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Saab 9-5 Sedan



  • lntlnt Posts: 192
    My son has a 99 9-5 4 cylinder. He just called and said he was going down the interstate and lost all power, engine died and when he pushed on the gas pedal black smoke came out of the tail pipe. Anyone have any idea what happened? Does that sound like DI failure? He has over 130,000 miles on it.
  • jturbojturbo Posts: 3
    Just bought this 99 Saab 9-5 SE, drove fine for the first 100 miles and the transmission started when re-turned on from beign parked for 15 mins to feel like when begining to run from stop like is on winter mode button or 3rd gear. If you stop couple of times or turn off the car and then on again it goes away but comes later on.
    This car was nicely cared off from what it seems, possibly elderly previously owned it since there are no signs of city traffic.
    I would appreciate anybodys feedback.
    Joe :cry:
  • subiesubie Posts: 3
    hi i am just starting to look into some luxury cars for my dad and i was wondering what type of gas does the new 2006 saab 9-5 use. premium or regular. any help would be appricated
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Maybe he accidently hit the key fob in the center console, and knocked it into the off position.
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Posts: 1,150
    I hadn't been in a SAAB dealership in some time so I stopped in at O'Connor Saab in Augusta, ME over the weekend. Nice, knowledgeable people etc. The sales guy I met has me convinced that a 9-5 with the sport package is just as good as an Audi A6 and a lot le$$.

    Apparently, Saab dropped the Aero model for 2006 and replaced it with a "sport" option (tuned chassis, special wheels, special interior trim, and 10mm lower body). The MSRP on a 9-5 with this package is about 35K. Supposedly it is the same as the Aero of yesteryear. It does seem though that the front spoiler is the same as the regular 9-5 and not a chin dragger as the old Aero was. This is good news for a Mainiac.

    So, what is going to happen to all the people who ponied up 42K (at MSRP) last year for an Aero when this year's version is only 35K? What could a used '05 Aero be possibly worth now? Maybe an '05 Aero at 29K would be the way to go? Come on, there must be some way to work this arbitrage.
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Just hang'n around in Charles Town RI, for a few weeks - a little vacation from the California sun. Love'n all the older SAAB's. In response to your question, guess it's just supply and demand, GM/market influences that are causing a cost reduction. As you may remember, the 9000 was even a bit costlier to build than the 9-5. Supply and demand. SAAB wants to increase both. All I want to know is - where is the AWD Sport Combi?
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Here are some of my concerns with what you are saying. First of all, the dealership should not be swapping parts out of other new cars to try to fix yours. Realize this - there is no way that the New Car Sales Division would allow the R&R Division to grab parts from a new car. Would you, if you were in charge of New Car Sales? Ain't gonna happen. Sales and R&R are separate entities in any dealership, not just SAAB. If you feel this is happening, you need to report this to SAAB USA immediately. Also, I'm wondering if this problem is persistent, or intermitant. Has the dealership been able to reproduce the problem? Are they just going by your reports? Is there something that they actually cannot figure out? Please give some technical details. 30 days in the repair shop is a long time. Have you tried another dealership? Are they waiting for a specific, hard-to-find part? Is there an independent around?
  • the turbo went out and the car is constant turbo after about 100 thousand miles they go you can buy a used one for around 345 dollars
  • Hello All,

    I am trying to help a friend out. She has a '02 9-5 Aero w/ 63,000 miles and is having a stalling issue when the engine is cold. She says it doesnt happen when its warm out. But now that the weather is getting colder the problem is happening more. The car either hesitates or just stalls out completely. If it hesitates she basically floors the gas to keep it going. Once the engine is warm, the problem goes away. She hasnt had the car long and this will be her first winter with it. My assumption is the problem will get worse as the weather gets colder.

    I see from prior post # 1785 that someone had a similar issue and the fix was to Decarbonize the engine and replace the throttle body. Is this the normal fix? The post also mentions something about having the updated software version. Is this something that must be done at the dealer? I dont know much about Saabs and neither does she. Any help is appreciated.
  • So, in hot weather, do the non-ventilated Saab leather seats get all hot and sweaty? Just wondering. I've had the ventilated before, and they rock, but might skip it this time around if I can get some feedback. Thanks.
  • I have a set of four Ronal 16" wheels with very nice Nokian Haka snows mounted. The tires were used one season and very lightly at that. They came off a 2002 9-5 Aero.

    They are listed for sale on ebay w/ itme # 260034202104

    Nokian Haka Sipe
    215/55 R16 97H XL
    ExtraLoad M+S

    Ronal Wheels
    looks to be 7.5" wide w/ 35mm offset
    I think the bolt patter is 5x110 (from inet search)
  • I have a year 2000 base 9-5, auto transmission, with 72,000 miles on it. I am trying to figure out what my annual maintenance costs are likely to be over the next three years. Anybody have an educated guess? Thanks in advance.
  • Ordered a 2007 9-5 Aero, which is supposed to be delivered any time to Denver from Oct. 9 to early Nov. As a longtime Saab fan, and former owner of a 1996 900 SE (great car), I am of course on pins and needles waiting for the day I roll out of there in the fusion blue/parchment combo. The dealership tells me I will be the first 2007 owner in Denver.

    I had to special order the manual tran, because apparently no one likes them anymore. Will it be built the way it is supposed to? Will they tighten the clamps on the radiator hoses this time? Will the upgraded suspension be there? The excessive body roll was the chief reason I have been waiting since 2000 and watching to buy. I hope my reasoning is sound: Still a great motor, I'll take the 4 cylinder, thank you, and though a mature line, this should be about the time they've got it right. I don't expect Saabs to be as reliable as Toyotas, but I don't want to spend all my time and money in the repair shop.

    Speaking of Toyotas, my girlfriend didn't hold her nose when I drove up for the first time in my 1991 Toyota that has been kind of a back-up, around town car, but won't die type of thing. And she has been wonderful and practical and loved me despite no hot car ever since. I look forward to that first night when I drive up in the Aero to take her to dinner; and we will roll a little differently.

    First trip: The whole length of New Mexico's deserts. My old 900SE got up to 145 mph, without breathing hard, on an isolated highway. Wonder what this one can do?

    BTW: Can anyone recommend a bicycle rack? I was thinking of the behind the back bumper type. Thanks.

    PS: If you're wondering what happened to the 900, my ex drove it head on at 70 mph into a Ford Explorer. Totaled both vehicles, of course. She walked out with a small bruise. (Thank goodness the other driver was uninjured as well.) Go Saab. In safety.
  • zoozeekzoozeek Posts: 32
    I have a 2005 9-5 Arc Wagon. I just picked it up from the dealership for the fourth time (in one year) for a recurring problem: there's a "clicking" or "popping" when steering, both felt through the wheel and heard... each time the dealership fixes it, but it comes back... they've changed or re-aligned the steering column, and changed something with the wheels... now, the manager is telling me that other 9-5s have the same problem and there's nothing he can do about it... any advice? has anyone else experienced this problem?
  • Folks, my Aero came in and have driven it a little. Quite frankly, I am amazed. My expectations have been surpassed by far. I'll give a more thorough report as I drive it more, but oh my gosh. What a shame if GM shuts this line down. My friend who drives an Audi A-6 was very impressed after driving it.

    Everything about this car has been improved. I almost miss the head snapping, turbo whistling, torque steering 900 SE I previously had. They have smoothed most of that stuff out, and the Aero suspension tuning is far better than the 2t test driver. I'm glad i waited until this year. The cornering is superb and the secondary acceleration downright frightening. I had to special order the manual tranny, and glad i did. It supposed to be a bit quicker than the auto. The clutch is much easier on your leg; the old one tended to be stiff to compress. Suspect this new one is hydrolic? :) so far so good!
  • bcoolbcool Posts: 59
    Do you still have them?
  • sidvsidv Posts: 64
    Did you mean the 2.3T 9-5 test driver, not the "2t"?

    After a fairly negative experience with my '04 9-3, I find it hard to believe but I am considering an '07 9-5 2.3T because everything else seems so overpriced or has other issues such as lack of convenient dealers. The 9-5 is a car I actually like, despite reservations about a few dated interior elements, and research seems to suggest that (most) 9-5s are more reliable than 9-3s.

    What specifically is better about the Aero suspension? I was planning to avoid it because I've heard it's rather harsh and I don't care about any marginal gains in cornering at the expense of ride quality.
  • nelsoncmnelsoncm Posts: 103
    well, here's the thing. The new saab 9-5s are basically all based on the old Aero's. Remember when they had the Linear, the Arc and the Aero versions of the 9-5? (Pre 2006) Now they're essentially all aero's, but they don't call them that. For more $$$, you can get the "aero package" (previously called the "sports package"), which drops the chassis a whole 10mm and tightens the suspension. And you get the extra plushy seats with optional cooling fans(though to me they seem overstuffed.) But I think the 9-5 is already sporty enough, sits low enough and rides tight enough for my taste. But that's just me. I'm on my second 9-5 wagon, and I don't even especially like the way they drive (too rough, not enough storage for your stuff), but when you compare them to the other wagons out there on the market (volvo, vw, bmw, etc.), Saabs are a good bet. My 02 had very few problems, only 2 of a mechanical nature in 4 years.
  • mjp4mjp4 Posts: 1
    Hi. Did you ever get a response to your questions? I have a 2002 9-5, approx. 65k miles, and am having the exact same problems. I usually just let my car "warm up" for 2 minutes before I drive, but I'd rather get it actually fixed. Did your friend get her Saab fixed and, if so, how?

  • i think this decision of yours depends on what you like, but i was not satisfied with the tightness of the 06 9.5 2.3 T, nor the braking response, for some reason my 07 aero seems to brake better than the test driver. i would much rather have the "harsher" ride that the aero package gives, tho it doesn't seem harsh to me. responsive, yes. i love how it sits lower and the seats are very much worth the extra (didn't get the cooling fans) they are very comfy and keep you right in there on corners. performance is a big deal to me and i am estatic about this car. still surprising how many oohs and aahs the fusion blue paint and smart parchment/aero interior treatment i get from audi, bimmer and cedes drivers.

    for me, i got a good performance sedan that has enough room for 4 adults (and golf clubs) for $15,000 less than the competition. pricewise this car compares well with the 300 series bmws and a-4s, or starter cedes, but those cars are too small.

    because they're not selling so many of these, i can be unusual, even unique, at the golf club parking lot, filled with the aforementioned. this car is a gem and having no problems with it yet. an unloved asset.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    The way to go is a 2005 9-5 Aero with 16k miles fully loaded including rear heated seats, rain sensing wipers, and a rear spoiler for $22,995. Just picked mine up this week from a Lexus dealer, as it was traded in for a 2007 Lexus. Still has 2 1/2 years left on factory warranty. Perfect condition in and out. Only thing missing is the new car smell. But to save over 10k from new, I don't mind one bit.
  • My dealer recommended turning key to "On" but not to "Start", let chime ring three times, then turn to "start". Worked on my 00 Arc, now I will get to test on my 02 Arc. Both are V-6. Do you have 6 or 4 banger?
    I always run Premium but not sure if that matters.

    J. McNeil 2002 Arc, Maine
  • I was looking at 02 Aero today and couldn't really tell if it had the Xenon headlights. They didn't look as blue as I remember. Do all 02 Aeros come with the Bi-Xenon headlights? If not, can I change out the bulbs to be Xenon instead of regular halogen? I saw that the option was only $219, so I assume it would be just the bulbs. By the way, the one I am looking at is Saab Certified, with 49k miles and they are offering at $16400. Sounds like a good price to me, but would like to know what you old saab fanatics think. As far as the leather, the seats are very soft and supple, but does the leather wear out quickly on these Saabs? I noticed not wear, but some irregularities in the back seat, almost like the leather is coming off the cushion itself. Any solutions if this is the case? Any other problems as far as the 2002? Otherwise, I thought the car was great very tight with no rattles when driving. Thanks in advance.
  • I have a 2002 9-5 Aero. I love it. At stop signs I hate it. That turbo 4 banger is amazing. Push the sport mode button and stomp on the gas and it really goes. But they probably sell about as many automatics in Europe as we sell manuals here. It's a popular car in Europe, not here. Why? It shakes like a cheap piece of junk at stop signs. Get ready to put it into N every time you stop. If it were a manual you would do that - with an auto they say don't. In N it does not shake as much.

    So that is the big downside for me. The upside is that I get about 26 miles per gallon. But that is on premium so it's really not that great. The emissions are probably low - that's a plus. Yeah, it is a rough ride. But it's fun when you push it.

    So why do I love it. I'm not your average Joe Shmoe and neither is my car. It dependable - almost no problems. It's fun, comfortable, safe and a good deal.

    My Aero has the Xenon lights. I looked at my sticker and it does not mention Xenon so I think it is part of the "touring package" option on my car, or I just missed it. Seems like the leather is holding up good on our car.

    I'd buy it again.
  • Just got it this evening. There are a few minor issues with dings and paint and stuff, but the dealer said they would take care of it. I can't wait till all of the touching up and other things are done. Should look great-black. It drives amazing. Fastest car I have ever owned. I need to be real careful.
  • I need help knowing what tires to buy for my car. The one's I have are really bad, but I dont want to put some cheap tire on this nice car. My husband is not currently home and I dont want to get ripped off. Please let me know what they recommend or is a good performance tire for this car. We bought it used in houston are now in Kansas with no saab dealer around. ;)
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    well, after 5 years i am told that i now have a dot mandated 8 year unlimited mileage warranty on my 9.5 aero due to a faulty engine that may seize at any time .

    but ,had the same happen with the dic cassette and when i went in to get it replaced i was told that the dic on my car was ok ,it was , but the other one i brought in which was the oe on my car and which i replaced at 47,000 miles was in fact in the recall list and had to be replaced but because it was not in the engine ,tough luck.

    so ,some letters to the dot and the dealer and saab and no word ...................

    maybe a lawyer will help . but ...why bother , maybe i will just go to lexus or infinity next.
  • I don't know what tires are currently on your car. I own a 2003 Saab 9-5 Arc with a 3.0 turbo V6. The original Pirelli's wore out pretty fast and I replaced with Yokohama AV 4's that I ordered from I am very pleased with the Yokohama's. My experience may be different from yours so you will have to do your own research and make your own decision. You might want to visit for their suggestions and then price the tires locally for comparison purposes. Good luck.
  • I purchased this car as a "demo" from my local Saab dealer. Car had about 8k on it. I currently have approx 48k on the car and I love it! No major problems. I have had the car serviced at the dealer since I've owned it (first three year's scheduled maint was included). The recommended oil change interval is 10k miles as I understand it, but I change the oil at the dealer (synthetic) every 5k or 6 months for around $50.
    I've had a radio problem (dealer replaced same day) and a problem with the driver's seat memory module (dealer replaced same day) as well as the info display (again, dealer replaced same day). The car is fast and handles like a dream. I did wind up replacing the original Pirelli tires with Yokohama AV 4's at about 35k. I love the heated seats (don't use ventilation much) and the heat and air are very powerful. I also have rain sensing wipers on the car which are awesome. The car is still under factory warranty (to 50k)

    I can't comment on the 2.0 or 2.3 litre engines. I'm just sorry that they no longer make the 3.0 V6. I run only premium in the car and get around 18mpg in mostly local driving. I'm not sure I'll buy another Saab but only because I don't think I'd be comfortable with the smaller block. I may be old fashioned but I think those engines are undersized for what they're asked to do, which may make them more prone to problems. When I'm ready for another car it might be time for a Lexus 300 or 350. In the mean time I'm very happy with my Saab!
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