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2005 and Earlier Chevrolet Impala



  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    Since Medium Regal blue was discontinued after 2000 I have the pleasure of knowing that only the others produced my same year will look like mine, and then I have the splash guards, the flowmaster sans resonator and Impala logo wheels caps. My car doesn't look like everyone elses, and when I do see a 2000LS MRG I only think... "Hmm, fantastic taste my friend, nice choice". Other changes were more comfort changes inside and CD changer and floor mats, but it still feels distinctly custom to me. Not to mention a blast to drive and very comfortable. I was distressed to find after buying a 2002 Altima for my wife, the vehicle we were supposed to use on weekends to give "Bluish" a break now and then, has been very uncomfortable on my back for extended periods of driving and has resulted in two trips to the chiropractor to straighten me out. For a car that cost nearly as much as mine and with a big four under the hood no less, it is not nearly as solid as my Impala. The instrument cluster is a little sportier, but the materials are no better than my car and her parking break rattles incessantly (another reason I like the foot brake rather than a handle)and doesn't appear to have a way of being fixed. All things considered, I wish we had gotten her the Passat. Oh well, we'll live with it. You know it's funny but she said she didn't want to get another Impala because it was too big, and yet her car is 199 inches long, one inch shorter than the Impala...
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    As predicted, the news was that GM is adding a shift to the Oshawa, Ontario, Car Assembly Plant Number 1 to keep up with demand for the Chevrolet Impala. Adds 1000 new jobs for GM Canada employees! This makes three shifts at the Oshawa plant.

    "The plant has earned a reputation as one of the highest quality and most productive assembly plants in North America," said Michael Grimaldi, president of GM Canada.
  • atbearatbear Posts: 322
    What type of dual exhaust did you get for your Impala? What did your research show? I have a 2002 Impala LS and I'm looking to put some dual exhaust in there to get more horsepower. But I don't really want too much more noise ya know since it's a passenger car... What do you think of yours and what's your opinion? Thanks

  • 2k_impala_ls2k_impala_ls Posts: 311
    I emailed him the other day with a question and got a quick response. He gave me a list (I am not home right now) of people that he wanted to give his email address to. I will put the list up when I am home.
  • 2k_impala_ls2k_impala_ls Posts: 311
    Our 2k-ls has 6200 miles on it now and it has only been in for the amp replacement. I had the dreaded click/snap cradle noise last year. I don't drive the car in the northeast winters (salt kills) and when I started driving it this year, no more noise. It fixed itself somehow. How do you think I keep my 85 Monte SS looking new, no salt. Now my 91 s-10 blazer is taking all the salt and it has the rust to prove it.
  • 00impala00impala Posts: 474
    I just had the 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Dual Exhaust installed in the beginning because I saw a conversion at a dealership, the company did about 100 Impala and Monte Carlos for them, it was rather inexpensive, aroound $395, I liked it for the looks the most, it did have that Grumble when I would listen and watch my wife drive off, as far as HP, None really the guy said 5-10 gain, but It didn't matter to me, I liked the look the best, can't get used to the LS Sport with just one pipe coming straight out, looks like it is missing one on the left side, just used to looking at my dual setup for so long. When I say "grumble" I mean it sounded like a 1990 Chevrolet Beretta GT or something, you familiar with that late 80's early 90's GM Throaty Exhaust note? Don
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    The fact that they have added a third shift to produce more impalas is great news.
    I just don't want to buying one of the cars made during the third shift.
    The workers will be too inexperienced.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Not inexperienced at all. The 3rd shift will be mostly made up of laid off Oshawa workers who have loads of experience. The rest will come from the St. Catherines engine plant and for those willing to re-locate to Ontario, the Quebec Camaro assembly plant. 1000 jobs aren't really "new" jobs.
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    That is excellent news for Canafdian auto workers and their families. It's sure a nice change from the constant news of mass layoffs.

    (I wish they were making a different car, though)
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    >>>No, it's more like everyone has to wear suits, but you get to choose the color and style of suit and you can add any type of tie, vest, cuff links, hat, shoes, socks, etc.<<<

    Not really. Same model car = same type of suit. The socks, tie, cufflinks, etc would be the only difference, as would accessories on the car.

    My apologies to those that take pride in the fact they have splash guards or logo center caps, but when you're sitting at the light with an Impala on each side of you, the other people waiting for the light will not notice those differences. All three Impalas will look the same, and they will be happy they are not one of those three drivers.

    That's how I feel when I see 3 Mustangs, or 3 BMW 3 series, or 3 CamCords. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just don't understand why anyone would want to be less unique, or drive a less unique and rapidly becoming "common" car.
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    if you want unique, avoid NYC. Impala's on just about every 4th light you stop at. In addition to NYPD, just about a quarter of the other city agencies are now using it as well as Port Authority Police (who are NY and NJ employees) not to mention the rentals from the 3 big airports here. but nonetheless, I love my Impala. I would buy one again, and I soon will. This time in Black instead of light Sandrift. And next time it will be an LS... Anyone have a recommendation on new brake pads? way too much brake dust on the Bendix pads that were installed 2 months ago.
  • "Maybe I'm crazy, but I just don't understand why anyone would want to be less unique, or drive a less unique and rapidly becoming "common" car. "

    1. Yes, you are crazy.
    2. Perhaps not everyone here has the money to buy a Jaguar, which by the way, amongst the rich with money to dump in the ground is not all that unique.
    3. When did uniqueness become a qualifying factor in buying a family sedan? What, would you have us leave the suburbs and join the commune?

    Silly little troll, you're in a thread about a family sedan. Why don't you go flame the Civic SI guys or something?
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    A. You own a dodge, with an eye on the Acura RSX, which is hardly a family sedan. (Nice choice though. Acura/Honda makes a good car.)
    B. I have an actual Impala. (That is why I don't want everyone else in America to own one.)
    C. I may indeed be crazy. (But, there's nothing crazy about not wanting to drive the same thing as everybody else, despite "different colored socks".)
    D. I don't flame. Disagreeing is not the same as flaming, which usually involves personal insults, like "silly little troll".
    E. Good luck with your credit. I had the same issues at one time. It'll come back around in time. No need to get all up in someone's face simply because they can afford things that you can't at this point in your life.
    F. The Jag cost less than half of what the Impala did.
  • I read in today's Wall Street Journal about GM boosting production on the Impala (page D4) and I see that the information has already become a topic of discussion here. For me, the best thing going for the Impala LS is that I don't see one everywhere I look, as I do Camrys or SUV's (which all look the same anyway). The article did mention three things that I found interesting:

    1) Impala sales were down 4.1% in the first four months of this year, a time when car sales overall fell 5.8%.

    2) The Impala won some top quality rankings in its market segment, beating the Camry in initial quality in last year's rankings from J. D. Power.

    3) Critics have panned its styling.

    I wonder which "critics" the WSJ is referring to. I couldn't disagree more. Cliff
  • dgonzalez13dgonzalez13 Posts: 110
    I love my "Lumina in an Elvis Jumpsuit". In fact, i was planning on buying a used lumina (1999) just before seeing Scully on Xfiles jump out of an Impala last year. The car was featured in at least 5 or six Xfiles episodes instead of the usual Crown Vic "police interceptor", and it caught my eye. Love the car. There will always be someone with something newer, or "better", but this car has the balance of features, price, and ride that fits the people in this room. I love this car and feel safe in a world full of crazy SUV's and cellphone addicted nutty people on the road. Good car+good price= Happy Me.
  • hunter39hunter39 Posts: 375
    Sorry to disagree Gary, but like Teo's love of his "perfect" Impala, your disdain for it has also been noted. I should say that your disdain for it not being unique anyway. I'm not sure I understand your reasoning either. It's a good looking car that has good value, a nice ride (for the most part)and a certain ability to mess around with it's looks to suit the owner. The fact that GM is taking advantage of it's strong sales to produce more Impalas is one of making money, and it being a capitalist society we live in, hey, more power to them! I really like your posts, especially your irrevrant ones, but gee, I guess you're right that the other drivers will not notice my splash guards or center caps, but then again, I don't think they really care that there are two other Impalas on either side. I think it's more a problem you have rather than them. I live in Metro Phoenix, about 3 million folks, I drive for a living (FedEx Ground) and I have only seen three other 2000LS Impalas that share my color, and none had splash guards center caps or sounded as "tough" as my car. I guess it's my little dream world of uniqueness I'm living in but hey, it's all I could afford...
  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    It's a fine car model. I like the styling. It's feature packed. It's a very nice overall value. (Although, I definitely have issues with the quality of the interior materials, as you know.)

    I just don't understand why someone would find it a positive thing that there will be more and more on the road. I think that would be a negative for any car model. For instance, it's easily the most negative aspect of CamCords, BMW 3's, and post 99 Mustangs.

    I'm beginning to think that Impala owners will put a positive spin on any bit of Impala news from GM:

    "GM announced today that all male children of Impala owners over 8 years of age will be required to work in the Impala plant in Oshawa to meet expected demand."
    Oh boy! My son will make Impalas! That meens my car is really popular! Maybe I can get a free tour of the plant!
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Well at least the little nipper won't have to look for a job! :)

    And there are Impala owners who are nine years of age? (Impala owners over eight years of age!)

  • garypengarypen Posts: 1,483
    That's true! It'll teach 'em some real world skills. :-)

    (Children of Impala owners)
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    Impala beat out the Camry in JD Power survey? Dang, bring out the champagne!! Whoo whoo!!

    With the popularity of the Impalas, I'm hoping Chevy will increase the price for 2003. This will help increase my resale value. :)
  • tommy42tommy42 Posts: 70
    I just got back from Indiana.My base got 30 to34 mpg. At higher speeds mileage was lower,3.8 engine. Only me in the car. 2400 mile round trip from Texas. Build date 7/01. Great road car.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    a lot of travelers prefer cars to airplanes now for shorter trips - up to 7 and even 10 hour driving distance - because of all the headaches with airport security checks:

    Impala, as well as other GM W-body, are great highway cars. Perfect fit for these trips.
  • lamronh49lamronh49 Posts: 86
    Has anyone replaced their factory units with KYB, Monroe/NAPA Reflex, Koni, or other units that offer tighter control? What did you pay, what are your impressions? How about anti-roll (aka sway) bars? Thanks, LAMRON
  • You are a perfect example of a flamer/troll/someone who baits for argument by using mis-information.

    You wrote:
    "A. You own a dodge, with an eye on the Acura RSX, which is hardly a family sedan. (Nice choice though. Acura/Honda makes a good car.)"

    -->I test drove an RSX. Doesn't mean I'm going to buy it. It was a fun day for me. But also keep in mind you're missing the point--I didn't come on to a family sedan thread and insult the car for not being a sports car, now did I?

    "B. I have an actual Impala. (That is why I don't want everyone else in America to own one.)"

    -->in your bio, you state "Wanna buy it?" which would imply you really don't like it in the first place.

    "D. I don't flame. Disagreeing is not the same as flaming, which usually involves personal insults, like "silly little troll".
    E. Good luck with your credit. I had the same issues at one time. It'll come back around in time. No need to get all up in someone's face simply because they can afford things that you can't at this point in your life."

    -->Your "D" and your "E" completely contradict each other. My credit had absolutely nothing to do with this conversation. You only bring it up to insult me in a round'about way, and then you have the nerve to say you don't troll.

    I came onto this thread to see what people's experiences were in owning this car, not to see someone bellyache that a popular sedan is getting too popular, and then state people are stupid for wanting one.
  • 2k_impala_ls2k_impala_ls Posts: 311
    I put 4 KYB's on my 85 Monte SS over 10 years ago and they are still solid. If I ever had to change the struts on the 2k-LS, KYB's would be on the top of the list.
  • roderacerroderacer Posts: 311
    In garypen's defense, I understand his aversion of the number of Impalas gracing America's streets. One of the deciding factors for me purchasing my year-old-this-month LS was that I rarely saw one. This was only one year ago, mind you. Now, I see them all over the place.

    Some of the mystique is gone.

    Just yesterday, a co-worker came to me and mentioned that she saw me in the Impala and that she was looking to check one out. A couple weeks before that another co-worker did the same. I offered both a "test-drive" in mine.

    I wouldn't shun anyone interested in the Impala or GM for producing more to keep with demand because it is indeed one of the best cars out there, IMO.

    Many of us here could be considered "pioneers" if you will because we saw something in the 'ol Impala that others are just now coming to realize.

    Now if you all will excuse me.. I have to forage through the 20 Impala's in the lot... where's mine?

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    There are still lots more Accords and Camrys around. The Impala is not all that common. I would certainly buy an Impala before either of those, much better value.
  • roderacerroderacer Posts: 311
    Logistics plays a big part. In Illinois, they seem to be more abundant than any CamCord. But that is because those blend in - I never notice them unless one is lime green with hydraulics!

    I think the issue of "Impala saturation" is mental, more than anything. I dont' notice any Accords or Camry's out there, but I know they are definitley prevalant.

    While shopping for that next car, have you ever went to the dealer and then for the next 2 weeks after see nothing but that model you were looking at?? Happens to me. Now all I see are Impalas - every thing else is simply sheetmetal on 4 tires.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    In support of Gary's proposition that a less widely sold model is more 'interesting' to drive I heartily agree. I enjoy my Bonneville's less commonplace stature and occasionally get inquiries about what car it is. Some here know that I had been looking for an Impala LS when I bought the Bonneville SE last year - and I couldn't be more delighted - but would have enjoyed the LS too and still admire them very much.

    OTH - Bonnevilles may soon go out of production - the other side of the popularity coin. At least Impalas have a great outlook based on their sales volume. Perhaps I'll end up in one yet.

    BTW - I see Impalas everywhere here in the Boston area but LS models are still a rare sighting.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    We just bought an Alero 1 1/2 weeks ago and I noticed them before, but I really notice them now as I compare to what we have. You are so right. That said, I notice any model of car I like to some degree when driving around as I simply love cars.
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