means the rest of the car is extremely desirable. Why is it that people that don't agree with that statement, can't seem to understand that is it true? Why else would someone buy the car?

    Let's face it. People that buy VW's are not rich. So, I for one have better things to worry about than petty little "might happen" problems. Like how to get a hold of more money!! :)
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The 17-inch tires in the Sport Package provided good traction in the snow we got here in Md. last Saturday. I had no trouble at all. The one time I did spin a little, the ASR caught me right away.

    Teo: If you can't come in here without having something nasty to say, then get out. You do that in every single room but the Impala room. You always have something nasty to say about every other car out there but your beloved dear piece of crap. Anyway, get over it. Impalas have been recalled several times for stuff, Chevrolet's customer service sucks big butt, and the Impala is a car that's marketed toward 50 somethings. So if you can't come in here and say something nice, then don't come in at all.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Since when do you OWN this forum?

    See, VW fans can't take heated debate, they just melt like butter in a pan....

    I have news for you: I am here to stay.
  • <<why are you so sure the G35 will offer more performance the Acura TL Type-S? i just don't see it that way. when the tl finally gets it manual, chances are it will be much better than anything nissan offers. >>

    Near 50/50 weight distribution because it's running on that new chassis...the same one to be used for the 350 Z. Nissan's VQ has something the TL Type-S has very little of: Torque. The G will offer more torque and more displacement, plus no Honda VTEC (yahoo!). Considering the G's suspension is an updated all aluminum version of their classic multilink I can't see how the G35 will be anything but a nice handling, spirited drive. But most importantly, the G35 is RWD compared to the TL's performance retarding FWD. Combine the near perfecr VQ engine, the weight distribution, the suspension and RWD and I can't fathom how the TL Type-S will ever be able to hang with a G. Of paramount importance in my purchase decision, the TL Type-S doesn't offer the most important thing to me: fun.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    no question - buy the Jetta or Passat. Passat will have 225 hp in day now. Then you get good looks and blue interior lights :)

    TL-S and G35. I like the G looks wise, but it is not, and never will be, a VW. And the Honda TL-S is a kick-butt value. For someone's Mom....
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    If I were you I would also wait to check out the G35 sedan, altough I am not sold on some of its looks but it should be a heck of a ride.

    As a second option, the BMW 3 series is a serious contender and the benchmark of the class. A true RWD 50/50 German driver's car, unlike VW's...
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