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Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra's w 8100/Allison



  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    I know its the GF factor!!!
    Was only kidding about the young age (jealous really)
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    ..supposed to be award winning.....must be some messed up judges?

    Bud is horrible..Bud light is a little better...Michelob is not too bad..elephant red was good...

    I can drink busch light or Guinness....but you will only find the good stuff at my place. now hunting camp....try to explain a widget and using Nitrogen to a bunch of local farmers with guns..LOL

    I try to fit in and don't cause no stink....they work hard and I'm going to insult their beer. But a few of them get to talking about how they like a dark beer with dinner..and I just may try to sneak some in this year?


    - Tim
  • 1i2cu1i2cu Posts: 32
    Do they have any MICHELOB DRY in your neck of the woods ? They use to sell it in SOCAL till about 4 or 5 years ago.
  • 45mike145mike1 Posts: 1
    Does the 8100 take regular gas or premium? I like the idea of extendable mirrors but have
    been told the mirrors are not electric. Can anyone confirm that?

    I hope to order 2500HD 4x4 crew cab soon.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162 wait..that was bud dry..

    I buy and sell beer taps and have a bunch of Mich.dry...I think they had it here?....but can't be positive.

    - Tim
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    I run 87 octane in my 8.1, no pinging or hesitation, just raw power!!
    13.5 mi/gal has been my best mileage on a break in road trip up to Gunnison. 9.something when I helped my self to the power in town after the break in... :-0
    Generally I am getting 10-11 mi/gal in town...

  • owenm1owenm1 Posts: 29
    So how is the "average" buyer supposed to know that the Cold pressures listed on the door are for maximum weights?
    My owner's manual refers me to the door which states, 60 front, 80 rear. Says noting about maximum weights, nor does it list a pressure for no load.
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    I am running 45psi in all four when not loaded. Seems to be a good amount with decent ride & footprint on the road. The door listings are for GVWR, where the rear is supporting most of the load.

    Bob: I'm jealous, I am still only getting 9 around town.

    Mike: was mentioned the 2002 model camper mirrors (extendable) were going to be electric like the Ford's. Only hear-say, so don't qoute me on it.

  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    reading this in the owners manual. Been reading up on the Allison transmission at their website and apparently we are required to change the external filter at the first 5,000 miles. I don't remember reading that in the Chevy manual.......

    Here's the link:,%20Rev%20A.pdf

    Also their seems to be a deeper pan for the tranny that holds an additional 3.2 qts of fluid!!



  • dspendspen Posts: 1
    Recently bought first truck so don't know crap. It's chevy 3/4 ton crew with 8100 and Allison tran. So far like the truck EXCEPT for transmission whine at low speed. Sounds kinda like jet turbine. Salesman says this is normal for Allison trans. Is this true???
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Posts: 4,162
    It's a truck trans.

    Dealers even got a video addressing the whines and clunks of the Allison to let them know it's normal.

    - Tim
  • Just finished installing four custom fit Husky mud flaps per the recommendations of several contributors. They fit perfect and look clean. Please accept my thanks.
  • I have the slide out mirrors (which I think are a little cheesy) on my 3500 chassis cab. They are not long enough to see around a dump bed I put on. Anybody know of a mirror I can use to see around? I tried our local truck accessory guys and they failed to come up with one. Bed is 7' 10" wide.
  • trampertramper Posts: 12
    Come on guys, drop those beer mugs and get back to the truck talk.
    45mike1-post 695 I've got the camper mirrors on my '01 silverado. They ar'nt electric and not adjustable from inside but they are great for towing. No vibration like some of the aftermarket add ons.
    As far as the gas, mine does fine on 87 oct, solo or towing. My only problem is keeping it under 75. That 8.1 is awsome! Have'nt tried it on Bud, Mickelob or Busch yet but would'nd be suprised if even ran better. Personaly I like Old Milwaukee Lite,I can get about 5mi. to the bottle doing 75. [just kidding about the drinking and driveing]
  • owenm1owenm1 Posts: 29
    I was thinking the same, I'm still waiting for a response from GMC "unanswerable" question on no-load tire pressure.
    6-7mpg, better get used to it!!!!!!!!!
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    How's your 8.1 treating you so far??
    My 8.1 is still running strong, but this morning was the first time I started it with the door open and I think I have the cold knock...The first sound is the fast ticking for 1-3 seconds while the oil pressure builds up. That's ok, I can deal with that noise. Then I hear a low rattling or knocking that speeds up with a little rpm increase, goes away after about 30-45 seconds. The truck was in my garage, so it was very easy to hear. Well, I guess I didn't get lucky to not have the knock, huh?? Oh well have a 6 year warranty so I'm covered if anything happens (which I doubt) but I now understand why other people with the knock are sooo upset, I guess it takes you hearing it from your truck to understand...grrrrrr..
    Got my first 14mpg tank going up to Estes Park last weekend!! Wooohoooo!!!!
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    Been letting it sit. She has been very bad, getting into the cookie jar (gas tank) too much so I put her in a time-out. Was driving the car around, but just decided, to heck with the car...

    Besides, Ryan is going to yell at me when he finds out I only have 550 miles on her after a month. hehe

    As for any noise, I do hear some unfamiliar noises when I start her, but I was guessing they were the transmission, doesn't quite sound like a knock, and still seems to be there when warm. I dunno.

    When has everyone done the initial oil change? Was thinking at 1K, but what has everyone else done? Anybody change out the trans filter at 5K per the updated bulletin?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    550 miles in a month?


    i put 400 miles on my truck just today
  • eric2001eric2001 Posts: 482
    Getting 9mpg, Ryan. LOL
    Anyways, been working all 12's all week, but on the other hand get August off, hehehe

    Not to mention I have a car also.

    Maybe a few miles when all said & done.

    So, anyone done the trans filter yet?
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    16.5 mpg this past trip
  • I purchased my 8.1 CC Alli, 3.73 to pulll a 26H Prowler Trailer (with large slide) and a 19 foot Bayliner boat. My 97 GMC 5.7 vortec could barely pull the trailer and I never tried a triple. The 8.1 pulls both with ease but I can't see the boat when I tow and am unsure how to monitor how well it is pulling. I considered mirror extensions but don't think they will work as they would need to be very wide to see around the trailer. Anyone out there with experience towing two units? I'm curious how you monitor the third unit, and if you detect a sway or fishtail on the third unit, what is the recommended action?
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    I did my initial oil change around 750 miles. I am up to 2400mi and change currently and the knock just showed up. It is a knock and can be heard over the whine of the Alli and does go faster as you rev it up. I am a bit pi$$ed right now, but as I said before I know now how other people feel about it. You pay $30-40K and this is what you get. I'll take the noise over some tech guy tearing into the motor and forgetting thanks!!! Oh well, we'll see how loud it gets over the next few months as it starts to cool off around here...
    By the way, where did you get you Westin step bars?? I called Summit Racing and they stated none are available for the HD...yeah right, seen pics of 'em all over the web!! Local off road place has go rhino's, but not sure I want go rhino name on top of the is tacky, go figure it had to be something, huh?? :-0

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    The westins have their name on each step.

    Got my black nerf bars installed for $250 from the rhino linings place that did my liner.
  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    My dad has double trailered once....and only once. The truck he has, an 88 K2500 5.7 4 spd manual, is not up to the task. He has a 28 ft 5th wheel weighing around 7,000lbs and a 19ft Bayliner right around 3,500lbs and it was a chore. He got about 5-6mpg (not bad considering!) and 0-60 was in about 2hrs if he got there..hehehehehee
    He walked the whole thing from bumper of truck to the outdrive on the boat and it was like 60 or 65 feet!!!
    He was unable to see the boat, and passing, well I don't think he did ANY passing, would be guess work after you see cars go by the bumper of the 5er. Also he did have a problem with sway on one part of the trip. The boat caught some wind and started to wiggle, then the 5er started to wiggle, then the truck started to wiggle. He slowed down, and probably had to change his shorts (from what he told me it got pretty violent by the time it hit the truck) and he got it under control. He has talked about putting electronic brakes on the boat, he seems to think if it were to sway again he could tap the electronic brakes on the boat trailer and it should bring it back in line. But I doubt he will get another chance to double trailer with this current truck as I finally convinced him his truck was not rated to tow that much weight and he could do some major damage to himself and property if he couldn't put the wo to the go and he would be liable for it all.
    Anyway, just his experience.....hope it helps!

  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    $250 installed doesn't sound bad as the quote I got for the Go Rhino was $379 (installed by me)chrome of course..
    I was thinking about going with the Westin CPS, I think that was to find the darn things!!

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    if they have em let me know i have a code for 10% off


  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    Never been to their website, I'll give it a shot...

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    this is what i found

    Platinum CPS Step Bars , Chrome Plated Stainless
    • Usually in stock and available to ship within 2 business days. 26-1680 Pair $387.61
    2000-2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 / Silverado 2500 / Silverado 3500 Pickup, Extended Cab, 4 Door
    2000-2001 GMC Sierra 1500 / Sierra 2500 / Sierra 3500 Pickup, Extended Cab, 4 Door

    pretty darn expensive

  • 4x4man4x4man Posts: 222
    Pretty much what I was thinking when I went searching through the site...pretty expensive, oh well, expensive truck, expensive accessories!!!!
    Livin' the american dream!!! Besides, that's what plastic is for right??? Pay it off next month!!!

    Thanks again Ryan

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