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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    I'm going to be using the Zaino Bros system on my Impala when it arrives in May. One of their products is Z16-Perfect Tire Gloss. It claims to be great for all exterior trim, tires, weatherstripping, etc. Everyone on the Zaino Bros discussion group swears by the entire product line so this might be worth looking at. (or for us Canadians)
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    We have the base model with ther 3.8 , and nothing against the 3.4 , but the 3.8 really hauls !! , and all the other stuff you get with the engine are well worth it , it all works great together , now if you compare the 3.4 v6 to other sedans base model engines , the 3.4 begins to look pretty good , taurus 3.0 - 155 hp, camry 2.2 4cyl -- 150 hp I think , impala 3.4 - 180 hp , and better gas mileage than any of its base model competitors .... it looks good, But throw in the 30 year old 3.8 .... and it blows the dandruff off everything but the 5-speed Maxima , but the camry v6 , taurus duratec, crownvic, intrepid 3.5 , maxima ( automatic ),they don't have a chance at the hand of the 3800 it'll eatem all... hehehehe (~:
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    I am ready for spring. The second photo shows last year's results. Cannot wait to try it on the Impala.


  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Thanks for those shots - love to see it in person - and my 8 yr old son wants you to know "It's COOL!" I bet you have fun at the classic car meets.

  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Surely we are speaking of family, four-door sedans. What is 20hp between brands? The thought of a Taurus lining up at a red light against an Impala gives me the heebie-jeebies. All kidding aside, the 3.8L is a very strong engine for its size. My neighbour has the Pontiac Bonneville SSE supercharged version and I swear it is quicker than my 1979 Corvette. For my day-to-day car I will live with the 3.4L. Does everything I want to do very nicely. I was meaning to get to the local Library this weekend to check Consumers Reports on reliability records for the 3.4 and 3.8. Does anyone have these? Please post if yes. Thanks.
  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    I have seen the consumer report marks for the impala , it doesnt give a break down of 3.4 / 3.8 it just says Chevy Impala , it got all perfect marks , except for one thing which was half of a red circle still good , but the rest of the marks were perfect . thanks-----------mattmcdill
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Yes, the Wife and I enjoy the Corvette. I have had it for 15 years. It is a money pit but a really nice drive on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. And you know, the young people, some very young, give me the thumbs up when we drive by. Somehow, and I have never figured this out, they recognize a 23-year-old car that is much older than they are. In their language; Hey Man, cool Corvette. Must be TV<g>. The driveway will be all Chev this summer with the new Impala!!


  • Could you give me some more info on the job?
    I have seen it before and was interested in it.
    I did a search of their online ads but couldn't find it.
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    Thought I heard a rattle in the front of my new Imapla the other day. turned off the
    radio and investigated the source- the snaps on my jacket! Still loving this car
    and it just turned 1000 miles.
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    A friend worked at the Mesa GM proving grounds. He told me after about two weeks of driving 8-9 hours a day he got bored and tired of the job. He quit in less than 2 months.

    Heat...... a sorta funny story. The wife and I were in Dearbon MI at the Ford Museum(sp?)in 1997. I was dutifully holding my wifes purse while she was in the ladies room. I was standing in the sun and this was in September as I recall. It was in the high 80's or low 90's & humid.

    Everybody was standing in the shade except me. One lady finally asked me " how can you stand in the sun like that?" I responded :" I'm from Arizona, this is not hot to me"

    You could see several people's faces change to a smile to my answer and nod their heads. At least I thought it was funny. ((-;

    Interesting info on the Saturn cars. The wife asked me what I thought of them for a replacement of the Impala. I told her she would not be happy with the size of the car.

    Hopefully this summer we may see some 2002 Impala fotos. If they change the design enough we may buy one. We will wait to see what discounts they offer for rebates or what ever first. That would prolly put us into 2002 before that happens.

    34k miles on our LS and the front brakes look fine. I need to clean the throttle body on the engine, I believe it's recommended every 30k miles or so.........
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    I read this in the Cincinnati Post yesterday under Classic Cars for Sale "CROSLEY COMMAND CAR '42, Orig. Driven by Powell Crosley. (513) 703-4734" Thought maybe you would be interested, they didn't elaborate or include the price., Don
  • shaminoshamino Posts: 60
    I have a '00 LS and I was wondering where the coin holder is located?? Is it inside the box where you put the CDs? When I took delivery of the car, there was no coinholder. :( How does it look like?? Can someone scan a pic and show me? I think my dealer might have ripped me off and took the coinholder! ugh.. :(
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Shamino:::: The coin holder on the center console/bucket seats equipped Impalas is located right inside the console compartment where you store your CD's or other items. Since the coin holder can be removed, it is very likely that your dealer forgot to put in there while they were preparing the car for delivery. If you look closely, there are two plastic *rails* or indentations inside the console compartment (Facing front) and that is where the coin holder slides and locks in place. Very nice feature by the way. The Coin holder *holds* $.25, $.10 and $.05 American coins. I am sure it hould work the same for Canadian coins.
    Request it from your dealer, but don't let go for much longer. If is not there or it is missing your warranty will cover it with no problems. Good luck.

    Stenel::: Excellent choice about going with the Impala. You'll be a very happy camper with this car! Enjoy and once you get it, please keep coming back with feedback/questions/comments. Enjoy that new car aroma!.

    Other comments::: Due to the advent of the '03 Mercury Marauder (a.k.a. Grand Marquis), I am sure that GM will rethink their strategy to bring the Impala SS back next year. I hope that GM reliazes the need to have a *niche* lower priced high performance sedan in their lineup to confront the likes of the Ford dinosaurs.
  • stnelstnel Posts: 338
    teo - I went to the Chevy and Ford dealerships yesterday and there were only 2 Impalas on the Chevy lot while 10 Taurus's on the Ford lot. Don't know what kind of deal I can get on the Impala. There are other dealerships to go to and by May things may change. The two Impalas on the lot were base (3.4 L). Most people seem to buy the LS so maybe I can get a good deal on the Base anyway.

    platour - The two items that got the second highest marks were electrical and integrity. The only sedans that I saw getting the highest mark on electrical were the Japanese cars--Camry, Accord, Maxima.
  • I took my 01 Impala LS to the dealership today, and got an oil change. I told them that the Fuel Used meter on the DIC is always off by 2 gallons. (Does anyone else have this problem?) They told me that the limitations where between GM's standards.

    Here are a couple of pics of my baby

  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    Ford dinosaurs

    is that why GM killed Oldsmobile? so they don't have any dinosaurs left? ;0
  • jeffreyw1jeffreyw1 Posts: 145
    Nice photos of your vette. What do you mean by the phrase your car is a money pit? Please explain. In the photo of the polishing products, are those black cans in the background Marvel Mystery Oil? What is that stuff used for and what's the advantages of using this oil? Thanks for your posted replies.
  • jeffreyw1jeffreyw1 Posts: 145
    Toe, I am glad to hear that you are doing better. I can relate to your experience of thinking about things in a different light. About a week ago, I had severe pains near my left kidney. I was trying to pass a kidney stone. The Lord blessed me to pass this stone where I would not have to have the lithotrpsy performed on me. This is the third stone that I have had.

    Has anyone else had else on this forum had problems with kidney stones?
  • I'm new to the new car seen 2 vehicles are 1993. Tossed out the Cavalier and got a 2001 Impala. However I made cardinal sign and left 3 and 6 year old in car with key in Acc with radio on while unloading. Within 5 minutes 3 year old shifted the car without the brake. Dealership all say something broke but mechanic says this has been going on for years, No problems found. Anyone else have this occur? Does this sound safe? By the way NO KIDS allowed in car with keys anymore!!!!!!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I knew my comment would attract your attention ;-)

    Actually when I went to Washington D.C. I rode on a new Mercury Grand Marquis taxi cab. Very comfy rear seats, smooth ride, ample space upfront, cavernous trunk. It was nice for a cab.

    While I recognize the virtues of these *dinosaurs* they are not exactly my cup of tea. But kudos for Ford to keep 'em alive for they do represent a great share of the commercial market and these operators really value these monsters.

    The cabin ambiance is a bit too AARP for my tastes.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    We have used 2 Grand Marquis sedans as family cars for the past 8 years as we outgrew the Taurus wagon (try putting 3 car seats in one of those). Yes we could have gone the minivan route but already had the wagon and I wanted a big sedan for my commute and needed something with a frame for boat towing anyway so traded a Camry for the first GM and then traded for another 4 years later. Took several extended road trip vacations, loaded the trunk with Christmas presents for the holidays, etc - always had plenty of room and a very comfy ride for the every day commute. Both cars were used - cheap to buy and run, long lasting, and as sexy as an elephant in a bikini!

    Glad to be in my Bonneville now (the old GM still running strong as back-up) - but the AARP set aren't the only ones getting their money's worth out of the flying bricks.

    Have a great day, all

  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    They also make GREAT Police Cars! I considerd a 1998 Cr Vic with the Handling & Perf Pkg before I bought my LS in 12/99. That particular CR Vic lacked a few required items, Traction Control and ABS, I couldn't do without those 2 items with a RWD car so I Traded my Monte Carlo for an Impala and stayed with the Chevrolet Family, Although I still like the Cr Vics with the Handling package. I always thought they were tough looking, I saw a pic in a recent magazine of a Burgandy Monochromatic Paint scheme on a 2001 Cr Vic and different 17" Rims and a MSRP of $26.000....Looked nice to me, that Mercury Maruader will get sooooo Watered down from the Prototype Show Car Version that it will hardly be as exciting as the show car a few years ago... Don
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Yes, that is Marvel Mystery Oil. A friend in the US sent it to me as I have a minor piston ring problem that pops up each year after winter storage. It is not common in Canada but it has many followers internationally amongst users of cars, outboard motors, aircraft engines and even go-karts. I believe it has been around since 1924 so it must do something right. It is basically a form of penetrating oil that is used in the gas tank, the crankcase; anywhere lubrication is needed. A product like this used to be called a top end oil and valve lubricant. I do not know if it works but will try it this summer.

    The Corvette is a money pit basically because it is 23 years old. There is always something to fix although a lot of that is Saturday afternoon, let's tear something apart recreational work. The build date is November 6, 1978 as a 1979 model. GM Canada has these type of records (they have a very thorough info kit). For example, there were 5,535 1979 Corvettes exported to Canada of which 1,607 were the high-performance L-82 model. The Ontario Ministry of Transport gives me the original date of licensing (i.e. date of original sale) and the date of subsequent sales and names of owners. I am the second owner having bought it in September of 1986. Parts are generally not expensive on the mechanical side although trim items can be pricey. Here are a few parts I have stocked this winter as an example. Compare these to a newer car, even an Impala (US dollars).
    -four AC Delco Reactek gas shocks at $26.00 each (GM)
    -rebuilt Rochester QuadraJet four-barrel carb - $175.00 (local shop)
    -new AC Delco fuel pump - $45.00 (GM)
    -complete front end rebuild kit (4 ball joints, 4 tie rods, 2 stabilizer end links, upper and lower control arm bushings and idler arm - $165.00 (Muskegon Brake)
    -two tie rod adjusting sleeves - $35.00 (GM)
    -front sway bar bushings and clamps - $12.00 (GM)
    -new GM high-torque mini-starter - $175.00 (GM) ( I have a heat-soak problem with the standard starter; very common)
    -organic brake pads for four wheels - $17.00 (Muskegon Brake)
    -rebuilt AC Delco 71amp alternator - $50.00 (GM)

    It sounds like a lot but my front end is as it came from the factory and it is due. With replacements above, it will be good for another 20 years . And although I driven cars under warranty for the last six years, and have not purchased these type of parts lately, those prices are probably reasonable compared with the cars of today. Thanks for your interest!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Your Corvette was built at the time when bell bottom pants, Polyester suits, John Travolta and Disco music were at their all time high!!.

    Very beautiful car indeed and I am sure it will join the ranks of the 1960's Corvettes in price and uniqueness.

    22 Years is a lot of service lifespan for a car that maybe was intended to last only 5 years...well after all it is a Corvette so it was probably built with longetivity in mind.

    I wish I had one of those *money pits* myself!
  • Hello all,

    My low coolant light came on today. What do I need to add? water? antifreeze? what?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Take it to the dealer. They'll need to make sure that your car doesn't have any anti-freeze leaks around the cooling system. They also need to check the radiator, hoses and also make sure that the water pump hasn't experienced a premature failure.

    Adding water will not permanently solve the problem(s), take it in as soon as possible.

    very weird, haven't seen or heard anyone with the coolant light coming on.

    Keep us posted.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    AARP? I can't join them for another 42 years. If the membership age is 65...
  • platourplatour Posts: 252
    Well, I go back a little further than John Travolta and Donna Summers. Let's try Jan and Dean and the Beach Boys. And of course, Roy Orbison (Pretty Woman). The first song that is played when the Vette comes out of hibernation each year is The little Old Lady From Pasadena. Still snow here and 20F tonight so May is the target. Never was into Chrysler products (wedge 413) but it is a cute song. Dead Man's Curve by Jan and Dean is just great also: XKE and Stingray. Love to have a 1967 427 but....just bought a new Impala . BTW, on your comment on five years I would have to dispute somewhat. Chev V8s are virtually undestructible unless you hit 6,000rpm consistently and that is for a stock engine. They can go higher with mods. I sure would like to see an LS1 in an Impala although the torque steer might make that not practical. People who speak of the SS Impala should consider the engineering challenges. My Vette can go sideways fairly easily at the back even with Positraction. Having that occur at the front is an entirely different safety matter for a modern sedan.
  • watusiwatusi Posts: 17
    i was wondering if anyone has any information on these, ie what they look like. on the gm site the only picture they show is of what looks to be a sunbird....any help would be appreciated, going to the dealer for this kind of information is a is 12496440 (black)

    also rksport (although they dont have a 2kimpala section) has a device for the 3.8 camero called an air temp modual. it attaches to the air temp sensor and the harness,and is supposed to give max spark advance while maintaning knock a gain of 5-7 hp....think a device like this would actually work? $25 is well worth it for a few xtra hp
  • crosley4crosley4 Posts: 295
    thanks for the Crosley ad info.

    There are many Crosley Club members in the Ohio area. I will post the info just in case some one did not see the ad.

    Cadillac is talking of a new RWD car. I wonder what may be blowing in the wind? A return to more RWD platforms? I doubt it.
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