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Volkswagen Passat 2005 and earlier



  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Sorry...I am on the left coast...
  • 2001520015 Posts: 16
    anyway, whats a good out of door price ?? invoice + destination + profit for the dealer ???

    invoice + destination = $24626. I know this. But how much do u think the dealer would take ??? including registration + tag + documentation ??

    tax i can find out...
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    I have no idea...go back to post #661 paragraph #2 you will find your answer there...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    including invoice, MSRP and Edmunds True Market Value for the Passat can be found at this link: New Volkswagen Vehicles - Passat.

    You can look up other vehicles by following the "New" link that appears on the dark blue title bar at the top of this page.

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  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    You certainly awoke feeling a little testy this morning! I still find it curious that your
    only interest on this board is to make negative comments about people in the car business.
    You guys should form some sort of club...If you don't own a VW and you have no interest
    in buying one...

    I was asked to provide this individual with an Invoice price, which I did and with appropriate

    I suspect it would take a rare individual; one with extraordinary telepathic power, to advise
    a total stranger, 3000 miles away, with no knowledge of their circumstances or mental
    capacity, on something as significant as purchasing a brand new automobile. I am not such
    an individual.

    How he elects to use the number that I gave him is his own business... As is the price he
    arrives at that will enable him to drive that car is not mine, nor is it yours.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Okay folks let's just stick to the vehicles and not talk about each other.


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  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Pricing page well done! and accurate with the exception of the fact that Port Prep @$25.00
    and FloorPlan Interest Reserve@ $92.00 are not included.

    To the best of my knowledge these are fixed at Auburn Hills to every Dealer, coast to
    coast for every VW, from Golf to Passat...If that is wrong; I will stand corrected.

    As we have discussed before, Dealers are expected to pay the entire Invoice, and that
    would include these two items.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The place to provide that feedback is at the "Contact Us" link on the far right of the dark blue title bar of this page. My role here is strictly as the forum host.

    (And I haven't been "pat455" for a long time now - although that does remain my email address at edmunds ;-))

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  • dpr5dpr5 Posts: 32
    Being a car salesman or any other kind of salesman does not make one a minion of Satan. As Being an old guy who has bought several cars and in the process again, I have run into the good and the bad. Do your homework, try to treat the other guy with respect and it usually can be a pleasant experience. For me it is easier today. I think it also has a great deal to do with the attitude management of the dealership encourages.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Anyone here own a VW Passat wagon? Feel free to join us in our Passat Wagon discussion.

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

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  • cliffybcliffyb Posts: 114
    My intention on following these posts was really to find out about the Passat. One of the very first posts I read was your "VW Vs. the Economy". The whole bunch of business about VW not getting rewarded for their efforts and the rest of the nonsense was funny because they are charging about 4K to 5K more than the benchmark sedans in the same class. It became clear after reading that post that you were car salesperson first...Passat enthusiast second. Since some of what you write is helpful,(if not jaded) I'll lay off.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Apology accepted!

    To set the record straight...I am a Volkswagen enthusiast 1st. My first car was a 1962
    VW Convertible, I was 17. My enthusiasm for the Brand has seldom waned, and for the past
    6 years has been running at full throttle.

    The piece that I wrote regarding the introduction of the new Passat I believe to be true. VWAG
    has had this redesign in progress for well over a year...If you and I both knew then, what we
    know now, and had *shorted* this Market last march; we would be discussing what planes
    we should be buying, and not cars. The launch of this new Passat has suffered due the economic environment that exists today. The SF Chronicle noted earlier this week that
    office space cost per Sq. Ft. SOMA has dropped from $70 or so to $50 give or take. And
    even Montgomery St. prices have been reduced from $86 to the low $70s. These numbers
    tell the same story.

    The Production numbers were high predicated upon 2000 Sales. If this car had been launched
    in a different economic environment and with produced units as small as the New Beetle in
    1998 the posts here would be entirely different, of that you can be sure. And I really do not
    believe that the new Passat is in the same class of the benchmark sedans that you refer to; neither does Automobile Magazine or Consumer Reports; they find it the BEST in class.

    And lastly, I am very proud of what I do. I have been fortunate enough to have had a very eclectic career path. I was a Marine Corps officer for ten years, I spent 10 years in cash
    management with a major Wall Street brokerage, retired, and worked as a Paramedic for
    six years before joining the VW group.

    There are few things in life that are as pleasant as
    watching someone take possesion of a new car. To some, it is like changing underwear, but
    to the majority it is something that happens only rarely. I have delivered cars to people in
    their forties that have Never owned a New Car. And even the jaded souls get a rush, when it
    is done right. To see the smiles and joy when you hand over the keys...for those folks that
    have saved for years, that is the slum life of a *car salesman*...what a horrid way to make
    a living!!!
  • I just picked up a 2001.5 GLX Auto (no 4 Motion). The car looks great (Indigo/Black) and I feel good about the deal I got. I have noticed a slight power lag as I accelerate from a complete stop or out of slow speeds (such as coming out of a turn in a residential area). Is this normal? What should the RPM's be at idle? Mine is at about .8 or .9. I appreciate any insights before I go back to the dealer.
  • While in Tip, the engine will down shift automotically but will not upshift. Is the also normal?
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Congratulations!!! All of your concerns are for naught...All within normal limits...

    And, yes...your Tiptronic will automatically downshift for you as you slow down
    if you don't, and it will up shift if your tach gets into dangerous territory.

  • cliffybcliffyb Posts: 114
    Its interesting that magazines always compare the Passat to cars like the Camry or Accord when they cost many thousands more comparably equiped. Pricewise the Passat really compares to intro-lux cars like the Acura TL. I guess it's at the high end of bread and butter or the low end of intro-lux. I still want one. The one question mark in my mind remains reliability. 30,000 miles per year for four or five years. Think it can do it? For the Record my "Exploder" has been near flawless with hardly any maintanence except oil changes.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    Your concerns, I think, are predicated on comments posted here and elsewhere; which
    as you, no doubt, must be aware, fall into the minority of Passat owners, and not the

    What does warrant concern is the Dealership that you select to service your new Passat.
    With the extraordinary success that VW has experienced over the past 4 Model
    Years, most Service Dpts. have been pushed to their limits...Not enough service bays and
    a rather shallow pool of qualified Techs. to select from when looking to add staff.

    Both Lasher & Niello are familiar to me from doing Dealer Trades, but because they are
    in different *zones*...they are in 45 and I am in 43, I have no way to pull there Service
    Satisfaction numbers from this computer. But I can make some calls. In addition, I think
    word of mouth from folks that you come in contact with who are their customers is helpful
    as well...though obviously not very scientific, you will certainly get an impression.

    How a Dealership ranks with their "Apostle Scores" is really key, and I will get those for you

    I trust that your VW experience wil be as trouble free as your Explorer has been , and I
    really meant no ill will, just journalistic jousting...

    And one last thing...with that much driving a VW Masterguard B2B is a must have. You
    should feel secure out to the 100K mark on the clock, even though that is only out to
    39 months. That, and proper maintenance and you should be OK. Think about all of the
    vintage VWs you see...Vanagons, Jettas, etc.
  • cliffybcliffyb Posts: 114
    Really most of my concern about VW would stem back to the 85' vanagon my parents bought when I was in highschool. Thats not really fair I know, but honestly that thing was in the shop more than it wasn't.

    I have heard mention of the Masterguard before. I asked the salesguy at Lasher if I could see a copy of it and explained my concern why. He said "they would have to help you with that in
    F&I"-meaning I would have to be buying the thing before I could seee the details. Is it pretty inclusive?

    I would imagine you are right though in that the Passat would be at least as reliable as the Explorer. And the resale would have to be better.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    email me you address and I will mail you a brochure...
  • Hi folks, now that I've actually taken delivery of my new Passat wagon I'd like to put in a good word for my dealer and salesmen. For me, being an impatient customer anxious to get my new car, it was a long wait. But both George Johnson and Bill Pansky of Boardwalk Volkswagon in Redwood City, CA helped me find the exact color combination I wanted (worked with VWOA to have the car diverted from the Houston port)and tracked the car on just about a daily basis until it arrived.

    I have had some bad experiences with car dealers in the past (and during this shopping experience with other dealers) and am usally skeptical and cynical until the transaction is complete. In this case I was pleasantly surprised as there were no games and George and Bill were straight forward and honest with me every step of the way. I recommend them highly.

    Now we'll see how their service dept. is:)

    Btw, the car is a 2001.5 Passat GLS V6 Wagon with Tip, Leather, Lux, Monsoon, & Homelink in Silverstone Gray with Black interior. I've only had it two days but so far it is flawless.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    that VW changed some of the colors around this year. Notice that a gold-ish color is now available on Passat and Jetta. Looks great with black leather...:)
  • jamesd44jamesd44 Posts: 10
    Don't know if (jsmookie Mar 22, 2001 8:24pm) is still lurking, but you asked about good dealers in the Dallas area. I highly recommend Metro VW on Hwy 183 in Irving (I don't know about their service dept. b/c I haven't been in yet). I dealt with Mike Sabbas on referal and had a great experience. The folks there were very pleasant to work with.

    I picked up a new GLS about six weeks ago and have enjoyed every day of it.
  • acedriveracedriver Posts: 131
    Spellbound, You did not mention the deal you got .. if you don't mind ?!
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    I figure this one has been rehashed a number of times. I just now took a look at this board though we've owned a 99 Pas sat LS V6 for two years now. It's my wife's car and she just loves it. The only drawback (outside of the upholders) is the amount of brake dust we get on the front wheels. Outside of constantly cleaning them, is there anyway to prevent this? A friend suggested that when it comes time to do a brake job, that we get metallic pads. Will the WV dealer have these (we have all service done at WV)?

    A friend at work bought a 2001 Pas sat last year, and her front wheels get hardly any dust at all. I wonder what WV did differently with that car.

    Also - a note to the folks who had radio reception problems. Early on with our Pas sat, we had antenna lead problems, but once the lead and the antenna were replaced by the dealer, no more problems. The stereo works flawlessly now.

    Thanks for whatever help you can give. For all those prospective buyers, the Passat V6 is a great car!
  • jsmookiejsmookie Posts: 2

    what kind of deal did you get?
    car, options, price, ttl
  • vdub1vdub1 Posts: 4
    does anybody know if there will be another price increase on the 2002 passats? also, any other changes being added? vwvortex says in-dash cd will now be standard.....thanks for any info
  • robertcarobertca Posts: 1
    I'm in Canada and have been thinking about purchasing a new Pas sat. I've read lots of the archive messages in the forum, and although my enthusiasm for this car is still strong I'm very reluctant to purchase it with the limited warranties WV offers. I was astonished today when I discovered that the drive train warranty offered for Passats sold in the US is significantly
    better than what is offered in Canada.

    The US Pas sat comes with a Drive train
    warranty of 10 yr. / 100,000 i. while the Canadian car is offered with a "Power train" warranty of only 5 years / 80,000 km .....equivalent to about 55,000 miles.

    I can think of no rational reason for the discrepancy. Does anyone have an

    Does VW in Canada support any specific extended warranty? I have a brochure from our local dealer for extended warranties offered here by a German Bank! I asked the salesman if this was "it" for Canada and I was told yes. The brochure was not informative in any way and a bit of a joke as a sales tool. No mention of Masterguard. And once again my intuition told me to start falling out of love with this car.
  • It has been a while since I've posted here at Edmunds. Back when the Passat was not as mainstream as it is today and Edmunds was just starting to become popular (early '98 I think).

    I bought my '99 1.8T in September 98. I am happier with my car now than I was then. Mainly because I have “learned” to drive it.

    I have had no problems with it so far, other than a squeaky belt that got tightened during a maintenance visit. I still get between 28 and 31 mpg on mostly highway driving.
  • I put quotation marks around learned in my previous posting, and I got symbols and numbers instead. It must be a bug in the (quote)new Edmunds (unquote).
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    That will happen if you compose your post off-line in MS Word - there's something about Microsoft using non-standard ascii characters that causes that.

    That can be avoided by using the post box directly, or perhaps a straight ascii editor such as Notepad.

    And you have a 30 minute time period after making a post in which an "Edit" button appears to the right of the date and time of your post - that Edit feature will allow you to correct any anomalies such as you experienced.

    Anyway, welcome back, and I hope this helps!

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