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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • akajoeakajoe Posts: 69
    Maybe you can call GM customer service and ask them if they have any recommendations about independent repair shops in your area that have the necessary equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Are all mechanics on strike, or just the ones working at dealerships?
  • As far as I know just dealerships. But when I have taken the Envoy in for work, the service department always asks "Has anyone else worked on your Envoy?" The answer has always been no, but it makes me wonder if I did have someone else work on it, would it void my warranty. I have heard of that happening before. Some fine print we all miss when reading the documents.
  • mgrcmmgrcm Posts: 53
    Hello again I just wanted to add that my salesman called me back on Saturday.Says my Envoy was shipped to them and should be at there dealership in a week and a half to three weeks(ordered on 6/27).
    Now I,ve been reading some of the earlier post's here or should I say complaints(up to #751) and I can't believe some of them.Now mind you I only have test driven the Envoy so far,but I will be trading in my 98' Durango with 318 engine and 3.92 gears and everything but leather.
    Now for the people who complain about poor gas mileage,cheap looking interior,wondering where the 270, noise,ride and handling, apparently have never driven or owned the Dodge Durango.I was test driving the 2001 Durango and shopping around when my GM credit card sent me an ATM card that if I test drove an Envoy I would get 40.00 dollars.So I went to nearest GM dealer drove one and fell in love with it.The power,ride,handling and options are far superior than my Durango and if I do better than the 13 to 14 MPG.that I'm getting now it will just be another plus.And after owning my last two GM's a 92' and then 94' Yukon I swore I would never own a GM product again show's how much that test drive of the Envoy impressed me.If it wasn't for the 40.00 that I got to test drive the Envoy I would probably would have done something stupid and bought another Durango never knowing just how much better the Envoy was.
    Just my long .02 cents.

  • looking for some advice---does anyone have an envoy with 2 wd and tration control--is it worth the extra money to get the 4 wd? will not be going off road with the vehicle but want to know if the 2 wd will be ok for winters? any responses would be great.
  • shnickshnick Posts: 7
    My wife and I recently test drove a TB. The one thing both of us noticed (which I have not heard anyone else talk about) is that the gas pedal is too far right. In order to press the gas, your foot is right up next to the carpet on the side console. Has anyone else noticed this or are we both going wacko. It seems like the pedal should be a little more to the left. Just wonderin'...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I was up in cottage country this weekend, 2 hours north of Toronto. Whoo ahh, lots of 02 Trailblazers and Envoys. These trucks are selling well. Didn't see many 02 Explorers out though given the dull look of the redesign, I simply may not have noticed.
  • jgdobakjgdobak Posts: 5

    I agree completely...I almost have to angle my foot sort of sideways to use the pedal comfortably.. Thankfully, Cruise Control keeps it from being a problem on long trips.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Being in the right place at the right time does pay dividends.

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  • imototoimototo Posts: 22
    sos, I'm a reader of small print and I read manuals. Your warranty won't be voided if you have someone else work on it as long as you have meticulous records. I'm not sure about major things, but if you change oil, filters, etc., the warranty is in effect if you can prove that the recommended/required services were performed.

    But, my question is, what is GM telling you about this? You have called them, haven't you? The service dept. may not being helpful because you are just another face in a long day. Talk to the mgr.; if no results there, then go into the showroom. The salespeople just love having disgruntled customers talking "up" vehicles in front of prosepective buyers!
  • childs57childs57 Posts: 15
    Hello folks...wife's new Bravada was delivered to dealer on Thursday, picked it up Friday. Man, what a BEAUTIFUL vehicle!! Polo green, camel (or oak, whatever they are calling it today) interior, heated seats, Bose stereo, 6-disc CD changer, and DVD entertainment system. This thing looks and rides like a dream! Too bad it is hers everyday...oh well, I get to drive it to church on Sunday.

    Dislikes and concerns:
    Turned off those goofy tilting mirrors. I do not want to look at the ground while I am backing up,
    I want to see what is behind me. Any good driver has walked around their vehicle prior to backing up...I already know there are no tricycles, skateboards, shopping carts, etc. behind me. What I want to see is my truck parked in the driveway and what is in the street. Just my preference.

    Everytime my wife pulls into the garage, I hear a sizzling sound like cold meat hitting a hot skillet...I am sure this is the A/C condensation dripping onto the exhaust manifold, but it is still annoying. Anyone else noticed this??

    No one that I am aware of has ever addressed the issue of child car seats in the triplets. I went to install my daughter's car seat in the Bravada, and found that the seat belt on the middle of the back seat does not lock down to hold a car seat. Read owner's manual, and lo and behold, you are not supposed to use a car seat in the middle position of the back seat. Now any idiot (and GM's engineers are the biggest idiots of all) knows that the safest position for a child during a collision is the middle position of the back seat...why would GM design the back seat to where you cannot use a car seat in the middle position?? Morons!! Well, I got the metal locking bracket-thingy that came with my daughter's car seat and proceeded to thread the lap belt and shoulder harness through it. I tightened the lap belt as tight as I could, and it seemed to be fine using this seat belt locking bracket. Car seat also has an anchor strap, which is attached to the tiedown behind seat in cargo area. I am sure that this arrangement is okay, and my daughter's safety is not compromised near as much as it would be if she were sitting in one of the outboard seat positions. Any one else have this probelem? What are your thoughts?

    Other than that, so far so good, for the whole 60 miles it has been driven prior to this morning.
  • I called the dealer, They said to take it out-of-town to a GMC dealership, but that most were backlogged because of the strike it could take a couple of days before they even look at it. I'm just worry about what the Service Engine Soon light means. Onstar did a system check and couldn't find anything.

    I'm going to call GM Customer Service today.
  • WeatherTech is making a ventvisor for the TB.They had the proto type and they're now being made in Germany and should be ready the second week in September.These can be puchased thru MacNeil.They are very clean looking and don't stick on.They lock inside the window channel leaving a clean appearance.They also have a small video file on their site with mounting instructions.Good Luck,
  • acl1966acl1966 Posts: 24
    Congratulations on your new Bravada. It sounds really great. Your the first individual I've heard from that has the DVD Player. My Envoy is on order with that system. It's being built this week. So far, there has been little information on it, so I don't know what to expect. Could you can please elaborate on this system. Exactly where is it located on the headliner? Is it just behind the console that houses the homelink and sunglasses. Also, where did they place the parental switch(s)? I have the repair manual and it lists two parental switches, one power and one mute. It only states they're by the front drivers seat. Do speakers come with it? If you put down the screen, can you still see out the rearview mirror? Any other info will be appreciated. Thanks, will be waiting for reply. acl1966
  • fletch45fletch45 Posts: 72
    You can turn the tilt mirrors (and many other things) on & off through the driver's information center. I found that I was a lot happier after I took a couple hours and went through the owner's manual...there were too many things on this vehicle to try to figure them all out myself. Enjoy!

    BTW, I heard the water hissing too, but after a few days I guess I got used to it.
    jim f
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Bravada Review.

    Envoy Review.

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  • childs57childs57 Posts: 15
    As I posted earlier, this is my wife's vehicle, which I have driven one time, so my knowledge of all the systems is still very much limited. All I know is that this vehicle looks S-O-O-O good!

    1) As I recall, the homelink transmitter is on the rearview mirror with all the OnStar buttons. Some of the other posters probably know more about this than I do.

    2) The DVD screen is located on the headliner approximately midway between the front seats. It is the third item in line on the roof, behind a large storage compartment and a sunglass storage compartment. The screen (IMHO) probably does interfere with looking in the rearview mirror, though we have not driven with it down yet.

    3)I do not know about any parental controls in the front seat area (I have not seen them). We have not operated the DVD system yet, but I will convey what I know. There are some A/V plug-ins (video game system ??) on the roof console holding the screen. All of the other DVD controls are on a hand-held remote...looks just like the one you would have for your home entertainment system. DVD system also comes with two wireless IR headphone sets...I am assumimg you can also hear sound through the rear seat stereo controls, though I do not know that for a fact. I do know that front seat occupants can listen to the radio/CD while rear seat passengers listen to DVD through the headphones. There are also plug-ins at rear seat stereo controls for hardwired headphones.

    That's all I know about the DVD system for now...I will give it a test drive this weekend, then report back when I know more about it.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Welcome to the fold Childs57! I also love my Bravada.

    Here is the ideology of the tilting rearview mirror(s) - by the way, the Bravada is the first vehicle I have seen with dual tilting ones. Most just have them on the passenger side. The idea is that when you are parallel parking they are a great resource for seeing exactly how far you are from the curb. I also like it because I have a very long driveway that curves and it makes it easier to keep from running up on the grass as I back out.

    So you see, the mirrors are not tilting so you can see what is behind you (of course we all know that mirrors are not the best source for safety reasons), they are tilting so you can see the ground by your tire.

    As someone who drives in the city often and has to parallel park, I find them indespensible for saving my tires/wheels from the granite curbs here in Atlanta that are murder if you get to close to them.

    Regarding the homelink, the buttons (on the Bravada anyway) are at the frontmost portion of the overhead console (with the sunroof, anyway) and are to the right with the left buttons being for the Travelnote.

  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    I thought I read here once that there has been a TSB for the console. Does anyone know where to find this or the number? I have had my Bravada in twice because the console makes a high pitched squeak while driving over bumps and/or leaning on it. Of course these moron service guys just say "All the Bravadas we have on the lot do that". Like that means it's "OK"????

    Also, I get the same response to the headliner falling down being the sunroof. Does anyone know about a TSB for that?

    Thanks in advance.
  • mfullmer: My Envoy console squeaked too. (And I got the same worthless response from the dealer). Fortunately, my squeak was easy to fix. I put felt between the console and the metal bracket on the floor that the console mounts on. I used Loctite on all the screws when I put everything back together. It didn't take long to do it and it was easier than arguing with an idiot service manager. The TSB doesn't cover the squeaking. The TSB adds a metal striker plate and a new latch so the console closes more securely. (Why wasn't it that way in the first place??) I don't know the TSB number offhand. GMC sent me a letter, so you should get one. Can't help on the headliner, since I don't have a sunroof.

    I hope this helps,

  • I'm looking hard at the 2002 Trailblazer or Envoy. I travel quite a bit and am interested in real world gas mileage numbers.

    Anyone that owns one, please comment.

  • pureevilpureevil Posts: 28
    I have approximately 1000 miles on my Trailblazer. So far, the DIC has my average MPG at 17.1

    Certainly not as good MPG as I had in my Accord V6 (24MPG), or my wives Volvo, but it is an SUV. So far, I am happy with the 17. I keep the current MPG on my DIC on all the time so I can monitor my MPG. My hope is it will make me drive more responsibly and raise my MPG even more. I am a notorious it will be hard :)

    Hope this helps, and Good luck SUV shopping. You can't go wrong with one of these new triplets.
  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 01V158000

    Component: INTERIOR SYSTEMS:CONSOLE (8/82)

    Manufacturer: GENERAL MOTORS CORP.

    Year: 2002 Make: GMC Model: ENVOY Recall Date: 05/22/2001

    Type of Report: Vehicle

    Potential Number of Units Affected: 8197

    Defect Summary:


    Consequence Summary:


    Corrective Summary:


    You can search for vehicle TSBs, recalls, and consumer complaints on the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration website at:
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    What kind of driving do you do that enables you 17 MPG? I have a TB and on the highway it gets around 20-21 but in the "city" I get about 12-13. I have no idea what the EPA calls city driving, but here's mine: Drive a mile, stop at a light, drive a 1/2 mile, stop at a light, drive 50 yards, stop at a light, drive 2 miles, stop at a light...get the picture?
  • hambone7hambone7 Posts: 130
    I've had my TB for 5 weeks and 1200 miles and here's my problems:
    1) The check engine light has come on at 500 and 1100 miles, and then goes off by the next day. In each case Onstar was notified and they found no problem...
    2) Missing plastic covers over the front seat mountings on the floor...minor.
    3) Poor gas mileage in the "city"...see previous posting.
    4) Drooping headliner just behind the sunroof...others have posted this issue above.
    5) Gritty substance under the paint in the door jambs.

    Great vehicle overall!

    1) When you put CDs in the console you have to put them in sideways where you can't read the labels when you open the console lid.
    2) Loose front bumper.
  • Well, well, here we go again.....Sandalwood metallic due in July, then its postponed. Next release date was August 1st. For three weeks now, you heard nothing. Now it's postponed until OCTOBER!! What is wrong with GM? Can't they make a paint color? I can't keep waiting for the color to come out! No wonder GM stocks fell again! Before I pay those bucks, I want to see ALL the colors. Keep it up GM, you're trying to make strides here and YOU'RE BLOWING IT.....
  • I recently had the pleasure of learning of a new trick my TB does when I drive with just the back windows down it sounds like a helicopter is in the truck, the air pressure is so bad that it hurts my ears, as soon as I put down a front window just a hair it stops. took it to the dealer and told it is a unexplained air pressure problem and GM was notified and there is no fix for it right now.GM has received several complaints about it but still no fix yet. Just wondering if any body else has this problem.
  • pureevilpureevil Posts: 28
    Hambone: Most of my miles are highway miles. Have only had my TB for a week and already have 1000 miles. Those highway miles help boost the MPG.

    Nynastar: When my son puts down a rear window, I get that same air preasure thingy. But, when I test drove the Explorer and Pathfinder, they did the same thing. I used to have a 97 Rodeo that did the same thing. An SUV thing I guess. Opening a front window or the sunroof seem to help. Also, I just tell my son to close the darn window :)
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Dropped off my '00 Yukon XL at the dealership for some minor warranty work. Been largely a GM guy since I learned to drive. Enamored with GMC since I bought my first Suburban in 1993. Sold it with 165,000 miles last year - for $10,000. Replaced a water pump, radiator, and alternator in that time. Three sets of tires and lifetime Midas brake pads/shocks. Thats it. Anyway, I digress.

    I just sold my '00 Durango (Shelby clone in black/silver). No immediate plans to replace it, but the wife likes the style/price of the new Toyota RAV 4. Won't sell the XL until it dies of old age. 24,000 miles so far and absolutely LOVE it. Did I digress again? So, the XL goes in for service and I wander the GMC lot. I look at these new "Envoy" thingies. "Huh, an updated version of my 1985 S-10 Blazer", I think to myself. Rather than take the courtesy shuttle home, I ask if somebody would care to give me a test drive in the Envoy. Since I bought my XL there, they were happy to oblige.

    WOW!! It took less than a mile for me to really start looking over this car seriously. Rode wonderfully (load leveling suspension) and was very quiet. Got it out on the highway and it was a joy. Plenty of passing power, little or no wind noise, and great visibility. When I arrived home to show the bride (part of my con to get a ride home), she ended up taking it for a drive while the sales guy and I admired my now-sold Durango and my other sports car. As I looked at the Durango, I was reminded of just how awesome the Envoy truly was.

    My Durango was loaded with every single available option, with a few aftermarket goodies to boot (part of Shelby package). The Envoy absolutely toasted it. The "powerful" gas-guzzling 5.9 V8 in my Durango is rated at 25 LESS horsepower than the Envoy's 4.2 (Durango MPG: 12.1 average). The fit and finish are also miles apart, with the Envoy like a Mercedes S-class and the Durango like a 1972 VW Beetle. Oddly enough, the Envoy was stickered less than my '00 Durango, despite clearly being light years ahead of it in every single respect, save the 3rd seat option (which we never use since we have the Yukon XL for that).

    Well, we didn't plan to buy anything to replace the Durango anytime soon. When we did in a month or two, the RAV 4 was a shoo-in. My wife is now studying the Envoy brochure and here I am on this forum. The dealer offered us a great deal (invoice) and the wheels are turning. I would not be the slightest bit surprised to be posting as a new Envoy owner in the not-too-distant future. Homerun indeed!
  • 1) hambone7, that sideways CD thing really pisses me off, seems like an easy thing that should have been done right. It's worse than using a cell phone, trying to fumble around the CDs trying to see which is which.

    2) I am consistantly getting 20.1 MPG on what is about 99% Florida Turnpike Driving at 75 MPH. I've got over 3000 miles on my Envoy now.

    3) nynastar, I first noticed the "helicopter" effect in my wifes 2001 VW Passat Wagon. So it's not just a SUV thing.

    My Envoy is great, not one problem at all!
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