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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • Clair used to be cheaper than auto class. However, Clair raises price recently. I think each MB dealer operates independently. They think if customers are willing to pay, so why not ! Its a free market. Also I think the mud guards (front and rear) are well worth it. It l protects the body very well especially during winter time with snow and salt. It looks good to the car overall. A pair cost about $40.00. It is considered cheap as a MB product.I installed myself without removing tires. I strongly recommend it. My model is C320 silver. I understand the earlier 2001 C class versions (i.e with no. less 59000) has no inside trunk release green button and not-so-good quality control. Good luck to those owners.
  • I hate to sound insensitive (I live in n. NJ, so I know all about how bad the WTC/Pentagon stuff is), but anyone know if chat is on tonight?

    I'm picking up my ccoupe on Saturday, and had some questions about various silly stuff. I'd post this on the ccoupe discussion, but that has no traffic on it.

    AFMBGUY: I must have missed this. Are there no mudguards on c class models?

    Thanks for any info.
  • There is no mud guards as standard in any MB except the ML. Products from Japan also not include it anymore as a cost cutting (They used to, not anymore). I guess they do not want cars last super long in life. They need to make money in some ways. It cannot be too perfect in the world of bussiness. It really works in winter time. All my cars have them. My son's Honda is 12 years old and has no rust and chips around the tire areas from all those years in NY. I am leaving my office now and talk to you guys tomorrow.
  • I saw an post with an ad for the Mercedes chat just this afternoon in the M-class topic, so it should still be on at 6 to 7 PDT tonight.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It will happen tonight on schedule. We resumed the chats some time last week.

    If anyone needs a link, see the top of this page. Enjoy!

    Sedans Message Board
  • Yesterday I ordered my c-240
    Automatic,Bose,silver metallic,packages C2 & C3
    list price $35,550 paid $33,750 dealer includes yearly car detailing as long as you own the car.
    How did I do on the price?

    John from New Jersey
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    That's the best deal anyone has posted yet
  • list price $35,550 paid $33,750 by leokadia1

    that's a great price if u can afford it in this recession-like (if not already) economy...
  • Can you tell me the name of the dealer? Thanks
  • New Jersey, huh! That's darn close to Ground Zero! Sounds like the dealer is close to giving the cars away! Sounds like you got them at a good moment.
    John W.
  • maroon95, did you try going back to Herb Chambers to ask them about being double-charged for the $80 car registration? If you point it out, they might fix it.

    Did you get any discounts when you bought your C240?
  • ong2000 saleman's name James J. Park
  • I am a member of the MBCA and in the latest edition of the STAR magazine there were several photos of the new edition of the SL 500. My God! It is stunning! It looks like the SLR due out late next year. IMHO the new SL 500 is the most beautiful Benz in the last 25 years. Now I have to figure out a way to convince my wife to upgrade our current C class...clearly the $100,000+ price will be a topic of discussion.... then dismissed. Oh well, it is still OK to dream.

    :) Leon
  • My Lexus recently turned 150,000 miles and I am going to buy a Mercedes. I am looking to spend between $30,000 and $35,000. Based on my perusal of adds at Autotrader, I figure I can get one of the following three cars:

    1. A new C 240.
    2. A 2-3 year old C 280 with 20,000 to 30,000 miles.
    3 A 4-5 year old E 320 with 40,000 to 50,000 miles.

    I generally like to drive my cars in to the ground, so i'd like to buy a car that I can get 8 to 10 years use.

    Which would you buy, and why?

    Thanks for the input. I find this group extremely helpful.
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    First, a couple of points:

    1) has your Lexus actually been driven "into the ground" at 150,000 miles? My car is going strong at 155,000 miles (touch wood).

    2) I do not own a Mercedes-Benz at the moment, although I would like to get a C 240 6 speed when circumstances allow it.

    Anyway, I would certainly be most tempted with buying the new car. If you were to get the extended warranty at the same time, you could look forward to at least 6 years of more or less trouble-free driving with the new C 240.

    The older C-Class is also a nice car, but I don't see how a 2 or 3 year old C 280 could realistically be compared to a new C 240. First of all, they're not as safe. Secondly, because it is out of production, you may have some difficulty obtaining parts if you keep it, say, 10 years. Or at least more trouble than you'd have with a current model C Class, which is likely to stay in production until 2007. Maybe Mercedes is different in this regard; certainly this sort of orphanage situation is common with the French cars that I still drive (and how!). Thirdly, the previous generation C Class is a little more cramped inside than the quite roomy W 203 C Class. Fourthly, there is something about buying a new car that is superior to buying ANY used car. Sort of a virginity bonus, I don't know... Plus you could pick it up in Europe if you want (which has the side effect of guaranteeing that you get a German-made one, if that matters to you).

    As for the E-Class, many of the issues mentioned above would apply. It is, however, a more roomy car, and probably one of the best examples of the traditional Benz. The newly-introduced models (C and S Class, not to mention M) have been criticised for a slippage in quality and I expect the new E-Class to be subject to this phenomenon as well. But I'd still opt for the new C 240...

    Another consideration is timing. I'd expect many of the first-generation bugs to be exorcised from the new C-Class by now, as it's been in production for about 18 months. On the other hand, it is pretty clear that Mercedes-Benz is on the cusp of introducing direct injection gasoline engines, probably starting with next year's new E Class. I would prefer to wait until this technology is introduced on the C Class, due to the higher specific power, the lower fuel consumption and lower emission levels. The latter could be important in the long-term if the USA and Canada ever get around to taxing cars by their emission levels, something that already is de rigeur in Europe. Besides, lower emissions are a good thing, whether you are rewarded financially for it or not.

    These are my rambling commentaries, for what they're worth.

  • fuzzofuzzo Posts: 88
    Today i turned on my rear defroster while listening to the radio and it became all static when i turned on the defroster. Everything was fine when i turned off the defroster.

    has anyone else had this problem? Please let me know so I can address it when I take it to the dealer tomorrow...
  • Haven't seen this problem discussed before: wife complained that her feet were warm in our new C 240 (it is still hot in South Carolina this time of year). I drove the car and noticed that I could not make air come out of the floor vents using the automatic setting, even setting if for a very low temperature--which I should think would make air come from all vents to cool the car quickly. Air WILL come out of the floor vents if I use manual settings, so I know the vents work. Is this simply a design problem with the auto setting, or is something wrong with our auto setting?
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Between the older C and newer C the newer C is a no brainer due to it being much quieter, better riding, handing and safer. Between the E and c is a little tougher MB salesmen have said and I can't disagree is that if you don't need the space get the C. The current E is one of most beautiful sedans on the road today though.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    I agree with mbnut. There is absolutely no justification for getting a 2-3 year old C280 for the same price as a new 240. As for the E320, I think the biggest trade-off is size and, perhaps, long, long term durability. I have friends who have put 200k+ miles on the previous generation E-class (one who has 300k on a 1991 260E that he is now giving to his daughter). There have been some concerns expressed on this board and others that the new generation Mercedes are not "overbuilt" the way previous generations were.

    I was wondering, however, where you are from. I live in the DC area and there are a lot of used Mercedes being sold privately. Considerably better deals are out there on excellent condition used cars, if you are willing to shop around in my area. A friend just picked up a good condition 1998 E430 with 45k miles for $30,000 (quick deal w/ diplomat leaving area). In my area, I would expect that you could get a 2-3 year old C280 for $26-$30k and a 1997-98 E320 for a similar amount, assuming you are willing to shop around a bit.

    I myself am a new car guy and am probably going the BMW route this fall, but wish you good luck.
  • In response to prior questions and comments, I live in Los Angeles, and there are numerous E 320 4 year lease retruns available. I see them listed for sale for around $34k to $39k (depending mostly on whether its a dealer or a private party). I was gussing I could pick up a good low mile E320 for around $33k to $35k. Do you think I could get one for less? How much below asking price are dealers selling these cars for?

    As for needing the room, I have two kids, and have one of them in the car most of the time on the weekends. My car, however, is used mostly for commuting. Therefore, I don't "need" more room, but it is always nice to have.

    As for my Lexus being "driven into the ground" at 150,000 miles, I think I could get 50,000 more miles out of it fairly easily. But the car is paid off and it's time for a new one. Alright . . .I admit's time for a new toy.

    Personally, I am partial to the used E320. I think it's the best looking car out there. However, I'm worried that it will have greater repair costs over a 10 year period because you are not gettoing the first 4 years of use. Stated differently, my heart says get the E320, but my head says, get the C240

    Again, thanks for your replies.
  • I, too, am in that situation.
    I'm in the process of downsizing my garage. The wife keeps her mini-van. Why she loves it, I'll never know. But you can't beat if for size while throwing the kids and gear into for the ride up to Lake Tahoe!
    I will replace my 1991 Porsche 928 GT w/31K miles and my 1987 MB 300D (6 cylinder turbo diesel)with 230k miles. I shuttle the kids around town, so I need a four door. The decision was either a used 320/420 or a new C240. Their price was comparable. I opted for the new C240. I took the hit on space to get a new car with a 6 speed. They're building it next week and it's due in next month.
    I hope I made the right decision. I'll know about a day after I take delivery.

    Good Luck!!

    John W.
  • I noticed from this board that most of those who post here order their cars. (e.g. John W. is waiting for delivery of his C240). Why is that? It seems that in the Los Angeles/Orange County area you can find almost any color/option combination. Do you order because the exact color/options are not available on the cars on the lot? Or is there some other advantage?
  • How much did you pay?
  • I had a chance to rent an E class this past summer on our family vacation to Germany. It was a 2001 E220 CDI (Direct Injection Diesel)6 Speed. Yes, a 6 speed. It was silver with black cloth. We put almost 1,000 miles on it in 10 days. The 6 speed was sweet. No fuss, no muss. I have had a 1987 300D (6 cylinder Turbo diesel) for the last 10 years and the CDI was such an improvement in diesel technology, it was addicting. I wish it was available over here.
    At any rate, the E class wasn't too small to be uncomfortable for the four of us (wife + 13 year old daughter + 10 year old son)on the trip with all our luggage. And there was a ton of luggage. So, I figured for everyday use, me plus 1 or 2 kids, that the C would suffice. Plus, I NEEDED that 6 speed.
    I had to order my C240, since there wasn't one they could find with the options and color I wanted: Orion Blue, C2, C3, C4, Bose and sport package.
    I ordered the car before the events of last week. I mention that, because apparently, there are now good deals to be had. I live in the SF bay area. The dealers I talked to in the extended area (about 6) were all unwilling to deal on an ordered car. I reminded them how their cost of sale on this car would be effectively zero, but they wouldn't budge. I knew the environment was more buyer friendly down in Los Angeles. So I went through a car broker up here who has a relationship with an L.A. MB dealer. They charged me $1k over invoice, which seemed like a good deal at the time. But like I said, things maybe different now.

    Hope that helps (sorry for the rambling length)

    Good Luck,
    John W.
  • I have to say that I ordered a MBC240 with lots of options back in February then cancelled it in May...Buyer's Remorse I suppose...Anyway - My point is...I am wondering if I made the right decision, but not for my reason.
    Posts are all over the place of random problems...most with Keys randomly not working and not having successful repairs. Not to mention Sunroof repairs, cars going dead all of the sudden.. Are these cars really Mercedes-Benzes? I view other posts, looking at the VW Passat, and dont see a fraction of the problems there or most other cars online here at TownHall? What is going on? If I paid 35k for a MB & I had those problems, I would have no faith in my car & the whole new car experience would be lost on me...& that should not be the case with a Benz?
    What are your thoughts on this??
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i have a 240... 23,000 miles virtually no problems... i know theres others like me... this board is a lightning rod for those that are having problems... but there are many that just never come... because they are problem free
  • I just bought my first Benz today...a new 2002 C240, Bordeaux Red Metallic, loaded and I am so excited. I will get it next week. Dealer is doing a trade to get my color/option preference. I pad 3% over INVOICE, plus destination charge. I felt like this was a pretty good deal. Most around here (Atlanta, Ga) don't want to take below MSRP. I had to walk out the first time, but they called me back 2 days later and said they were willing to talk. Asked me for 4%, but I stood my ground and they finally accepted. Can't wait to drive it!
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Not to defend the too-many-problems that have surfaced with the introduction of the W203 C, but I have to beg to differ on your interpretation of the relative reliability of any VW...huh? All of the data available to me, including the various boards here on the Passat and other VWs, suggest you need to rethink this issue. Not to mention the thoroughly miserable time a lot of VW owners are having trying to get decent, competent dealer service when something does go wrong.

    None of these guys builds them like the Japanese, and none of them are building them to the level that I used to expect...but no VW would tempt me to skip an MB based on the expectation of superior reliability. Not likely...
  • I posted to this group because I am considering purchasing a Benz to replace my Lexus. Frankly, I too had noticed numerous posts dealing with problems in the new C class. As a Lexus owner, I
    was somewhat concerned with these posts because my Lexus has never had any problem with anything breaking other than the air conditioner needing $1,000 in repairs after it went out (at 145,000 miles). In fact, I know numerous Lexus owners, and I have never heard of any of them having any problem with their car before 1000,000 miles.

    However, I also know numerous Mercedes owners. All of them tell me a similar story: If you maintain this car, you will get at least 200,000 miles out of it. However, what attracts me to the Mercedes is that the cars look great when they have lots of miles on them. In fact, they look better than a Lexus when they have high miles. I have had numerous occassions when I now pull up to a read light and a 10 to 15 year old Mercedes piulls up next to me, and I''ll think to myself, "That's a damn good looking car." My next door neighbors have a circa 1990 MBZ 420 SEL and a circa 1985 MBZ 190. Both cars look great.

    At bottom, while I expect that a Mercedes will cost more to maintain than a Lexus, I'm willing to sacrafice it for styling.
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