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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • Just picked-up the wife's 2001 last Saturday, trading in her 1997 Bonneville. She uses car for business, so accumulates high mileage quickly. About 35 - 40k a year. Thought about another Bonneville, but Impala was less expensive and had the room she needed. She originally was going for Monte, but I talked her out of it because it was only 2 door. The only concern I have early in experience is the tires/suspension seems to transmit a lot of road noise. But, I like the looks of the car, and because it had the 3800 engine, I'm happy with her choice. 01-01/254XXX/LS/JG/3.8L/Owego,NY
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Welcome to the club!

    I will be updating the 2001 VIN list sometime later today.

  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Yes, you are correct. OnStar is optional on the 2001 LS. At least in Canada. It comes with package 1SC. It is an option on the Base model also. As to its utility, it was not for me but here is an article from today's newspaper that may be of interest to Forum members.

    "Kingston (Ontario, Canada) police apparently employ some of the same crime-fighting techniques as Batman. With the help of an OnStar satellite tracking device, police pinpointed a 2001 Oldsmobile within 40 minutes of it being stolen. A recently retired school teacher reprted his keys stolen from a locker on February 12. After police faxed a report to Texas-based OnStar, the company found the car behind Lancaster public school and phoned police. When the officer couldn't find the car, OnStar turned on the car's lights and horn so he could follow the sound to the car's location behind a portable classroom."

    Well, all I can say is that the global positioning systems (GPS) are pretty darn accurate!
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Just another suggestion. Whatever system you choose, I would recommend that it have the capability to upload photos as is done in and I am sure other software offerings. It is tremendously entertaining and useful when members wish to share photos of their favourite vehicles or post a "What is this part?" Once members learn the [img]....[/img] command to draw from on-line sources such as Photopoint, it really adds a new dimension to discussions. Rather than "it is the thingy near the doohickey on the right of the engine underneath" type of description, one can see exactly what the poster is referring to. With digital cameras now being virtually ubiquitous, this a required capability, not an option in my opinion. Thanks for listening!
  • edl79edl79 Posts: 14
    I have Onstar and personal calling. Unlike almost everyone else in NJ I don't have a cell phone. Onstar by itself is something you don't want to have to use and you hope it works if you need it. I do 85 miles round-trip to work and like having it since I don't have a cell phone. I seldom make phone calls from the car but I've used it enough to know that it's easy to use and that it works - most of the time.

    Thursday it snowed during the evening rush and it took me 3 hours to get home. Bumper-to-bumper for 36 highway miles and I couldn't make a phone call with Onstar. My wife was calling me and couldn't get through. I got home, went out to the car with a portable phone and got the same thing plus calling Onstar didn't work either. So I called them on the house phone about 8PM and we tested everything out and it worked fine. They said the problem I had was probably due to high volume cellular usage. That may be with the tremendous traffic on every major road in northern NJ, but if I had a car or medical problem Onstar wouldn't have helped. They also mentioned that they were having some type of issue with Verizon, the carrier in my area and were working around the clock on it. I just wonder if other people sitting in their cars were having the same problem making a call on their cell phones as I was having or does it have something to do with the agreement Onstar has with the celluar carrier. Maybe Onstar users get a lower priority. I'm sure it could be programmed that way but really have no idea.
    Overall it's probably worthwhile but overpriced.
    It's $200 just for Onstar and the 100 minutes I bought was $45 for 12 months. Until you have to use it for an emergency it's an interesting toy. The people at Onstar are very courteous even with a customer as annoyed as I was the other night.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I am looking forward to the OnStar system on my new '01 LS. I think the best features it offers is the instant GPS location capacity, remote door unlock operation and the onboard vehicle diagnostics.

    The feature to locate address comes in handy too and much prefer it to having a Plasma color screen in the center of the dashboard (Looks cool but highly unpractical when driving).

    How much is the most 'basic' plan (for the US) and what features does it include?
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Time to drive my new Impala! I returned my leased Saturn SL2 to the dealer last Thursday as the three years had come to an end. It was a nice, dependable car but I wanted something bigger and the styling of their L Series did not appeal to me. So in December, with the lure of 0.9% financing, I bought the Impala Base 3.4L and with what seems to be a fairly rare combo on the Base: bucket seats and a floor shift. My Photopoint album (posted before) shows this in detail. The Impala has sat as I only had 31,000km on the Saturn with a 60,000km maximum. And with the terrible weather this winter, why not use someone else's car? In any case, I have been with the Forum for several months and never had the opportunity to say a few words on the Impala as I basically have not driven it. The time has come....So for what 300km or 180 miles are worth, here are a few comments. The point of comparison is the Saturn.

    -the Impala is a large car. I am 6'1" and the seat travel is such that I have had to move forward from the rear-most setting to reach the steering wheel. Somewhat amusing to do that electrically but the novelty will wear off<g>. What a change from rubbing knees on the steering wheel. The back seat is very comfy and the 60/40 split very convenient. That comes with the bucket seat option on the Base.

    -the Impala is heavy and takes some getting used to. Steering radius is much larger than the Saturn: it was very nimble. Again, a big car. Lots out front and back. Watch the front in parking lots.

    -the 3.4L, to the extent I have used it, is just fine for me. More than adequate power. I had occasion to have four adults in it on the highway and it was an effortless drive. Under those circumstances, the 1.9L Saturn was really strained and was rough. I have not pushed it as this is breakin time but it feels strong. The 3.4L is so smooth at idle that one wonders if it is running! The Base does not have a tach to tell me that.....

    -it was 5F this morning. The heater is wonderful! Lots of heat. And the rear defroster cleared the window very efficiently in about five minutes. The band is a little narrow but despite recent posts to the contrary, it works very well. The heated mirrors also work very well.

    -fit and finish. I have not gone done to the micro level but everything looks just fine. No squeaks or rattles.

    -I have checked the paint from stem to stern. I cannot find a flaw. The car looks wonderful in Silver.

    -seats; buckets with Custom Cloth Grey. Powered on driver's side. I have a minor lower back problem but I have found a setting that suits. Very comfortable.

    -tires. I have the 225 UniRoyal TigerPaws and they seem to be very quiet, handle well and in a snowy condition on Thursday, pulled and braked well. No complaints.

    -engine cradle. With almost no miles I do not know what to say except perhaps my 10/00 build date has given me the extra welds so graphically described by Teo.

    -the infamous stereo. I do not know on this one. I have the CD/Cassette with 8-speaker option and put it to one of my ultimate tests today: "We Built This City on Rock & Roll" from Starship-Knee Deep in the Hoopla. It sure did sound fine to me. Deep bass and good treble. Took some tweeking but the stereo does shake the car - even without a boom box<g>.

    Overall, I am impressed at this early stage. I have posted a few pics below. You will note (but it is difficult to see) that I have the GM splashguards that have to be modified to fit the 2001 (many posts ago) and the Impala emblems on the doors which I find attractive. They are only $12.00 or so each. As an aside, I went for the dealer paint/rustproofing/interior package from "The Protector" or ECP Incorporated (the latter has a web site). I realize that many do not believe these provide good value but I do have a guarantee against acid rain, paint chip rust, etc. for as long as I own the car. I did not pay the dealer cost but negotiated a lower price. If anyone has any questions on my car, please post. I can also be reached at if you prefer a non-public reply.

  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I finally picked up my 2000 Impala LS. It had only 40 miles on it. I was told that the vehicle was sitting in the dealer lot for 285 days!! Just drove back from the dealership. You're not going to believe the price I paid for it.

    2000 Impala LS. Galaxy Silver. Leather with no moonroof and no spoiler. Build date: 05/00.

    $23,963 MSRP
    -$4,600 Dealer blowout price
    -$1,000 Mfg Rebate
    -$1,000 Auto Show Rebate
    -$3,725 My GM card rebate

    Total drive out price including tax, doc, and registration.....$15,463!!

    I was somewhat concern about buying this vehicle with 05/00 build date because of the engine cradle problem and engine hestitation. But for this blowout price, I couldn't resist!

    Special thanks to Teo and everyone else who contributed to this board. Lets hope I get trouble free miles!! I keep my ears open for those clunking noises. uggh.

    BTW, I may consider selling my LS 5 spoke wheels. If anyone interested, please send me an My asking price is $700 OBO. I will eat the delivery charge.

    Go Impala!
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Glad you like your new Impala so much. It is great road car. I just did another 120 in mine today. Very comfy.

    I have no problem with my rear defroster either and I'm in my second February with this car.

    If and when you get the chance, please post the model and ref number of your trunk amp.

    On the 2000 it was a Matsushita Model No.10432572, Ref No. CY-BG2911ZC.
    I'm curious if they changed it.
  • geo25geo25 Posts: 3
    After driving the Chev Impala,Pontiac Boniville,Toyota Camry,Buick LeSabre,Ford Tarus,Mercury Sable,and Honda Accord,GM just doesn't seam to get it that people want Quality when they buy a new car.
    The Chev. Impala seams to be a very nice car at first look.Then I read about alot of you people trying to get GM to buy them back for various unsolvable problems.Good luck dealing with the jerks at GM.,been there and done that years ago;see the jerks are still there.I know you can get a lemon in any car,but GM seems to have a bumper crop of them in the new Chevrolet Impala.
    I hope you guy's can get your money back and get away from the GM Junkmobiles. As for me I am really enjoying my new TROUBLE FREE Honda Accord EX V6.
    Thanks for all the insite on the problems with the new Chev. Impala.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I don't know what 'GM junk' you had in the past, but my experiences with GM so far have been far superior to Ford or Honda of which I have owned their products in the past. True I had problems with my Impala (Steering shaft and A/C Compressor) but GM has been extremely responsive as well as my dealer. GM did not put up a fight and to keep me happy they are buying back my '00 Impala LS and getting me into a new '01 LS. I love the Impala and none of the current market rice burners do anything for me, including your beloved Honda.

    Sorry to hear your GM experience was negative. Mine has been wonderful ;-)
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Keep your eyes and ear open for interior rattles, trasmission clunks when shifting into reverse, fuel boil overs and the other myrad of problems reported by your fellow Honda Accord V6 EX owners...good luck my friend in dealing with American Honda when you develop problems!

    The other side of the fence is not always greener, ain't it?
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    fastfoodman? is that you?
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Nope, they have not changed it (10/00). Those are the numbers on my amp. Perhaps my expectations are not as high as some others in terms of sound. It is a nice system for my listening purposes.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Congrats on your bargain-basment price on the 2000 Impala LS! Sure you take some risks with the 2000 model as opposed to the slightly refined 2001 model, but not enough to justify the extra $4k+ you'd have paid for it. With a build date of 5/00, you've gotten one of the last of the 2000 lineup, so at least your's should have any early build problems corrected.

    One question - I was under the impression the most one could build up on the GM card was $3,500 (I cashed in about $3,200 when I bought my base model back in March of last year), how did you manage to rack up over $3,700 in earnings?
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    A few dozen posts ago, someone mentioned some comparisons of the Toyota Corolla to the Impala. As the 6'0" owner of both a '95 Prizm LSI and a '00 Impala (base model w/3.8L engine), I can assure you I'm much more comfortable driving the Impala than the Prizm. The Prizm may have virtually the same leg and head room as the Impala, but there isn't much room to the left or right for your legs in the Prizm. My Impala with the bench seat not only gives me more hip room, but by not having a center console, I have much more lateral room to spread out leg-wise.

    Entry/exit of the Impala is also much better than the Prizm. Even with the seat pushed all the way to the rear limit, and the steering wheel tilted all the way up, my knees still hit the steering wheel on the Prizm (which is primarily driven by my 5'3" wife, so it isn't really an issue for her).

    I opted for the 3.8 liter engine based on it's proven reliability, but the fact that this engine package also includes ABS, traction control, and upgraded tires/wheels made it worth the extra money. However, if I had to choose between a loaded Corolla and a base Impala with the 3.4 engine, I think I'd take the Impala purely from a safety standpoint.

    Having driven the Impala for a year, my wife and I are seriously considering trading in the Prizm now (as opposed to waiting 3-4 more years as originally planned) due to the feeling that the car is just too darn small to feel safe. With all the SUVs on the road, I want my family to have the safest ride we can afford (a run in with a Ford Expedition and my old Celica is what spurred me to buy the Impala in the first place). The Corolla/Prizm is fine for one person, but even hauling our two young daughters (ages 8 & 3) starts to make the Prizm feel cramped.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Too much time on my hands tonight. The 3.8L is advertised by GM as an "award winning engine." Who accorded this award? And why? Did my lowly 3.4L pushrod engine ever get any accolades from GM or the press? Or is "tried, tested and true" good enough for assurance of long-term reliability? What is the history of the 3.4L? I had a 1978 Malibu with what seems to be a remarkably similar block configuration but it was 200cid at that time and RWD, of course. Although it is difficult to see beyond that massive intake system on the 2001.....I do wonder if GM has progressed very far over time. And if they have not, perhaps that is the proverbial good thing. I read that the 3.4L DOHC Lumina engine was not a master stroke in technology compared to the pushrod version. Why did GM not put the DOHC in the Impala? It would seem that a 3.4L with DOHC would out-perform the 3.8L pushrod engine....Just inviting discussion; I do not know. Do love the push-rod low-end torque, however. One of the reasons I went for the Impala.
  • I just bought my 2001 Impala LS last weekend and I cant get enough of the car. I just simply love it. It far exceeds my expectations. Its a joy to drive, and I find any excuse to drive it. :) I drove Caprice Classic's for over twenty two years of my life, and went to the 98 Lumina when trading in my 89 Caprice. I couldnt get another Caprice because Chevy stopped making the car and there wasnt a Impala to be found. When I test drove the Impala last week, I was hooked and made a deal. The Impala LS.... a fine car.
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Yes, they have made some bad products over time but what manufacturer has not? I am not in an informed position to compare a number of cars one with the other as an owner but I have driven Saturns (GM) for six years and I can say that it is a good product. My 1995 had front brake rotor warping problems but they were fixed at no charge and with no hassle. My 1998 Saturn was flawless until I took it off-lease last week. I stayed with GM with a 2001 Impala because of my basic belief that North America (the Impala is built in Canada) has cleaned up its QA/QC act. I went to Chev simply be cause I needed a bigger car and the Impala had most if not all of the features I was looking for....and more. And at a reasonable price! I enjoyed the post earlier today re the Toronto, Ontario taxis going to the Impala. Firstly because their current vehicles need an upgrade from 1986 Caprices but secondly, they are making a wise investment in terms of maintenance. Check the typical costs of changing out brakes, shocks, mufflers and the like between Japanese cars and Impalas. And these are costs that are real for those who make their living in that profession. I do not but the costs of replacement parts are striking. So, good luck with the Honda. I put out $17.00US last year for disc brake pads for four wheels on my 1979 Corvette (Muskegon Brake).....
  • Hello, Just another lurker coming out of the closet.

    After driving a glorified Honda Civic ('88 Acura Integra loaded) for the last 13 years, I am not really looking forward to another great 13 years in a white-bread Honda Accord EX V6. What I really want is a 01 Impala LS loaded. I am buying it in Orlando and it will reside in the hills of Ohio after the fall.

    So... Do I opt for the No Charge NG1 Northeast Emissions Package? What's the benefits. I'll definitely get the K05 Block Heater.

    Also... Recommendations for a Extended Warrantee Company? I'm a collector, not a dealer.

    Thanks to all the great names for the info. Because of y'all, the salesman whispered to his pit boss I was an 'educated buyer'. I guess that's a code word for...?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    The 3.4l pushrod is a new incarnation of the 3.1l engine. You can compare the pictures at the following sites:

    A friend told me that the 3.1l GM engine is descendant of 2.8l one, popular in 1980-ths.

    My wife and I have a 1998 Malibu with 3.1l, and 2000 Regal with supercharged 3.8l. We also drove for a month a rental 1999 GrandAM with 3.4l engine, the same as in your Impala. And test-drove Impala with the both engines.

    We like the 3.1l engine. The 3.4l is even better with the GA: great torque curve, almost flat from 1800 to 4500 rpm. Though, comparing them with the 3.8l one would be unfair. The later engine is outstanding.

    Additionally, we had impression that Impala was somewhat under powered with 3.4l. You know, the car is much bigger than GA. Though, both of us enjoy the good acceleration somewhat out of proportion. Personal tastes...

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Sorry this new forum application doesn't let me post for some reason all these links all together in one message:

  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    But I have learned from re-building old cars that electric connections/connectors can be maintained in good order by a small blast of WD-40. So, why not do it with a new Impala? We are talking $3.00? Takes about 10 minutes with the little hose extension and a bit of paper towel for the overspray. Hit every electrical connection you can see and even various clamps here and there. For those of us in the salt belt, it can delay the onset of calcium induced corrosion. Cheap insurance. Does not take much time or money.
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    <<One question - I was under the impression the most one could build up on the GM
    card was $3,500 (I cashed in about $3,200 when I bought my base model back in
    March of last year), how did you manage to rack up over $3,700 in earnings?>>nosirrahg

    I received my GM card when it was first introduced. I think it was back in 1994/1995. At the time, we were allowed to accumulate up to $7,500 in GM rebate points within 7 years. Once you reach past the 7 years without redeeming the points, you lose the points on a revolving 12 months.

    Now, that I have redeemed my points, I'm going to cancel this GM card. I already have another GM card that has 1,200 points. I'll sign up for Ford card too.

    Go Impala!
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Generally, I'm not too excited about American cars. I have owned import cars in the past. I was "technically" forced into buying a GM car due to my GM card rebate points.

    I had done a thorough research on all GM cars under $25K. I have to tell you, my first test drive on the Impala was amazing. I couldn't believe the awesome handling of the vehicle, the power, and the quality of the Impala. Immediately, I was hooked on Impala. From then on, I continued to read up on this board, along with other trade journals.

    If the only big problem on the Impala is the engine cradle, then I can live with it. There's already a TSB, so I'm not too concern about my vehicle being affected. Not every car is 100% defect free on the 1st year model. You will always expect a few "bugs".

    Since you have mentioned your new Accord EX V6, congratulations on your new vehicle. As a past owner of a 1995 Accord EX, I had my fair share of trouble. Since this forum is not about Accord, I will not go into details.

    When I took ownership of my LS today, my sister came by to check out my new vehicle. She was wowed about the handling and the affordibility of the Impala. She checked out the car brochure and asked many questions. She currently drives an Infinity Q45. She bitched about paying premium gasoline on her Q45. Who knows, there may be another faithful owner of the Impala?

    Go Impala!
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    In part, you wrote:

    "2) With those members that did the radio/ is the sound in the long run? Any distortions? blown speakers? "

    I was the second amp bypasser in June 2000. I have no problems with the sound - thoroughly enjoy it. It's especially good at low to mid levels with very good clarity and realism - on radio, CD and tape.

    High listening levels WITH the amp were never a problem but I don't play a car radio that way.

    My wires have not come loose - though I do wish there was a bridged plug that accomplished the same effect.

    I have not blown any speakers - though it would be easily possible if you overdo the bass - particularly at high volume. Of course, cranked up that high - you're asking for more than blown speakers.

    Incidentally, IMO, the IMPALA audio systems withOUT the trunk amp sound just fine.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    I have to wonder why a person who owns a LEXUS (as it says in your profile) would even be looking at an IMPALA or buying a Honda.

    Your style and spelling are reminiscent of the disgruntled "fastfoodman" who spammed this board several months back under various aliases. If you are not him, I apologize.

    One thing you did write that I do agree with is that:
    "I know you can get a lemon in any car..." SAD BUT TRUE.

    I have a close relative who just bought a Honda EX a month ago. No problems so far.

    I bought our IMPALA LS a year ago and fortunately has required NO repairs in 13,000 miles.

    To extrapolate that a handful of posters here with legitimate problems leading to buy-backs indicts the whole IMPALA line is ludicrous.

    As another poster pointed out - Hondas are showing up with problems of their own as read in their forum. Hopefully yours will not be among them.
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