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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedans



  • Just bot a 2000 E320. VERY excited. Bummed that the rear & side windows aren't tinted more. Did get the power rear window shade(cool!) BUT, I live in the South. It's HOT & BRIGHT most of the time. Other than addt'l window insert-shades 1: can you? and 2: what brand, type, etc. additional window tinting has anyone out there had done? (i've read in earlier posts that the Eclass can't have more tinting done. is this true?)
  • And another thing: currently have a Nokia phone. ATT One Rate Plan (which i'm very happy with). Don't want to change phone numbers/plans, but the Motorola for the 2000E320 won't take this plan. Guess it must be an analog phone for the 2000. Went ahead and bot the car, without a phone.
    Any suggestions? other than mounting a phone over there on the passengers side of the console(want to be able to use the speakers, dialpad and stearing whell controls aspects of the built-in phone system)
  • the salesman is George Boscarino, Jr at Comtemporary Motor Cars, Little Silver NJ 732-842-5353. He's real low pressure & a nice guy. Tell him Nick Bonamassa referred you. Good Luck.
  • Your enthusiasm for the MB320E is catching...but, specifically, why did you choose the MB over the others you considered? Why is it superiour to the BMW5??

    Thanks...Leothelion (who is still trying to decide between the MB320 & the BMW5)
  • any comments on getting mud flaps for E320? do they really help? how do they look? do they have to be installed by mechanic?

    any comments on front end protection from road debris (rocks, etc.)? does anyone have problems with chips, etc? if, so what have you used?
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Alot is personal preference. For me, the bmw 540 is a wonderful machine, but it has more repair issues, this is according to car and driver, whom loves the car. they love bmws over mercedes because of the sporty nature of the brand. Mercedes as they write, are rock solid, but they don't accentuate the safety and comfort aspecs as much as 0-60 and g-forces around curves. I have been taking the publication for 15 years. When they look at those numbers with priority, then cost of purchase, they get funny. Audi's are pretty, test nicely, and score well with them, but in real life they don't hold the value, don't crash as well, and don't have the warranty and lifetime assistance. These count and do cost extra. The bimmer for me was it's delicate nature, but thats how the derive the performance, and very important to ME, was small trunk and back seat. Thats why I am buying a sedan, because I need those things. Otherwise I be in a CLK430, or a 3 series coupe, a 330bmw is a wonderful machine, as is the m3. But the 5 is short on space. I also think the looks are boring. I got the 430 for the sporty ride and great acceleration. Good luck
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Side window mesh shades are not for cars equipped with head air bag. If the bag catches the roller, well lets just say it would not be pretty.

    Rear shade about $80us. If anyone has a new tinting solution, I'd love to hear it. I could have rear done. I don't think I want streaky tinting on my car. I think limited use of the windows is not a viable option. These are cars and ment to be driven, not babyed.
  • If you check with the dealer, they carry sunshades for the rear windows. Part # for a E-class MY 99-00 is b6 669 1224 for left and b6 669 1225 for right. Price is $128 per window. They also have for wagon,CLK and C class
  • I chose the E320 over others because of the following:
    1) price. The BMW 525 is cheaper, but doesn't compare in terms of power. The BMW 530 compares in power but isn't much cheaper.
    2) dealers/service. In my area I can't find a BMW dealer I like and have had relatives and friends who do own BMWs and have them serviced locally complain a lot about the service they receive. I chose the MB dealer I went with on recommendations from others who get service there. You know, you buy the car once, from then on you have to deal with the service.

    The other cars I considered were: Jag S 3.0 and Lexus GS300. I have my reservations about the reliability of the Jag as I know others who have had troubles, although they have older cars. The style of the Lexus did not really appeal to me.
    So once I got a deal on the MB320, that I was happy with, I decided to go for it!
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Kevin at Clairs sent me some follow up information about the shades. They are available for cars with head bags. They retail for$128, they sell them for 105 each side. Anyone know how the attach, any rattles, They any good?
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I had mud flaps installed on my '00 E320 several months ago because I was tired of the excess grime sprayed by the wheels onto the lower panels. The results have been very satisfying. The final cost, including labor, was over $200 at the dealer's. But I notice that they're now offered as a new car accessory for $80 or so, and I assume all four are included.

    The flaps are black molded hard rubber or plastic. They fit beautifully, following the contour of the fender. They protrude outward enough to catch most of the wheel spray, and they hang below the fender around four inches or so. Actually, they're hardly noticeable. They're similar in looks to those found on Hondas and other Japanese cars.

    I'm sure they're easy to install. I believe they're held on by a clip or something similar. I recall several months ago that several posts in this forum warned about backing up into a snowbank because the rear mud flaps came off and were left behind in the snow.

    Hope this helps.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    This may be the wrong place to get an unbiased answer about why people choose an E320 over other cars. But, like most MB owners, I like the vault-like solidness and build of the Mercedes and the overall quality of the automobile. It drives and handles beautifully, providing feedback and "road feel" that most other cars do not. The 320 also has more than enough power, and the acceleration is better than just okay -- 0 to 60 in 7.1 seconds! The 8-cylinder E430 obviously has more get-up-and-go, especially when accelerating from 40 to 60 mph. But, again, the E320 with its V-6 is extremely satisfying to drive.

    The BMW 3-Series is equally rewarding and fun to drive, but it's just too small. The 5-Series is not much larger, and IMHO even the 8-cylinder 540i is not equal to the Mercedes-Benz E320. Both BMW and MB are classified as luxury cars and provide the amenities expected in an expensive automobile. A few Japanese cars are probably in the same class (Lexus, Infinity, Acura) as is the Jaguar and Cadillac, but I prefer the MB (which also retains its resale value better than the rest).

    Reliability might be an issue for some, especially when compared with some of the Japanese cars. But with the MB's four year, 50,000 mile warranty, plus an optional extended warranty, I'm comfortable. I've had my '00 E320 since last April, and after less than 5000 miles I've experienced only minor problems. I've owned several other Mercedes over more years in the past than I care to admit to, plus an Audi, Toyota Supra, Caddy ST and Mazda Millenia S (excellent car, BTW). And my wife still has a '77 Mercedes 300D with only 96,000 miles; it's in show room condition, is even more solid than my new E320, and the reliability has been excellent (new transmission around 70,000 miles was only major expense).

    So, I have to admit to being completely biased. My E320 is by far the finest car I've ever owned, and I'll probably never own anything besides a Mercedes.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    Well, I have not decided on the SLK 320 yet. I am thinking about placing a deposit on a Lexus SC430. The Lexus has a 12 month wait and is not even out yet.

    The SLK 320 sells for about $46,000 with Auto and no other options. The SC430 sells for $62,000 FULLY loaded (Nav., Xenon lights, Mark Levinson stereo, etc.). The Lexus has 300HP and more torque than the SLK. So unless M-B lowers the price of the SLK to around $40,000 with Auto I am going to buy the SC430. A fully loaded SLK is more than $50,000 and still does not compare to the SC430.

    In a previous post you asked me about the E430 vs. the E-55. Most of my driving is local and I average about 150 miles per week. If I had to do it all over again I would purchase the E320 and replace the rims/tires with 17 inch wheels.
    The power of the E320 is more than sufficient.
    I enjoy the 275HP V-8 of my E430 but on most days
    the extra power is meaningless. On the other hand, I really enjoy looking at my M-B "Sport" rims and I think they add a great deal to the
    car's looks. While I am at it, I also want a wood steering wheel.
  • mbdrivermbdriver Posts: 426
    I have to agree with your reasoning. I, too, think the SLK320 is overpriced, but it is a nice car, and it is a Mercedes. FWIW, though, a close friend had a 300D turbodiesel for years that he loved. He finally traded it in '97 or '98 for a used Lexus SC400 and said it was the finest car he's ever owned. Recently he traded for a year old very low mileage SC400 (420?) and said that the newer car is even better. BTW, have you seen the latest issue of Car and Driver? It's cover (and feature story) has the new Lexus SC430 convertible. Fabulous car.

    This same friend, incidentally, bought a Lexus GS-300 for his wife last year. She liked it initially, but she's seen my E320 and loves it. She now she wants an E320. Different strokes . . .
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    Am I think only one thinking that the SC430 looks a lot like the SLK from the front?

    While I'm not a big fan of either car, the SLK 32 will be an interesting car to test drive when it comes out.
  • Thanks for the advice from this forum. I've just ordered a 2001 E430 4Matic with E1, E2, CD Changer and heated seats. No command. Aspen Green with the Oyster Interior. It's the same set-up as my old E320.

    I traded in the E320 on an Audi allroad, which is a fine car and all, but I find myself missing the solid feel of the MB. I decided if I'm going to flip cars this quickly, I might as well upgrade the engine.

    I'm looking for advice on any other options that you might feel strongly about - sun shade, contour seats, etc. Any of these something you can't live without now?

    Unrelated to the above - I was in the showroom today and they had an E320 with a beautiful color of grey, it looked almost blue. The salesman said it looks kind of green in the sunlight. It's a $1,000 option this year, but should be standard next. It's quite pretty.
  • 4426444264 Posts: 67
    I can't imagine living without them. The adjustable lumbar support is nice and the seat really wraps around you, perfect for corning..
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Wouldn't the CLK430 be on par with the new Lexus convertable?? Not the slk320??

    Other than hard top, they match up better in size.

    I saw the car and driver pictures. Did not stir the soul.
  • valueguyvalueguy Posts: 208
    I agree the Lexus SC430 leaves something to be desired in terms of styling. As for comparing the CLK 430 with the SC430 I agree. However, the CLK 430 is more money comparably equipped and does not come with the metal foldable hard-top.
    Most buyers are going to compare the 2002 SC430 with the 2002 SL 500. For about $20,000 less you can own the SC430 compared to a NEW SL500. M-B may have to lower the price on the new SL500 to "compete" with Lexus!

    I prefer a convertible with the security of a hard-top like the SLK. I like the styling of the
    SLK 320 and may yet buy this car. My dealer says I can get an AMG SLK 32 for $60,000 this Fall.

    The reason I want your opinions is because my main daily car is a '00E430. I am looking for a "fun" car and not daily transportation. What do you all think of the Honda S2000 at $32,700? "E" drivers tend to be intelligent and educated so I would like to hear opinions.
  • Hi folks. I've been considering trading in my trunk and getting a new vehicle. I've always loved Mercedes and have driven (for a few days)a 80's vintage E class years ago. I am especially interested in the E class wagon. However as much as I love them, I do not make an E class income so there is no way I can probably ever afford a new one.

    So I've been thinking about the viability of a used E class. I see they only manufactured wagons though 95 and then began again in 98. A 98 or later is pretty much out of my price range so I am looking at the older models. While I have great faith in these cars I am wondering if I can afford the maintenance on them. Are the parts and maintenance costs extremely high on these cars? Are there particular trouble points to be concerned about when looking at them.Are there significant years along the E class's history where important upgrades occured?

    Or am I better off giving up my Mercedes owning dream and just buying a new less expensive auto?

    Thank you for your advice.
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    I purchased my fun car last month.

    A Boxster 2001, can't wait to take the top down tough weather in the Northeast.

    I have driven it about 400 miles just has that unique Porsche German feeling.

    Love taken it out just to go for a drive. It is quite a contrast to the E.

    The dealer took 5% off MSRP, looked about a year ago and no discount was available. The economic slowdown has hit the showrooms.

    Best of luck with your choice.
  • There's a new CC-lass wagon coming out next year. Should be more affordable than the E. It's quite sharp, actually.
  • Mike, that's a possibility. I've seen pictures of it and it looked great. But we'll see how affordable it is. I expect the wagon to be around 35k? The other reason (and I guess I should look at a C class) is that I am a quite large person and I am not sure how roomy the front seat of a C class is vs the E.
  • I'm pretty tall - 6'4" - and know what you mean. I actually don't mind a small car, but definitly find the larger cars, like the E class to be more comfortable.

    One of my reasons for going back to the MB is that I've decided that I'm old enough to be driving a comfortable car.

    BTW, I once heard an interview with a large fellow on "Car Talk" that his research lead him to conclude that the new Bug was the most comfortable car for larger people.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The C320 wagon will probably START at $35K, I would think (probably more though). Have you considered the MB ML320. Although it is a completely different kind of vehicle than the E-class, It's significantly larger and the price may be more to your liking. FWIW, I found the C-class's front seats a little smaller than the E-class (obviously because it is a smaller car), but it was still roomy; the C-class's seating position is a lot sportier though, IMHO. Keep in mind that MB designs their vehicles to try to accomodate even the 95th percentile man, or the 10th percentile woman.

    Good luck!

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  • Hi everyone,
    I have just found this site, and though that it contains some interesting points.

    I reside in the United Kingdom, and own an E-class 320CDI. I understand that this vehicle cannot be purchased in the USA, if anyone has any questions about this vehicle, I will endeavour to do my non technical best to answer them.

    Bye for now, John
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    I think the honda coupe is a blast. A friend of mine has one and its great, and for the money is a deal. very fun to drive.

    For me, for now, my 430 is my fun car. Depends on your budget, but those small 2 seaters are a blast. I think the lexus convertable, while very nice to look at and appointed well, I don't know will be as much fun as a boxster, honda, miata, or slk320. IF its for fun, then don't worry about hard top that folds. It adds weight and that reduces the fun. Audi TT should also be considered. Enjoy!

    wagon: We have an 00' ML320. You can find very low miliage models in the mid 30's range. You should not look at 98'and 99' models as they had some fit and finish issues. Go to the ML chat at edmunds and you will be amazed how active that site is. You need only look back a few months of previous activity and you'll find more info then you could ever imagine. We have the 3rd row seats and its a very versitile comfortable vehicle. Lots of comfort and 320 is very good on gas compared to other monsters of the road.
  • quirkquirk Posts: 5
    speelbound, i just bought a used, 1995, e320 wagon, had to look around for a while but found a spotless one loaded. i agree with you that i could not afford a 1998, eventhough there are many around here. the only option i think it doesn't have is contour seats, if they were even available then. it's silver with black leather. the dealer detailed it, so save for a couple touched up paint chips, the car looks new. even got four brand new tires in the deal. starmark warranty takes me for a few years up to 100,000 miles, i bought it with 61,000 on the car. the car is great, i traded a v70 for it, two very different cars. bottom line is i paid about 27,000 for this gem, i think it's a little high but it is spotless and they even delivered it from 2 hours away.

  • sddlwsddlw Posts: 361
    My wife and I have had 3 older MBs over the last 10 years, including a 92 300E sedan. Right now, depending on miles and condition, these are selling for $8-16K in my area. It was one of my most favorite cars I've owned, except for the cost of maintaining it. I averaged about $2,500 per yer the last 3 years I had it, and sold it with only 75K miles. The cost of repairs on this car was the only reson I got rid of it. Still, I often wish I still had it. I have a colleage who has a 95 E320 sedan and reports much lower cost of maintanence, even with 120K miles. But this is a sample size of 1, so I could not say this is a trend or not. The 3.2 liter engine is a lot peppier. The 95 sedans seem to be selling for $15-25K in my area. I never see enough of the wagons advertized to know how they will compare.
  • broonbroon Posts: 7
    Haven't posted in a while, but thought I'd pass along the following. Just rolled past 10k miles on my '00 E430 4matic, which I bought used in July with about 5k on it.

    Shortly after taking delivery, started hearing a groaning noise from the steering. Dealer topped up PSF. One month later problem returned. Diagnosed as bad steering rack. Replacement rack ($$$!) was air-expressed in, car back in 48hrs, problem completely solved.

    Other than that issue, have had no squawks with the E, and enjoy driving this car more than any I've ever owned or driven.

    This winter (in midwest US) has won me over completely on full-time AWD vehicles. Although I have the stock Contis, the car has cruised through the worst of our weather, including this morning's ice storm. Winter tranny mode is essential in icy/very slick conditions.

    Wife is thrilled with her '00 ML320, as am I. It is her first MB (first non-American car, actually)...she'll never go back. We, like others in this forum, are very pleased with the versatility (we have 4 kids), driving comfort, and fuel economy of the ML. We purchased the roof crossbars and luggage carrier. I cannot recommend this setup highly enough. The carrier is aerodynamic - on holiday drive, 200mls each way, I cannot say it hurt MPG by more than 1-1.5MPG at most, and it did not noticeably affect the vehicle's handling or performance. Plus, with the carrier off, the cross bars give our ML a distinctive and sporty appearance and make it easy to spot in a parking lot. Only negative, the cigarette lighter and trip computer have both quit working and it's not blown fuses. Will get those looked at at 1st Service A (at 2,000 miles paid to have Mobil 1 0W30 put in, running same oil in E430).

    Last week I had to go to Stockholm, Sweden on last-minute notice. I was pleasantly surprised to walk out of the airport, and find a lineup of 2000/2001 E240 CDi Estates (wagons) serving as taxicabs! The one I rode in must have been the top-line trim, as it was black/black leather with seemingly every gadget and option, except contour seats. Too bad they don't bring those Diesels over here, the car felt as quick and as quiet as a 320.
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