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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • envoy2002envoy2002 Posts: 26
    I purchased mine ($39.99 + tax) and it mounts quite easily. Also, you can get spare mounting material from the manufacturer (tool free number) if you ever decide to take it off to say, wax the vehicle, or such. I do much driving and actually do notice a reduction in # bugs splattered on windshield. It fits well, is easy to install, and molded nicely to the shape of the hood.
  • aadlandaadland Posts: 28
    Hmm.... Maybe one of these wouldn't be such a bad investment?

    That's a Blazer, but I do believe they make one for the Triplets as well.

  • aadlandaadland Posts: 28

    It took about a month and a half to get my shocks done this year. They were pretty backed up at the beginning of racing season.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that it could be done. Of course it would be much simpler if Bilstein came out with a HD aftermarket shock with stiffer valving for these things. Last time I checked they haven't yet, but these things are still pretty new. Hopefully they will soon.
  • aadlandaadland Posts: 28

    It depends upon where you live. When I lived in Montana, two lane roads were the norm. Here in Yuppys'Ville (Seattle) it's hard to find one.

    Since I've been here I've gone over the mountain passes quite a few times in blinding stowstorms on the 6 or 8 (or however many lanes there are) freeway. This is where taillights are really important. I've noticed that the vast majority of cars with their taillights off have the headlights on--DRL's.

    Most drivers of older vehicles simply turn on the lights and are safer. Unfortunately, the average driver probably doesn't realize the difference between the two. Those that do, of course can turn on the lights luckily.

    Although it isn't the same (because you can turn on the lights with DRL's) it reminds me of when they mandated the horrible automatic seatbelts in the 80's. Those things, due to their design were less effective even when used properly than a manual seatbelt.

    So, the manufacturers had to give you a seatbelt that made you less safe than a manual seatbelt...because they (well, not they but the government) assumed you were to stupid to use a manual seatbelt.

    In the hopes of saving the people so careless that they don't wear their seatbelts, they endangered those that do. Pure idiocy....
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Yes, I agree there are far too many people out there who don't know how to use their vehicle lighting system properly. Your point makes no case against DRLs though. I would say for the most part, people who KNOW they have DRLs know how they work, the rest don't even know about them. Therefore, it's only logical to derive that those without their lights on in conditions that warrant it just don't realize they should have their lights on. It has nothing to do with DRLs. Actually you make a very good point FOR DRLs as, at the very least, the people that don't know when to turn their vehicle lights on have the DRLs.

    Flawed logic but from what motivation?
  • pepper50pepper50 Posts: 195
    If any of you have changed your own oil and filter in your triplet, when you refilled did it take exactly 7 quarts as the manual indicates? i.e, is it safe to add all 7 quarts empirically, or should you add 6-6.5 quarts and then keep checking and topping it off until full? Thanks.
  • dieselnerddieselnerd Posts: 12
    I just put the whole 7 quarts in. It came out perfect.
  • crburrouscrburrous Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Envoy, 2wd. Wondering if you've experienced any of these problems at what fixes worked.
    1)AC doesn't blow cool until you start driving. When you stop at lights etc. it goes back to blowing just slightly cool.
    2)Driver's seat squeaks a lot when you move your body back and forth and when you take off from a light. (dealer has tightened things, worked for awhile, but now very noisy again.
    3)Squeaks in the front suspension at slow speeds on rough roads. They lubed some things, but noise keeps coming back. It's a quick sharp squeek on each and every small bump or crack in the road. Can be quite noisy.
    Any help would be great. Thank you!
  • envoy_xlenvoy_xl Posts: 6
    Greets everyone - been reading the board for a while. First time posting.

    About 3 weeks ago I purchased an Envoy XL SLT (4/02 build) Monterey Maroon Metallic color with sunroof, heated seats, in dash 6 disk CD radio, 3.73 Rear axle ratio, and 17 inch polished wheels. Got the 6/60 extended warranty. Final (pre-tax) price was $33,800 + $1500 for warranty.

    I too was a little concerned to see the various problems that the original Envoy had - but it seems like most of those issues were ironed out by about 2/02 builds. I'm assuming that they put most of those fixes into the Envoy XL - there are no recalls/TSBs for the XL. It's almost like the XL is the second year of production in the Envoy line.

    So far 750 miles and no problems. Absolutely loving the SUV - I think that it looks great. I'm constantly getting compliments on it. I'm pleased with the power, interior/exterior looks, size and the many, many features. The size has been wonderful. Took a trip with 6 people (all seats up) - and still had enough room to put plenty of stuff in the back. I figure with all 3 seats up (7 passengers), it's still got about a much storage as a standard car trunk.

    Stretching to find some negatives:
    a) It barely fits into my garage - kind of a negative (but kind of desired too). Had to put up one of those strings with a weight to make sure I park it in the correct distance. About 6 inches left over behind and 1.5 feet left in front (standard sized garage).

    b) Fog lights seem like they point too far down to me - I'd prefer them to beam outwards a little more.

    c) Gas mileage. 16 MPG with mostly city driving and constant AC on. Better than most SUVs of this size, but still not great.

    d) AC works limitely until you get moving - but once you're rolling it is good (dual HVAC is nice).

    Palmduck - If I had just won the lottery, I think that I'd still end up with an Envoy XL (those Hummers stand out too much). I would strongly endorse/suggest buying an Envoy XL.
  • jwinkyjwinky Posts: 59

    I am with you on the getting the larger tank if a retrofit would work. The only thing I can think of as a potential issue is range on the DIC. My guess is the computer has the fuel tank capacity stored as a constant to determine range. Granted, this would be very easy to update with a flash of the computer, but would a service department be willing to do this?

    I wish I didn't have to fill-up as often with my Envoy as I did with my old Civic. It is a little frustrating.

    As far as Xenons/HIDs, I also have wondered why they only made an appearance for a short time on the old style Envoy. If I had to guess, it is that the Escalade/Denali owners may have felt slighted. I have thought about, and friends of mine have suggested, seeking a salvage Envoy to see if the Xenon system could be retrofitted. If I am not mistaken, the shapes of the relectors are very similar between the old and new body style. If you did this, you would have to constantly disable the DRL's, though.

    I will let you know if I get past the talking stage with this.

  • delrickdelrick Posts: 105
    They went to a 25.5 in the XL.
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    I ran into a GM mechanic over the weekend who said his dealership (Chicago area) is starting to see Trailblazers with loose cylinder sleeves. He said this is a cast iron engine but also has sleeved cylinders. Does anyone know if this is how this engine is constructed? If it is, this would tie in with what I am hearing of GM going away from the I-6 to a small V-8 in these vehicles.
  • tblazedtblazed Posts: 945
    Cast aluminum block with cast iron sleeves.
    Check out the GM link below for details.
  • scottc454scottc454 Posts: 356
    GM isn't going away from the I-6. The V-8 will be available on the extended versions of the triplets and on the upcoming Buick Rainier.
    The Rainier is getting an aluminum block V-8, so it would be sleeved as well.
  • ficussficuss Posts: 541
    guy21: get a new mechanic, Stevie Wonder would be able to tell the difference between aluminum and cast iron. The sleeve problem showed up last year with a few engines, mine being one of them. It has been resolved. There have been very few posts of engine failures due to sleeve shifting.
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    Anyway, the point would be the loose sleeves and not the block material. May I ask what was done to repair your engine? How do you know it was only a problem on a "few"? This is a relatively new engine. And how did GM assure you it wouldn't become a problem again in the future? Thanks.
  • gam2gam2 Posts: 316
    Anyone else have a loose rearview mirror? Mine vibrates at idle and over ANY kind of bump. It's really annoying. I can't believe all the problems I have with this thing.

  • jmltribjmltrib Posts: 20
    Ok everybody...I would appreciate any advice I can get here. I have a Honda Pilot on order which should be in around the first of September. I made the mistake of going and looking at an Envoy XL which I really like because it has many comforts the Pilot is lacking (and has more style as well). I am torn between the reliability which I know that Honda has and going back to an American car. (Currently have a Mazda Tribute ('s really a Ford) which has been to the dealer so many times, I have lost don't want to get bitten again!!). I know it's something in the end I have to decide, but any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    I had a problem a few weeks back, where my windshield washers stopped working. I'd turn the stalk switch, but only the wipers would engage - one swipe. I found a way to correct it, I'm sure only temporarily, by tilting the steering wheel up and down a few times. It worked fine except for one little thing. I went to the car wash and every time the windshield got wet, the wipers came on. This is strange, because I don't have the "Rain Sensing" wipers option. It hasn't rained in Chicago for a while, and I haven't washed the car since, so I don't know if it was just a fluke.
    Does anyone know how to access the steering wheel wire harness, without removing the wheel? I'll try anything just to keep it out of the dealer's hands!

  • missouri2missouri2 Posts: 41
    if you made a order you need to stand by it. there is not a perfect car or truck but i am happy with what i have. there has been a few small problems, they have been corrected. guess what i have a build date of 06/01 and i am getting ready to take a 6000 mile road trip. the miles on the bravada as of now is 5000 miles. the day i bought my 1998 corvette pace car it had a few problems but it took a road trip of 10,000 miles. why worry you have warranty. the vette did good. if your lights in your house blink, do you ran away because it is not perfect
  • envoy_xlenvoy_xl Posts: 6
    I'd disagree with Missouri2, unless getting out of your order is illegal/extremely difficult.

    The Honda Pilot is going to be a good SUV, no doubt. The Envoy XL is a good SUV with rare, mostly annoying glitches that have largely been resolved. Both SUVs are quite similar when you glance at their specs. For me, the Envoy has a larger engine, can tow more, and IMHO looks better. The fact that it was a (fully) Americian SUV also made me feel good, especially after 9/11.

    You've got to find your own reasons for buying a car (it's your cash) - but if you can get out of your order (which I suspect you can), I'd suggest leaving your options open.
  • I had the loose and vibrating rearview. You can easily tighten it with a torx head. Theres a hole on the bottom of the base..
  • missouri2missouri2 Posts: 41
    i must be too old. a persons word and hand shake should mean something. if not we are in a place where you can not trust our self or no one else.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    missouri2 Wrote:
    "if you made a order you need to stand by it."

    I'm sorry, but you don't have to stand by the order. My wife's the lawyer, but you may have signed a buyers order costing you any good faith money you put down, but there wasn't a VIN# generated thus no firm contract or deal so you're fine. Chances are you will be able to get your money down back too.

    missouri2 Wrote:
    "i must be too old. a persons word and hand shake should mean something."

    perhaps you're just too kind. believe's strictly business and coming from someone who has many years in the car business....there's no need to put good faith in such a handshake. pure fact, the dealer could care less about your integrity. I was one and must say, it's honestly...all about the deal. To cover those that disagree...I'll revise my statement to 99% of the dealers out there.

    former dealer in the 99 percentile
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I wouldn't hesitate to back out of an order if I wasn't sure about the car. But I'm only 49 - what do I know :-)

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Check this out to see when the 2003s are due to arrive at dealerships:
  • tblazer503tblazer503 Posts: 620
    Sorry man, but speaking from experience, Why would you buy a Honda when Acura gives you better service overall? The Acura MDX base is about 34k msrp and the comprable Pilot runs about 31k. Acura will hold resell better, the service department rocks at Acura, and w/ Acura, its a 48/50k warranty. But all that aside, I drove the Acura MDX and the Trailblazer and the Explorer... The Trailblazer impressed the hell out of me for all the options on the "base" model. I have the 4x4 LS w/ option package 3 and I paid 27k on 9/10/01. If its the third row seats you are planning on using, dont get the Acura, go with the XL. I believe it was dateline that did a study on 3rd row seats and found that in the ballpark of 70% of rear end collisions involving a third row seat in SUV's there were serious injuries... The majority of them out there, Explorers, etc have the 3rd row about 5" away from the rear glass... thus causing more injuries in the event of a rear end collision. GM was smart about this. =) IMO, go with the GM, all the service people treat you good, and all have given me more information.
  • mfullmermfullmer Posts: 819
    Ok, I've tried to look past TLAURO's improper use of the English language ("Could care less" and "Couldn't care less" mean the opposite and "Could care less" really doesn't mean much at all) but I'm worried now that people are posting who don't even read things first.

    Tbcreative - That Consumer Reports link is a listing of dates when the manufacturer will be releasing final information on the 2003 models (Final pricing, Options/pricing, etc.) and CR will be able to issue their reports. That in no way relates to the dates that the actual vehicles will be arriving in dealerships. It doesn't even say anything like that on the page. Usually (Ok, I know someone will try to pin me down on a date so I'll be purposely vague) U.S. manufacturers begin production of the next years models around the end of August (Earlier for some, later for others) and the vehicles begin arriving in dealerships a few weeks later.

    Mis-information is worse than no information at all.
  • kenitzerkenitzer Posts: 19
    We just purchased a new TB EXT and are very pleased so far. My wife has a 99 Honda CRV EX and absolutely loves it, so needless to say we looked very closely at Honda (both the Pilot and the Odessey) and the MDX. If I were just looking at the Honda products, the MDX is the best value for the money. Load up a Pilot with every thing the MDX has and you come close the to cost of the MDX. Also the MDX offers a sunroof, the Acura name and is a much more stylish vehicle. I see the Pilot as a CRV on steroids.

    Unfortunately for us, the Honda products weren't quite right. We replaced a 92 Ford E150 Conversion Van so we were looking for space, towing capacity and comfort. The Pilot and MDX rear seat is nice the way it folds into the floor, but is virtually useless as a seat. There was no way either of our children could have sat back there for any trip other than in town. The TB was also all set for towing with a greater potential towing capacity, which fit our need. While the fuel economy is less, I am willing to trade off a few mpg's for comfort and convenience. Really it all comes down to what vehicle fits your needs best.
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