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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I guess with enough money, you can do whatever you want. The biggest problem I see is the struggle to keep your warranty intact.

    Financially, I thing it would be best to simply trade up to an Aero if that's what you really want.

  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    I agree with DSKI, it would be a waste of money. Kiss your warranty goodbye. It would take major engine mods to meet the Aero standards.

    Here's an idea - Why not just make your base look like an Aero? Spend the $5000 for the BBS wheels and tires, put on the body kit sold in the Saab catalog, install the trick exhaust, lower the car a bit, you'd be set!
  • slaab2slaab2 Posts: 3
    Well, here is what I've learned so far. The single biggest factor to increasing performance is a programming change to the engine computer; this provides a boost of approx. 40 HP and similar increase in torque across a reasonable range. I believe the only change is to reprogram the ECU - no need for any mechanical changes.

    This upgrade is available from several sources (Abbott Racing (UK), Nordic( Sweden), and Chip Com (Sweden). I know the first 2 suppliers have U S reps. Abbott is now testing whether the available mod for Euro models can be used in the U S models, and expects test results to be known next week. The charge for the update is about $750.00 if purchased in Europe (don't know about U S pricing yet)

    If I go this route, I think I'd skip the more expensive upgrades for exhaust, springs, etc. as they provide little in the way of power enhancement. And, I can skip the visual add-ons as I don't want to look like an Aero, just drive like one.

    If anyoneone has experience with an ECU upgrade, I'd love to hear from you.

    Your comments about warranty is my major concern. I have a call in to Saab to hear their taken on this though we can probably gues what they'll say.

  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I have to believe that the 2 cars have different Turbo Charger units as well. If so, don't expect the computer change to give you the full 40hp increase. Also, have you inquired about the warranty status.

    I'd have to agree with you on the appearance issue. There is precious little difference in look of the Aero, SE or Standard models IMO. That fact is very unfortunate.

  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    I just participated in the Saab Road Test Drive and received a coupon for $5000 off a 9-5. Does anyone know if this is just the Incentive Offer in coupon form or if it is on TOP of the incentive money?
  • I will be looking to buy a 99 9-5 in the next few months and had a few questions for owners of 99/2000 9-5

    How reliable has the car been over the last 3 years ? If you are leasing, what is your buyout amount ? Will you exercise your option to buy and why ?

    I have driven a SE V6 and was impressed, although I have always driven a stick and am currently wrestling with the idea of driving a 5 speed versus the V6. ( Wife and two small children play into the equation) Most owners state that they feel very little difference between the 4 cyl with the 5 speed and the V6 in sport mode. I will find a 1999 with the 5 speed and drive it shortly.

    I remember reading that SAAB had a problem getting the SE V6 to the states until late 98/early 99, so I would start seeing SE V6 coming off leases toward the end of this year, beginning of next year, correct ?

    All comments appreciated
  • mlc5mlc5 Posts: 20
    Good luck with your hunt....
    I did a lot of reading/researching prior to my 2001 purchase. From what I remember about the 99 models the biggest complaints involved a problem with the ECU unit. I believe SAAB recalled that unit and changed manufacturers.. (check the records of the car you purchase to confirm it was replaced). There have also been complaints by some owners (all model years) about a very faint thumping sound from the fuel tank when its 3/4 full .. It can be heard when coming to a quick stop.... I believe SAAB has some type of quick fix baffle system that can be installed into the fuel tank to reduce or minimize this sound...
    As far as the 6 vs. 4 cyl... There are some strong emotions by SAAB purists against the 6 cyl.. as it is based on a GM engine block.. which some view as sacrilege.. so you need to take that with a grain of salt...
    Personally I have the 2001 9-5 4 cyl lpt with 5 speed and the acceleration is very good. Keep in mind they increased the hp from 170hp to 185 for the 2001 model year..
    best of luck with your decision....
  • raprorapro Posts: 30
    First of all immediately change dealers where you service your car but not before you give them hell for making an idiot out of you. How can it be normal for an almost new car to pull to the right? A hearse can pull to the right but only when pulled by a horse! I'd say find the best independent mechanic you can and pay out of your own pocket and then ask Saab for reimbursment. It must a mechanical problem that a good mechanic should have no trouble in diagnosing without having specific Saab experience, as opposed to a software/sensor failure.

    I think you've got one of those old-style Saabs where little things go wrong all the time. See how it goes in the next 6-12 months and if you have continuous problems just get rid of it however you can.
  • Wondering if anyone else has had a passenger in the front seat turn and inadvertantly bump the key in the ignition with a knee, and turning off the engine while driving down the highway at 70+? The effect is (obviously) a scary and immediate deadening of power, but I was able to coast over to the breakdown lane, come to a full stop, put into park, and then restart the engine. I would think that IF this were a bit more common, SAAB would re-think how the ignition might be turned off (such as having to depress the key while turning). Anyone else hear of such an event? (BTW, it's an '01 9-5 SE) Thanks.....
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    I've been wondering if this was going crop up sometime. I have a hard time seeing how it could happen without someone actually grabbing the key and intentionally turning it but -- Now we know it can happen I suppose.

    I think in that situation, I'd try to remain calm and simply slip the tranny to neutral and restart without pulling off. Then, at a reasonable speed, slip back to Drive. When I was younger, someone did that to me on an empty expressway as a joke and I had no problem restarting without a glitch. Trick is to not get panicky.

    I also know someone who had this done to him intentionally who paniced. He was not very bright, he was at speed and thought he'd restart by slipping the tranny to PARK! Ouch, you can imagine the result. They were very late for school that day.

  • I'm glad I was relatively calm, for the first several seconds were trying to figure out what exactly happened (i.e., the dashboard lights went out, the gauges went dead, I can't accelerate: "what causes this?"). I considered the neutral re-start while coasting, but thought a safe pullover might also enable myself and my passenger to exhale. I can't imagine what throwing it into park while coasting would've done (as in, you might go through the windshield without a collision to deploy the airbags (?)). Thanks for responding - KM
  • I was thinking the same thing the other day. On a 3 hour trip out of town my passenger was sitting with his knee up close to the key. I was wondering if the key could be shut off by hitting it. Naah, I'm sure Saab thought about this when they put the key in this location. Think again.

    A good heads up, and I'm glad all turned out safely. At lease the steering wheel didn't lock up (at lease I assume it didnt). I have a manual transmission and I will always have to be ready to neutral and restart when I have a wayward passenger on the longer trips.

  • I was given to understand that Saab is currently offering $5,500 cash incentives on remaining 2001 wagons. What's the cash incentive offered on remaining 2001 base (2.3) sedans in US and Canadian markets?
    Thanks and regards, Peter
  • I picked up a 9.5 base sedan about a month ago. Lease incentive was $1700 Cdn. No purchase incentives other than 0.9% through GMAC. Lease rate was 1.9% for 3 yrs, 3.9% for 4 yrs.

    I looked at these cars back in 99 and held out right to the end of the model year. Even when our local dealer was down to two cars, incentive in December of 99 was about $4,000. I bought a Volvo.

    I find you need to be careful with Saab in Canada. First of all they are marketed through Saturn, Isuzu dealers who have a 'posted price is what you pay' philosophy. Also, if you wait too long for bigger incentives at year end, selection here gets very limited. If your not picky on colour, equipment etc you may be able to hold out.

    I selected a black, 5 speed with leather and sunroof. Apparently, there were only about 7 left in Canada with 5 speed, leather, sunroof combination. The dealer in Calgary had mine shipped in from Montreal. This was early August.

  • Anyone tried the SAAB 9-5 Engine tuning kit for the 2000 offered at the dealer? It is mentioned in the Fall 2001 Saab Discoveries. and says up 30 more horsepower an 19 ft/lbs of torque with no increase in fuel consumption or exhaust emmisions. It includes a new Electronic Control Module (ECM) and platinum plugs (and cool engine badge).

    Let me know if this performs as stated ( I guess it makes the engine equivelent to the 2001)

  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Just got one last night. I'm not in the market for a new car. I wonder how did SAAB select people on this.
  • I got 1 certificate and 2 offers to mail in a postcard and get a certificate. It appears that SAAB is realy starting to push these out.

    Does anyone know if you get the $1000 SAAB loyalty rebate in addition to the $5000 certificate? How about the 0% GM financing offer?
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >If Aero seats were available I hope they
    don't do two tone or leather and suede mixed. The
    new Audi seats that are available like that look a
    bit tacky and flashy.<

    I agree with that - Saab did have a Suede/ Leather combination on and early 90's 9000 Griffin Edition. I discovered them when I was shopping for my first Saab (used). They did not wear well at all, at least not on the car I looked at. The Suede wore very poorly. So I'd think Saab will avoid that concept after the experiment.

    Good point on the Side Air bags and the Old Aero seats. I didn't think about it but those seats - great as they were- would likely not match well with a side bag feature. I'm probably complaining more than needed about the current seats. Most people who have written reviews of the 9-5 seem to like them. Maybe I'm just built more awkwardly than others. Hmm, Volvo front seats are very comfortable for me - Maybe I'm built like a Volvo owner. How depressing.

  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    Read it on 0% from Sept 20 to end of October. All models it looks like.

    Don't know about the other things. Ask you dealer.
  • Dealer MAG Cars in Columbus Ohio stated the 0% on Saabs must include 20% down on MSRP before figuring the mark down that they list. In addition, the $5,000 rebate does not apply with the 0%. They did say that you can do the $5,000 rebate with 1.9% financing which is a better deal, particularly since they do not require 20% down on 1.9%.

    Does this jive with what others are being told or are they making up a hybrid deal? Thanks.
  • I'm trying to decide between a 2001 Nissan Maxima and 2001 9-5 SE V6.
    Why is it that used 2001 9-5 v6's have lower prices than used 2001 9-5 4 cylinder ones.
    Having owned only japanese brands previously, my biggest worry with the Saab is its reliability and maintenance.
    What are the previous owners experiences with SAAB reliability and maintenance. And how does the cost of routine maintenance (oil changes, etc.)fare compared to other cars. Also since the 9-5 SE has a GM based v6, does that mean GM
    designed it, or is it a SAAB creation. I'm worried that GM's hand might spell doom on traditional SAAB quality, kinda like what Ford did with Jaguar S-Type!!
  • I have had a 2000 9-5 SE (v-6) for the last 18 months and have had very few problems. Routine maintenance costs are free for the first 30,000 miles.
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    How exactly was the S-Type a superior car before Ford got involved in it? Maybe you are thinking of another British brand. Ask anyone involved in the Jag world and they are thrilled that Ford's influence has resulted in much better quality across the board, not just with the S-Type.

    I had a '96 Max and a '97 Infiniti before my current '00 9-5. If your priority is reliability, low maintenance costs, and appliance-like motoring, stick with Nissan.

    However, if you want superior driving dynamics, world-class safety and a unique vehicle that stands out without being freakish, then Saab is a definite option. A completely different world apart from virtually every Asian car.

    If you want to make a status statement, don't buy a Saab; stick with the big three image brands. Your friends prolly won't get it - mine didn't.
  • mstsscmstssc Posts: 89
    Lets be frank. 'Most' mainstream japanese based sedans, athough reliable with good build quality and good resale etc. etc, are boring to drive and own. If you want a vehicle with some personality, superior driving pleasure, uniqueness and a little bit of eccentricity go with Saab. On top of that the 9.5 is an understated car, it does not scream status like BMW, MB or Jaguar.

    Unfortunately, you do not buy Saab or any other premium European car for its low cost of ownership. If low service costs are a high priority, stick with the Hondas and Toyotas.

    I can't comment on the 6cyl vs 4cyl (mines a 4 cyl). Although I believe the Saab 'purists' prefer the 4 cyl as Saab has been building the 4 cyl turbos for years and they are very tunable for more performance (check out some very informative fellows on there).

    Keep in mind that most people, including the car reviewers, don't understand what attracts people to Saab and why Saab has some very loyal owners. Your friend and neighbours defintely don't get it and most of them think I 'lost' it in my middle age.

    01 9.5, 99 V70, 62 Etype
  • We are looking to get out of our lease on a Saab 9-5. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Some options we are looking at are buying out the lease right now (severely upside down), trading in and taking the upside down hit there and rolling the difference into the new financing, or selling it outright.

    This is not something we have to do, it is something we WANT to do. We don't want to "rent" this car any more. We love the car and would like to keep it, but my fiancee, who bought the car spur of the moment, feels like she got robbed.

    if anyone has any suggestion or have been through similar experiences, please reply.
    Thank you
  • ajaymeajayme Posts: 74
    The best route is to get the pay-off from the leasing company and sell it out right yourselves. The other way would be to check with a credit union or some other lower rate institution and finance it yourselves. You're going to lose money, it'll just be how much you'll lose will depend on which method you choose. I wish I had better news. Don't forget to check Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book for current values as well as your local auto classified ads in your newspaper for current values. Good luck.
  • hsj1906hsj1906 Posts: 42
    I am getting ready to lease a 9-5 Aero. I know there is the $5,000 lease incentive, but have people had any success getting their car for under MSRP?
  • I'm not a previous SAAB owner and I am not affiliated with GM. Does anyone know how to get one of the incentives being referred to, or has anyone had luck with purchasing their car under MSRP.
  • After a bit of research, it looks to me like there is a $5,000 manufacturer to dealer incentive effective until 10/31/01 (

    There is also this 0% financing. Since the $5,000 incentive is to the dealer, the consumer can only use it as a bargaining chip, but the good news is that it looks like there is nothing stopping you from also getting the 0%. So you could get the car for $4,000 below invoice, with 0% financing, and the dealer still makes $1,000 on the sale.

    I think I may try that.
  • After a bit of research, it looks to me like there is a $5,000 manufacturer to dealer incentive effetive until 10/31/01 (

    There is also this 0% financing. Since the $5,000 incentive is to the dealer, the consumer can only use it as a bargaining chip, but the good news is that there is nothing stopping you from also getting the 0%. So you could get the car for $4,000 below invoice, with 0% financing, and the dealer still makes $1,000 on the sale.

    I think I may try that.
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