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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz C-Class Prices Paid



  • The dealership that you are dealing with is being greedy. I just picked up a 09 myself. I did some research and found out that the manufacture is giving a $4,000 incentive. If you work with the fleet department be sure to have them check to see if you should get an additional discount because of the company you work for or any groups you are a member of. Frank at Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim asked me who I worked for and what groups I am a member of and I recieved an additional $1,000 by being a USAA member. Just about every corporation has a fleet account with Mercedes-Benz and you will probably qulify if you ask.
  • that is a great price you got. being in So Cal, i assume you got the RWD? yeah, these bastards are greedy and my negotiation skills aren't good enough. but i used a different strategy to get my price lowered. so, i called around to find out who got 09s in stock (b/c i know they can really offer a low price as opposed to getting it from another dealer). and this dealership just so happens to have one in:

    White Sports 4matic with P2, Ipod, Wood trim asking $41k.

    i told him that another dealer give me $35.5 (instead of $37k) but they didn't have my color. I got a call back by his manager, we could do $35.5. i asked him if he could do better and he said that is a great price. I should have said can you do $35k because the answer is always 'No'. White was still not our choice of color, so just as we were about to call our original dealer to match the price, the manager calls me back says he actually have another in silver but was $700 more. i told $35.5 and we'll take it. got another call back and he congratulated me on a new car. oh, i told him about the fleet and got another $500 (freekin' MB changed it from $1k to $500). So, final price $35k.
  • what options did you get? that is a great deal.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Please tell me about the $1000 USAA cash. I'm a USAA member and haven't seen anything about it--it doesn't appear that you had to go through the USAA purchase program.
  • The believe USAA is part of MB's Fleet Program where USAA members get a discount off the final negotiated price. Just go to and click on the Only Mercedes-Benz and click the Fleet Program. There are different discount for different model and year.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
  • WOW!! you got a great deal!

    I would also like to share my shopping experience because I just got an '09 C300 sport, I also live in SoCal. :)

    Its black/black, 7-speed auto, multimedia package, AMG 18 in wheels, and iPod integration. MSRP was $39,600...i got it for $31,600. I'm not a member of any associations and i did not get fleet rate.

    I paid cash for it, so out the door was $35,000. btw, i got it from Walter's Mercedes of Riverside Internet dept.
  • Did you get premium 1 or 2? I'm looking a premium 2 + multimedia maybe + 18 AMG but it's not a must. I live in orange county, sould I call or email? Thanks in advance.
  • I just leased a 2009 C 300 Sport White w/ MM + P2 + Ipod + Amg wheels .. MSRP of $44,XXX . I got it for $38.5k 10k miles 39 mo lease .. payment is $435+tax. No cap cost buy down.. about $2k drive off that included 1st pay+ title/lic + bank fee.

    how did I do?
  • vchadvchad Posts: 97
    not bad scottamc,

    i mean there is a 3k rebate, you could have gotten probably 4.5-5k off msrp plus the rebate for a total of 8k easily I think. So you weren't too far off, dont stress. Just enjoy ur car.
  • Hey Thavorn,

    I did not get any of the premium packages...i didnt feel like i needed those options. Tho i recommend the AMG wheels as a must, because it makes the car look so much better. Unless you're planning on getting aftermarket rims instead.

    I got quotes from different dealers through the Internet sales team, that would be your best bet for getting the best price. Use edmunds to send your contact info to different dealers, and they will each send you quotes. Since you're in the orange county area, i saw that Long beach Mercedes were having the best deals, so try them. I don't recommend Fletcher Jones tho, they give you a snooty look if you offer a price they think is too low.

    Good luck with car shopping!
  • Hi Guys

    Just want to share my experience and hear your thoughts

    The dealer is offering C300 - Sport 4Matic Silver with P1 for 33K is that too high?

  • nhannhan Posts: 2

    Thanks for sharing, could you please provide the name of the dealer ?

    I am also looking for a Sport 4M now.


    Here's one I got from Manhattan MB, 09 C300 4M, P1, Ipod, sunroof, MSRP 40xxx, he offered me 36500, not sure if it is a good deal.
  • Thanks, Superpink
  • For your info:

    Just purchased a 2009 300C with ipod integration, multimedia package, 7-speed auto trans retail price $39,600. got it for $29,794. South Orange County. Also, free car wash and 24 hour roadside assitance for as long as I own the car.
  • Hi greenteam5,

    Wow! That's a great deal you've got. Can you pls post the name of the dealership and color of the car you bought? If possible pm me the name of the salesperson you were dealing with.
  • Mercedes-Benz of Laguna Niguel..... the color is white
  • Congratz!! you did even better than I did.

    That's what happens when I just couldn't wait anymore and had to buy my car right away. The color combo I wanted was in quite high demand, took a couple dealers to find. Good job for being patient!

    btw, free car wash, 24 hour roadside assistance, free shuttle service, and free loaner cars comes with all cars bought from Mercedes dealers. Its their "VIP service" to try to keep you loyal to only their dealer. Which worked for me cuz this is the 3rd car i got from my dealer
  • This is my first Mercedes and didn't know that all MB dealerships offer the free car wash. I wasn't impressed either when I went for my first car wash today and they told me it would be an hour and twenty minutes and it took one hour forty-five minutes. Thats not very good customer service! My time is worth more than that.
  • You have to have a USAA/Mercedes Benz control number generated from the USAA website to be eligible for fleet incentives
  • I'm buying a certified used 2008 MB C300 with 15,000 miles on it. I want to buy a MB { not aftermarket } 7 year , 75,000 mile extended warranty .
    How much should I pay ? I heard some lady in California quoted someone $2800
    but I need to hear from people that actually paid for this warranty.
    I "googled" this topic and read mostly advice such as call here , call there , email
    here , I heard this , etc. but hardly any " I paid $???? " , like this is a secret of some kind.....
    Had no such problem when reseaching an extended warranty for my Toyota.
  • Hi!

    wow you guys are getting some amazing deals. I'm in the chicago area, and was wondering if anyone got deals like these over here? I'm getting trouble getting the usual 4-5000 off the sticker let alone 9-10!? If anyone has any advice, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Congrats to all on there new cars!
  • Thanks greenteam5 for your input... it really helped me to negotiate further.

    I called all the dealers in North california to see if they could match your deal but no one was able to. It seems you got the best deal. I finally settled for silver C300 sports with p1, 7 speed automatic and ipod kit. MSRP was 38,480. Got it for 29,480 + tax.
  • I just posted this in the leasing section but I wanted to get all your input as well since I worked on the selling price...

    2009 C300 - MSRP 44,460
    DEALER #1 Selling Price: $37,244 (Special Money Factor .00237) $9,200 off sticker
    DEALER #2 Selling Price: $35,260 (Standard Lease Money Factor .00385) - $9,200 off sticker

    2009 C350 - MSRP 46,640
    DEALER #2 Selling Price: $36,440 Standard Lease Money Factor .00385) - $10,200 off sticker

    The C350 actually costs less then the C300! Unfortunately the Money Factor is quite different - These are all with P1/P2, Multimedia, Panorama Roof, 18" AMG, Ipod and Burl Walnut Trim
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Wow. Where did you get these offers?
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    Hi, I am new to this board. I wish I had checked in before I bought my 2008 C300. some of you guys paid for a new one, what I paid for mine.(about $29,900). My dealer wouldn't budge, But after i drove it, I was in love and couldn't wait. It has only 20,000 miles on it and even smells new. A couple of others in my area were all going for about the same price, so I thought it was OK. anyway, I love this car and I am not going to let the price bother me too much.(I hope!). By the way it is a red over black Sport model.Wish me luck.
  • Hey all, hoping for some help here. I'm from the Chicagoland area. My girl's looking to buy a C300 SPORT 4matic soon. The only features she cares about really are:

    - iridium silver exterior (preferably) & dark interior
    - 4matic
    - heated seats
    - SPORT appearance

    I see many of you have posted that there's a $4000 incentive for the 09 models. She'd also be interested in a similarly equipped 08 Certified Pre-Owned model, but neither of us know SQUAT about buying used cars or realistic used car pricing. What are some realistic good prices for the new 09 or a used CPO 08? Would something along the lines of $30k AFTER tax be realistic for the 09? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!
  • all these are in the southern ca area...

    the one i am going with is a C300 with all options

    MSRP $44,460 - Final price $35,000 (includes destination/acquisition) - 9,460 off sticker

    Lease 36 month 10k miles Base Payment $437.65 Plus Tax $42.67 Total Payment $480.32 Drive Off $2260.22.

    If I roll drive off, $558
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Nice job!
  • Any advice on getting the best deal on a 2009 C300? I am new to the MB deals.

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