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Ford Ranger Maintenance and Repair



  • hmm, isn't that strange.
    My ideas on this right now is that if it does revert back, it could be the fuel/oxygen mixture or a foreign chemical mixing with the fuel (i.e. oil, water) either from the vehicle or from the station tanks.
    Now that it straightened up for God only knows how long, I'm almost sure its not an exhaust related problem.
  • I would turn the key on in my 1990 Ranger 2.3L 4-cyl 5-speed and listen for a buzzing sound. At the end of the buzzing sound there would be a click noise. Then I would turn the key to the start position and the truck would start no problem. Now the buzzing sound is gone and the truck just rolls over.
    I checked the power to the fuel pump in the tank and it works.
    I looked for another fuel pump on the driver side frame near the door and all I find is a fuel filter.
    If anyone reading this message knows what else to check or knows what the problem is it would be a great help, because from here I have no idea whatsoever.
  • i recently purchased a 2005 ranger - edge - 6cyl - 5 speed 2w drive. on wet roads i sometimes experience the rear wheels slipping. i'm just wondering how it's going to handle in the winter months and in snow. if you have any coments about your experience with a ranger edge in snow please let e know.

  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    I've experienced the same thing in an older Ranger. I put an 89 Ranger in the ditch once when I spun out on black ice. All I did was back off the accelerator, never even touched the brake and the rearend came unglued. My best advice is to keep some weight in the back and make sure you keep a lid on your coffee cup. ;)
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Sounds to me like your fuel pump is dead.

    It is inside the gas tank. Tank will have to be dropped.

    On the fuel rail on top of the motor, there should be a schrader valve. Get a fitting for this, rubber gasline hose, and a gauge that will not be ruined by gasoline. Put this contraption on the scrader valve on the fuel rail. Turn the key on. You should get 45pounds, maybe more, of pressure. Less, you have a failing fuel pump. Zero, you have a dead fuel pump.
  • Hi guys. Trying to find out what I can tow with my 97 4.0L V-6 Ranger, automatic, splash extended cab. Hitch #300 I think. .Don't know what class that is but I do have a towing package which includes transmission cooler.
    The Ranger Manual looks like 3000# GVWR but I think this is the same thing as the Mazda B4000 40L V-6 which can pull 5800. I know this ranger can pull more
    than others.
    I'd like to get camper 19-22' ultra lite aerolite cub unloaded 3300# GVWR 4840.

    I get 2 different answers varying between the above references. one should be fine and 2 no too heavy. Does anyone know for sure?!!

    Your help would greatly be appreciated. Safety comes first.
    thanks- chi_gator
  • Thanks for the advice.

    I replaced the fuel pump shut off switch and the solenoid.
    My Step-Dad feels that I just simply ran out of gas. I asked him if there was ever a time when he drove it that the buzzing sound that he always believed was the fuel pump working wasn't there and he told me that the buzzing sound was always there. This tells me that he's never had this problem and that what he believes is whats right. He told me to put the tank back on the truck, put gas in it, and drive it down the road. I'm thinking I will also put the old parts back on it just to insure to that its not going to start no matter how much gas he has put in it. either that or not put the gas in it and start the truck.
    My step dad isn't very confident of me and when I dont know how to do something I dont do it until I know for sure that I am able to do it with few conflicts.
    If it starts without the gas being put into it it either had to be dirt built up around the wire connector at the fuel pump or the solenoid went out.
    The tank has between 1 and 2 gallons in it. the day before this happenned I was talking to him about signing the truck back over to him. Since he's so sure I ran out of gas, I'm thinking I need to hand him the singed title in the morning before I do anything else to the truck; then put the truck back the way it was; old solenoid and old shut off switch. Now I think if it doesn't start, he's gonna accuse me of tearing his truck up just like he did when the slave cylinder went out the 3rd time (he accused me of riding the clutch) The 1st two times it went out, he was driving the truck and he had nobody to blame. So if only riding the clutch will cause the slave cylinder to go out, does that mean he was riding the clutch and never learned from his own mistake; therefore he feels that I dont have the ability to learn causing him to not be confident of my learning ability? He would never admit that.
    He's told me that this 2.3L 4-cyl 5-speed truck has 2 coils and 8 plugs, therefore it has to be firing somewhere, which i dont doubt. However I have seen cases where there was a problem with something else and it caused the coil and the distributor to go out. I'll let everyone know tomorrow night how things turn out.
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    You're talking about a lot of variables here. I'm guessing that you're truck has the 3.55 rearend. If you have the 2" receiver hitch and a tow package you shouldn't have any problems with a small camper.
  • Please let me know on the gem and high idle. Now my 4x4 indacator light on the dash is blinking sometime. Still have high idle problem. Thanks.
  • My son has a 92 ford ranger and needs to rebuild the transmission it is a manual transmission and every place he has checked on the kit they ask for the tooth count on the 5th gear, is there any way to find out what the tooth count is without pulling the transmission?? He lives out of town so it is hard for him to come home often and he wanted to order the kit then make the trip in to fix it. thanks for any help you can provide.
  • gunchgunch Posts: 1
    The first time I start the truck each day, I hear a muffled sound I would compare to a small door shutting rapidly, possibly on something just below the floor board or in the engine compartment near the firewall. A mechanic I know says that it may have something to do with the vaccuum system shutting a climate control door of some kind. Anybody familiar with this?
  • Hi Everyone, New member here!!!

    I bought a 2005 Ranger (4x4 Ext Cab 4.0 Automatic) in June. I haven't really got any kind of decent mileage with the truck but im still breaking it in, so I can understand. In the past month, though, the mileage has dropped off significantly (3-4 MPG). I was wandering if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone knows what might cause such a fall off
  • jefferygjefferyg Posts: 418
    If you have recently had the oil changed that could have something to do with it. We have an 04 Mercury Moutaineer with the 4.0. I took it to the shop and had the oil changed at around 10,000 miles and they put 10W30 in it though the engine calls for 5W30. I noticed in the weeks after that the fuel mileage was down about 1.5 mpg per the trip computer. At 13,500 miles I changed it again this time going back to the specified oil. 500 miles later we are back to what we were getting.
  • I have have an increasing problem with my 1984 ranger. It`s a 2.8ltr.with a 2brl. carb.It will not start when the weather is cool and rainy, but if the motor is good and hot it has no problem.When it cools down it becomes increasingly harder to start until it won`t start anymore.Coud it be a sensor or choke problem or what could it be? I need some ideas to start checking on.
  • Yep I sure did fill up the day before it started running crappy. But it was at a station I normally get gas at. Crazy!! Thanks for the words of advice.
  • Since the mornings have turned cold, 35-50 deg, my 92 Ranger, 3.0, 5 spd manual, 2 wd, 22/25 mpg, 289000 miles, runs rough at start and stays rough for 10/20 minutes, then smooths out (gradually, not all of a sudden) and all is back to normal. Even starts later in the day, 4 hours or so, are OK. The colder the morning, the rougher the run. Starting hasn't changed, still starts fine, just runs rough at start. Until the mornings turned cold, it's been starting and running fine. Any ideas, suggestions, comments any one would like to offer about what may be causing this morning sickness and any possible corrective actions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, K.
  • motzmotz Posts: 1
    I've got a 94 Ranger and recently by brake lights have stopped working, but the top/middle light on the cab still works.
    I've checked around this forum and it seems like it could be the brakelight switch but I don't think it is because the top/middle still works.
    All my other lights (signals, reverse, headlights and tail lights) are still working, so I don't think it is the fuse.
    Any ideas?
  • had to replace my oxygen sensor on my 1998 ranger XLT and i can't get the check engine light to go off. Took the battery cable loose and it went off but came back on after a few miles. Had a person at Auto Zone tell me that I had to give the computer time to recognize the new part then the light would go off. is this true or am I going to have to take it to the Ford place to get it checked out? The old one got jerked out when barbed wire got wrapped around it. Thanks for any help
  • My thanks to everyone for the input on this subject. I was thinking I was going to be soaked silly getting all those error lights and transmission problems resolved. I went to my transmission shop, warranty in hand, and he was impressed with the info in this forum. Total repair cost was $85 bucks. Thanks again.
  • gangigangi Posts: 1
    hi, this is gangi. u know any one who can help me out in finding the speed sensor wire on my ford crown victoria . 1994.
    u have any idea?? i am in desperate situation.
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