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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • yeah, car in front of you! thanks
  • Hey Lex10, before you do anything like make an order or deposit, check out the price difference between the similarly equipped E500 and E320.

    The sports package on the E320 is MUCH more expensive, negating the price difference by a a good sum of money. You might just consider the E500 a better deal.
  • is the nav system still cd based?
  • The navigation system will be a dvd based system according to the very few words published so far.
    Still have not been able to get any information on the system. Not even the supplier. I have asked seriously at several dealers and they have not been able to get anything.
    Why the secret? Anybody know?
    They are asking me to order now with the special price incentive and I probably would order an E500 but want to know what the system is.
    Can't believe that they will be in production in January and still not have the system completely locked in.
    Anyone have a dealer that has a source of information.

    Hate to keep bringing this up but this is the best source of information that I know of!!!
    I find the Dealers have a lot less knowledge of the product then the people on this board.
    I would like to get an order in but the system is important to me in my business.
  • There is a little info on the DVD Nav system. Got the MB's UK site. You'll find a couple of paragraphs. I purchased it with my E500 order at the discount price. The car will be here in October. The Nav system will not be available until 1st quarter 2003.
  • To save you the trouble here is what the UK site says:

    The COMAND APS system has been given a complete overhaul, so you should find the optimised functions and features even easier to use. Comprised of two separate components, the operating system (COMAND) and a navigation module (APS) located in the boot-the new system can store map data for many different European countries on just a single DVD.
    A telephone keypad and softkey function buttons operate the 2-tuner diversity radio, CD/DVD drive and generous 6.5" TFT colour display. You can also have a TV tuner installed as an optional extra. Enjoy a fine quality picture that fades out when the car exceeds 5mph, even though the sound continues.
  • waltowalto Posts: 34
    Although there are a few posts with rather negative opinions of the Distronic, I think it is quite remarkable and wouldn't think of buying a 211 without it. Having driven Distronic for many hours (in a CL 500), I think it is the best thing since sliced bread for long distance driving. It does not simply slow you down if you come close to a car in front of you, it allows the cruise control function to operate usefully in traffic: it will maintain your set speed to the extent traffic allows it, but slow the car and maintain a fixed distance from traffic in front of you if need be. It will also brake automatically if traffic suddenly slows, something that occurs too often in California. If you switch lanes or someone switches in front of you, the cruise control automatically adjusts to the "open space" in front of you. The result is that you can drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco and (with the exception of stops) touch the brake or accelerator four or five times instead of literally hundreds of times. The reduction in fatigue and increase in safety is equivalent to the two-axis autopilot (heading and altitude) in an airplane. Pilots who use autopilots are not lazy, they're sensible.

    As for why the unit costs $3,000, this doesn't seem out of line to me for a triple redundant doppler radar unit (three transmitters and three receivers, which is what it took to get it by the NHTSA) that also has the electro-mechanical capability to apply brake pressure. I think the cost will eventually come down and in ten years I'd be amazed if this capability is not as common as cruise control itself is today.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    Checking into the price difference between a similar equipped E320 and E500 both with the sport package yields an apx $6,500 price difference including taxes. I think it makes more sense to go with the E320, especially in an urban environment (gas expenses, less freeways). Plus the E320 in my opinion has a more than adequate engine (221 hp). I know the E500 has a wonderful engine and is very quick, but for me the E320 is more practical, as well as affordable.
  • Is there a scheduled maintenance for water pump of this vehicle? Your info is greatly appreciated. I still have a '87 Toyota Camry which I replaced a water pump after 120,000 miles (My trust worthy local mechanic told me that I did not have to replace it at 60,000 miles when he replaced my timing belt)...
  • I have a 97 E-420 and the high brake light above the trunk in the lower rear window has become coated with a powdery white residue that is unsightly. Has any of you owners encountered this condition and learned of a way to remove the light fixture without breaking it in order to clean it? It appears that it pops out vertically from the base off of some plastic clips but it is wedged in the severe angle between the rear window and the base.

    Thanks for any advice.
  • I agree with Walto that this will migrate to many other cars as lower price points are realized.

    One could conceivably adapt it to work with the GPS Nav to drive on full auto pilot from origin to destination. Wouldn't that be neat? And no need for sensors embedded in the pavement.
  • walto certainly is is impressed by Distronic, and for his situation and driving requirements it's obviously an investment he's willing to make.

    However, I would not consider spending $3,000 for the added convenience of that feature of a cruise control system. First, and most important, my driving is far different from walto's; I spend more time in town and on two-lane roads, with only an occasional trip on an Interstate or freeway. And if I have to travel more than 150 miles or so to my destination, I almost always fly.

    Second, if I understand the Distronic system, the distance to be maintained behind another vehicle is specific and must be pre-set, and it stays at that distance unless changed manually. Seems to me Mercedes should have taken the technology one step farther so the car's following distance would be adjusted automatically, depending on speed and possibly other factors involving safety.

    Perhaps I'm asking too much, though. But until the Distronic price comes waaaay down in price, I'll just tap the cruise control to "off" and "resume" or use it to slow or accelerate, if I opt to use it at all in traffic on a freeway. BTW, I'm an ex-Air Force jet fighter pilot with 6500 hours of flying time, and walto is absolutely right -- autopilot was a blessing, even in loose formation flying on long flights!
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    I like the look of the new 2003 E. I have an E 500 on order and spent some time driving a E320 at my local dealer. It is a harsher ride than the 2002 because of the design change in the suspension. I think if you want a plush ride look elsewhere or go with the S-class which is design for super quiet plush riding. I agree with those that say it looks smaller. Like the S-class when it was redesigned, making the car sleeker makes it visually smaller. I think visually the E-class and C-class look the same on the road except for a close look if you know the difference. Also I agree with Merc1 about the CLK. I saw one on the road about a month ago back east and now took a close look at my MB dealer and inside and out this car screams Volvo/Accord Coupe/Mid '97 Acura CL. I don't think it looks that good at all. Also I think the corporate heads, Daimler-Chrysler, are destroying the MB brand by having too many models from the 20K C class coupe to the 120K S600. Look, either produced now or coming to the US are C,CLK,CLE,E,S,CL,M,V,A,SLK,SL,SLR and I'll throw in the Maybach. No wonder quality is dropping, they are spreading things too thinly. I heard they already produced 100,000 2003 E_class models. Some sort of record production.
  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Was your E-320 test ride in the optional e500 type suspension or the regular e320 suspension?

    Another possible reason for the harsh ride may have been that MB over inflates tires when cars are shipped to dealer who is supposed to adjust the tire pressure as part of dealer prep. Just a guess.
  • jstyle,

    Yes, S500 does have a very plush ride. But after 2 years with my 2001, there is just too much interior noise from loose plastic panels which distracts from the overall experience. The noise started after 6 months and has just gotten worse.

    I had been considering a 2004 E55 or something, but after hearing your experience with an early 320 and a recent drive of the same vehicle, I am beginning to rethink my plans.

    At the 60-70K area, one could really look into a BMW M540 or M5, which is much better made from the inside/out, possibly a Lexus Gs430 or Ls430, very different animals, but extremely nice rides, to the new Audis (harsh also..). Never tried the Infiniti Q45, so don't know there.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    Can anyone with past experience with the E320 sport or E430 sport comment on their driving experiences with their vehicles in the rain or snow. Are these vehicles with performance rated rubber good in inclement weather or do the tires need to be changed to snow treds?
    Also does anyone know if Mercedes charges extra for metallic paints on the 2003 E320, I know it is complimentary in the E500.
  • I've decided to wait for the 4matic to be available in the US. My sales professional is checking but I'd like to cross reference his information with what others are hearing. I believe someone on this bd said Jan-Feb 03 was the likely timeframe. Can anyone confirm/ deny this?

  • r1_97r1_97 Posts: 181
    Edmonds just posted msrp for the new E $1,150 extra for metalic paint on the E-320.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    as it had been a $660 option,i find this new price a little hard to believe...
  • px260px260 Posts: 42
    After 2 yrs and 22k miles on my '01 E320, the car still feels rock solid, no squeaks or rattles inside and out. The only quality issue I have is on one of the rocker panel black rubber strips, it tends to lift up and shows a little gap from the body panel. I suspect it's the work of the hand wash car washers. The stock 16" Eagle LS wears well and looks new. Keeping the tire pressure at 34 psi really makes a difference in handling.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    r1_97 the suspension on the E320 I drove was the standard issue not the semi active option (E500). The tires were properly inflated and I noticed the OD had 980 miles so this dealer demo has been getting a workout. I asked the salesman (a friend) and he said their conclusion is it is a harsher ride than the out going model. The semi active option is a better ride according to them...paulchiu I know what you mean. I have a 2001 S Class as well and I'm trading it in for the E500. I've been lucky but had the COMAND replaced and a few other minor issues. The new 2003 S Class upgrades the interior quality greatly FYI. The interior of the E is better in build quality but some things still look a little out of place in a $55K+ car like the switch gear and steering wheel (I hate the design). Also, I don't like the chrome strip along the wood trim across the dash, it looks very tacky. Reminds me of late 70's early 80' Olds and Buicks. What do people here think of the interior?
  • The goodyear F1's on the Sport are actually fabulous in the rain, despite the fairly wide footprint. The tread pattern whips water away very well. Other OEM tires, like the Conti's or the Michelins are similar in tread pattern, so I would assume likewise.

    Snow is a whole different ballgame. Light snow is alright, assuming you don't try to push the traction control much. Heavy snow is a bare-knuckle experience, more so on trying to stop at an intersection than anything else. There are few driving experiences as disconcerting as sliding uncontrollably into traffic.
  • lex10lex10 Posts: 30
    I appreciate the comments and wish to inquire if rbrenton changes the sport tires for a winter/snow tire during the winter months for better traction or do you feel the Goodyear F1's are adequate enough for the snow.
  • F1's are great on wet or dry pavement but are like skis on the snow!!
  • jstyle et al,

    Drove for a few miles alongside a light blue metallic new E320 this morning. It appears pretty big, almost as big as my S500. Looks pretty impressive on the highway. The brakelights are pretty sharp looking. When a C320 drove by, the E320 definitely looked bigger and you can really see a difference. I think the new E looks more like the current S than the current C.

    So many products! Too confusing. Only 10 months more for me to choose.....

  • Dropped by the dealer who was readying an E-320 and E-500 for delivery. Both cars looked great specially the E-320 with the Stone Napa Leather interior. The E-500 Black interior was awesome with the Leather/Wood steering wheel with matching Wood Gear Shift. The Dual-Zone Climate Control is standard on all E's in Canada with its duel charcoal filter. The in-dash six CD is a cleaver design. The odometer dials are traditional but good looking on the sporty side. The return of the analogue electronic clock is welcome after so many years. In 1975 I owned a 250E which has an identical clock. The chrome frame around the wood looks different. Before spelling my judgment I re visited many S and older E's in show room. My verdict is that chrome frame will raise the bar a bit higher and makes the E classier. Now if I can wait one more year for reliability...
  • I've had my 2002-E320 for about 4 months, and I love it. It has a rock solid performance, quiet ride, and the transmission shifts are smooth...The car is everything I expected except for a couple of minor disappointments. The LC Displays, especially the clock and outdoor temp, are so difficult to see when not lit. Also, the AC compressor control button is lit in red when off but no indication when "on"...a green light (when "on") would make it easier to find the button to turn it off.
  • I looked at the E 320 2003 today.

    Looked smaller than the current E.
    Thought the interior was elegant but, would have preferred the current E's digital climate control
    buttons. The dials for temp don't seem to match a car for 50K. The MB Tex looked real to me.

    I was not moved enough to say I want one now.
    I will hold onto my current e2000.


    Any word on the class action suit concerning an extended warranty for 1998 thru 2001 models?

    Only saw this one article on the issue wondering if their is any other information.


  • I ordered my 2003 E-320 2 weeks ago. Its being built this week. Pewter with Charcoal. Got the sunroof, upgraded stereo 4 zone climate control, Premium leather and a few others. Delivery mid November.... I have had a MBZ since 1987.
    190 2.3
    190E 2.6
    SLK 230
    CLK 320
    C 320

    Looking forward to this new one.
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