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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • It's easy to see where you are coming from. Our experience (2002 E320, 2003 Jaguar S-type) has been quite the opposite of "conventional wisdom."
    The MB has had annoying habits, one of which (but not the only one) is an uncorrectable lurch when slowing down at, say, a stop sign. The Jag, on the other hand, has been smooth and perfect. Both have about the same one-year mileage.

    There seem to be real reasons for the realignment of marques in quality surveys!

    Happy motoring...
  • Can the E500 be ordered with integrated phone (Motorola)? This is shown as an option but I thought there was some problem with the 2003's with getting the phone. Thanks.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Just to get the auto industry's take on the inside story of the issues bedeviling MB go see Detroit News autoinsider today...

    "The recent launches of the E-Class sedan and Maybach super-limo have not offset a 26 percent drop in M-Class SUV sales, a 15 percent drop in sales of C-Class cars and a 31 percent drop in sales of the C-Class sport coupe worldwide."
    Merging with Chrysler has really put a damper on MB's ability to deal with it's own problems..
    Per the DETnews article "Publicly, Mercedes executives say their plans have not been affected by Chrysler's cash burn -- estimated by analysts at more than $1 billion this year. But privately, executives say Mercedes is slowing down technological innovation, its hallmark for the past century."

    Tick ... tock ...
  • Microrepair, nice post. This may surprise you, but I agree with you completely and think that you have the right idea. For someone like you who is probably driving relatively fewer miles per year than before you retired, a well maintained, well broken-in MB is a thing of joy. Keep it well maintained (Mobil 1, synthetic ATF, maybe even Blizzak tires come winter) and you'll have a lot of fun. (Keep it well waxed and it should even attract some ladies.)

    This is IMHO a much better alternative than the Mercury Grand Marquis or Lincoln Town Car which seem to appeal to a lot of retired people. Not only is one paying for a tremendous depreciation hit but to me it would be psychologically painful to have to put maintenance money into one. Not so with a MB that you had some history on and wasn't being driven 20K per year.Finally, after working all your life, to have to drive around in a car with a padded (Landau is it called?) roof doesn't do justice to the effort you put in. Your MB sounds like a well cared for English shotgun that you don't to have to use hard every day.
  • For whatever reason, my 2002 E320 - with all of her service visits so far (there has been a few too many), is my 'Gullwing' and all the fantasies that go with it.

    The MB "Timeless" commercial is the perfect example of the allure of these cars: It starts and ends on a Hollywood backdrop... you can take it from there ;)

    If my car lasts about 12 years, it paid off. Figuring that I would have purchased 2, 25 to 30 grand cars in that timeframe.

    One thing to remember is that, as in any big company, each MB car is unique to its owner, but just a model number to its manufacturer. I see an individual "My Gullwing...", they see trends with model W210...
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I called my dealership today and was told that an E-class turbodiesel will be available in the US sometime this coming spring/summer. Supposedly an E320 turbodiesel; although I thought I had seen previously that they were looking to bring the E270cdi over.

    Anyone heard anything?

    Also, for any 1998/1999 E300 turbodiesel owners out there: how has your ownership experience been? Repairs/maintenance costs? Problems? Would you get another?
  • have heard rumors of either a 3.5L or 3.7L V6 possibly for the '05 model year. Anyone have anything more definitive?
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Glad to hear from you...keep the Benz posts comming. I wish you still had your Catera;you added a lot to that board.
    Happy Motoring,Indeed!
  • Have an opportunity to purchase a Starmark 2000 E320 with 41000 miles, Moon roof, Bose Stereo, and heated seats for 36400. Is this a good price? Trying to get into the luxury market and do not like the new BMW 5 series. Seems high for a 4 year old car with only 1 month left on the original 4/50 warranty. Very clean car, but if purchased what should I expect to go wrong? Scott
  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    This should be less than 30K to be reasonable
  • Have an opportunity to purchase a Starmark 2000 E320 with 41000 miles, Moon roof, Bose Stereo, and heated seats for 36400. Is this a good price? Trying to get into the luxury market and do not like the new BMW 5 series. Seems high for a 4 year old car with only 1 month left on the original 4/50 warranty. Very clean car, but if purchased what should I expect to go wrong? Scott
  • Would you go with the extended warranty?
  • EdsotoEdsoto Posts: 42
    Did you know that with cars, the individual parts of the cars are worth more than the car itself? And that does not include labor costs to install those parts...

    So - Warranty is everything! I have an extended warranty with my insurance company and that is the only thing that gives me piece of mind later on.

    Get the Warranty. All you to hear is that this small part costs a thousand to repair and fix (not under warranty)!!!
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508
    If that car were for sale here in New England, Edmunds says it would have a dealer sticker of $33,811 with the Starmark warranty. 41,000 miles is just about right for a "normal" mileage; seeing as it is nearly 4 years old.

    I did a quick search of all dealers within 100 miles of me and cars roughly comparable in mileage are advertised at $32,900 to $38,000. Some have heated seats, others have Timeport; all have moonroof and tele-aid.

    The price your dealer is asking would be excellent if you can talk them into extending the Starmark for an additional 2 years.. For a total coverage of 59,000 miles and 37 months. When I bought mine (2 years old exactly to the day) I opted not to get an additional year on the Starmark. I ended up with 62,000 miles and 3 years and the time ran out before the mileage did. Fortunately, nothing serious happened between 85,000 and 100,000 miles so it paid off for me to avoid the extra $900 or so for the extra year. But it's a gamble you might not want to take especially having only 13 months of coverage. At 76,000 miles MB paid for all new bushings in the front end, (shocks, sway bar, tie rod ends, etc.) which would have cost me about $1000... And replaced the outside mirror switch in the console at 82,000, probably another $150 or so.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    I have a 2003 E320 sedan with regular factory installed headlights. These are NOT HID, NOT ZENON and not the up-graded blue's. Sylvania sells aftermarket H7 bulbs which they claim are brighter than regular-type factory installed bulbs for about $14 per, $28 pair. Anyone have experience with these H7's? Do they work? Are they brighter? Please RSVP your answer to: Many thanks. PS- I rarely use the EXTRA brights.
  • This is a great board, what I've learned here over the last few days is that I can expect major headaches with an E series. Even the new models have major issues! I am a Military Officer and travel extensively, I cannot afford to have the car breaking down. I am not independently wealthy, I live on a Federal salary and have three kids. I love the looks of this MB E320 and I always wanted a MB or BMW. So, I called Acura today to get the latest on the new TL ($33,000). This Starmark MB E320 asking price is 36400, which car would work for me?
  • pathdocpathdoc Posts: 126
    Although I am a Mercedes enthusiast and currently have five MB's and belong to the MB club in your circumstance I would recommend the Acura. I have friend who has a 3-4 year old 3.2 TL and it has been pretty trouble free except for an intermittent squeak. I think the dealer experience and sales experience with Acura is inferior to MB but that can vary by dealer.
    You didn't mention what year the MB is which is crucial since in the last few years the first couple years of a new model have been troublesome.
  • I'm considering buying a 1998 E320 from a dealer. It is immuaculate inside and out. Has 56,000 miles, blue opal color. Dealer offering 100 mile warranty and asking $27,500. Should I do this?
  • I put year 2000 in the subject. So, the Acura is the way to go, I think you're right! I love the classic lines of this car and the interior is so beautiful, but I can't afford to be in the dealer all the time. I drive a Honda Accord now with 150K and I can count on one hand the amount of times I had to go to the dealer other than normal service. I am 46, and I want my next car to be entry luxury at least!
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    The TL and the Lexus ES300 are competitive choices. You should go drive the Lexus also.

    Here in Boston you can buy either of these cars for $500 or less over invoice. NOBODY pays sticker.

    This and their very, very low problem levels is one of the reasons why they are such great values compared to a MB.

    Most Lexus and Acura go well into the hundreds of thousands of miles with nothing like MB maintenance issues and remain every bit as solid and great driving.

    My mother-in-law drove her Acura legend to 258,000 miles before passing it to her grandson. My sister has had back to back Acura's - Legend and RL - 160K on the former and in the 80's now on the latter. No problems like you hear here on the MB boards.

    Enjoy your choices. If you want something sporty and fun to drive, try the G35 from Infiniti. It's all grins and very comfortable. Infiniti shows up right behind Lexus in the low defect, long durability championship. MB is 15th.

    Good shopping.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    This topic of this discussion is solely the E-Class. We have lots of active comparos underway on the Comparisons - Sedans vs. Sedans board, and various other Help Me Choose! type discussions.

    Let's find or start an appropriate discussion for this comparison rather than get this topic too far off-track. Those links may be helpful, and the search tools on the left side of the page will also help locate resources. And of course anyone can drop me an email if I can help find an appropriate venue.

  • vl39vl39 Posts: 14
    Have a 1998 300TD with 115,000 miles with no problems - none. Still running on the original disc pads! Best all around car I have ever owned considering performance, handling and economy. However, I am buying a new 2004 Prius and the wife get the turbodiesel. Questions, email me at
  • sfvassfvas Posts: 10
    I just bought a 2002 E320 with a sports package in San Francisco Bay Area for about 40k from a dealer. 21k miles on it. 6 yrs/100k Starmark.

    As for which car, that is a hard one. I just sold a really nice Acura CL for my 2002 E320. I don't think the Benz will be as reliable as a Japanese car, I sometimes wish, "Why Couldn't Honda of owned part of Benz?" Overall I love the Benz, I am 33 and felt that it was time I got a nice luxury car. I almost bought a 2003, but have friends that have had some computer issues with the 2003s. I love the ride, looks, and gadget on the E320 - but you might have to visit the dealer a few more times. They are very SAFE cars, my insurance went down $300 a year!
  • microrepairmicrorepair Eastern MassachusettsPosts: 508

    You said: "Honda Accord now with 150K and I can count on one hand the amount of times I had to go to the dealer other than normal service."

    My 96 E320 (first year of new model) has also been to the dealer just 4 or 5 times during its 124k miles for non-normal repairs. Unfortunately it has cost me some serious money, about 10 months of payments on a lesser car!


    Original brake pads at 115K miles? C'mon now, tell the truth!! OK, you must live in the boonies and never have to use the brakes. Residing in a suburban area means that you do pads on the E-class every 30-50K miles minimum.. I admit to using my brakes somewhat aggressively and I installed the fifth set of pads at 116k miles...!!!
  • Great feedback! I went back to my Benz dealer last night after work and 9 holes of golf just to look it over again! What a beautiful car! I, knew my salesman was off duty, so I grabbed another peak since it's only 5 miles from my home. The TL is not due out here until the 15th. I really need to decide this weekend!

    Last question: Can anyone tell me what this car's MSRP was in Fall, 1999?

    White/Tan 2000 E320 (41000 Miles) Options: Leather, Rain Sensing Wipers, Bose, Moonroof, phone jack, and TeleAid. I think this is all the options.
  • I've got 55K of suburban and urban driving miles on my 2000 E320. Original brake pads seem fine and checked out OK at the dealer at 50K. On this board have seen reports of brake pads lasting between 10K and 115K. It's hard to believe that this variation can be solely related to driving habits. If I had to guess, there must be some variation in the brake pads themselves. I clean the dust off my wheels at least weekly and given the huge amount of dust I've cleaned off in the 3.5 years I've had my car, I have a hard time believing there is anything left of my pads. Go figure.
  • rtcjrrtcjr Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 E320 sedan. I have a rattling noise that appears to be coming from the rear right corner of the passenger compartment by the rear deck where the head rests. I hear it while driving. It is intermittent but frequent. The service department hears the noise, also. However, they have not been able to find the source of it. I will give them credit for trying to find it. The service representative is not aware of a similar problem in other E320s. Something is definitely loose. Has anyone had the same problem? If so, what was the solution? Although I am not yet ready to get rid of the car, I have found the noise to be quite annoying.
  • merrelmerrel Posts: 45
    I have a 2003 E320 MB which I ordered with regular headlights, NO HID, NO ZENON, ETC. No regrets but I wish to have BRIGHTER headlights. Sylvania makes stock # H7 replacements. Does anyone know if these are REALLY brighter than factory equipped? Love tohear from someone who knows. Thanks!
  • rowlandjrowlandj Posts: 254
    For what it's worth.... My description may leave something to be desired, but I hope you can follow it.

    When the seatbelt buckle that is riding on the fabric belt hits that little "stop button" piece of plastic (the part that keeps the buckle off the seat bottom) it causes an intermittent rattle in my 2000 E. The way I found this is to buckle the belt without a passenger riding in the rear and this noise stopped.

    It's a long-shot but maybe worth a try.

  • 43810774381077 Posts: 31
    As most have advised and it seems you've accepted, if reliability is your priority go with Japan. For confirmation go to the other discussion group here "problems with E Class" or something like that. Focus is on the 2003's but theme seems to be the older the Benz the more reliable. Since Crysler got involved it's been straight downhill in the quality dept. Beautiful cars and great to drive...but you have to have plenty of time to spend at the shop and plenty of money once the warrenty expires.
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