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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,722
    I believe it has been debated in many posts here whether the advertising fee is legit or not. See the dealer advertising link when looking under the Sienna True Market Value page for more info. I was quoted a price without an advertising fee on one Sienna, and a $600 fee on another. My opinion is it is bogus and is thrown in to boost profit margin on a hot moving van. Does anyone know if Toyota has this advertising fee on their other lines?
  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    Accept 25 not 250. a demo maybe?
  • lao1lao1 Posts: 5
    Thank you.
    Was told that it came from West Virgina.
    I am near Philly. Is it too late to do anything?
  • yaniyani Posts: 1
    Does anyone has got a good deal on Sienna XLE FWD in Washington or Oregon area? I checked with one dealer and he is not ready to come down from MSRP.
  • st. louis dealers are impossible. don't waste your time.
  • ram1ram1 Posts: 3

    We are looking to buy the exact same vechile. 2004 Sienna LE with BW package. I am in New Jersey but dont mind going to Conicelli Toyota to pick the vechile. Can you give me the name of the sales person you worked with there. THANKS. I will pay cash for the vechile and think that you got a great deal getting the van at invoice price.
  • A vehicle with 250 miles could have just been dealer traded, a practice that is not unusual to get a vehicle you would like to purchase to where you would like to purchase it. A demo would have a lot more miles.
  • ram1ram1 Posts: 3
    We are looking to buy 2004 Sienna LE with BW package. I am in New Jersey but dont mind going to Conicelli Toyota in Philly to pick the vechile. Can you give refer me to the person you worked with you there. THANKS.

    If anyone else in NJ has bought a 2004 Sienna LE at near invoice price, please let me know the dealership name and whom to contact. Thanks.
  • Toyota and all other manufacturers charge dealerships and advertising fee according to which region of the country they are in. This fee is included in the invoice price of a vehicle as a seperate line. When the dealership pays off the vehicle to the manufacturer, they have to pay the invoice price.
  • 250 miles on the odometer is brand-new enough for me. Dealer probably traded it with another, and didn't want to pay for trucking--so it was driven instead. If you weren't told ahead of time, I'd ask for a free oil change or similar. It's not a huge deal, especially on a mass-produced 'commodity' vehicle like a Sienna LE.
  • ram1ram1 Posts: 3
    We are looking to buy the exact same vechile. 2004 Sienna LE with BW package. I am in New Jersey but dont mind going to Conicelli Toyota to pick the vechile. Can you give me the details who helped you on this sale. THANKS. I will pay cash for the vechile and think that you got a great deal getting the van at invoice price.
  • Ram1,

    If you click on my user name you can find out my email address. Send me an email and I will send over the contact info.

  • davenowdavenow Posts: 171
    ...ask for some kind of additional perc, like maybe first couple of years oil changes or something comparable...
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter is looking for consumers who have traded in a paid-off older vehicle for a new(er) one. Did you trade in because of repair costs, or worries about reliability or safety? Was the peace of mind worth the cost (payments, depreciation)?

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  • Anybody know any descent dealers in connecticute??? Inventory is very low in this state, would mind buying from any where in the tri state area, if u guys know any good dealers in massachusetts, or new jersey or nyc area, let me know. thanks!!!
  • Hi,

    I plan to buy a Sienna XLE with package 12 (FR) plus NAV. I don't care for DVD entertainment. Is that possible to get this configuration? I found NAV always goes with DVD entertainment system. Is it true?

    Thanks in advance!

  • We just got a GREAT rate with TFS.

    Both times (last week and 3 year ago) we used them for purchases (can not speak about their leasing program) they beat the best Lending Tree rate by at least half a point.

    Double check the rate with a few other sources to be sure. We used Lending Tree both times and took the lowest rate (minus a few 1/10s) to the dealer and said they had to beat the rate. Both times we got deals from TFS that beat the rate.
  • We had been looking for the 2004 Sienna with the BZ package and was offered a 2005 with the same package. Beware of this because the packages have changed with the 2005 model. For instance the 2005 BZ package does not include the JBL 10 speaker stereo.

    Both BX and BZ for 2005 have added the following:

    vehicle stability with traction control
    rear disc brakes
    daytime running lights
    windshield wiper de-icer grid
    8 way power driver seat
    While these have been added you have not lost any of the other options with package BX. You will still have the following options:

    Trip computer/Homelink
    Power Right side passenger door
    rear audio
    JBL with 10 speakers cd/cass stereo
    16" alloy wheels
    DVD entertainment system
    2 115 volt outlets
    driver passenger side impact airbags
    all 3 row side curtain airbags
  • Dear Spiker,
    My daughter wants to know if you all play volleyball. But I want to know even more whether or not your Toyota dealer told you WHEN the '05 Sienna would be available. I just now called six Toyota dealerships in Texas. Don't know whether I was talking to anyone who knew anything but these were the answers I got to the question "When will the '05 Sienna be available?"
    1. About 4 weeks.
    2. Spring of 2005
    3. 30 to 60 days
    4. We really don't know so we won't even guess
    5. Late November
    6. No idea but if you put down a non-refundable deposit we'll make sure you get the first one available.

    Naturally, when I read your post about being offered an '05 I was thinking you must have been given some idea of when you could expect it.

    Thanks if you can answer!
  • Expect a bark from Steve about salesmens' names...
  • tjrrtjrr Posts: 23

    I should be closing my used car transaction on Thursday, and now ready to purchase a new Sienna. Can you tell me who you spoke to at Marietta Toyota and what you were quoted. I was there today just window shopping and was told they would sell an XLE about 1500.00 over invoice.
    You should be able to click on my user name to get my address.
  • Just wanted to let those in CA know that I got a great deal on a sienna LE Package 6 from North County Toyota in Anaheim, CA. The price was $25500 plus tax and lic. fees. They also offered a package 4 at $24500.

    Other dealers claimed they couldn't go lower than $26,900. Be aware other dealers in California tend to inflate their prices. Longo Toyota in El Monte and Toyota of Santa Barbara, especially. Buena Park Toyota also mentioned that they would give me a $1000 over invoice, so I continued dealing with them. Once they got one in, it went up to $1500 over invoice.

    Please contact me for further information.
  • Hi abates75,
    Can you email me the name of the salesperson you dealt with? I've been looking for that price but can't find anyone willing to let go at that price. I need a car in a hurry too. Thanks.
  • Ok, this is my second attempt to post this message. I wrote a long one and when I hit spell check it was all deleted..ugh.
    Here I go again and there will be spelling errors because I will not do that again. We just arrived back from our drive to Florida in our new Sienna and it was awesome! I love my car! Someone asked how I negotiated invoice? I called every dealer in area till I found someone who would agree to sell me at invoice then did the deal.I also double checked after the quote with other dealers on same car to make sure it was the invoice price. The deal was at Texas Toyota in Grapevine. Some asked for more detail on the purchase so here it is (by the way..this is my first new car!!!)
    XLE fwd 7 passenger
    package #19- only way to have this car in my opinion after our roadtrip..nav is awesome, dvd with wireless headphones priceless for my kids. They are as excited about the car as I am- it was so fun to see their faces!
    50 state emissions
    leather seats, all side,driver,front and curtain airbags, sunshades, power tilt slide moonroof, 3rd row cutain airbags, R17 wheels, cass/cd 10 speaker, rear entertainment, with wireless headphones, rear seat audio, dvd based nav with touch screen
    extra mile option package C
    Custom tape stripe, cargo net, first aid kit, nightvision mirror, glass break sensor, carpet mat and door sill protector, wheel locks, road hazard, roadside assistance-no chg,extra mile life on tires 6yr/100,000, and a hitch
    paid invoice plus tax, title, license..period.
    good deal? I think it was. :-)
  • Just (9/3/04)picked up my wife's XLE Limited, AWD w/DVD and NAV... for $2500 under MSRP--I called numerous dealers and this was the best. The transaction was great, I went throguh the Leasing Manager and Sales manager at McGee Toyota in Hanover MA, worth the drive from NY
  • We spent May shopping for a minivan, with the goal of buying on the 31st. Mostly we shopped online and narrowed it down to a 7-seater Sienna LE, white with stone interior. I heard Longo in El Monte had the best deals so I started emailing with a salesman there. He said he had one minivan with a scratch so we couldn't take it that night but they'd deliver it that week after they repaired it.

    I offered $22,500 for an LE with I believe the Option 4 (very basic) package. It was a Friday night and that was about the only way we would drive an hour north to El Monte. The salesman said if I made it before closing, he'd do it.

    When we got there, we went for a ride and then back to the cubicle. When we decided we didn't want the extended warranty, we got to price, and he said he never said he'd accept that price. We went back and forth and finally I made him look at our email correspondence. He still maintained he couldn't sell it for that and offered us a CE 8-seater for that price.

    We walked, very upset at wasting our night.

    The next morning I emailed the General Manager of the dealership along with the El Monte Better Business Bureau. I heard back from the GM quite soon who said if they offered that price in writing, they'd stand by that price.

    And they did. A week later they delivered our Sienna. I've been totally delighted with it. The only thing I don't like is the rear hatch. It's very VERY heavy to close.

    Otherwise, we're totally happy--and very happy with the price we got.

    One thing I learned re: shopping online: keep records of your emails with salesmen!
  • I will be moving back to the States after a few years overseas and need to buy a new van. I've saved up, so I am not looking for financing. I would like to buy a Sienna LE8 package 7, but I may be forced by budget constraints to get a CE8 package 3. I'd like to stay under $26K. Anyone know of any deals in Oregon? I could also buy in Washington, but the sales tax would mean that I would need an even better deal there. I'll be moving back and looking to buy in early November.
  • just heard that the 2005 LE will be avaiable with power seats as an option
    once the 2005s start rolling in, will dealers still be holding on to their 2004s like they are gold
    tried to buy an LE with AM, C4 and destination today for $23,654 which is the dealer invoice including their TDA and $6 gas charge
    dealer said i insulted him and would not even counter, salesman said i would need to add another $1,000 lets see what happens when the 2005s roll in
    i have been offered a 2005 with AM and power seats for $25,500
    waiting to get my price may be a long time
    bought a highlander last year and did not pay TDA or a $6 gas charge
    it's true, supply and demand
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,722
    Good for you inkmama! It's salesmen like that, that give salesmen a worse name than they already have. I hope the GM took whatever money they lost on the deal out of salesman paycheck. $22,500 for an LE with Pkg 4 is about $1,300 under invoice. KA-CHING!
  • I have an agreement for an LE, 8-passenger, package 7, for $26.145 from Dartmouth Toyota, Dartmouth, Mass. They ordered it for us from the factory in early August and it's due in this Friday or early next week.
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