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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • Spend the $50 for a pressure check. You should not be losing coolant. The fact that your coolant reservoir is empty is a clear indication that you have a leak somewhere. Have them find the leak and fix the problem.
  • According to the GM website, a 2003 Trailblazer requires an AC/Delco PF61 oil filter.

  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Main problem I see is, why did it loose all the coolant out of the reservoir? Was it from normal evaporation over time and finally got someone's attention when the tank ran dry, or is there a leak? In 3 years I haven't had to add more than 8 oz of extra coolant to keep mine up to the full line on the tank. Air likely got in the system because the tank went dry allowing it to draw in air when the engine cools off. If you think it was just low from neglect, then flush and fill the system to get out the rest of the brown gunk that's probably in the radiator, block and rest of system.


    I would be hitting up the dealer to include a free pressure check with a flush and fill since they were doing the maintenance on it for you and apparently didn't notice the coolant had been getting low. The pressure check is a simple test which basically consists of a pump with a pressure gauge on it that they attach to the radiator filler neck, pump some pressure into it, and wait to see if the pressure drops.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Yes, it went dry over the 3 yrs old, ALL highway driving, all speeds at above 70 MPH, so it happened over time....little by little it evaporated and they never refilled it...I opened it to look at it and I suspect I let the air get in and caused it to evaporate more...I'll just have them flush it and take it from there. In 3 yrs I never added coolant.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    tmarkb2, have you ruled out possible intereference from cell phone use. My Ford van radio audio level drops down if my Nextel phone is too close to the radio when it is about to ring. I hear bursts of noise through the radio. The nextel also causes my computer screen to distort just before it rings. This may be why your dealer cannot reproduce the problem. Keep in mind that these cars are nearly fully computerized. Just about everything is controlled over the data buss.

    We have heard of so many intermittent problems that canot be reproduced that they should start looking at this as a possible cause. Have they ever found the reason for the triplets that were die-ing out at high speeds?
  • earlcearlc Posts: 34
    Just had to have the fan clutch replaced in my 2002 TB with 39000 miles on it. The cost was $870. I had complained several times about the very loud roar of the fan and taking too long for it to stop. It was like a jet plane noise, not continously but very often. My dealer told me numerous times that this was normal on the TB. Now I find out that the clutch was probably defective all along but they would do nothing about it. Finally it locked up completely and I had to take it to the dealer and have the clutch replaced at my expense, since it was out of warranty. I have found out that literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of these clutches totally failed while in warranty and were replaced at no charge. So apparently they were defective from day one. Some owners were just luckier than others.

    Has anyone out there experienced this same thing, if so please let me know at what mileage it occured and if the clutch was replaced after the TB was out of warranty. I am in a fight with GM over this and need you input. Thank you.
  • First of all, I would not believe what GM says about 5-year coolant changes. There have been numerous problems with Dex-Cool over the years -- particualrly with the Jimmy and Blazer -- resulting in ruined cooling systems. I'm not sure if the Triplets are likely to experience the same problems, but I wouldn't take a chance. Changing the coolant is just cheap insurance. I have mine flushed every two years -- whether the dealer says it needs it or not. You should not be relying on the dealer to top off your fluids. He could care less about your fluids -- unless you are paying him. Incidentally, the same goes for brake fluid, transmission fluid, and steering fluid: flush it every two years, at least.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    I'd say if you had it documented as a complaint before the warranty ran out they should do the right thing and accommodate you. Obviously it finally got bad enough that it seized completely. At 39,000 miles they should fix it anyway because it is a known problem of early failure.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Two years might be too early with DexCool or any of the other new long life coolants, if the system is maintained properly and no air gets in. 3 to 4 years if no other problems are noticed, should do fine.


    People seem to forget that before DexCool, Prestone, DuPont and the others used to sell a lot of cleaners and cooling system flush products for cleaning out radiators and cooling systems clogged up with the old green or yellow silicon-silicate anti-freeze. Mostly due once again to neglect.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    This comment comes from a non XUV Envoy owner. It seems to me that GMC was trying to find another nitch market, kinda like the Chevy Avalanche. I have seen two, maybe three on the road since they were available for sale. I see many on the new car dealers lots. I'm sure they have their purpose and wish the product well.


    In my opinion, if GMC was looking to sell a few more Envoys, they should have offered a V8 engine in the standard wheelbase vehicle.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    I put NR Auto aftermarket white faced gauges on my Envoy. No problem with glare here.
  • I had the same problem with bose and non bose radios. Try holding down the band button a couple of seconds. You will see AF on or AF off. My radio works best set at AF off.

    Hope this will help. BTW what is AF if anyone reding this knows.
  • Hey tmarkb2 - I'm interested in your comment on tires. Which ones did you have before and how did they compare with the Comp T/As? Also, what kind of driving do you do?


    I have always liked Comp T/As and that is a great deal, but these tires have been on the market quite a while ... probably the main reason they are so cheap. I'm wondering if they are really better than the Michelin Cross Terrains which came on my Envoy ... even though the Michelins cost almost twice as much. Appreciate your thoughts.
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Hardhawk or anyone

    Do you have the TSB number or can you email me a copy of the TSB. I would like mine lower. TIA
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I never had a TSB for the air suspension lowering. I found the info on GM's own tech site, printied it off, and took it to the dealer. I will look to see if I still have a copy of it as the tech site was saved on my old computer that has now gone to the computer graveyard. If I still have a printed copy it will have the stie info on the bottom of the page.
  • I had the Fan Clutch replaced on my 03 Envoy after 2 months and 1900 Miles. Just as you described, it was loud as a jet engine and took forever to calm down. It was covered by Warranty. Sorry to hear about your issues.
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    There's been several comments concerning wind noise. Found this info on the Dec Techlink. Haven't had a change to evaluate how/if it helps on earlier model years:


    "Some customers may comment about wind noise generated by the presence of roof rack cross rails on 2005 Trailblazer/Trailblazer EXT, GMC Envoy/Envoy XL/Envoy XUV, and Buick Rainier. The disturbance becomes more noticeable if the cross rails are placed in positions over the driver and passenger seating areas.


    The optimal locations of the cross rails to minimize wind disturbance are:

    - front cross rail in line with the rear edge of the rear door

    - rear cross rail 2 inches (5 cm) forward of the rear edge of the side rail."
  • Thanks for the tip. I set the radio to "AF Off" this afternoon and haven't heard it cut out (much more prevalent) or hop stations yet. Maybe that did it!


    Thanks again joeyeoj.
  • I replaced the OE Cross Terrains at 500 miles. Hated them, see my comments at posting 14850.


    I've been told I have a somewhat unorthodox driving style. Must be the ten plus years racing sports cars! Anyway, my 2WD Envoy is set up for optimum handling on pavement. Eibachs, Hotchkis kit, Bilstein upgrades and the Comp T/A HR4s. I never go off road and we seldom get bad winters so they are perfect for me.

  said the Comp T/A HR4s have been discontinued so that explains the low cost. Since I'm keeping the Envoy until after my 10 year old son takes it to college (after his 13 year old sister takes it to college), I'm seriously considering getting yet another set and moth balling them!
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    Or they can remove both cross rails in 10 minutes or less...
  • Here's an excerpt from the Owner's Manual regarding the radio "AF" feature:


    AM FM (Alternate Frequency): Alternate frequency allows the radio to switch to a stronger station with the same program type. Press and hold the AM FM for two seconds to turn alternate frequency on. AF ON will appear on the display. The radio may switch to stronger stations. Press and hold AM FM for two seconds to turn alternate frequency off. AF OFF will appear on the display. The radio will not switch to other stations. When you turn the ignition off and then on again, the alternate frequency feature will automatically be turned on.
  • And remove the side rails after you take off the cross bars. I put the same black screws in with some silicon and painted pewter with dealer touch up paint. I have never used the top racks and instead use the hitch mount for the very few occasions i have too much to fit inside.
  • n7donn7don Posts: 188
    I actually use the side rails to attach a car-top carrier. However I made the cross bars from box tubing. In any case, I found moving the OE cross bars to the rear edge of the rear door had no effect on wind noise. Customers must still be complaining about wind noise in the '05s.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    When I still had mine on, I tried the cross rails all the way forward, back, different points in-between, and positioned exactly the way GM says to put them in the bulletin, and I never noticed any significant reduction or difference in the wind noise. Majority of the wind noise on mine comes from air turbulance around the A-pillars and mirrors. Even with the roof rack completely off there's really little or no difference that I can tell.


    Taking of the roof rack DID make it a whole lot easier to wash and dry off the roof without water running out under the side rails down the windows etc., messing up my wash job. Used to use compressed air to blow out all the residual water under the side rails.
  • Would like to put 265-75/17 inch tires on my 04 envoy,how much of an effect would that have on the speedometer and would it effect the handling,I installed a Hotchkis rear sway bar?
  • cmr239cmr239 Posts: 12
    Quick math says that your speedo will be about 10% off (60 mph reading will be 66 to 67 mph)with the big tires. I have a 04 Envoy XUV that drags it's belly a lot, so I am very interested in some larger tire. I just don't think we can go that large. Stock 245/65's are about 29.6 inch diameter. 265/75's are about 32.6 diameter. Very large step. I hope you know something that I don't, 'cause I would love to get that much extra ground clearance. I hope you prove me VERY wrong!
  • I have added a cd changer to my 2003 Envoy with bose. I an accessory wire from the ignition. However when I turn off the car the changer turns off and the radio stays on for about 15 minutes. What wire can I tap off of to get my changer to stay on with the radio when I remove the key?
  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    cmr239 has good math. Can double check here, will show difference in a graph.

  • I havent really heard from anyone who has 20's on their TB and was wondering if anyone has had any problems with adding 20's to the ride. I have seen about the ride being a little more bumpy, but is there anything else I should be looking for, IE, needing bigger brakes pads, calibration with the computer for wheel rotation. I recently was able to get a set of 20 in black rims for my white TB and looking for any help on the matter.

  • 01_hoe01_hoe Posts: 273
    I have 20" wheels with 265-50-20 tires on my Envoy. The ride is a little more firm, but handling is better. The tires are almost 1" taller than OEM's, making my speedometer slow by about 3%. With the increased weight of the aftermarket wheels and tires, I would like better brakes, but haven't found anything yet. I did not have the speedometer recalibrated, and according to my GMC dealer, they can't recalibrate at this time. Taller tires also effects the actual rear end ratio, making starting performance less than OEM.


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