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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    That looks like a BAT MOBILE. or a Hyundai Tuboron.
  • If that article is correct and the engine is remaining a 3.0L, that is REAL disappointing! The current car suffers from a severe lack of low end torque even with VVT-i. I don't understand what Lexus would be thinking, especially given the fact that the new Acura 3.2 TL-S is cranking out 260HP. I would be nice to see a 3.3L (ES330) or even 3.5L (ES350). Maybe they are trying to keep the gas mileage up or developing a brand new engine would have driven up the cost too much. I hope they at least go with a 5 speed automatic and make the transmission more responsive, i.e., quicker to downshift. The current transmission is a smooth one but there is at least a once second hesitation when you try to kick it down to 2nd.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    That is NOT the new ES -- it is somebody messing with existing photography. That is the exact image that was in the ES brochure a few years ago. Somebody just altered the front end. If you look at the rest of the car, including the creases on the hood where they meet the windshield, you'll see it is the current car.

    The new ES should follow other recent Lexus new cars and have the pullout door handles (this car does not have them) and either no lower cladding or cladding that is body color (this car is two-tone).

    I don't buy this picture for one minute.
  • ved3ved3 Posts: 43
    I don't think that's the new ES either.
    It doesn't look right. If it is and Lexus
    maintains the same 3.0L 210hp, I would be
    very disappointed in Lexus.

    furthermore, I believe I saw an ES pic on the
    jp site that was just like that(same background
    and front end shot) but it was the current
    ES design.

    so a strong possibility is that it's just a
    touch up. nice try!
    thanks Poomjai for sharing it. how did you find
  • I know what you're talking about with the taillights. I can do that too. I was kinda disappointed when they changed the LS's real taillights; they stayed the same for the first 10 years.
  • First-a sidenote. I have been looking for Scoop's site for a while now. Thank You

    As far as the accuracy of the pictures, Scoop is hit-and-miss, but I remember with the LS 430, they were way off, so I don't know. That other site had the picture though, so it could be accurate.

    The specs will not be accurate, because that is a Japanese site, so the specs will only apply for Japanese models. I would be really surprised if the don't put a new V6 in there.

    In relation to Scoop's accuracy, check the lexus on this page out:

    I doubt it
  • Hi

    I'm shopping for an ES 300 in the Maryland region. Any ideas on the prices paid for it ?
  • lievliev Posts: 93

    Well, but scrongo, I didn't pay attention about taillights that far back, especially, luxury cars. I have been looking at taillights 2,3 years ago. so I only can name new car models.


    I should have said that I can name newer models of cars by looking at taillights. I'm not qualify for being a state trooper yet, but may be in few years......
    That was funny, but at least your wife knew there is a company call John Deer.
  • lue5lue5 Posts: 2
    I really like the Coach Editions because of the leather seat styling. Yesterday I saw a 2001 Coach that has a half wooded steering wheel which I don't like. Does anyone know what was the last year they made a Coach with just the simple leather-covered steering wheel?

    I've been in the market for over a year looking for a new/ewer car. So far I like the Lexus ES300 because of its reliability. While the handling is okay but it doesn't really excite me like a BMW does (which I've owned but no longer want the hassles that come with it). I test drove a '01 GS300. It was nice but don't know if I would spend the extra $10K.

    Has anyone test drove the GS300? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks in advance.
  • The Coach is new for this year and the package includes the wood trimmed wheel. You won't see any usaed ones yet.

    While the Coach is nice for $300 less you can get the Nakamichi package which offers more practical accessories and deletes the wood trimmed wheel. You might have to look for a used one with that or other packages instead.

    Don't know where you live but remember the GS is rear wheel drive as opposed to ES FWD. As a Minnesota boy that rules it out for me. It's definitely tighter and better handling than the ES but surprisingly offers less room especially in the rear. Aesthetics are up to you of course. Personally even if I lived in RWD country I'd still take the ES and the extra cash but both would be far more reliable and offer better resale value than a comparable BMW, as well as being smoother and quieter over time.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    I spoke with a guy from Lexus corporate (not a salesperson) at the Chicago Auto Show over the weekend. Here's what he said on the new ES: Corporate people only have been shown a video which describes the car in detail. Specific details that the new car will definitely have are a gated shifter, pull-out door handles (like other Lexuses), optional power rear sun shade, optional nav system and optional ML stereo. He reiterated what I've heard before, that the car will be a major departure from the current one. He thought production of the car was slated to begin in early July.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Inquiring minds want to know...what kind of hassles did you have with your BMW?...what model did you have, and what makes you want to leave them?
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    The ES300 has coach editions in 96 and 99 as well. We actually have a 99 Coach Black/Ivory. Coach leather, and emblems but no wood steering wheel.
  • rugmankcrugmankc Posts: 133
    I have a 1999 Coach. Color is Antique Burnished Gold. You can only get an ES300 in that color if it is a coach. So not many out there. Has all options including VSC and Nak. Currently only 19,000 miles. No kids, pets, or smoking inside. Immaculate condition. Has the perforated seats and leather wheel. I may buy an RX300 in next few months and sell the ES. I am in Dayton OH. If interested you can send me your email address, and I will let you know if I am going to sell.

  • lue5lue5 Posts: 2
    Thanks for everyone's input.

    Regarding the hassles with my BMW:
    I've owned a 1973 2002 (bought used in 1975-1976 at the time swore I would never buy another BMW)and a 1980 320i(new) which I've kept for 14 years. As a matter of fact I've owned mostly European cars until I bought a '93 Honda (new). When I first got my 320i the speedometer was replaced at 700 miles, then at about 20k the master cylinder went out. Later it was the water pump at 30k, alternator was replaced twice before 100k, heater cable broke, electric mirror kept breaking, and always had to watch for over heating, etc. Luckily I didn't have air conditioning in it otherwise another thing could have gone wrong. Plus the BMW dealers are not the nicest bunch. I used independent mechanics. These may seem like little things but after driving a Honda (146k miles) none of those things ever happened. I sold the 320i at 130k to a friend who still drives and loves it. It was my dream car and loved driving it but now I just am not willing to deal with the maintainance. Is it a sign of age?

    BTW, I was at a BMW dealer this weekend and their attitudes still haven't changed.

    Ken, I live in the SF bay area otherwise I would want to consider your car. Dayton is a bit far.
  • I have been following this board for some time now. A local Lexus dealer told me to check out the follow as the NEW ES300:

    Click on the various links associated with this site and you will see:

    o Interior and exterior views

    o Features like

    -Lighted cupholders

    -Cameras mounted in the bumper

    -Mark Levinson stereo

    -Rear power shades

    -Parking radar?

    - and others

    I am not sure whether these are standard or optional or even if this the new ES but it is interesting to speculate.

  • lievliev Posts: 93
    What does the parking radar do? Does it detect obstructions around your car while you try to back into a parking spot? Cameras? Wow, looks like the pricet will be over 40K as someone had mentioned it before with all these features as standards.
  • Some people have expressed disapointment with the next ES300 revision not getting a new engine. Not to worry; it's pretty standard that when a redesign comes around as the last revised ES 300 in 1998 (minor), the newer engine didn't come along untill the following year.

    Car companies can usually sell out new models based soley on a fresh look. Then to keep the model fresh, they will usually add the new engine on the 2nd year of a newer revision.

    The MBZ E class did the same thing, bringing a new engine a year or two after introducing the oval head lamps. The following 3-4 years usually bring minor changes like color selection, added air bags, new tail lamps, change in the alloy wheels....
  • I challenge all of you to attempt to post GOOD reasons why the ES300 is a superior vehicle to the 2002 TL-S with 260 hp, 232 ft-lbs torque. Oh yeah, and it's coming in loaded at 31,500. And for your grease-monkeys -- the 0 - 60 times are projected at 6.4 sec. I've just gotten rid of my '94 ES300 w/ over 108K miles on it, and thank god, what a depressing, bland vehicle. Time to rock the VTEC w/ my new TL-S. Here's your challenge, talk to you soon.

  • Since you have don't you see the difference in the quality of the interior? The cheesy shiny leather. The fake wood decals. Interiors are more important than exteriors to me on a car because that's what I look at most and I'm not interested in what looks cool to others. So that would be number one for me.

    I've test driven the TL and the ES extensively. Personally I decided to spring for the A6 2.7T instead but I realize that's going to cost much more. Yep even the current TL is quicker so sure the S will be. It's also got more wind noise and a more harsh ride. Comfort is more important to me in my primary vehicle than 0-60s, which are good only for racing from lights anyway - a pastime I don't often indulge in.

    The Acura's a nice car. It has all the features you could ask for. It's reliable and drives nicely. But between the two I'd go for the Lexus for its added refinement, fit and finish and comfort.

    Your criteria could very easily be different but if sportiness and excitement are your key choices why the Acura over, say, BMW or Saab or even the Audi S4 ?
  • The parking radar is used to let you know when you are getting too close when backing into a space. It is NOT clear whether any of these are standard features are not. Just click on some of the hot links and see for yourself.
    The cameras are mounted in the ends (edges) of the bumper looking left and right. This will let you see arond corners where obstructions may hamper visability. The images are shown split screen on a large central display.
  • DMal,

    Thanks for being the first to respond. I think the TL, and even the TL-S compares best with the ES300 when considering the overall package. Comparing similarly priced entry level luxury cars (i.e. your Audi A4, Saab, BMW), their is a distinct difference in size and upfront features offered at a fixed price. For what amounts to 26,500 (the going rate for an '01 TL no Nav), the TL is a better package than the ES300. Honestly, I also think the prestige of the Lexus badge on the ES300 is dwindling along with the bland styling. I have no doubt the '02 ES300 (which I've seen projected images of) will be a stunning new look to the car that, along with the LS400, put the new luxury carmaker, Lexus, on the map in '92. However, I think they are still overpriced and unless the ES300 is gunna dump the 210 hp 3.0, and opt for more displacement, or different headers and exhaust mods, that engine isn't going to compete with your 2.7T at about 40K+. The line between luxury and fully-loaded blue collar vehicles is quickly fading, and the ES300 is caught in the middle.
  • I sure hope the Mark II shown on the Japanese
    web site is the new ES300. I think the Mark II is drop dead gorgeous. If I could confirm that the Mark II is in fact the new ES, I'd cancel my
    C320 order on the spot. Anybody know where a person could find someone with authority who might know if the Mark II is in fact the new ES?

    Thanks folks.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    Excellent post, now run along little boy and play with your V6 or was it a TL? I can't even tell anymore.
  • Um, ok Turbotc, oh and by the way, great screenname.

    You probably can't tell anymore 'cuz your breath is foggin' up the outside windows of the Acura showroom. Maybe you should save up some money and trade in your Corolla for a real sedan and quit pretending like you belong to a entry-level luxury car forum!

    I'm gunna go run to my little sand-box now and play with my little Accord like TURBOTC says!!
  • It has come to my attention, after perusing some of the previous posts, that Turbotc is the distinguished owner of the illustrious and exclusive '99 ES300 Coach edition, as well as the MB E320. He still hasn't told me why the ES300 is superior to the TL-S.

  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    You know Peter my child, I ain't even going to bother wasting my time with you. Is it that you choose a TL simply because your 2 jobs at Wendys and Burger King just simply can't afford anything better. You want to see what it's like? Take a ride to Boston with your half leather half vinyl seats and fake wood TL and I'll meet you on the highway and see what you "Accord lookalike" will do on the highway. In the meantime, try applying at your local Walmart store and maybe someday you can afford a better car than the or was it the TL? I rest my case. Adios.
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    In case you couldn't read Peter my boy. This is an ES forum for ES owners to talk about their cars. If you wanted a half vinyl half leather car we would be there joining you and the rest of the Honda folks, don't ya think. Now run along like a good little boy. Also, true the TL has more power than the ES. It will ensure you get to Burger King on time after your done at Wendys. Wouldn't wanna lose that job and have them take back the TL would you?
  • turbotc,

    You've got it all wrong my friend... While paying for your E320 and that waste of money coach edition ES, (god does it have ugly wheels), you have managed to subscribe to that great FREE internet service of NetZero. Are the bank teller checks not cutting it anymore these days? Can't find that extra $20 bucks a month for a quick and reliable ISP? Hey, do you keep gas in those cars, or do you just wash them on a regular basis. I bet they look shiny when you leave for work on the bus. Save it...
  • turbotcturbotc Posts: 163
    ........therefore I challenge you 2 boys to post pictures of what your all-mighty TLs look like. Just as a courtesy to show the folks here that you actually own one. Click below to see my ES300 Coach and MB E320. Notice the ES is very dirty from the winter weather. You two boys interested in washing it for some spare change?


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