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Subaru Impreza WRX



  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    AC in my WRX is fine. I live in Indiana and put up with 90+ temperture and 90+ humidity.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No bids. Big surprise. With 1100 miles, it's $10k overpriced.

    I can understand a dealer asking you not to rev a test car over 4000rpm, because it's in the break-in period and they have to sell it to someone. Would you want to know that several people test drove your new car and bumped it off the rev limiter? Not me. I think having a demo for this purpose makes sense.

    If you're going to buy from Fitzgerald's, let me know because I could get a commision and pay for your first year membership for the SCOA (Subaru Club of America) with half of the proceeds. It's win-win. The events are fun and you get parts discounts from several dealers plus a newsletter every quarter.

  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    Well, Kosta put it best but I'll add my two cents. I also agree that it's not a necessity, especially with an LSD and AWD.

    I was recently speaking with the co-owner of my dealership (I thought he was just a salesman at the time). My wife's OB lease is almost up and we were looking at the OB VDC (just there for service, not ready to buy). He was telling us how SoA put on an impressive demonstration with it at a nearby racetrack. He said (paraphrasing here), but "in over 20 years of driving Subaru's, I've never been stuck, never spun-out and never felt I needed a stability control system".
    To top that off, the 02 VDC's are coming with a VDC OFF button to give the driver more control.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Think of it this way: every WRX comes with a "VDC off" switch permanently engaged, standard.

  • jcbrackjcbrack Posts: 9
    I am continually amazed by the negative comments that stability control gets. To simply state "it applies brakes during hard cornering" is a major injustice to the technology. Sure it applies brakes, but also can invoke the traction control as well. And it doesn't do it simply during hard cornering... it does it when the yaw sensor detects the car is going in a different direction than your steering input. In an overseer situation it will brake ONE of the front wheel to generate a counter rotational spin (plus invoke the Trac Control) to re balance the car.... very cool technology.

    In my experience, with 2 cars equipped with Stability control, it has only engaged after I have lost control of the car... once in the snow/ice in my LX470 and once in the wet with my GS300. If you have SC in your car and turn it off, you are an idiot.

    It is also worth noting that almost every high performance car now comes standard with stability control.

    As for the WRX...well I owned one of these for 3 years in Australia and although I feel it would benefit from SC, it is not necessary due to the AWD setup.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I agree that stability and traction control have inherent value, but the fact is, especially with AWD, it may not engage all that often in normal driving.

    For many WRX owners, either they are exceeding the limits on purpose (think SCCA RallyCross) and you want it off, or they are driving under normal circumstances at speeds appropriate for current conditions (where it will not engage) and you will not need it.

    The exception is in emergency handling or in situations where you get in over your head, but for most people ABS would be enough anyway.

    The reason fancy cars come standard with stability control is because the ego of some owners far exceeds their common sense.

    Mercedes Benz did a demo of ESP at the PowerTrip event, and it was impressive. A CL coupe drove through a slalom course at 50mph with ESP off and basically spun out. Then he did another lap with ESP on and at a higher speed, this time 60mph, and it made it through.

    If ESP can be tuned like that, I'll take it. I don't want it to step in and spoil the fun, though.

  • jcbrackjcbrack Posts: 9
    "The reason fancy cars come standard with stability control is because the ego of some owners far exceeds their common sense"

    hhhmmm....I did know it was owners of "fancy cars" who were the only ones with egos? And I didn't know these folks were the only ones to get their cars into an oversteer or understeer situation?

    One day I was driving my GS300. I stopped at a crossing and then made a (slow) left turn. It was late and I was tired, and as I accelerated (slowly) the tail spun out quite violently. It was just a bad combination of water on the road, a negative camber and a tired driver. As the tail spun out I had virtual no time to react and was sure I was doing to spin...then...the SC chimed in... and the next thing I knew I was straight again. Two things surprised me. Firstly the overseer happened in the first place and secondly how well the SC worked.

    The reason SC is on "fancy cars" is because owners of fancy cars value safety and will pay for it. Just the same way they paid for ABS before it became main stream...funny thing is that back then many folks critized ABS by saying it got in the way too much. Times change, technology changes, but people never do.
  • I finally found a yellow sedan in Southern Cal and bought it. It was loaded on a truck for the trip up to Washington State today. I am really cranked. Now I need to sell my beautiful loaded 98 2,5RS (just ad a blower and fly). Is it acceptable to list it for sale here?
    Thanks Bob
  • kostamojen2kostamojen2 Posts: 284
    The problem is that the WRX is such a extremely neutral car that it simply does not need it. It would "hinder" the cars capabilities...

    Oversteer is a part of the car, not a hinderince as in most RWD high-performance cars. Drifting this car through corners is what it was meant to do! It LIKES to go sideways, and is VERY controlable while doing so! Thats why we dont want Traction control in it :P

    However, in vehicless like a RX300 or performance-RWD car like a Corvette, I could definatly see myself wanting this feature... Theyre just too hard to control when drivin 9/10ths or in emergency situations where the car would be thrown around and into spinout situations, but it had BETTER have a off-switch!
  • pattim3pattim3 Posts: 533
    Sorry about the test drive experience. Some dealers with limited inventory are hesitant to allow test drives because folks do not want to buy a car with miles on it. Plus, one dealer had three that got wrecked in test drives.

    If you call us at 1-800-SUBARU3, we can talk to your dealer to let them know that you are serious. We can't "make" a dealer change their policies, but we can try to persuade them.

    Acepero - if you call us, have the name of your dealer handy and we can see what we can find on your order.

  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I think if you read the Edmunds user's agreement, you'll see it asks that no ads be placed within Town Hall. Edmunds provides a separate function for buying/selling cars.
  • svillekensvilleken Posts: 9
    For anyone interested...Vic Bailey Subaru in Spartanburg, SC has a blue 5spd sedan, loaded, available on their lot. But they don't have my blue 5spd loaded wagon yet, 8 weeks and counting...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They aren't the only ones with egos, they just tend to have bigger egos! ;-)

    Your example is for a RWD car, and in that case I think there is more value in such a system, because there is far less traction than with AWD.

    I like the idea of advanced traction and stability control, then again I'm not shopping for a WRX. Donuts are even called "Scoobnuts" on i Club.

    Did you get to read the C&D comparo of AWD wagons recently? They tested a Bimmer 3 series, an Audi, a Passat 4Motion, and a VDC. The VDC was the only one with traction/stability control and no off switch. So they took to the (snow) track.

    I'm sure they had more fun with the systems off, but in the end the only car they didn't crash into a snow bank was the Subaru.

  • searnestsearnest Posts: 4
    " I've heard about weak air conditioning in the WRX. Can somebody confirm or refute this? "

    I've been driving my wagon for 2 weeks. Compared to the 2000 OB I had before, the wrx air conditioning appears less powerfull. On a drive yesterday in 90 degree humid weather it cut in and out more than the OB, and at times blew air on the warm side. The automatic sedan that I test drove was also this way.

    Lets face it: all that exhaust gas being re-routed through the turbo has got to make for a warm engine compartment. On a positive note......if you live someplace with real winters you will probably have no compalints about the heating.

    Overall I would rate the wrx AC as acceptable.
  • bluesubiebluesubie Posts: 3,497
    For the record, I wasn't slamming SC nor saying it's bad. I was just saying it's not *as* a necessary in an AWD car with a limited-slip diff. This was coming from an owner of a dealership that has driven Subaru's for over 20 years.

    As you may know, our AWD systems are controllable by varying throttle input. I've been in some pretty slick situations and getting on the throttle has pulled me out. The same for my wife who also drives a Subaru and commuted to NW NJ last winter during some nasty snow storms.

    I also recall that when the OB VDC came out, some people here at Edmunds were trying to get the VDC to "kick in" and had a hard time at it.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Subaru claims that they've tuned it conservatively, so that the AWD can act first.

  • jdbtensaijdbtensai Posts: 122
    From what I have read people love the handling and the acceleration, at least when the rpms get up there. My question is, what is your opinion of the wrx on the highway? How does it feel and sound going 60? 70? 80?
  • thecatthecat Posts: 535
    jdbtensai - I've had the oportunity to take a few 200+ mile trips and I can tell you that the WRX is excellent on the highway. It's very quiet. If I wasn't a geezer, almost too quiet. There is very little difference in the feel of the car at 60, 70, or 80. I had a chance on an early morning trip to the beach to run it up over 100 .. it's rock solid. My wife continued to sleep until I woke her up and said quess how fast we're going!
    It reminds me of an RX-7 I had, some years back, in that at high speeds the car feels glued to the road.
    - hutch
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    100mph on the eastern shore? You animal! ;-)

  • phatride01phatride01 Posts: 23
    On the highway, the car is nice. It's very easy to go from 60-80 mph in no time, and the rev's climb without hesitation.

    I have not reached the limit of 100+ mph yet, as I am still "breaking-in" the car...but to get to 70 from an on-ramp is not difficult at all.

    There is not much wind noise, but one can expect a little, as the sashless doors allow some air to intrude. However, with the stereo tuned to the right volume, it's minimal.

    The car, overall, is very nice, and as I learn the manual shift points for the best "pull," it makes it even more fun to drive in the low-rpm range. There's not much shudder, in the gears, and drivetrain, if one learns the correct shift points in the low-rpm range on local roads.

    Other than that, twisties (S-curves), with the wagon, are really fun, and as I read more about "drift," I understand what it means. For a first time owner of an AWD turbo wagon, I am definately learning many new things, and it's TOTALLY fun! :)

  • gaspasser2gaspasser2 Posts: 44
    would that make a difference to your decision in buying this awesome car? Just curious.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Tough question. It would make me want to see some long-term reliability results before buying.

    And I would not single out Mexico, really. I'm from Brazil and I'd be weary of buying a Mini because all the engines are made there. At least until they've proven reliable for a year or two.

    Note that Foresters (built under the noses of HQ in Gunma, Japan) have a slight edge in reliability over Legacys and Outbacks (built in the US).

    Toyota feels OK making their Camry here, they leave the assembly of their more premium ES300 to Japan.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    that Subarus aren't sold in Mexico. In fact they aren't sold at all anywhere in Central America either. In South America, only five countries sell them: Brazil, Chile, Argentina,
    Uruguay and Peru.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They surely do sell Foresters in the Dominican Republic. Our pal Marzo owns one, and they even offer them as rentals.

    Maybe it's an independent distributor, so Subaru doesn't track where they end up.

  • stankinstankin Posts: 1
    I have recently decided that the WRX will be the car I will purchase in the coming months. So, I wanted to get any opinions from WRX owners who have had them a while and what the thought of them at first, and now that they have had them a while. Secondly, has anyone purchased the optional Subaru performance exhaust to suspension package. If they have what are their opinions of them.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the countries I listed are the only only ones with corporate sites. So, maybe some independent is importing them, as you said.

    This is from the FHI site:

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I knew you had some kind of source. :-)

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Go to the World Network link.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Maybe there are others that just don't have web sites.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    but those are ones "officially" sanctioned by FHI.

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