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BMW 3-Series 2005 and earlier



  • aaron330iaaron330i Posts: 136
    ...I'm not sure if that's a good thing or it important to add a bit of jealousy to the mix to add flavor?
  • aaron330iaaron330i Posts: 136
    Well the competition hasn't caught up with them, so your old Valentine is still at the top of the detector heap.
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    ... the built in K40. I was apprehensive, but it turned out to be every bit as good. I do miss the bogey counter! But total stealth, just a small dial for volume and city/highway and a couple of LEDs for reference. I'd say it's tops!
  • willygleewillyglee Posts: 8
    Can anyone recommend good floor mats. I am looking for something to catch the dirt and wet of everyday use. There are numerous aftermarket products but I want something that fits the car. 2001.5 330I (grey interior).
  • jfedor1jfedor1 Posts: 39
    I put a deposit down on leasing a 330i on Thursday, and just changed it to buying a 325i. (long story).
    I'd like to know how I would track it. I hear people talking about the status of the car but I have no idea where I would go to track that.
    I know it will be produced week 30. I don't know what that means.

    Thank you

  • hawkberthawkbert Posts: 21
    If you're looking at an MP3/CD player, get the Rio Volt. It's generally accepted as the best MP3/CD player out there right now. If you have a tape player, you can use a car kit to connect it, and then operate it with the included remote.

    If you want even more storage, check out the Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox. It comes with a 6GB hard drive (but is still the same size as a CD player), so it can hold a *ton* of music. I'm not sure if it has a remote, though.
  • jnscheongjnscheong Posts: 66
    Once you have the production number (you dealer will be able to provide it to you), you can track your car's status either by telephone or through the internet.

    The phone number for BMWNA is 800-831-1117.

    The URL for BMWNA is

    Go to Owner's Circle and sign up.

    Production week tells you the approximate week of the year that your car will go into production. In your case, your car should go into production in the week of 7/23.


  • lochnesslochness Posts: 1
    I put down a deposit today on a beautiful charcoal 325i but I live in the frozen northeast and spend lots of time driving in snow. Does anyone have experience driving in snow and how does the car handle? I could wait 3 months or so for the 325xi but I really loved this one. Thanks for any input you might have!
  • dremptdrempt Posts: 31
    Why a BMW? Handling, power, safety, durability, superb German engineering, luxuries, gorgeous styling, price.
  • aaron330iaaron330i Posts: 136
    The AVC Soul Player also looks like a real good MP3 player. Here's a review:

  • derprofiderprofi Posts: 250
    The AVC Soul Player is actually the same mechanism as a Rio Volt, just a different badge and plastic exterior. I just picked up a Volt a couple weeks back and it's great. I find it to be much more convenient than even a 6 CD changer and if you take the time to rip your MP3s properly, the sound is great (and I'm even running it through a cassette adapter--dang no-CD-havin' SLK!)

    Now I'm faced with a bit of a conundrum... I honestly prefer the styling of the 2001 330i to the 2002. I also know that I could probably have a 2001 in my grubby mitts by September for the standard discount of $1500-1600 over invoice, but I'm assuming there may not be deals on the 2002 until Christmas or next year even. So part of the equation comes down to standard equipment and whether or not it changes for 2002. I tried to download the PDF file linked on but it only lists equipment packages for the 5er and Z8. Anyone know what changes we'll see on standard equipment and/or pricing for 2002?
  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    Here's what I remember from the order sheet for the '02 3ers:

    - In-dash CD will be standard (replacing current cassette) Yay!!!
    - Xenon headlight option consists of bi-xenons (high and low beams) vs. current low-beam only
    - Sport package will include clear lenses and the M3 steering wheel (common upgrades for owners of '01 cars desiring a sportier look)
    - Rear side airbags will be standard
    - Run-flat tires will be optional on 330i (but not available with Sport Package)
    - 325 with Sport Package gets new wheel styling
    - Natural Brown leather replaces Tanin Red leather as an option
    - Electric Red replaces Bright Red as an exterior color
    - Light Yellow Metallic and Sienna Red are phased out as exterior colors

    Probably more that I missed out on. Note that there is no word on pricing yet, although I doubt that base prices will increase given the competitive market pressures. All this is great for the consumer.
  • parumpparump Posts: 65
    I am interested in tinting my car windows (sides and back) to reduce heat absorption - not specifically to darken the windows.

    One tint place recommended Hanita cold steel 70%. The tint darkening effect is minimal and supposedly provides excellent blockage of infrared radiation.

    Does anyone have experience with this product or general tinting recommendations?

    Thanks in advance.
  • bingusabingusa Posts: 22
    then click the new 7 series.
    It certainly will have much influence and set the direction for the 2002 and future 3 series.
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    I concur with Savanna thats as suthurn as it gets ;).

    02 changes: i like the option changes, but not the new nose, ill be keeping the '99 for a while now ;).

  • bingusabingusa Posts: 22
    When will the 2002 3er's be available for ordering? Do dealers have the 2002 photos, brochures, and order sheets already? Since the 2002 MY production will begin on 9/1, when do you think the beginning of delivery in US would be. Thanks.
  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    I believe that the first US deliveries of '02 cars will be in late October.

    Official BMW photos were just released this week, as was the order sheet. Brochures are probably still 1-2 months out.

    Given that the order sheets are available, you can probably place an order for an '02. Final pricing will have to wait until the numbers are released. (I suppose though that you could place an order at MSRP, or some fixed amount over dealer invoice, if the dealer is willing.)
  • dremptdrempt Posts: 31
    It's 2:30 am and I'm reading this board. Oh boy. Anyway... Jerry's E46 Pickup Checklist says that US models don't come with MedKit/traffic triangle. Does anybody know why?

    Also, how do you guys post pix here? Can't find the attachment button.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    drempt, the Town Hall help file (see link on left sidebar) gives directions on how to post pictures within a message. Just keep in mind that you can only use the "img src" tags to post pictures for which you own the copyright. Otherwise, you can provide links to pictures (as long as the host site does not object).

    Hope this helps.

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  • See my post 6432. There's a couple of other posts around it that also discussed tinting. Hope this helps.
  • derprofiderprofi Posts: 250
    Thanks Platypus. I caught up on some old messages and realized that this had already been answered so my apologies to all for not RTFM.

    Re: the feature changes, ouch! I like the sound of the CD, bi-xenons, rear airbags and natural brown leather (hopefull similar to the baseball glove leather on the Audi's) and these option changes make my decision between '01 and '02 that much harder.

    The clear lenses on SP I don't feel too strongly about because I think a splash of yellow looks very nice on most of the body colors. However the apparent narrowing of the headlights the change on the "corner of the eyelid" from triangular to oval is something I really wish they had not done. Platypus, I'm actually comparing your ED pix to the new ones from BMW and those little yellow corners on yours just look SO much better. Anyone think there's a chance there will be a backlash against the new '02 styling as there was with the boosted steering and that BMW will give in and go back or offer a retrofit? :) Yeah, I figured not.

    I almost wish I had gone ahead with my planned May purchase so that I wouldn't have to be dealing with this right now! I know, I is real tough when one of your biggest worries is choosing between an '01 3er and an '02 :)
  • parumpparump Posts: 65
    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I am searching for information concerning tint material that blocks infrared radiation. Although many websites feature tints that block the uv portion of the spectrum, few tints appear to block infrared radiation with minimal darkening of the windows.

    I have learned about two different products that block infrared radiation without a significant penalty in window darkness.

    The first is vkool. Their website does not have a valid e - mail link, and I understand that there have been problems with delamination of the film.

    The second is Solar Zone cool steel 70%. Evidently, Mercedes uses a similar product that is incorporated during the manufacture of the window glass. From the outside, it has a slightly green - yellow appearance.

    Bottom Line: I am seeking positive feedback about infrared blocking films - especially when the tinter is charging $550 for five windows - yikes!
  • eugeug Posts: 46
    I'm looking for the same info. Edmunds has a tinting forum also. You may find more info there.

    As I've posted earlier in the week, V-Kool is at

    Huper Optik, is the another manufacture that makes IR and UV reflecting tints. They use a ceramic coating vs. metal coating. They seem to have a bigger selection than v-kool.

    Let me know if you find more info. I haven't found an installer that uses it yet.

  • platypusplatypus Posts: 192
    Clears are a personal preference. I like them, but only on certain colors. I am planning at some point to put them on my Titanium Silver 330i. Here's a link (not my car) with some great pics of a TS '01 330i SP with clears -->

    I prefer the '01 styling for the reasons I mentioned in a previous post, but I'm probably biased since I just got my car.
    What colors are you leaning towards?

    Whatever choice you make, you're right - life's not that bad when your troubles are which 330i to buy. ;-)
  • carpevinocarpevino Posts: 24
    I know this was discussed previously but here it goes again. Any solutions to the sticky/stiff gas pedal. At first it wasn't too bad but now it is a bit dangerous. Rabbit like starts in heavy traffic. 330i step 2001.
  • kiskikiski Posts: 17
    Thanks for the input. Did you do this through the dealership? Cost? I am inclined to try this option in the 330i and see how it goes, luckily money is not a big issue as I want one unit in each car. I still have the Valentine in the Lexus that can also be used by my wife in her Accord.
  • tchootchoo Posts: 93
    Just wanted to share an experience a good friend of mine had with his Valentine1. He was going 90 on the Masspike (I-90) 2 weeks ago when he was pulled over by a trooper using laser. The Valentine1 never detected it. Not even when the trooper was 10 feet in front. Of course this is not a problem with the valetine. No radar detector is effective against the pencil thin beam of a laser. They are getting very common here in Mass. For regular radar though, the V1 is great, you can tap your BMW's universal transmitter power plug for it and avoid messy wires to your cigarette ligher. As for myself, I'm buying a Passport 8500, its cheaper, and its almost as good as the V1. No directional arrows though.
  • gurumikegurumike Posts: 442
    I had a local specialist do it. I've had them do my last six cars and they're familiar with these cars. I would recommend looking for a professional stereo shop for that type of install.
  • j330ij330i Posts: 27
    I just ordered my 330i yesterday. I got the in dash CD, metallic paint, SP, PP, and Xenon. MSRP for this was 39910, invoice was 35880. I also got lug locks, floor mats, and extended maintenance plan. I paid 38000. Hoe does this compare to other deals?
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