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Mercedes-Benz S-Class



  • 94 S500 with 147000 miloes for 13000$. I have had 87 300e, 87 300sdl. Loved em and had no major except transmission in 300e. WHat should I be on the lookout for?

    The alt is a 1992 300SE with 57000 miles and minimal documentation at an auction company. I offered 7600 and was told that $8500 was turned down. They are firm on $9000. Any advice on what to expect. My wife is watching me closely to say I told you so.
  • The Spy photos of the next generation S-Class are questionable. The rear end on every spy photo has the 7-series esque trunk lid. I think it looks alot better than the trunk on the 7-series IMO. The front fascia of the car in the spy photos were all different which left me wondering which one was closest to the actual thing. At this point we really don't know what it will look like. Computer rendering is usually off from what the car actually looks like. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    All of the photos so far are about as bogus as photos can be. They are merely C/E Class cars modified and BMW 7-Series' with alterations. All bunk.

  • after about 10 years, i just couldn't stand New York, and moved to San Diego. almost excellent weather so far...

    i got a letter from mb saying that my 3-year lease is almost due (1999 MB ML320). The car only has 14,327 miles ( i am not joking... my wife rarely takes it out, uses the lexus RX300 instead). The car is in really good shape, and I am thinking about renewing the lease, because my wife likes it a lot. but, I am getting tired of the ML, so i have been shopping around lately.

    on new-years day, I went to the SD auto-show, and I wasn't really impressed by the selection. I was interested in the Lexus GX470, LS430, and the Mercedes E320. I didn't like the swinging-out door of the rear of the GX, thought that the style was too bland and boring (inside and out) of the LS430, so I seriously considered the E-class.

    last night, I thought about the size and value of the new E. i'm used to the macho-size of the S-class cars, and when I test drove it at a dealership, I was rather shocked by the rather-small size (my neighbor thinks that car is huge)- not much rear legroom; so i thought to my self- if I spend around $55,000 on a E320, I may as well spend it all and get a 2003 S430. Now, I already have a 2002 S430, but I noticed quite a diference (more metal inside, rearranged buttons, new COMMAND center, etc...) it drove exactly the same as mine. but then, in about 2 years, the new generation S-class will come out, and this "new" car will almost be obsolete.

    now, i am stuck between waiting for the 2005 ML (i heard it is to be similar to the G-class), the 2003 E320, or the 2003 S430. my lease is due in early February. i like the size of the ML, and the size of the S-class. the only thing I rather like of the new E is the exterior and interior styling. i am simply a bit too tired of the M-class ( i have owned 2, 1998 and 1999), so what do you think I should get? any advice would help, as I am completely stuck...
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    If it were me I would extend the lease on your current ML until the new one comes out.

    My reasoning being you didn't seem to like the new E any better than the your current S. The new S really isn't going to be that much different than your current one. The new ML should be the size you want and something different and you won't lose as much money in the mean time waiting for the new ML come out. Though from the sounds of it the money lost is the least of your concerns.

    Actually you answered your own question...."My wife likes it alot"
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Lots of rumors about major changes on the LS430 in 2004 so you may want to try and find out what is going on there as well. I have the LS430 and love it but I share your opinion about the E. If you have an S or are used to a car that muscular it is hard to go to the E.
  • I have an '02 S430 & my wife drives an '02 ML320. We recently got a loaner, a brand new C240. My wife, who drives very little as well, said she'd prefer to switch to that car next and save the extra money for a really great cruise or something. After driving it myself, I have to agree it's a fine car and at a reasonable price.
  • well, at first i was "slightly" interested in the new 2004 RX330, but after i saw the pictures (just added on today), i think i'll pass...

    yesterday, I found a website that showed some "photos" of the 2004 ML. if that is what it'll look like ( i doubt it), then, i might consider that. after thinking it over, I am probably going to extend the lease until the 2004 LS430 (i'm a fan of that car, but i can wait for the major changes) or the 2005/2006 M-class. Besides, around that thime, the Grand Sports Tourer/GST by mercedes will debut (though i wonder what the MSRP of that will be).

    by the way, I recently had to bring my 2002 S430 in for service 4 times within a month's time. i suspect a wheel balancing problem, because when I cruise around 50-70 mph on the freeway, both the driver and passenger seat/headrest vibrate and shake quite a lot (it didn't do this when i bought it). it just started in late November, so i brought it in to my local mb dealerhip (MB of San Diego). i brought it there 3 times; they did absolutely nothing, and I waited for over 3 hours each time). finally, following my neighbor's advice, I drove to MB of Laguna Niguel, and they finally resolved the wheel balancing tire. but, they say in about 3,500 miles, I have to replace the rear tires because they are uneven or something.

    i have two questions to ask you guys.. on the S430 and S500, is the airmatic suspension now airmatic DC, like on the E-class? is it basically the same system? also, does mb still offer GPS navigation on the E-class? my book at home has it under options, but when i go to, i didn't see it anymore.
  • i found a pic of the 2005/2006 S-class:

    and here's the link to the 2004/2005 M-class:

    i'm not really impressed with the redesign of the S-class (if that photo is genuine), but i will have to see the rear-end of the S to judge it.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Those pics are bogus. That ML picture is merely a drawing and that S-Class pic is just a warmed over version of the current car.

  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    Actually that S car is an early prototype used in a recent car clinic (if we are to believe the That does not mean that it is the final design, as it is too early in the game to have the final design locked in already. MB may have several tams working on separate projects, whom which the best will be chosen.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I hope that design doesn't make it, if I believe that picture. That car is too much like the current car. I also find it hard to believe that Mercedes would let the new S-Class pics leak like that. Autospies is a dubious website at best. They usually report what has already been "known" for a while.

  • i just noticed recently that only on the front wheels, there are these brake-covers that say "Mercedes-Benz" with the logo. its greyish, and have never seen them on any other S-class (not on my brothers 2002 S500), or other S430's, S500, S55, or S600. Is my car different? I remember having to readjust the wheel alignment several months ago, but i think it was there when i purchased the car...
  • leej2leej2 Posts: 7
    Re: post of vibration and tire wear.
    Had same problem with wifes '02 S430. Ended up wearing the rear inner tread to belts in 23,500 mi (stock Continentals). Had alignment done and found worn or broken component. Have since added 21k on new Michelins and they are wearing well.
    BTW: Have had car in shop 1/2 dozen times due to Airmatic light coming on. Have replaced most of the components. Have you had similar problems?
  • you know, about 4 months ago, that airmatic light on the consol popped up also. both lights turned on, and the display said something like AIRMATIC... SEE WORKSHOP! but now, it is gone, and does not pop up anymore.

    i tell you, my S430 has had about every single problem possible on a car. :-(

    you know, one really wierd thing about this car (S-class) is that I cannot find a single good seating position. the seats are way too big for me (maybe not for a typical german). i dont know... I feel as though I am simply not connected with this car, unlike my other lexus' and the ML.

    i am still have no idea about what to do with the ML-lease. i'll probably keep the ML until the GST or new one comes out. as said earlier, E is too small (besides the E350 is supposed to come out in october or something), although a manager offered an Invoice price, GX470's door is to strange in the rear; the rear end also looks a bit odd to me. I probably can't stand another S430, and i haven't found a good lease/price on the 745i, oh what the heck... i'll keep the good ol' ML!
  • I also don't like my seats ('02) and cannot seem to get comfortable; they are just too hard. I had a '97 S500 before and had no particular complaints about the seats, though sitting in a new Caddy sure feels better than either S class. I wish there were a solution that wouldn't affect my lease.
  • Any other posters have a recent model S600? I am considering purchasing or leasing one but am slightly concerned considering the price of the S600 and some of your postings.

    Also, do any S-class owners have specific lessons-learned or feedback on potential improvements by MB in the assembly quality of the S-class?

    Thank you.
  • Are there any other sources for wiper blades on 2001 S other than $120 at the dealer?
  • Bought 2001 S55 recently and love the car. However, have notice great deal of wind noise emanating from drivers side mirror. No cracks in the housing, and have folded in&out to make sure tight seal. Any thoughts about what could be causing this appreciated.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Anyone here have a 2003 S yet?

  • psedrishpsedrish Posts: 49
    My wife drives an '02 M class, and the first day I drove it I was sure something was wrong with a window seal or something similar.'s a design flaw. My S class is a coffin compared to the M, but it doesn't seem to bother my wife at all.
  • rgilbanergilbane Posts: 2
    am currently driving a 2001 bmw 740 il. am considering the 2003 4 matic 430 or 500 series. test drove the 500 not as sporty as the 740li but seats are more comfortable. not as much trunk room.
    Any positive or negative experiences with the 2003 430 or 500 series?
  • Our 2002 S500 has had to be towed in 3 times since last summer due to electrical malfunctions. Is this a common occurence?
  • airdamairdam Posts: 3
    I need to replace the ashtray unit in my S-Class. Does anyone know how to dismantle the center console so that I can replace the unit? I found the 4 Torx bolts that hold the rear part of the console but cannot seem to figure out how to unbolt the front section.

    any advice will be much appreciated.
  • ejerodejerod Posts: 86
    I had a 2001 S500 with all the toys. I had so many problems with that car that I took it back . The dealer was more than magnanimous with me. The car had nearly 50k miles when I took it back and the dealer gave me about 10k over book for it to get me out of the car. The first thing I noticed was that the fuel gage wouldn't register full. Then the tail lamps kept blowing out. Then they had to replace the entire COMAND unit, then the airmatic suspension went out, then finally the exhaust system catalytic converter had to be replaced. What I did was write a letter to MB headquarters in Germany to the CEO. Then I wrote my state automotive board ( we have a lemon law in VA) Then I wrote the owner of the dealership and sent him copies of the letters I wrote to said people. I got a call from the regional manager and he came down to meet with me. In addition to the 10 k over book they gave me, he knocked an additional 3 k off the 2002 S500 I traded the 2001 in for. When you invest anywhere from 78-100k+ for an automobile, you expect excellent performance and no headaches. I would advise you to take action and not accept the dealer's excuses. The new S class is working superbly. I also purchased the new 03 SL500 which hasn't given me a single problem in over 11k miles. MB makes and excellent product and is a world leader, but even they are human and ever so often they produce a lemon just like everyone else. Good luck.....
  • pzacharypzachary Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of purchasing a 2001 S430 with Sport Package and the larger tires on the rear. What sort of mileage can I expect (without the ability to rotate)? Anything else I need to know before I drop $62,000? I currently own an E430 Sport.


    Phil in North Carolina
  • gjs55gjs55 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 s55 that has been in the shop twice for abnormal firing of the drivers side rear airmatic. It just goes off and raises the rear corner of the car several inches in an explosive fashion. The first time they replaced the hydraulics, the second time they replace the"sender" . The problem went away for a little while and now is back. It is warming up here and I wonder if it is temperature related. Anyone have any ideas?
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Sounds like a control problem. They may need to replace a computor, a sensor, or some wiring.
  • Thank you for your input. We are in Virginia also and have consulted with an attorney who specializes in Lemon Law. We are sending a letter to MB USA with a copy to the dealership. Our 2002 has approximately 20k miles to date, and we are very disappointed in it and do not think it is a reliable vehicle. Hopefully we will be able to work this out with MB.
  • I took delivery of my 2000 S430 in March of 1999 so I expected a few "new model" problems. The car has been a marvel to drive, but a too frequent visitor to the MBZ service dept. I have had the usual gamut of Command Center issues including AM radio that can't pickup a station, hands free cell phone that has people telling me I'm in a 55 gallon drum and numerous other "malfunctions". Most disconcerting however is the recent failure of the airmatic suspension system. The compressor failed to turn off upon return to my garage one evening. It ran for 3 hours until the MBZ truck arrived and told me that I should probably take it to the dealer in the AM. While driving to the dealer the next morning (4 miles), the entire suspension collapsed and I became the 1st S-Class owner ever to be named "Low Rider". Although the car was a few thousand miles out of warranty, MBZ picked up $3500 of the $43oo repair. Last month, a few months after the initial airmatic failure, the dealer told me that I had a hairline crack in one of the two front shocks. The shocks were only $1250.00 each and the labor was $400. The $2900 bill cost me after additional MBZ involvement, a "mere" $700. Although my car has 68000 miles, I think failures of this magnitude are outrageous. I've driven MBZ for years and probably will continue to. What I WONT do is keep the next Benz past the 4yr/50 period.
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