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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This sounds like a great deal, and one I am currently looking for. What area of the country was this, and how long did they tell you production time was on that? The wait is the only thing holding me back from pulling the trigger at this point. Sounds like you got an awesome price as well. Thanks in advance cobalt210.
  • If you want great sales and service and live in NewJersey go to Ray Catena in Edison, NJ. MSRP was $56,800. Paid $51,000+ tax.
  • ptsfptsf Posts: 1
    edited March 2012

    What was the MSRP? Can you post the dealer name?

  • I was wonder what the MSRP was. Can you post?
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    $56,005.00 Sovereign Motors
    Brooklyn, N :) ew York
  • What you think of this

    Ml350 p1, leather,runnin boards, keyless go lighting package. 54500
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    Was the MRSP price over $63,000.00 ? If so Great Price! :)
  • No msrp was 57990

    Paid 52999
  • joeyijoeyi Posts: 12
    Looking to purchase a 2012 ML350 - Live near So Calif and looked at a ML350 with a msrp of $54300 (very basic with P1 package). How much could I get this vehicle for? Also, how much is the invoice price? Which dealership in LA does well with price......paying cash. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!
  • Here is the site on Edmunds which will give you the invoice price along with the TMV/how much you shoud pay. This vehicle you configured would have an msrp of $53,465 as I see it. You should pay no more that $50k+taxes and fees. In my opinion I would look to work out a deal at around $48k-$49k+ taxes and fees. 327700&trim=ml350-4matic
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    edited December 2001
    $48,000.00 + State Taxes and lic fees. If you are a vet us the usaa buying service. :)
  • otello1otello1 Posts: 9
    Do these prices you folks are showing reflect extra discounts such as conquest, or are they straight negotiated price off MSRP?
  • I suggested 50k tops but should be able to get a price of 48k-49k with a little bit of extra haggling. I am not including 'Conquest' nor any other incentives. The price I gave was strickly of MSPR. Usually around 10% in most cases.
  • joeyijoeyi Posts: 12
    Purchasing a ml350 - pretty basic black on black P1 and pre wire back ....msrp $53700 and agreed at $48325 plus tax and license. Any thoughts - would like to hear how I did! Thanks!!
  • otello1otello1 Posts: 9
    Joey, did you price (which is about 10% off MSRP) include any incentives such as USAA or Conquest? Or, was it just straight off the top?
  • fimsyfimsy Posts: 12
    Went to dealer today to purchase X5 2013. MSRP of about 51k and dealer gives it to me at 48, 200k. Invoice price is 48,185. Is this a good deal anyone?
  • I just bought ML350 - MSRP 54,250 with package 1 and a couple of other extras for 46,500. I did use my USAA discount plus did some haggling.
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    You can't beat the USAA pricing, my dealer took the $3000 and added another $3000 on my ML350 BlueTec. He beat the dealer invoice by over $2000 listed on Edmunds. Plus after I made my first payment to Mercedes, they took $1,500 over my loan balance. MRSP $56,005.00 after everything $47,500.00.

    :) :) :) :)
  • jcastaldojcastaldo Posts: 25
    What dealer did you buy from?
  • jcastaldojcastaldo Posts: 25
    One other question - how did you get MB to take addiitonal money off of the USAA price? I was told by MB that USAA is fixed price of $3000 off invoice
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    That what the Fleet Sales Manager did, he matched the USAA, + $6000 off list.
    The Dealership where I purchased my ML, has 250 sales per month, the Fleet Manager sold 150 with a team of two. The 14 salespeople on the floor sold the othe 100. :)
  • otello1otello1 Posts: 9
    How can these prices be real? Many of them listed here are well below invoice. I don't know how they can sell them for that.
  • sidb989sidb989 Posts: 12
    Hello - looking for some feedback. We have an Oddyssey right now and looking to moveto ML. any similar experience on how booster seats fit and are practical in ML.
  • awjenni1awjenni1 Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a BlueTEC, arctic white, with parktronic, xenon, lane tracking, p1 and leather so I am going to have to order it. No one has one in stock. Could you please tell me the name of the dealer that you ordered yours from? I'd be willing to travel to save 12% NS I m not in a hurry. Thanks.
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    Sovereign Motor Cars, 1810 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, NY, 11214 .

    If you are a USAA member they treat you right. :)
  • jcastaldojcastaldo Posts: 25
    They did not treat me well with my USAA membership. Only wanted to give $3000 USAA discount off of MSRP
  • jcastaldojcastaldo Posts: 25
    Got a great deal on brand new (7 mies) 2012 ML 2012 for $9000 off MSRP

    It was 2012 ML350 with P1, Pre-wire kit, hitch, running board, heater streeting wheel, keyless-go, and lane tracking package in silver with black interior

    MSRP - $57K
    Discount before USAA - $6250
    USAA Discount - $3000

    $9250 off MSRP total

    The trick is to not tell them you have USAA. Also dont tell them you have any other cars as they will tell you that you quality for conquest discount of $1000 (crap) off of list.

    Negotiate best price with no promotions then when you agree on price tell them you get you USAA member and get your $3000 extra off. Most will try to use the USAA discount to minimize your inital price, thats why you dont tell them

    The dealer gave me no problems and I was able to get car in a few hours after agreeing to price.

    Also never buy any of the crap extras from the Finance guy - they are marked up super high. If you buy negotiate atleast 40% off

    Good Luch
  • mlx4647mlx4647 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    would you mind to share the dealer info? Thanks. I am in tri-state area.
  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    I agree with jcastaldo, also deal with the fleet manager, they use to big discounts. The sales person on the floor needs everyone of your dollars to feed his family,. :)
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