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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Garypen, you might but the warranty policies are different. You are going into another country. But worth the try.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Canada is another country? Since when? Oh yeah. I always wondered why everyone was so polite up there.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Oh Canada!

    I think Canada is a more organized, cleaner version of the USA. With less than half the population and double the land mass!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I think 1958 was the first year for the imapala or was that new model called a belair?
    The full size b-body was completely redesigned and downsized for 1977. In 1980 it was freshened.
    1985 was the last year for the impala until the '94 Impala SS.
    Do we count an exterior change on the same chassis as a generation? Probably.
    The 1980 freshening didn't have a different dash though. So I guess from 1977-1989 was one generation.
    1971-1976 would be another.
    Gm was changing these things almost every year before that.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    1965-70 was the next generation back and the 61-64 prior to that. The 59-60 were the behemouths that gave Impala it's own full model line-up of sedan, hardtop and station wagon in addition to the coupe and convertibles of 1958 that wore the first Impala insignia.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    The current Mustang is still an updated version of the FOX platform that originated with the 1978 Fairmont, the 1979 Mustang had the Fairmont Dashboard thru 1986, then changed for 1987 thru 1993, then 1994 til they have gotten 3 designs out of the same platform for the Mustang,
    Not to mention the 1979-86 Mercury Capri,1978-83 Fairmont/Futura/Zeyphr, 1981-82 Granada/Cougar 4dr.,1983-86 LTD/Marquis(small)I forgot the ugliest incarantion the 1980-82 Ford Thunderbird/Cougar..and the 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar....How is that for Inter-changeable parts?.....all based on the FOX Platform.......Don
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    Thanks for the compliments on Canada! We're actually closer to 10-15% the population of the States. However, I'm not sure we're always more organized than anyone ;-)
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    Double the land mass, but how much is usable? Lots of snow and ice.

    How about Japan? 150 million people, roughly half that of the US, in a country the size of California, and maybe only 25% of that land is usable! (Mountains and such over 75% of it)

    Don't see too many Impalas in Japan! I did see a couple of "Toyota" Cavaliers. Back in 88, I saw a white T-bird. US cars are usually driven by mafia. The luxury car buyers looking for a foreign marquee seem to prefer German.
  • duraflexduraflex Posts: 358
    Check the 2000 IMPALA sales brochure that includes a picture and reference to the first Impala in 1958.

    An aside . . .
    Just got back from a 1000 mile business trip and couldn't help but notice a lot of very B-I-G, last of the breed 1996 RWD GM vehicles on the road:

    CHEVROLET IMPALA (were they only made in black?)
    . . . and my personal favorite
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    So, I guess we are driving 8th gens.
    '80-85(thru '89 as Caprice)
    '94-96(as Impala SS and '90-96 as Caprice)
    I seperated the '77-89 years because of all new sheetmetal in 1980.e
    Talk about history! Few nameplates have ben around
    for 44 years.
  • Nice rims Impalaboy, I'd buy them in a heartbeat, but the Canadian customs fees/duties on such an item would probably make it very cost prohibitive. :o(
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305

    How did you figure that 58-60, 61-64 and so forth were generations? Back then they had planned obsolescence so they were re designed every year, the concept of "generations" was introduced with the imports I believe.
  • You are all forgetting Ron Howard's car in American Graffiti.
  • I believe the concept of generations originated with Corvette. This is my C3. The current generation is C5.

    C1 1953-62
    C2 1963-67
    C3 1968-82
    C4 1984-96
    C5 1997-02

    There was no 1983 Corvette.

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I am still not sure how they figure out generations because i do not know if they go by chassis or body style.
    1st generation camaro was from 67-69. 2nd gen from 70-81, but the 2nd gen was built on the first gen floorpan. Same wheelbase even.
    3rd gen was completely new. 4th gen was built on same floorpan(strengthened)and also the same wheelbase.
    Don't know what the criteria is.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    a sheetmetal change,they can change the sheetmetal/taillights/headlights 5 or more times within 10 years and it is still the same...Look at the Chevrolet Truck 1973 thru 1987, all those years and it was the same thing...then next gen. for 1988 thru 1998, they did a few hundred things different to the 1999+, hence a new generation... It goes by a certain overwhelming percentage of the car that is different or new to promote a new Generation...Don
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I thought it was when they change the letter at the end of the Enterprise's number. NCC-1701-D, etc.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    So the 1977-1989 would be one generation.
    The body was changed
  • My understanding is - they were on a 3 year cycle, where they would get cosmetic changes every year, and a major redesign every 3rd year. Look at a 55, 56, 57 Chevy, they are similar except for the sheet metal, then in 58 it was a more substantial redesign.
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    What about Arizona? Fourth largest state by landmass but only 5 million people. 22% of the land is private. All this space but can't use it! And we get a bunch of Canadians ( not to mention a pile of midwestern folks)every winter down here. We call them SnowBirds but not to their faces, you can identify them by the LaBatt's they are carrying into the hockey game in Phoenix. Oh yeah, terms of service... Impala is running great!
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Coming to America!!!!
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Do I detect a change in the winds?
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Hmmmmm. Ken, if the Commodore becomes available in the US, virtually unchanged from the Australian version, then it will be a very tough decision between the German iron and the Aussie/Germanic Iron. The Commodore is essentially a Cadillac Catera with a V8, RWD and an available 6-speed manual tranny. The V8 in the Commodore SS is the same beast found under the hood of the Corvette coupe and the Camaro SS.

    This car will be a true replacement to the 1994-96 Impala SS. Perhaps Chevy will get it and it will be rebadged Impala SS.

    V8, 300HP+ power going to the rear wheels on a sedan weighing less than 3,500 pounds is way too tempting.

    Bob Lutz is working hard at restoring GM's performance credentials in North America.

    Would you let go of your Bonneville?
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    You know what you need? An XJR.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    XJR...hmmm not bad either. I like Jag's but they are not among my top 5 list of dream cars to own. I like the XJS sedan and the current convertible, and of course all the old ones with their Lucas electrical systems.

    I dislike the cheaper Jag's of the Ford era...the new X-type and the S-type.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    I understand. From the front, the S-type is gorgeous. From the back, it looks like a Ford Taurus. I just figured you'd like the XJR, a 370HP RWD luxury sedan. They really are sweet. If you're not doing anything on a Sunday afternoon, stop by your local Jag dealer, and check one out.

    Shoot. You can even get a 6 cylinder model, circa 1995, for under $18K, maybe more like $15-16K, or a 96 for under $20K. Even with a six, it's still got 322 horses.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    That's the kind of thing they need to sell here. Not just the power aspect. It's the whole damn package. GM has cars with that power here already. They're either an exotic sports car like the Corvette, or an antiquated, uncomfortable, and poorly built relic like the current Camaro.

    The current US GM entry in the performance sedan market? The horrifically ugly CTS. It's practically an abomination. Has anyone seen the new commercial with that monstrocity cruising next to a beautiful classic convertible Caddy? It only makes the CTS look that much uglier.

    It makes you wonder if BMW, MB, and Ford/Jaguar/Volvo don't have double agents working in the top ranks of GM.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I am not 100% sold on the new CTS, not even 50%. The Sigma platform is very good but I am afraid GM has missed the mark again with the CTS. The CTS is a Ron Zarella era product, so Bob Lutz needs to fix it beginning with the looks.

    On the other hand, that Holden Commodore SS is the real deal. I want one!!
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    1977-1990..even though the sheet metal changed,(I geuss that 1980 change was MILD?) the car really did not, you could put one side by side and see the same basic car in more ways than one. save for a few updates, it was then 1991-1996, the 1996 looked a little different than the '91 with the open wheel wells in the back, still it was a tub, I followed 2 '95-96 Caprices to work today on the highway, man were they ugly, I bet they had 1,000,000 miles on them between both of them, they seem not to want 1998+ Crown Vics around here as far a Taxi's, they use old 1980's Caprice Estate Wagons and Sedans that are falling apart at the seems and the newer ones are just as bad...looking at the bull pen at the airport taxi stand is like you are standing in 1985 or something, no newer cabs....Just worn out beaters.. that are Orange,Green,Pink or whatever obnoxious color they can find at Big Lots to re-paint them,paint them and re-paint them again....Don
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