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Hyundai XG300 and XG350



  • jjb2jjb2 Posts: 3
    So glad the new transmission worked for you. I have had so many frightening experiences with my 2005 XG with the same kind of lurching that you were probably having. Even with the slightest pressure on the accerlerator, I have bounced forward with such thrust that my back tires have squeeled--and I am not a teenager out to make that kind of noise. My response to this problem has been that they have never heard of it and can't duplicate it therefore, can't fix it. Please tell me which dealership fixed this problem for you and maybe I can refer my people to them. Thanks.
  • jjb2jjb2 Posts: 3
    Beemer, I forgot to tell you that they are sending an engineer down here to FL to check out my car. Maybe that's good for all of us. I have looked back at several posts on this subject. We are definitely not the lone rangers here. Someone got a new transmission and said now his car shifts like a normal car. What is this denial thing with Hyundai?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • averigejoeaverigejoe Posts: 559
    2035 mile trip in 29 hours. Three people and luggage for a week. Nearly all freeway with cruise control on at 75 to 80 mph.
    Average miles per gallon for entire trip was 25.80 Car has 10,000 miles on it now.
    I'm very happy with that fuel economy under those conditions.

    What mpg are you all getting?
  • dbronzodbronzo Posts: 19
    I'm looking at tires to replace the Michelin's that came with the car. Only 32,000 miles and they are junk. I'm constantly watching tire pressure and rotate every 5,000 miles. I think that 32,000 miles is not that great. I'm looking at Toyo's, one is a "toyo proxes" TPT and another is a "toyo spectrum." The spectrum has a one step lower speed rating than the originals and the proxes have one step higher. Also has anyone heard or used "federal's", they are also one step higher. Is it safe to get a one step lower speed rated tire???
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    As I mentioned in the post at the following link, specific contact information - including telephone numbers - may not be posted in these Forums: pat, "Hyundai XG300/XG350" #1797, 14 Aug 2005 4:13 am.

    If there are questions, feel free to email me - thanks!
  • gsenftgsenft Posts: 9
    Hyundai of New Port Richey, Florida. Contact me via e-mail and can give more specifics----Gsenft
  • I just brought at Hyundai X350 I love it, but only one complaint Hyundai
    should advertising more on TV and thru the newspaper, people are always
    asking me what kind of vehicle it is, when i tell them it is a Hyundai, they
    say that is one classie vehicle, mind is black on black in black. Hyunadi
    keep up the good work, also, more variety of colors.

    San Francisco
  • I experienced the same problem. What action/resolution did you take to solve the problem?
  • Hi All
    I have a 2001 Hyundai XG300 and I am having problems with it and need help real bad. If anyone knows what are these OBDII codes for P1110, P1175, P1191, and P1196 and how to get them fixed. The other thing is that I had an OBDII codes for Shift solenoid P0760, P0750, do I need to replace the whole valve body or just the solenoids and how about rebuilding the transmission?
    This car has been a night mare with all sorts of problems. I had to replace the throttle body the mass airflow sensor, speed sensors, etc. I would appreciate all the help that I can get. These problems are very costly to fix and any help will be appreciated. Thanks and take care.

    PhD Rashed
  • Fej

    I am having numerous problems with my XG350 and it has been in several times over the last 12 months and they cannot reproduce it. Please check my profile and feel free to email me with any results you are having. Be sure to get proper documentation and make sure that when you take it in, they place your language on the work order. We went to the BBB and are stuck with this vehicle that continues to break down.
  • I have a 2001 XG 300 with 47,000 miles on it. Up until now, it hasn't given me any problems except having to have the transmission replaced by in January of this year. I had a Grand-AM with less than 10,000 miles that had it's transmission go out so I wasn't too concerned. I don't know if anyone has had the following problems. Please let me know if you have and how you solved it.

    On August 1, my back windows would not roll up after they were rolled down. Plus, the seatbelt light would not go off even though the seat belts were fastened. The light would stay on even when the car was off. My battery was dead according to the dealership and I bought a new battery and they replaced the module controlling the windows. A week later, my battery is dead and my passenger window would not roll down. They replaced that module and charged my battery. On August the 15, my battery was dead yet again. They claimed it was a bad battery and replaced it. On the 20th, my battery was dead. The alternator was supposedly bad and they replaced it. On the 29th, my parking brake light and air bag light were on and those modules were replaced. On September 13th, again the car was dead and they said there was a short in the starter. They replaced the starter and on the 30th of September my car died once again.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? My car has been wonderful up until now. I don't understand why they can't/won't find and fix the problem. It is under warranty and even had an extended warranty (so they can't wait for it to go out of warranty and then charge me).

    I'm almost done paying off the car and I don't want to finance another car. I have other bills to pay off. That is why I bought the extended warranty. I may have to get a lawyer and sue.

    Thanks for any help.
  • xfordxford Posts: 14
    The original tires on my 2002 350L were good for about the same mileage. I replaced them with Bridgestone Potenza RE92 and they lasted even shorter - about 27,000 miles. I got BF Goodrich Touring T/A Pro 91V rtires over the weekend. In answer to your question, the lower speed rated should be fine for normal driving. There are not that many places where you can push your car to the limits of your tires.
  • I read with interest that some owners of Hyundai's XG350 had a problem with the car lurching/accelerating/jumping while the foot pressed firmly on the breaks. I had this happen to me three times within a period of two years and 17K miles and I was able to duplicate it intentionally after a dozen tries.

    The third and last time it happened it almost killed my wife. I had the car in reverse and the car completely stopped with my foot pressed hard on the brakes. When my wife opened the passenger door to get into the passenger side of the car, the car lurched violently backward and pinned her between the door and a chimney, then pushed her further back and pressed her against an old refrigerator which is stored in the garage. Luckily the car stopped. We had to take my wife to the emergency room. She suffered several bruises extreme swelling and needed surgery to drain the fluids in the swelling areas.
    If any Hyundai's owners had similar lurching experience I like to hear from them.
  • Now that my 2004 350L has about 22K miles on it, I was interested to hear about experiences with other brands. My main problem now is trying to find aftermarket Cabin Air Filter(s) ! Virtually all the website show a 'single' ~8"x10" filter, but my car has two 4"x10" stacked filters. The opening behind the glove box is just large enough for a single 4" high filter to slide in ... which then drops down allowing the second 4" filter to slide in on top on it. None of the website I visit show this arrangement. Anyone changed out their filter(s) yet??
  • I wish more people would post here. But I guess there are not really many owners of this car. I like mine just fine at the price I paid.
  • Michelin MXV energy tires should be about the longest lasting ones out there. Also a newer one called Michelin Destiny.
  • You should always buy a replacement tire that has a speed rating at least as fast as your car's top speed.
    In some comparative negligence tort law states, you could be held financially responsible for damages incurred by another person if a crash occurred while driving in excess of the tire speed rating of a tire you bought and installed on the car.
  • A little latitude please? From the Azera board:

    #291 of 292 Hmm delayed again? by keithl Nov 03, 2005
    I stopped by a dealer last week as I am wiating on my next purchase until the Azera ships. Well he now says they were told it was pushed into January. The reason, too many XG350 left to sell. Well with all the Azera buzz do they think many will opt for a XG350? I gues if I was in a jam and had to buy now. He did say there was over $4000 iin rebates on the XG350.

    #292 of 292 Re: Azera, Sonata or XG350? [keithl] by averigejoe Nov 03, 2005
    The XG350s are really nice cars if you can get a new one around $18,000 or so. It has a nice smooth ride and power delivery. Has a lot of equipment too. Increase the air pressure in the tires to improve the mushy handling.
    Go test drive one, but first ask the dealer to put at least 38 or 39 lbs into each tire (they'll safely hold 50).
    Inside, the XGs look a lot like a 10 year old Infinity Q45 or a 15 year old Jaguar XJ sedan. Some of us still admire that style.
    Outside, from the front you may see the Infinity I 35. From the back, a little like a Bentley. Overall it is at least unique.
    Price-wise, a new XG should cost no more than a 4 cylinder Sonata GLS with the premium package. Compare those 2 if you are thinking of a new Hyundai sedan around $18,000.
    There are dramatic differences. Find out which suits you best.
    (But I am really anxious to try an Azera.)
  • pat24pat24 Posts: 2
    I purchased my XG350 in March 2005, since that time I have experienced problems with acceleration. When the car is started after an hour or so of idleness it will not exceed 20 MPH. It will continue for 10/15 mins. before going into a normal speed. Has anyone experienced this problem with their XG350? I have taken the car to the service center three times and they cannot find a problem. My car has been at the service station for more than ten days. They cannot find the problem and I am frustrated.....I need help. Thank you
  • It has happened to me a few times.
    If it happens again, pump the accelerator pedal a few times rapidly to the floor.
    Mine started driving ok after doing that the last time.
  • pat24pat24 Posts: 2
    Averigejoe, Did you ever report this problem to Hyundai? They claim this was the first they heard about it......They have not had any complaints such as this.
    Thank you for the input.
  • I took it to the dealership once, maybe twice. They could not duplicate the condition but I think they replaced a wheel speed sensor. I'll have to check the records to be sure.
    There are several posts on here months ago about this problem.
  • Yeah, hahaha. That's what they told me too. Never had a problem like this before. Hahaha. I was the first. The only. Hahahaha.
    But check the messages on this board. The problem has been reported several times. And we are only a few owners.
  • Hello,
    My name is George Mueller.

    I bought a 2005 XG350 which has automatically accelerated on its own while stopped at an intersection and other inconvenient places. I have spoke to Hyundai and they refuse to recognize the problem "because they can't duplicated it". I have already been given an XG350 to replace the first one I bought and it too has these same acceleration/braking problems.

    I am interested in taking legal action if necessary to get this problem resolved for myself as well as anyone else experiencing these same kinds of problems.

    I am looking for any information from anyone else who is experiencing these similar problems with getting Hyundai to resolve the speed/acceleration problems with their vehicles.

  • mrbfhmrbfh Posts: 1
    2002 XG350, 31,000 miles, I have owned it for 15 months. Over the last several months, the check engine light will come on and stay on for a few days, then go off for a few more days, then back on, etc.

    Last week, I had an appointment with the dealer to check it out, and wouldn't you know it, the light cleared on my way to the dealer. I cancelled the appointment, ran some errands, and header for home (30 miles away). Not more than 5 miles from home, the light came back on!

    I figure the only way to get to the bottom of this is to read the codes myself. I have an OBDII code reader, but it won't read the codes on my XG. I thought the OBDII was the standard on all cars since 1996.

    What kind of code reader do I need?

  • Hi
    I have a 2001 XG 300 and I have lots of problems with it. I took it to the dealer and that did not help much just a lot of $$$ for nothing. I bought Innova OBD II for 1996 and newer models and I am using it on my can and I tell you that it is saving me lots of $$$ just by getting the codes and the pad sensor and getting it fixed. I know OBD II should work if you need more info let me know. Take care and good luck
    Dr. Rashed
  • I was just quoted $21,644 plus tax/title for a new XG350L from a dealer in Sheboygan WI... upgrading to 10yr 100K mile B2B warranty for $988. Not a bad price. I would rather get a car which has had its bugs worked out for 4-5 years, than a new model with unknown quirks. New models are attractive for new "stuff", but the new stuff can lead to headaches. Any better deals out there ?
  • It depends. Are you getting any rebates?

    How much would YOU really rather pay for the XG350L ?

    That quote is the dealer's "wish list" price. He really wishes someone will pay that much for one.

    You won't know what he might take until after you make a lower offer and walk away from the table. If he does not follow you or call you back you'll have a good idea of a price he won't accept.

    The XG350L is a really nice car if you get it cheap enough.
  • Have them check the "drive-by wire". We had our 04 XG350 in the shop twice in the last two weeks for 4 days each. Service tech had trouble at first recreating the problem but finally did. First time they changed out a sensor that controls airflow to the injectors, but when we got the car back we again had trouble with acceleration. Second time, the service tech drove the car home each day and was able to experience the problem and then recreate it in the shop. Found out the "drive by wire" had a short in it. Car seems to be working fine now but we only got it back earlier today so I won't say for sure the problem is fixed, but it appears to be.
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