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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    (1980); '69 Dodge Charger R/T - 2 weeks later, Mr. Mopar met Mr. Immovable Object

    (1980); '71 Cadillac Sedan DeVille - can you say "Party Car"?

    (1980); '77 Kawasaki KZ650

    (1981); '77 Kawasaki KZ650 #2 (#1 disfigured by old man, wearing hat, turning left)

    (1983); '79 Dodge Power Wagon - when it rained, it didn't run. :-(

    (1984); '79 Jeep CJ5 (still have)

    (1984); '76 MG Midget

    (1985); '85 Honda Nighthawk 650

    (1986); '79 Honda Accord

    (1987); '87 Honda Accord

    (1993); '93 Nissan Altima

    (1996); '95 Honda VFR750F (still have)

    (2001); '01 BMW 330Ci
  • vkwheelsvkwheels Posts: 218
    I hope I'm like brave1, but I have an auto tranny (my 1st one). From some postings a month or so ago, the AT's seem not to last as long. Well as much as I want my car to last, I can't be worrying over everything.

    JingleJill, I think I got my prod# from the dealer about a week or 2 after I put in the order. There's a production schedule in Germany, once the car (your car!) is being made, you can get the prod#. I liked visualizing the high-tech TLC & attention to detail being lavished on it as it was progressing down the line.

    Car History
    77 Rabbit
    75 big sis's Opel Manta while she was abroad
    85 Prelude
    91 Vigor
    95 Sentra SE-R
    02 325i
    You guys have owned alot of cars!
  • 1pierce1pierce Posts: 284
    My list/succession:

    1976 Pontiac Catalina - Dad's car, drove it in high school. Learned to drive on this boat. So big, they gave me two back-ups on the 3-point turn on my driver's test! Great back seat, though, if you know what I mean.

    1979 RX7 - Got it used in college. Charcoal gray, w/gray cloth seats. Manual transmission. Still the most fun car I ever had. VERY small and reliable. Died a premature death in 1988 from rust.

    1988 Grand Prix SE - Black w/grey cloth. Nice car, but basically a base model with a poor stereo and 15" wheels. Traded it at on 3 years old on...

    1992 Grand Prix GTP - Red w/tan cloth. This was my baby. It glowed like the sun. This car is why I had to buy a red BMW. Got more compliments on this car than I can remember. Had the upgraded stereo w/equalizer, full power, anti-locks, and that great supercharged engine. Drove it for 6 years until mechanical problems and fluid leaks caused me to make it somebody else's problem.

    1998 Subaru Forester - Awesome AWD. Nice mechanicals. Too small for our family.

    1999 Nissan Maxima - Dark green/tan leather. Car I have now. Only complaint is that its boring. Engine is terrific.

    1999 Dodge Caravan Sport - Monochrome White. Best people mover around. Still think this is the best looking minivan on the planet (for what that's worth).

    2002 325i - Electric Red. Still on order, but getting closer every day. This is the car I almost bought (318i, actually) in 1992.
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    25-27psi??!! WOW! I've settled on 34.5(f) and 36(r) on mine. The ride is still pretty good and the turn-in is great. The road feel issue seemed to improve noticably at around 2K miles. They are still very quiet and they stick great. The only downside currently is the tram-lining. I haven't really noticed the warm-up period either, but temps have been pretty high around here lately.
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    "You guys have owned alot of cars!"

    I was looking over my list and I had 7 cars and 3 motorcycles in 7 years ('80 -'87) and then only two new cars and one motorcycle after that... I got married in 1988... I wonder if there's a correlation?? ;-)
  • billiam70billiam70 Posts: 54
    1987: 78 Olds Delta 88 - Hand me down from Dad. Was baby blue with baby blue interior and vinyl roof. Constantly having mechanical problems. Best was when I had no reverse for 3 months!
    1988: 84 Ford Mustang - not bad, I enjoyed driving it but by 60,000 miles fuel injection system was shot
    1990: 88 Ford Mustang - 4 cyl POS Hated driving that car, even though it was stick. Gave to my sister when I bought my next car and was totalled one month later. I was happy (that it was totalled), she wasn't (not her fault at least).
    1992: 92 Acura Inetgra - first new car. The more mileage it accumulated the better it ran. Loved it!! Looked as good with 107,000 miles as the day I got it. Miss it to this day. Also stick.
    1999: 99 Ford Explorer - Uneventful. Damn thing broke down right after warranty expired.
    2001: 01 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Auto. Great car but bored driving an auto.
    2002: 02 BMW 330i - My Topaz Beauty! Love every second in this car! More than makes up for selling the Integra!
  • rshaw11rshaw11 Posts: 52
    It's interesting to read about the buying history of everyone. I wouldn't repeat some of my choices and often owned more than one at a time, but I know a lot more now, have different needs and, fortunetly, more money to spend.

    My list in the order purchased
    1958 Austin Healy
    1963 Ford
    1969 Ford
    1972 Chevrolet
    1977 Pontiac Bonneville
    1982 Plymouth Colt
    1983 Toyota Celica
    1985 Chrysler LaBaron
    1988 Colt
    1985 Cadillac Deville
    1992 Cadillac Seville
    1999 Toyota Sienna
    2002 BMW 325i
  • rudikamprudikamp Posts: 34
    I go way back.
    1957 Buick Special
    1961 V.W Beetle
    1967 Volvo 144 5- Speed
    1990 Volvo 244 5- Speed
    1990 Volvo 740 5- Speed
    The 1990 Volvos are in excellent condition.
  • kyyuankyyuan Posts: 12
    Here is my list:

    1989 Honda CRX Si - It's a quick little car...I still own it and drive it

    2003 330i SP/PP?

    You know my recommended color... go Orient Blue

  • eoseos Posts: 27
    My vote would be Orient Blue -- it's a bit less common than black, and may show swirl marks, etc. a it less (anyway, my wife wanted it, so she got it). It's a beautiful color, IMHO.

    The last few posts make me feel a little less old, but ...

    1955 Chevy BelAir (saved for me by my Dad, and totaled by me sophomore year of college).
    1962 Renault Dauphine (summer car, sold 3 mos. later)
    1962 Impala wagon (bought for $1 from a friend, disposed of by the NYC towing trolls just prior to our move to LA)
    1975 Rabbit (first new car)
    1980 Rabbit (fool me twice, shame on me...)
    1985 Nissan Stanza (great car)
    1994 Isuzu Trooper (wife's truck, still going strong)
    1996 Honda Civic (for daughter)
    1997 Honda Civic (for son)
    1991 Honda Accord (bought in 1997 to replace the Nissan)
    2000 MB C280 ('bye to my trusty Accord)
    2002 BMW 325i (intended to replace wife's Trooper, but it's too versatile to sell)

    Next?? 530i to replace C280??

  • locke2clocke2c Posts: 5,038
    Stacy, I will toss in another vote for Orient Blue. Gorgeous color. Just had a Jet Black loaner yesterday, nice but I prefer the slightly silvery metallic of my M3's Cosmos Black.

    but trust me on the blue, I've got black only because color is a lower priority on used vehicles. I actually had sworn off black cars after the Neon (see my earlier post about cars-- Camaro, Chevelle, Neon all black, RX-7 "charcoal grey"). it is quite dusty here in Wichita and black is torture. my last car was silver and that was a dream as far as dust & water spots go, but it's very ... bleh. Orient Blue is good. ;-)

  • azbmwazbmw Posts: 10
    Here is my list:

    1982 - 1974 Datsun 710 First car, had a 77K on, put 50K on it. Nice first car, donated to charity.
    1985 - 1979 Toyota Celica GT, LOVED IT! Killed by a Chevy. Missed it very much.
    1993 - 1992 Mazda Protege, 230K, one water pump and one clutch, destroyed by cousin (Oil, whats oil?)
    2001 - First new car 325i SP, WOW!
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Hi gang, just back from my 1st trip to the Keystone State. a few observations....

    Subies here Subies there, Subies every where lol.I recon if i lived in the mountains id want the all wheel drive also.

    A few road signs ive never seen. "remove sunglasses" lol. and "speed checked by aircraft"id think flying the mountains would be tricky.

    JingleJill: Black on Black in TX ? your brave hehe. Who did you end up ordering from ?

    ok ill bite, and show age.

    1) 1964 VW Bug, yup i learned on a manual German car hehe spoiled allready.

    2) 1974 Vega (Dale we should start a club lol )

    3) 1983 T bird, The brand new Nascar style i was stoked til it got flooded ;( btw, 5.0 and 135 HP lol.

    4) 1978 Ford Fairmont ugh cheap college ride.

    5)1968 Buick GS ;) bought from original owner 88 years old

    6) 1991 Eagle Talon a great reliable ride, destoyed in a TX hail storm ;(

    7)1995 G20 can u say torqe steer ?

    8)1990 Honda appliance but great gearbox

    9) 1999 323i Sport ;-)

    I think thats all...

  • abcnycabcnyc Posts: 101
    This list is a combination of my wife's and my cars throughout the years.

    1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
    1979 Mazda RX-7
    1984 Mazda 626
    1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE
    1985 Enault LeCar (2nd car - beater for winter)
    1886 Honda Civic (got married - wife's car)
    1987 Mazda RX-7
    1988 Mitsubishi Mirage (wife's car)
    1989 Geo Storm
    1990 Toyota Paseo
    1990 Toyota Corolla (wife's car)
    1993 Ford Explorer (wife's car, I inherited Corolla)
    1996 Mazda 626
    1996 Plymouth Voyager (wife's car)
    2001 Acura MDX (wife's car)
    2002 BMW 330i (yeah !!!)

    You can gather I was quite flighty in my car selections early on, but I always gravitated towards the RX-7. I'm looking forward to the release of the RX-8. I still had quite a few "what was I thinking ?" choices though. I guess it took me longer than most to mature and 'settle down' on my car selections.
  • I am not as old as you would think. A list of cars owned in chronological order. My September 325iT will be my first new car. I often rented 3 and 5 series in Europe and decided it was time to buy rather than rent again. Most interesting car purchase was when Mom special ordered her new Corolla S and Toyota invited her to see her car being made. Those Toyota factory people are really a class act!

    1928 Model A Roadster (Basket Case)
    1929 Model A Town Sedan
    1930 Model Coupe
    1930 Model A Pick up
    1931 Dlx Roadster
    1939 Sachs Wanderer Motorcycle
    1950 Plymouth
    1957 Ford
    1959 Rambler American
    1962 VW Bug
    1968 Mustang Covert.
    1968 Mercury Cougar
    1970 GTO Convert.
    1972 Plymouth Valiant (Daily Driver)
    1973 VW thing
    1980 Celica
    1985 G20 Van
    1987 Suzuki Samari
    1991 S-10
    2002 325iT

    The sad thing is, only kidding about the sad part, I still own most of them. Too hard to part with I guess.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    In order of purchase:

    1974 Monte Carlo-bought new. Added: 3.42 gears, Edelbrock Performer Intake, recalibrated(by me)Q-Jet carb, Crane Hi-Torque Cam, Blackjack headers, CBQ Turbo Mufflers, Mallory Unilite/MSD-5A ignition, B&M Transpak Shift kit, Monroe Gas Magnum shocks, 15X7 Cragar SS wheels, Michelin X tires. At full throttle the sled would chirp the tires on the 1-2 and 2-3 upshifts.

    1969 Datsun SPl-311 roadster-bought used in 1977. Intended to restore it and never did. Gave it away in 1995.

    1967 Buick Riviera-bought used for $5.00 in 1979(a dealer publicity stunt that went awry). Rode hard and put up wet, I kept it running for about a year and wound up giving it to the local Buick Club. A beautiful car built when American cars had their own sense of sleek style and enineering excellence.

    1979 Plymouth Arrow GT 2.6-bought new. A little known gem. It came with disc brakes on all four wheel(pretty impressive in '79)as well as a huge 2.6 liter four. Relatively quick for the era-0-60 in 10 sec.

    1973 BMW Bavaria 3.0-bought used in 1983. It took me five years to do a running restoration of the body and mechanicals. Mods were limited to desmogging, recored radiator, 733i fan and clutch, twin downdraft Webers, sport springs, and HD Bilsteins. I also installed a 200W Kenwood stereo. Lots of fun.

    1987 Merkur Scorpio(wife's)-bought used in 1988. A nice car, but MUCH more expensive to run than the Bavaria OR the 535is.

    1987 BMW 535is-bought used in 1990. One of my favorite BMWs. Quick and comfortable. Sold in 1992, the car is still going strong at 350,000 miles.

    1991 Volvo 740 Turbo(wife's)-bought new. A brick, but a very fast brick. Undriveable in snow, it once got stuck on a DOWN hill section of our 1/2 mile gravel driveway.

    1988 BMW M6-bought used in 1992. Grace and Pace, as the Brits say. The catalytic converter fell off in the garage one night- darn it!;), so I replaced it with an "H" pipe. With a Conforti chip it made @315 HP at the flywheel. I ditched the OEM TRX tires in favor of Borbet Cs and Bridgestone Expedias. I could hit 135+ on the main straight of the Memphis Motorsport Park road course. I still miss it...:(

    1984 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe-bought used in 1993. A friend sold it to me for $1500. I used it for a work beater until 1998. The five speed manual and tea kettle whistle of the turbo made it a hoot to drive. Parts for it were often more expensive than the equivalent items on my M6. I sold it to a friend's 16 year old son and he still has it.

    1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE-bought used in 1994; still owned. Purchased in response to our getting stranded on our farm for SIX days during the snow/ice storm of the previous winter(can you say "The Shining"?). Originally driven by my wife, it is now my part-time commuter hack. Except for some rust on the rear bumper, it looks new inside and out. Rattle free, too. Not bad for 138,000 miles. And it laughs at 22" of snow.

    1995 BMW 318ti Club Sport-bought new; still owned. My toy/track rat. Special ordered without a sunroof. One of @200 built in 10/95. The only mods are a BMW M-Technic rear spoiler and a BMW CD Changer. I don't think I'll ever sell it. My seven year old son thinks he's going to get it when he turns 16. Fat chance...

    1998 BMW 318tiA-(wife's first BMW)-bought new in 1998. No rocket, but my wife loved it. Sold only because we needed a bigger car to transport our non-driving elderly parents.

    1997 BMW 528iA-(wife's)-bought used as a BMW CPO in 2001; still owned. The first owner and I have exorcised all the demons which lurked in the early E39 models such as the thermostat, rear window regulators, and just yesterday, the trunk actuator(only $41.00 and five minutes). It's reasonably quick and very comfortable. Fuel economy is excellent- 29 mpg at 75 mph. If it was my car I'd have the sport package, but as a practical matter I can outrun 95% of the cars on the road with the standard suspension. Since I have dedicated snow tires on steel wheels, I'll soon ditch the all season Michelins in favor of something a bit more sporting. I also plan to fit Bilstein Tourings in a year or so. Maybe a Shark Injector as well. Think my wife will notice?

    1999 Jeep Wrangler Sahara- bought used in 2002; still owned. Remarkably tight and fun to drive. The 4.0L inline six and five speed give it surprising acceleration. The soft top really begins to flap at 80 mph, though.

    My next car? Who knows??? I thought I wanted an M Coupe, but I saw a pristine 1974 2002 Turbo at the BMW Zentrum last month and I can't stop thinking about it. It sure would look good parked next to the Club Sport.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    66 Ford Fairlane
    74 AMC Gremlin X
    81 Datsun 310 GX
    85 Mazda RX-7
    86 Nissan Pick Up
    90 Ford Probe
    95 Ford Ranger STX 4X4 (still own)
    00 BMW 323i sport

    All new except the first one and all manual except the first one. Learned to drive on my brother's 66 Chevelle SS 396 (heavily modified, but looked bone stock). Neat story - he used to tape a $5 bill on the dash top, put the front bench seat all the way back and bet anyone that they couldn't pick up the 5 spot by a count of 3. He would get going to about 20 mph and floor it in second gear - say go - and count to 3. Don't know of anyone that got his $5, but everyone was all smiles when they handed over their $5. That car could break the rear tires loose in all four gears (remember the bias ply tires?).

    I'm off to O'fest at Keystone in the morning. I heard they are having a great time up there. I entered my car in the concours and have spent about 10 hours cleaning it over the last several days (what was I thinking)?
  • butmywifebutmywife Posts: 81
    Took the 3er into the dealer today. They weren't too happy I had a 12 changer in the trunk. I got the impression they were comfortable with all things BMW but not much at problem solving.

    They said, "We hooked up a radio to the cable in the trunk and it worked so there is no problem with the car." I said, "Then let's install the BMW changer below the roof of the trunk panel behind the seat (where the other changer is currently installed) and I'll take the other one back."

    Them: "Well, we can't install it there because there is a child safety hook there."

    Me: "But, as you see, there is already one installed there."

    Them: "But we can't do it because of child safety."

    Me: "But, I don't have children. You can't get much safer than that!"

    Them: "No, we need to install it in the left side panel which will take an additional $150 in parts and $225 in labor."

    Me: "Thanks but no thanks; I'll buy the changer from you and see if I can get the other shop to install it for me as a courtesy."

    So, my update is this: I still don't have a CD changer that works but am now temporarily in possession of two of them, I'm not convinced there isn't anything wrong with the car's electronics but I can't be sure, and I'm not sure what to do if the Bimmer unit is hooked up and it doesn't work.

    Are we having fun yet?

  • seivwrigseivwrig Posts: 388
    Been young, I have not owned many cars. I have owned more bicycles. Also, been British, I grew up on mass transit (aka buses and trains).

    1984 Pontiac Sunbird Station Wagon-My parent's car bought new while in Syracuse, NY. Learned to drive on this car. No appeal when your a teenager trying to pickup women in Miami Beach.

    In 1988, I bought a 1978 Mercury Zephyr coupe. I was big and an interstate hauler. I could drive from Homestead AFB, FL to Tallahassee, FL will no problem but could not drive around Miami without a breakdown. Good college car, I could fit all my friends. Died in 1991 with transmission gone out and blown gasket.

    1996 Nissan Altima GXE-Future Wife's car. I think initially, I drove it more.

    1999 Ford Ranger XLT(manual). I bought it because I got transfer to area with no mass transit. My first new vehicle.My wife's choice.

    2002 BMW 325i. Wanted an Audi A4 3.0. My wife preference. Wife wins again. I love this car. I got more for less (when compared to the A4 3.0)

    I'm aiming for 530i manual next. Even though a new Nissan Z-car would be cool.

    Would list my wife's list but she has owned alot of cars (she is eight years older than me)ranging from Porsche to Fords to Mercedes to Nissans.
  • pap5pap5 Posts: 144
    With 36 years of automotive sins to confess, this may take awhile. In order of acquisition:

    58 Chevy Bel Air, 283 V-8 w/2-speed Powerglide - The family bus, passed down by my father at 95,000 miles. Fenders above the headlights rusted through, and the right front window one day disappeared into the door, never to be seen again. Didn't matter.

    62 Mercury Meteor automatic - Bought from my cousin when he went on active duty. A V-8 and bucket seats, good enough for high school.

    62 Triumph TR-4 - The first car I actually shopped for. Had about 30 minutes of stick time on a stick until the day I drove it home. The top usually came down whenever the temperature got above 50 degrees in the spring - and stayed down, considering the effort to put it back up. Reliable Lucas electrics - to make it run when there was any moisture in the air, you popped the bonnet, snapped off the distributor cap, and dried the rotor and contacts. Worked every time, until one rainy day caught in beach traffic on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The car stalled, I pulled the distributor cap, and it promptly fell apart in my hands. Friendly glares from other drivers as traffic was stopped in both directions while I was towed off the bridge.

    66 Corvair Monza 4-speed - The poor man's Porsche. Lively, fun car with good zip for having only 110 bhp (about the same as a 2002). Won my class in my first and only autocross. Got shortened by a couple of feet one day when it became filling in a 4-car sandwich. Limped to my nearest Chevy dealer, where the insurance company totaled it. Miss it still.

    66 Plymouth Satellite automatic - I needed a car.

    69 Triumph TR-250 - Interim design between the TR-4 (body) and TR-6 (engine), called TR-5 in England. I think it was slower than the TR-4, but the top worked easier.

    74 Mercury Capri V-6 4-speed - My first new car. Basically a nice design hampered by a less than fully successful response to tougher air quality standards. Got me cross-country, though, occasionally at triple-digit speeds.

    67 Porsche 912 - The less-poor man's Porsche, a 911 chassis with an uprated VW engine. Racing-style 5-speed, with dogleg 1st gear and 2nd thru 5th in the H. Floor-pivoting pedals perfect for heel-and-toeing. One day, the crank snapped right in the middle. Turned out a previous owner's rebuild had a sampling of parts from virtually every German air-cooled 4-cylinder ever made. Mistake #1: Buying the car without complete records. Mistake #2: Trying to get it fixed again.

    79 VW Scirocco 5-speed - A wonderful runabout, bought new. Quick and lively, but led a checkered life. One night while on a road trip, someone broke into it and stole the aftermarket AM/FM/cassette, taking half the dashboard with it. Also, as I found out at dusk the next day, disabling the headlight switch. On another trip, I shifted into 5th and the lever promptly sank into the floor, down to its pseudo-golfball knob. After the initial shock, I found that I could change gears by pulling the lever up, shifting as normal, then tucking it back into its retracted position, which was enough to get me home. One night, on a fast sweeper between two interstates, I hit a patch of snow melt that had run across the road and refrozen. I lost it, tried to correct, hit dry pavement, overcorrected, and hit the guardrail head-on. The insurance company would pay in full only if I had it towed to a cut-rate shop they specified. The ensuing rebuild was butchered, and sadly the car was never the same again.

    82 Datsun 280ZX 5-speed - Bought almost new as a demo w/4,000 miles, still owned today. Forget what most of them look like now (two-tone rust and primer with dayglo wipers), and what they represent (a bridge between the landmark original 240Z and the regrettable first-gen 300ZX) - I love my Z. It performs well, has never let me down (even the stupid gimmicks like the vocalized warning system still work), and according to comments from a succession of strangers over 20 years, it's beautiful. I even like the much-maligned glass T-tops, which when off aren't as good as a lowered convertible top, but when on make the cockpit bright and airy. Unfortunately, when it became a third car and was forced to live outside, the body rot accelerated. I'm now in the middle of an amateur cosmetic resto.

    49 Vintage Wife, Champagne Edition - Who brought into the marriage the 83 Volvo GLT I helped her buy when we were dating. Solid, fun, best long-distance runner I've ever had (the car, but come to think of it, the wife too). But when it lunched its second turbocharger, it was time to go (car, not wife).

    From this point on, some cars are owned concurrently.

    89 Honda Civic AWD Wagon 5-speed - Our mini-ute, versatile and reliable. The AWD was worth the price just for one winter alone, when the suburban back roads where we live were coated with hardpack snow and ice for weeks. Nothing could stop the Honda. Finally, it started to seem too thrashy, and we traded it.

    91 Nissan Maxima SE automatic - Ten years of yeoman service, although it started costing a lot toward the end.

    74 Corvette L82 4-speed Coupe - My early midlife-crisis car, an utter frivolity that somehow I was able to justify buying. The blunt instrument of sports cars, an original low-mileage example of an unloved year. A blast to drive; even with c. 1974 emissions controls, the engine was strong in its 4-bbl. V-8 way. Bimmer owners have nothing on Vette owners for fanaticism - see July C/D. They wave at each other when passing on the road (reminiscent of Triumph drivers flashing our lights at each other), although I observed some drivers of late-models either too ignorant or too cool to return my wave. When the wife finally decided that owning four cars was excessive, I sold it, tear in eye, for about what I paid.

    98 Volvo V-70 AWD Wagon automatic - Bought as a company exec car off the dealer's lot, still owned. A solid, versatile, reasonably reliable car, but the AWD viscous clutch exacts a great weight penalty and the car is too slow.

    01 BMW 530iA SPP - Picked up new in Munich last July. In most ways, a formidable car, the high-water mark of my automotive life. In one critical area, though, every preceding car exceeded it. It suffers from sticky-pedal syndrome, the accelerator being impossible to operate smoothly mainly in hot weather. Per BMWNA, a fix is supposed to happen any day. There is also a fault either with the drive-by-wire system (I'm hoping that the pedal replacement will fix it) or the slushbox, which manifests as hesitation (like turbo lag) under part-throttle acceleration. The tranny has already been repaired once and works better than before. But the combination of sticky gas pedal and dead spot in throttle response has brought me full circle, feeling like a kid trying to learn to drive a stick smoothly. If the sticky pedal replacement doesn't cure both problems,
  • JingleJillJingleJill Posts: 120
    I ended up ordering with John Roberts in Austin. They wanted to play in the "game" and when my husband and I orginally drove up there for some test drives, we liked the salesman. No pressure. Even had us drive a used M3 that he knew we had no interest in purchasing.

    So, when I decided to buy, I called him and asked if he wanted to "play" the game. He called back right away and in about 3 minutes we had a deal.

    As for black on black in Texas...what can I say. I do not like light interior color cars. I had black leatherette on my 330i and I liked it. The leather is not worth the $$$ for me. My 330i was also silver and I don't want to add another one to the road. So, a dark color it is. I do like the Topaz blue, but I think it might get old after a while.

    I think I need to go find another orient blue and black in person to make my final decision. I guess I should call the dealer and see when I have to have my mind made up.

    I just found out yesterday that I'll be out of town for 6 weeks while my "baby" is being produced and shipped, etc... That should help alleviate my impatience. I just need to make sure they can hold the car for a week or two until I get back.

    I guess I'll play the car game too.

    1984/85 Mazda 626 (my mother bought it to get me to high school and back)

    1989 Honda Civic. (great car but was totalled in an accident, which was not my fault)

    1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R (great pocket still in the family)

    2001 330i (what can you say)

    2003 Acura TL-S (if you've read my postings...sold it after 6 was no BMW)

    1991 Mazda Miata (my "toot toot" car)

    2002 325ci (on order)

    2002 Dodge Ram Quad Cab (hubby's ride)
  • sunnybrooksunnybrook Posts: 74
    Ok, here is how my car buying experience stacks up:

    1999 - Purhcased used '96 Mazda 626. One of the biggest POS ever. Transmission failed twice which made a bent rim, exploded water pump, and engine fire look minor

    Feb to June 2002 - rented bright green '97 Ford escort with yellow interior while waiting for new BMW. Let's never speak of this rental again.

    June 2002- '02 BMW 325i. This car is simply awesome. Hopefully i never will have to buy another car for 10+ years.
  • twoof1twoof1 Posts: 308
    First let me preface this list with 3 comments
    1. I'm really not THAT old (41)
    2. I drive a ton of miles and beat up cars pretty fast.
    3. This list is for my wife (of 17 years) and me.

    1961 Chevy Nova II wagon (inline 6)
    1976 Plymouth Arrow Coupe
    1982 Mazda 626 Coupe
    1984 Honda Civic
    1988 Ford Escort GT
    1990 Honda CRX SI (pocket rocket)
    1992 Honda Accord Coupe
    1992 Acura Legend Coupe (Rare 5-speed manual)
    1994 Isuzu Rodeo
    1995 Nissan Maxima
    1996 Isuzu Trooper
    1998 Volvo V70 Cross country Wagon
    1998 Mitsubishi Diamante
    2000 BMW Z3 (The fever sets in!)
    2001 Volvo V70 T5 wagon
    2001 BMW 325i (inline 6 just like my very first car)
    2002 Mercury Mountaineer
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    Where in the Poconos were you? My mother lives on the east side (Bushkill Falls/Dingman's Ferry area) and my in-laws have a "cabin" (it's got a dishwasher?) on the west end (Jack Frost/Big Boulder area). If you were on the east end, did you end up on any of the roads through the Delaware State Forest? They are incredible!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I hate to tell you this, but most O'fest concours participants spend ten hours on their car the night before the concours, and they probably spend 30-40 hours for the week. Good luck regardless.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735

    Okay, which dealers have decent online inventory? I'm trying to find the Euro front bumper thing to get rid of my license plate version. Pacific, Cutter, ???

  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850

    these are my two personal favorites. I do not know, however, if they have what you seek. Good luck.

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    for the circlebmw. I had forgotten about that. I think I found the part, but it is listing for a 323 instead of the 325. I'll probably call and verify.

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,595
    But many of you already know how young (and impressionable;) I am. Here goes:

    My first car (also my first new car) was a 1992 Chevrolet Beretta GT. White/Grey w/ white mesh style wheels (think 530i SP wheels, but white). I won't bore you with all of the details about electrical problems (Power windows & Rear defogger wouldn't work silmultaneously), AC problems (O rings, EVapoator Core), faulty dimmer switch, 3 exhaust systems, broken driver's window (for 18 months including a nasty Ithaca, NY winter in which it was stuck down for a week), and finally a camshaft that needed to be replaced at 61,000 miles (The 3rd lobe down wore). I sold it in March 1998.

    When I graduated college (or I was about to), I leased a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport (Black/Grey Leather) for 2 years. The only problem I ever had was the dealer installed alarm that kept breaking. 2 years/24,000 miles nothing should have gone wrong!

    A few months before the lease was up on my Explorer, I decided I no longer needed a 4WD vehicle. I was living in Manhattan at the time and needed a car for road trips, weekends,... SO my parents told me that if I got a car with FWD or AWD & an auto transmission that they would split the lease payments with me. December 1999 I took deliver of a 2000 Saab 9-3. Wonderful car to lease, hasn't given me any problems.

    After contemplating how I could get myself into a 325Ci for many months, the practical side of me stepped in and said "hey, you're 26 and don't need a BMW right now." So I found a leftover 2001 Honda Prelude Type SH which I took deliver of at the end of April. I plan on keeping the Honda for a long time and eventually retiring it to 3rd car duty.

    Thanks for listening!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • eengstroeengstro Posts: 16
    I'm young, but I guess I'll jump in here too:

    '75 Pontiac Grand Prix: A typical '70s GM float, this was my college car. Everyone called it the "pimpmobile", even though the 8-track was broken and it couldn't get me dates.

    I drove it all over CA for 5 years, from the Oregon border to San Diego, and it "only" stranded me twice (my rule regarding road trips in this car: "Wear comfortable shoes"). The most serious problem suffered in town was a failed master cylinder (that was fun). I was not above attacking the vinyl top with a razor knife, or fixing rust spots with a belt sander and a can of cheap spray paint.

    College is a place filled with kids who have everything, including brand-new cars, handed to them. I was glad to even have a car, even if it was older than me. My attitude was, "Yeah, it's a POS, but I'm proud of the fact that I'm not a rich, spoiled brat." :-)

    I sold it to my idiot cousin for $300, who promptly gave it to his crackhead girlfriend and stiffed me $200. (I should have known better...) When I received word that the radiator had blown, stranding said girlfriend in downtown Stockton, I laughed hysterically, chalked it up to car-ma, and called it even.

    '93 BMW 325i: This is my college graduation present to myself. I drove it up the Pacific Coast Hwy the week after I graduated. (There is no better time to drive this road than a sunny day in December.) I took two things away from that trip: an appreciation that The Ultimate Driving Machine isn't just a catchphrase, and an appreciation of my limits as a driver. The BMW and I still have much history to write together.

    The only downside? I worry that I'm mistaken for a rich, spoiled brat. :-)

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