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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I know my neighbor was looking at the ML and local dealership had a program on the diesel through corporate numbers from MB but no corp support on regular ML class for some reason (maybe because they slowed production? I dont' really know).
    He wound up getting a similar deal-P1 car-White/Black/Heated Seats and i-POD integration and they threw in the phone pod -$2K out of pocket and 499/mo 12K miles/year. I don't know how many dealers have the numbers and honestly explain the situation to buyers but it's worth looking into if you are looking now. He wasn't going for a diesel but when they offered him the deal, it made no sense not to do it. Can't really argue with it.
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    I agree with above. I've become pretty close to my dealer/sales person and he confirmed same on diesels, but not regular ML's. They actually are being really tough on new ML's right now because they are just not out there and other dealers won't swap without one in exchange, etc. So, for the guy who just got a regular ML close to invoice, congrats.

    As for the diesel lease, if you have DEPP support you can really clean up if you are willing to drive diesel. I think there are alot more diesels around right now for whatever reason.
  • Tons of diesel around, all 3 dealers I went to, the first thing they ask is if I am interested in a diesel instead. I like the low rpm diesel, but from 0 to 2000 rmp you aren't going to pass the car in front of you.
  • byumbyum Posts: 13
    Yea..I went down that day to sign....someone showed up 30 mins before and took the lease.... :)

    This new deal I was able to pick up...
  • mcvolvomcvolvo Posts: 4

    I'm looking at a certified 2007 ML 350 4matic with tex, HK sound, 6 disc changer...basic car with 24k miles. The price is 34k and they are offering it to me for 27,900. Is this a good price? The car looks immaculate. We are in AZ and this is an AZ car (according to carfax).

    What should I offer?

  • pvblexuspvblexus Posts: 3
    I am shopping for a 2009 ML350 right now, the dealer has made this offer:
    2009 ML350 2WD with Premium Package 2, Aluminum running boards, and a trailer hitch.
    MSRP 53,255
    Invoice 50,089

    They will sell it for 50,389 and give us 0.9% financing for 66 months. How is this price?
  • This is a great deal! Three years ago, I bought 2003 ML 350 with 40K for $26K. Take it.

  • sahboosahboo Posts: 1
    got a 2009 ML320 BlueTEC, Premium 1 package on Tuesday for $2k down and $750/month for 39 months, 12k/ is true that they paid off about $3800 on the remaining lease for our previous MB, but i see here that folks negociated the sticker price....:(...we didn't do anything like that...but, it is what it far i like the car
  • asa2asa2 Posts: 23
    April is much better than March numbers. Supposedly, there's some sort of deal on the ML's right now where MB Financial will pay first 2 months payments or something like that-something to do with $1500? I'll ask more about it-was a brief msg my sales rep left me to see if anyone I knew was looking now. I'll find out more later and let you know what exactly it is.
  • njnewbeenjnewbee Posts: 1
    MSRP - 59k (lots of toys)
    Invoice- 54850
    Paid 53500 (after 1500 cashback from mb finance)
    Financed at 1.9%.
    Seemed fair.....
  • tbtmediatbtmedia Posts: 21
    Question...I am leasing an ML 350 and the inception fees are approx. $2,100 AND Mercedez requires a vehicle turn-in fee of $595. Can one get the inception fees down AND more importantly, does anyone have experience in having the $595 turn in fee waived when contracting for the car? Please advise.
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    You should be able to roll the inception fees into the lease. This of course will increase the monthly payments and also depends on your credit score.

    The $595 disposition fee is sometimes waived during special "Loyalty Acceleration" promotions MB occasionally runs at lease end, but is dependant upon you leasing another MB. But there is no way to get MB to waive it up front.

    Hope this helps.
  • tbtmediatbtmedia Posts: 21
    I don't want to put the fees into the lease b/c I'm trying to keep my payments low. The dealer has the car I want w/ 4,600 miles on it (it's a loaner) and total monthly payment (taxes included) is $532/month. I have the same car now and pay $615/month (granted it was new when I got it but that was 3 years ago). My other option is to go w/ a new vehicle at $565/month. I keep coming back to the loaner car that has the lower payment--a bit hesitant but I'm going to see it tomorrow.

    MB is not making me pay the $595 if I get another one. However, I didn't know if I had any leverage on that. If you have thoughts on the loaner vs. the new car, I'd appreciate your insight. Thanks-
  • tbtmediatbtmedia Posts: 21
    One other question....are dealers willing to drop off any of the inception fees--Just trying to see if I have anything else to try and negotiate down.
  • jwilliams2jwilliams2 Posts: 910
    What are they capping the new car and the demo at? For $33 a month, I might be tempted by the new one, as you can make your choice of color, etc. Doesn't sound like they are giving you much off for the demo, but maybe you can push them somewhat.

    Your inception fees should be first months payment, acquisition fee (I believe $795), license and registration, and sales tax. None of these can be "dropped off". They may also charge a conveyance, or doc fee, which is strictly a dealer charge, and is dependant on your area. I don't believe MB charges a security deposit.

    Just make sure they explain exactly what is in the inception fees, as you don't want to pay anything extra. Hope this helps.
  • r2g2r2g2 Posts: 4
    What dealership is this? Can you post/send me the contact info?
  • I don't know what state you are in and if it differs state to state or what. Is the car you are turning in eligible for "pull forward"? If so, I don't believe you have to pay the 595 or anything other than whatever you get a new lease for. I sent my neighbor over and he got pretty aggressive numbers b/c MB giving alot of support to ML's this month. Not sure if it will continue to May.
  • UPDATE: Checked w/ my local rep and he said that you absolutely do not pay the 595 dispo. fee if you lease another MB. Do not accept it
  • ml350buyerml350buyer Posts: 1
    I just got an ML350 4matic MSRP - 53,415 including destination charges
    Invoice: 50,338 (including destination and $600 fee for something)
    purchase: 47,920 and an additional $1500 from mb finance at 1.9% interest
    only additonal charge: Processing fee of 385.00 tax title and tag,
  • mi7mi7 Posts: 31
    just negotiated a ml350 with p1, 4matic, rear entertainment package (msrp 55k, invoice 51k) for $47,500.

    lease is $670/month (including tax), $3,000 down 36 months/12k miles per year.
  • awmbawmb Posts: 1
    Is this a good deal? ML320 bluetec, P1 package at $500 over invoice and 1.9 % financing.
  • mistybbmistybb Posts: 3
    Considering buying the above - it is certified by the dealer. Would you buy a demo - yes or no?

    What would you pay for 2008 certified demo with nav and a few other smaller options?
  • svenelvissvenelvis Posts: 1
    I also would like to hear anyone's recent experience negotiating a bluetec. Should I expect do do better or worse in comparison to the discounts people have received lately on the ML350?

  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    I just got the following offer for ML 350 - 48mo/12K mi/yr premium 1, heated seats, Running boards. Edmund's says invoice = $49,532
    MSRP $53,195
    Cap cost $47,983
    Bank fee $895
    Residual 39% 20,746
    MF .00067
    tax 8.62% $2857

    1st pmt + fees = $945 monthly pmt= $692
    Salesman said can go a few hundred lower on cap cost, which would lower payment to about $675..

    I'm also looking at a Lexus GX. That deal is posted on the Lexus forum.

    Can I do better than $675/mo on the ML350 ?
  • sbesbe Posts: 4
    Here is another data point for you guys. Thanks for the other postings as it helped a lot.

    ML 350 2 wheel drive with MB tex interior
    Options: metalic paint, lighting package, appearance package, trailer hitch, rear seat entertainment pre-wiring, heated front seats, premium 1 package.
    MSRP: $53,345
    Purchase price $47,608

    I think I got a good deal, but you always feel like you leave money on the table with these guys. Edmunds TMV was $49,029.

    I bought the car with 0.9% financing for 66 months.

    What do you guys think?
  • drmom09drmom09 Posts: 7
    Looking at a 2008 base model ML 320 cdi with 19,000 miles .The price is around $39,000 before TTL. Does that sound reasonable ? It's being sold by the dealership so I could purchase another yr of warranty for another $1000 - what do you think ? :)
  • tampa04tampa04 Posts: 3
    It sounds like a great deal. I am looking at a 2006 ML 350 with 15K miles on this car. I am offerring 25k out of the door. I am not sure if they will take it.

    Take it.
  • habsonehabsone Posts: 46
    Are you sure it has only 15k miles?The car is at least 4 years old.One more comment people are getting 10k to 12k (may be more)discount on New 2009 m class right now.
  • ml350nyml350ny Posts: 1
    I was expecting to get about 10k off a new 2009 ml350 4wd last weekend, but the best I could do so far was 1k off invoice, which brings it down to about 49k. I only went to 2 dealers though, and I'm in NY - not sure if it makes a difference. They still have many to chose from - any idea how to get that 10 to 12k discount?
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318 shows a $6k incentive available. Adding the difference between invoice and MSRP, guess it shouildn't be difficult to get $10k below MSRP.
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