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Fuel injector cleaners



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,868
    Hmm...I'm wondering if you refreshed your 02 sensor by doing all that (cleaned it up). Usually if you can't pass smog on a old car, replacing the 02 sensor will help.

    An injector will screw up smog big time if it is spitting out irregularlly, and you know, sometimes you get lucky with these treatments if you can stop the injector from dribbling or spritzing.

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  • rayfbairdrayfbaird Posts: 183
    If it was cleaned that would certainly help. But I haven't replaced it.

    I've never failed our stringent emissions tests, and fortunately have never had to go to the expensive EPA stattion. It was just that this car has never gotten such good readings.
  • rayfbairdrayfbaird Posts: 183
    THE FTC has filed a number of suits against oil additive companies, Slick50, Prolong, Valvoline, Motorup, Duralube, and now ZMax.

    Fuel injector companies have demonstrations showing dramatic differences with both valves and pistons. Extremely dirty pistons and encrusted valves look very clean after treatment. Is this reality or garbage like most oil additives have proven to be? Does their stuff work, or is this an exaggeration?

    Buy the way I don't buy the oil companies claims that everything needed is in the gas. I did a fuel injector treatment and was able to get away from premium gasoline to the recommended regular. I generally tune this car once a year, so other factors were generally eliminated.

    IS the FTC just too busy, or is there some truth to their claims?
  • q45manq45man Posts: 416
    There are four main types of injectors, depending upon the gasoline you buy [different types/levels of detergents] and if you drive the dreaded 15 miles at 55mph then an hour hot soak then the same cycle again you can have severe problems with injectors [pintle type mostly].

    A 5% difference in flow from injector to injector will show up as a varying idle especially on 4 cylinder engines, 6 better, V8 best [smoothest].

    Some gasoline [Chevron] seems better at washing the baked on additives off the pintle but may be worse on build up of valve stem material.

    If the idle is not perfectly as new [assuming adequate intake/throttle cleanliness and periodic EGR valve cleaning [so it doesn't stick open a little at idle] your first area of focus is injector cleaning, however most retail products are just a concentrated form of the additives in gasoline [they are generally to weak to do much good].

    Professional pour in tank products [BG 44k] are 10 times more effective when used every 5,000 to 15,000 miles but even they cannot dissolve all the buildup from trash in gasoline which gets through fuel filter and is deposited on the individual injector filter screens. For this you must get a high pressure fuel rail treatment...running the car on a pressurized bottle of special concentrated cleaners which dissolve the varnish and allow it to pass into the injectors where it gets burned in the engine...this may tend to add build up on piston sand spark plugs so the plugs get changed and the engine gets [needs] a 15 minute high rpm stress drive.
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