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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    There are also two drains for the sunroof. If the others were plugged they may be too. I'd first suspect the windshield seal if the glass has been replaced recently.
  • Unless it has been removed from the truck, you should find the rod clipped to the floor underneath the rear seat. If you are having trouble identifying it, your owner's manual will be helpful.
  • If it is use ful for any one out there. I have since got this problem resolved. Nissan Ireland have only ever experienced it twice before. But initially they were informing me that the gear box will have to be dropped out and faulty connector located in gear box will have to be replaced at a cost of approx €600 labour intensive. Anyway I left it in with dealer and they managed to reach in with a narrow log sniped pliers after splitting gearbox but they did not need to drop it out. This only cost me €158 instead of the €600 I was initially quoted. Happy camping :-)
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    I just purchased a really cool device - a "Scangauge II". You plug it into the OBDII port and it will display any trouble codes, allowing you to reset them at will. It sits on the dash held with velcro.

    It also displays four at a time "gauges" (readings of different parameters on the OBDII port) in either metric or english units. I watch fuel consumption in L/hr and L/100 km, battery voltage, and engine temp. currently. There are about 16 different readings to choose from.

    Further, it has a "trip" function. Distance to empty (at current consumption), average speed, average fuel economy, etc.

    Very nice for only $139. And yesterday it made a bad situation only an inconvenience. I got a "service engine soon" light. Along with the engine running very rough. Sounded like a cylinder died. I thought a coil had gone (a known problem with the early VQ engine - mines a 2001 LE). It recovered in a minute, but left the light on. I used the Scangauge to get a P1320 code. This code indicates it could be a coil, it could be the "condenser", or it could be the wiring. As it has happened several times before (without a code or light), I must assume it's an intermittant wiring connection issue. My point is, with the Scangauge II in the vehicle, it's easy to deal with this. I noted the code and reset it. The light stayed off. Now I just have to chase down the wiring glitch.

    A very useful device.

    Oh, and it will work in any vehicle with an OBDII port. Look under your steering wheel. If your car/truck was built after 1996 it will have the port within about two feet of the steering column, not covered by panels.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Yeah, it's a great tool. I had the original Scan-Gauge, which was essentially the same as the SGII, except in a much larger, less-attractive case. I've since upgraded to the SGII.

    I find the unit's MPG calculations, correction for inaccurate speedometer reading due to oversize tires, and gauges (coolant temp, voltage, throttle position, engine load, etc.) to be indispensable!

    I paid $169 for mine. Where'd you find it for only $139?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Oops, you're right. I imagined the price, it is $169. Haven't received the bill yet so I remembered wrong. And for me it'll be around $200 Can. Still well worth it.
  • Good afternoon,
    I just found this site my 95 pathfinder is doing the exact thing. i have taken the bulbs out and my battery goes dead. did yours drain your battery? did you ever figure out what was wrong with it. could you please help me out. i do not have the money for a new electrical system if you know what i mean.
  • Hi all, quick quesiton here. Does anyone know if the headrests on a 1998 (1996-2000 model year) Pathfinder are the same in the front seat and the back? If the two headrest in the front are identical to the back? I really appreciate the info if anyoen can help or check on their Pathfinder for me.
  • New guy here... would appreciate any help you guys could give!
    I have a 2001 Pathfinder with 103,000 miles and these codes showed up… I bought a laptop OBDII reader to help with the problem . what do i have to replace if anything at all??? I have reset the light but it comes back just a few trips later.
    P0160 Rear O2S, Bank 2
    P0420 TW Catalyst System, Bank 1
  • I also have a 2001 PF and have replaced 2 oxygen sensors. P0160 is high voltage for the rear oxygen sensor (sensor 2) on the driver's side of the vehicle (bank 2). There are 4 oxygen sensors. One on each side forward of the cat & one on each side downstream of the cat. According to the service manual the rear sensors are not used under normal operation & are only a backup to the front sensors. If a front sensor fails your fuel mixture will become very rich & your MPG will drop. The service manual lists two possible causes: 1) Harness or connectors (the sensor circuit is open or shorted). 2) Heated oxygen sensor 2 (rear). It is probably a bad sensor. If you can buy the sensor online & install it yourself you will save a ton. Also, there is a TSB calling for an ECM reprogram relating to this trouble code. After you replace the sensor have the dealership do this reprogram. It is covered under the emissions warranty but I can't remember how many miles/months the emissions warranty is good for. They will probably make you show proof that the sensor has been replaced because the TSB says to do this first. As for P0420, I haven't had that one, but the service manual lists possible causes as warm-up three way catalyst, exhaust tube, intake air leaks, injectors, injector leaks, spark plug, & improper ignition timing. It kinda relates to the oxygen sensors so I would replace the bad one, reset your trouble codes, & see if it comes back.
  • I appreciate the help!! According to one of the mecanics i spoke with the P0420 is a related code...And apparantely need to change both!..Any recomentations for a OEM O2 sensor parts dealer?? Nissan whants an arm and a leg for their stuff.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Try Prices seemed reasonable last time I checked.
  • I can't remember where I got mine but do a search online & you should save a bundle over Nissan's prices. Also, Bosch is the OEM sensor.
  • HELLO,

  • HELLO,

  • For quite some time I have this problem, when the vehicle its a pot hole or if the road is bumpy there is this weird squeaking sound coming from and around the Steering Wheel. Not sure if its coming from the underneath the hood. Driving on plain roads, there is no squeaking at all. Any HELP OR ADVICE will be very much appreciated.

    Okay, this goes back to a post in January. I have been searching the forums to find my problem described by any other members. Actually I own a 350Z with this same squeak. I tried lubricating the rubber around the windshield as well as the rubber boot at the base of the steering column by the firewall. No luck. My car has an adjustable steering wheel and I don't know if a Pathfinder does as well. I was thinking of trying to spray a dry lubricant in this area but am a little nervous about the chance if it causing some kind of electrical short. Don't how well the contacts are protected since they probably don't expect anyway to be introducing fluids in these cavities. Any thoughts?
  • Hi,
    I have a 2001 Pathfinder which has about 65000 miles on it. Now, all of a sudden, my interior lights died as well the lights on the dials and dash indicator (where it shows the temp and heat and aircondition fan info in the LED ). I am wondering is this is simple fuse issue/ circuit breaker or is it like a major issue that I need to go to dealer. Any help is appreciated.
  • Andy, it sounds fairly obvious that a fuse (or more than one fuse) blew, but the question is why. There may be a short or loose wire/connection, or corrosion somewhere, or a fuse may have simply failed on its own. Since it's very easy to check and replace fuses, that's where you need to start your diagnosis. Your owner's manual will show you where the fuses are located, and also has a chart that shows which fuses controls which circuits. If that doesn't resolve the problem and/or it keeps re-occurring, unless you are knowledgeable about automobile electrical systems, you will need to have a professional look at the problem. For the specific issue you described, it does not sound as if you would need to go to a Nissan dealer. The issue is not likely that technical nor Nissan specific. Anyone qualified to repair automobile electrical systems should be able to do the job. If it's not a simple fuse issue, you need to be patient with the person working on your truck... sometimes electrical problems can be very hard to diagnose. It's almost certain that the repair will be very easy, the hard part is finding the exact problem as it could be a multitude of things. Please take the time to re-post once the repair is completed as this helps others on the forum to resolve any similar issues in the future.
  • 2003 Pathfinder. 37,000 miles. Service engine soon light just came on. How do I make it go away? I dont want to spend any money. Thanks.
  • I have an 06 pathfinder LE with 7800 miles on it. This happened to me at about 3300 miles. I also have a 01 Sentra SE with 123000 miles and the same thing happend as well. Check the gas cap. Take it off, and screw it back in until you hear a few clicks(about 3 or so). It may or may not go off right then. After about 3 good starts and stops, if the light does not go off, you may actually have to take it in. Only problem, your 1k over in miles for the emmisson warranty.

    Hopefully it works for you, it did for me. This information came to me stright from a Nissan dealer shop manager.
  • Thanks. I have tried that. Didnt help. I thought all the emission control stuff had warranty's that last much longer than the 36K.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Go to Autozone & see what code shows.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    If you don't want to spend any money, disconnect the negative terminal on the battery for a few minutes. You should get the code read by an OBDII code reader. (Autozone may read the code for you for free.) Depending on what problem triggered the CEL, it may just come back until you do spend some money to fix the problem properly.
  • Okay...2001 LE with 68000 miles on it. The SES light came on yesterday and I immediately checked the gas cap. Turns out the cap wasn't even was still sitting in the holder. The cap had been off for almost 280 miles and just about a full tank. I filled it up, tightened up the cap and had a few stops. The light was still on. I'll check it again tonight but how can I reset it?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    It takes something like 6 engine on/off cycles to reset - may be more. Be patient. It will go out.
  • Mine went off. I have no idea why. Havent done anything differently.
  • Hello everyone. I would like to share with you the way Nissan/Infiniti and Bose/Clarion is 'handling' this problem by not addressing the numerous consumer concerns. I have edited my original post to hopefully eliminate information not allowed to be posted here.

    After the following email was sent to the contacts listed on the Nissan News website and Nissan USA's website, I was contacted within 4 hours by (name omitted) an Executive Specialist from Nissan North America, (address omitted. He/She is handling my file now. I also sent this information to (website of lawyers that investigate fraud omitted).

    Dear Nissan and Clarion representatives:

    Over two years ago, I purchased a 2001 QX4. The QX4 was a great choice for us. We have enjoyed the features and have always enjoyed the Nissan trucks and cars we have owned over the years. The QX4 has only one flaw that we have found, and dealerships and consumer affairs do not acknowledge this problem. The problem is acknowledge quite freely among owners that post to online forums and has been named the "dreaded ERR2 problem."

    At the time of purchase, the factory installed Bose 6 disc changer made by Clarion did not work. Each time the CD player was turned on an ERR2 was displayed on the screen. I spoke to the local dealer, and found out that repair would cost over $500. At that time, I found a factory authorized shop Sound Repair that was able to repair the CD player for $350. After the repair, the CD changer worked for approximately 8 months then the problem returned. Unfortunately, the disc changer was not returned for repair immediately because the repair warranty had expired.

    The Bose/Clarion 6 disc changer has since been sent (July 24, 2006) to Sewell Infiniti for factory repair. (Name omitted) has been very helpful in keeping me informed of the actions of Clarion. I have recently contacted Infiniti Consumer Affairs regarding the problems with the factory CD changer. (Name omitted) has opened file number XXXXXXX in my behalf. (Name omitted) and (Name omitted) both have reported to me that a "Module A" is the problem when "Module B" is usually what is needed for the repair. I do not understand why a Technical Service Bulletin or Factory Recall has not been issued when I am told from reliable sources, at dealerships and Consumer Affairs, that parts are "usually" need for repair. "Usually" indicates to me that this incident is not the first. If the disc player was engineered and built properly by the OEM (Clarion), the unit would not need the "usual" repair. Any "usual" repairs should be handled in a Technical Service Bulletin or a Factory Recall if safety is a factor.

    I would appreciate you taking a detailed look into this problem, as the solution may be the deciding factor on whether I, as a consumer, take further action, and whether an Infiniti/Nissan will be in our garage in the future. Please take this seriously, as I am looking forward to your reply.

    Below are a few hyperlinks to forums of other consumers with the same problem with their 2001 Bose/Clarion CD changers:

    (9 hyperlinks omitted)

    More correspondence from Nissan/Infiniti follows regarding the ERR2 problem:

    (Name omitted),

    After your call yesterday, I took a few minutes to search through my emails and read through my notes of the correspondence from contacts regarding the repair of my Clarion/Bose 6-disc player. I hope the following information is helpful the investigation:

    The attached emails from (Name omitted) at Infiniti-Parts (Sewell Infiniti) state the my 6-disc player is waiting on a Module A. (Name omitted) stated on the on a phone conversation that he/she is in contact with Clarion each day regarding repairs. Please contact (Name and phone number omitted), and he/she will give you his/her contact at Clarion he/she is in contact with each day. A few days after speaking to (Name omitted) with Infiniti Consumer Affairs on the phone regarding the quality issue of the 6-disc player and slow repair, (Name omitted) called back to state my 6-disc changer is waiting on a Module A. Neither (names omitted) stated this part is on back-order or even acknowledged any quality issue with the Clarion 6-disc player. Both (names omitted) did not sound confident that the module A is still being produced.

    As I have stated before in the previous email, this is the second time the Clarion 6-disc changer has been sent in for repair. The ERR2 problem that I am experiencing along with numerous other consumers should be addressed as a quality issue with Clarion. The Quality Control department of Nissan needs to know about the other numerous cases of 2001 Clarion/Bose 6-disc players.

    Another letter sent:

    When a consumer buys a product, they expect the product to work and any engineering defects to be corrected by a recall and corrected for free. Clarion seems to continue to produce a lower than standard refurbished 6-disc player for the Nissan/Infiniti Bose audio systems, and other consumers have just had the 6-disc changer repaired numerous times before going to an aftermarket unit. The jobs this problem has created are jobs that should be eliminated. If an aftermarket stereo system experienced these problems, no consumer would buy their product again. Apparently, Nissan/Infiniti is not concerned about this issue; otherwise, a TSB and recall would have been issue a couple of years ago when the first problems started occurring.

    After I bought the service manual for the Clarion unit, I found the problem is caused by plastic gears that continue to break. The plastic will get brittle over time and break or strip out. Knowing this, Clarion continues to use plastic the gears that are known to break during normal usage; this is poor engineering on Clarion's part. If the gears were made of something stronger such as Teflon®, the gears would no longer break or strip out.

    I am very disappointed that no one at Nissan/Infiniti or Clarion has admitted to this problem. The problem mentioned here can be found in most all of the Clarion 6-disc changers installed in Nissan/Infiniti vehicles. A small group across the U.S. is now spreading the word not to buy Nissan/Infiniti products because of this single problem. The dissatisfied group is only going to get larger as the number of people find out how Nissan/Infiniti and Clarion are denying this problem.

    More info:

    Since, this problem is not being taken very seriously; I have now moved to the next step and filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau. With only a small amount of investigation the BBB should find a good solution to the problem. I suggest everyone viewing this post that has the same problem to file a claim with the BBB, email the Nissan representatives (information can be found doing a internet search). You can also file a complaint on the NHTSA website.
  • jfbclujfbclu Posts: 7
    Looks like I need to replace both O2 sensors on the right side. I am thinking of doing this myself. I can locate the sensors but can't figure out where the wires lead to connect. Can anybody help me figure this out without enlisting a 3 year old with small hands?
  • Hi guys, I'm new here and need some help.the check engine soon light came on and after scanning I got the code PO 140. Replaced oxygen sensor on right side after cat. now, less then a week after it lit again and it reads PO 174 System too lean (Bank 2) Any idea what could it be? another oxygen sensor??? thanks for help
  • could be the gas cap??????? I think it was loose, but I also disconected the battery for a few hours and the light went off.... I'll wait and see what happens.anyway any other ideas?? thanks
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