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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    The ES 330s have been in for a few weeks now. But the inventory seems very low, at least at my dealer. Also at my dealer nearly all the 330s are sold before they arrive.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Oh, yes the ES330 is the car everyone wants and "we can't keep 'em on the lots" yada yada.

    It's common for the new models to initially arrive at the dealers in smaller shipments.
    It isn't that the ES330 is that "super hot" of a car.

    The new engine should spark more interest, but I think it will take some styling tweaks in 2006 for it attract much more sales at this point.
  • "jragosta, the only ones listed are the ES 300 prices paid discussion, and the "was not told about ES330 - deceived?" discussion. Those are not the main discussions about this vehicle, this one is"

    That's exactly my point. This topic is in the wrong place. It should have been moved to the ES330 area weeks ago.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    jragosta, I understand what you mean, now. There are only about forty-eleven ways to get to a discussion these days and the term "board" means different things in different contexts and to different people.

    I have asked what does it take to get this discussion to show up on 2004 ES 330 new vehicle page that you linked above. I'll let you know what I find out.

    (who is your new host, now that this discussion has been moved from the Town Hall Future Vehicles message board to the Town Hall Sedans message board!)
  • Thanks.
  • Is it true that if you have a navigation system it is not advisable to tint the windows as it may interfere with it's performance ?
  • I believe that the gps attenna for the NAV sytem is in the roof of the car above the headliner. I don't see tinted windows having any effect unless it mitigates your seeing street signs at night so that you can't reconcile "ground truth" with what the NAV system is telling you. :>)
  • To All,

    I took delivery of a gorgeous new ES330 yesterday from Lexus in Los Angeles. I then drove it back home to Henderson, Nevada (dealers in Vegas jack prices up way high). The ride was beautiful and was pretty uneventful until about half-way to Vegas I had three lights come on: Check Engine Light, VSC light, and VTRAC OFF light.

    Now I know what you are thinking, and no I wasn't driving like a maniac to Vegas. I took it pretty easy, changing speeds to allow a nice break-in.

    Anyone experience problems like this before with either a new ES330 or even the ES300? Are things like this normal when buying a new luxury car. This is my first (finally!) and I never had problems like this when I was driving a Jetta.


    Ansy to drive my new car, but it's already in the shop!
  • It is standard on all Toyota SUV and available for camry and alike. If you buy over 500,000 life insurance for your love one, wait and pay $500 so you have less chance making them get paid.
  • Man, what a tough break.

    A small percentage of new cars will have problems. For Lexus, it's under 1% of new cars. You can find ratings on various places, but Lexus rates #1 in terms of best new car quality.

    Even so, that doesn't mean problem free. You got one with a problem. Fortunately, Lexus also rates very highly in dealer satisfaction, so it's very likely that the problem will be solved to your satisfaction.

    In the future, though, I'd be inclined to get your quote from a distant dealer (or or another site) and ask your local dealer to match it. They may not do so, but there are likely to be fewer hard feelings about fixing a car they didn't sell you. I gave my local dealer a price from a dealer 300 miles away and he matched it without hesitation.

    Good luck in getting your problem resolved soon.

    For what it's worth, once you get the car back, you'll love it. Of all the cars I've owned, my ES330 is the first one I've really loved.
  • I have an answer!

    Your light situation has happened to my mom's 2003 Avalon once and it just happened today! The last time those three lights came on, it was because her fuel cap wasn't screwed on tight enough (or the door wasn't shut, but I'm 99% sure it's the first one). For some reason, if you don't get it to click when screwing it on, the car will turn these lights on. In order to remedy it, she mentioned something about dealing with a fuse to reset it. Call your Lexus/Toyota dealer and mention this and see what they make of it.
  • Does the new ES 330 have the transmission problem?
  • Is it true that if you don't get the VSC option (not in any pre-intalled option package; has to add it separately?) you don't get TCS either? I have a option 3 pack (NAV/ML and ...) but I never see these TCS lights on even when turning the key. I know it does not have VSC but I thought it'd have some basic TCS.... Guess not or the basic one is built in w/o control switch/light?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    In order to have traction control you must also get Vehicle Stability Control. They are packaged together as an option. You can't have one without the other.
  • Looks like in Cal. most ES just don't come with it and most people don't ask for it....
  • I live in Houston and just leased a brand new 2004 ES 330. What a beautiful car! I got it fully loaded and I think after driving this car, I will not be inclined to look at another since this car has all the features and upgrades that a driver could ask for. I pick it up Friday.
  • Does anyone know if the 2004 ES has a tire pressure monitoring system? I believe it's required on 10% of '04s, increasing each year thereafter (35% '05s, 65% '06s, 100% '07s), per the U.S. federal "TREAD" act mentioned here:
    --unless this bit of the act has been deferred or postponed. If so, is it a direct or indirect system? If not, has anyone had one of these TPMSs after-market installed on their car? And, does it work well and was it worth it?
  • I am having CD player problem lately. It has difficulty loading/unloading CDs. The first 4 CDs were loading and playing just fine yet the 5th one was stucked during the loading process. I took it to a dealership and they replaced the whole unit but was broken again only after one day of use. It used to work flawlessly for the past year. I am wondering if anybody had experienced the similar problem and would appreciate very much for your suggestions.

    In addition, I have also updated the transmission
    and it did remedy the slight shuttering problem during gear shift quite a bit.
  • smabensmaben Posts: 2
  • Anyone installed door edge molding or the like on your Lexus to protect car doors from chipping? Does Lexus actully supply that kind of parts? I am not sure if these molding things will get to the paint by itself anyway.
  • esaodesaod Posts: 4
    Has anyone had luck finding nice well fitting all weather mats for the 2003 ES. I bought the generic "cut to fit" ones last winter but they were still not a great fit and look cheap. The ones I saw on the internet say they are made for this car but the diagram shows a cut out for the left foot rest that doesn't appear that it would fit well.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    Will they ever make an ES330 based coupe (Lexus version of the Solara)?
    The SC is the only Lexus coupe, but the tiny back seat and high price removes it from consideration.
    The styling of the ES330 is so frumpy and the IS is so cramped, 90's-looking and un-Lexus-like.
    I imagine Lexus will update the styling of the ES330 for the 2006 model year, but there is only so much improvement you can expect from new head and tail lights.
    A sexily-styled Lexus coupe in the same price range as the ES330 should be a hit.
  • Test drove the new 2004 TL last night and what a difference in the ride, handling, and features from my 99 TL. Just sold my 99 TL and now I have to make a decision on what I want to buy. I was offered 31,444.00 for the ES330 with six disc CD changer, wheel locks, and cargo net included. I am just not sold on the new ES body but it being a Lexus, I know there would be a certain status to it. Then again, I love the new TL, but would have to pay MSRP of 33,125.00, but has so many more features for the money and an unbelievable sound system with new DVD audio, DTS 5.1. Help me decide.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    How can someone else tell you what you prefer? They're both good cars. Take another long test ride in both and go with your heart.
  • sortersorter Posts: 146
    The TL looks sharp outside, but it doesn't impress me more than anything the Mustang can offer. In term of interier, personally I like the woods in the lexus, and the over-all up scale feel of it. I don't think the TL interier is any better than any "sporty" family sedan priced at the $25k range. And there are many other choices out there if you really like the "features". TL is trying too hard to be a BMW, with the $33k price tag, it is not wise to lose those prefer luxury over 0-60.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Lexus will freshen the styling of the ES in 2005 (this has already been stated by Lexus) and then completely redo the car in 2007.

    There will not be any coupe based on the ES. A FWD coupe in this price range would be particularly bad since most buying a coupe would want a RWD performance car (notice the FWD Acura CL was dropped because of poor sales after only three years).

    Your opinion of the ES looking frumpy is interesting. I happen to love the look of the ES. Many friends who have the last ES tell me how much more upscale and substantial my car looks compared to the last one. I guess to each his own.

    As for the coupe, there WILL be an IS coupe when the car is redesigned about one year from now (as well as a convertible I believe). This, too, has been confirmed by Lexus. You should wait a year as this may be the car you're looking for.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    If people are able to deal with the front drive in the ES330 sedan, they should be able to deal with it in a coupe if they are buying for looks and comfort (and a reasonable sub $35K price), not skidpad and drag race performance.
    The ones buying for performance, would get the IS coupe or a G35 coupe and those looking for a Mercedes coupe alternative would get an SC.
    I think the current ES330 looks like it was designed for an older driver (like people who cross shopped the car with Toyota Avalons rather than BMWs and Acuras) than the previous 2001's. Maybe, you could call it "upscale," but it has zero sportiness to it. On the other hand, the IS300 is too sporty, unrefined and "Toyota-like" for being a Lexus.
    The Lexus GS blends sportiness and luxury well sort of the way BMW and Acura do, but it is in a different price class than the ES.
    Oh well, if they have already decided against a coupe too bad.
    Maybe the new IS sedan and coupe will be a better compromise between, sportiness, style and the expected Lexus-level of comfort than the current IS and remain in the current price range. If so, that should take care of it.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Door edge guards used to be big in the 80s but they have really fallen off the radar. Now they're used more as a dealer profit-maker on lower end cars.

    If somebody is that concerned about door chips they just seem to be more careful when they open their door. Also, the guards can vibrate over time and chip off the paint by themselves. Plus, after a few months they cannot be removed without leaving a mark.

    Not to mention the fact they are very unattractive.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I don't know what mats you looked at, but the best ones by far are the WeatherTech mats. They are practically indestructable. I still have the ones from my 1995 ES in my 2002 ES and they are as good as new. My experience is they fit fairly well since they have a different mat for each kind of car (I know others that have them as well).

    Check them out at
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    '02+ ES has clear edge molding on a portion of the rear door frames. Something similar to this material would be ideal if you want to put some sort of edge guard on the doors themselves.
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