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Toyota Highlander Owners: Meet the Members



  • Hey paterd:

    Here I am again, still haven't gotten my Highlander, I just hate new car shopping.

    Don't we all!

    Today I found out my Credit Union has a 2004 Highlander with 40,000 miles ( they say "low mileage"!) but I think that's a lot of miles for a 2 year old car.

    I agree.

    Also the color is green and I sorta had my heart set on blue. They want $24,725 for it, does that sound like a good price?

    I'm not calibrated to used HL prices; perhaps someone else will chime in. In any case the answer depends on the options -- it almost for sure is a Limited as non-limited base HLs can be had for as little as 23K new; Limiteds start around 30K new.

    Assuming it's a loaded Limited with options like AWD, 3rd row seat, heated seats, and entertainment and/or NAV system, then the price begins to look good, but this is just my personal uninformed take.

    Since you're not thrilled with the millage nor the color you may use this a data point as you become more familiar with used HL prices. You may check-out used HL prices in the paper or at your local Toyota dealer or other used car dealers. Also has a used car price calculator ( may too), but I'd use those numbers with a grain of salt.

    You might also check-out the Real-World Trade-In Values board to see if that is at all useful.

    Good luck, and let us know what you decide!! :)
  • meshmesh Posts: 19
    Hello everyone:

    I have owned my Highlander since last October after having test-driven numerous crossover vehicles such as the Endeavor, Pilot, CRV, '06 Grand Vitara, Forester XT, Outback 3.0, Tribeca, and Escape Hybrid. I settled on the Highlander because of its power, handling, ride, reliability, and relative economy (although the Endeavor was actually my first choice, it was just too much of an "SUV"). Has anyone had any experience removing the 3rd row seats? I don't have children and am philosophically opposed to being burdened with such a superfluous, vestigial, mandatory, space robbing symbol of misplaced family values. I would really love to have some more storage space for smaller items.
  • Eric

    Westbury Toyota on Long Island, NY is terrible. I thought maybe the online reviews might be a little exaggerated...boy was I wrong!

    They lack the integrity to stand behind their words and product. The manager is a loudmouthed and aggressive. Their prices are competitive but I certainly would not mind paying a little more elsewhere to get better treatment and know that if something does go wrong they will stand by their product and commitments.

    I'm with you on Westbury Toyota. Find out what your legal options are. Another thing you could do is post your opinions on sites such as these so other potential customers do not have to go through the same treatment and are aware that there are way better choices out there.

    Good luck with the litigation.
  • Just wanted to share how pleased my wife and I are with our new classic silver metalic, black cloth interior 2008 Highlander sport. I traded in a 2002 GMC Envoy SLE that we both really liked but the Highlander is superior. We like the firmer ride of the Sport and the extra room for passengers and cargo is great. We've already put 600 miles of around town driving on it and it's a beauty to drive. Bought WeatherTech Extreme Duty floor liners to keep the floor clean and dry and just today installed a custom fitted "CargoLiner" purchased from to keep the cargo area clean. By the way Kendra at is customer oriented; a pleasure doing business with her. The car buying experience was pretty good too considering how much we dislike the process. Bought the car from Ourisman Chantilly Toyota so if you are living in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area I'd give them a try. We paid around $2,500 less than the Edmund's TMV (What others are paying).
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats Eagle!

    Please write a review of the dealer too:

    Dealer Ratings and Reviews
  • jmaximajmaxima Posts: 1
    My name is John. I just purchased a 2005 Highlander 3.3 L V6 AWD Limited. I just became a member of this forum and enjoy reading all the comments...
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hi, John. Welcome aboard!

    We're looking forward to your parcipation in our Forums. Be sure to check out the wide ranging topics in our Toyota Highlander section.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I own a 2012 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I purchased this vehicle new from a dealership. The vehicle came with a factory installed DVD entertainment system. My problem is the volume setting of the factory installed DVD. When I switch to DVD setting and play a DVD the volume setting is low. I am required to raise the master control volume about 15 - 20 settings to hear the DVD. The remote control for the DVD does NOT have a volume control setting. Once I switch back to the radio setting I need to turn the master volume control down about 15 - 20 settings because it is too loud. I have showed this problem to two separate Toyota dealers with no success. Their excuse is the DVD is an accessory and has a different volume setting I cannot believe that every Toyota SUV has this same problem with DVD player volume
  • propitapropita Posts: 2
    I posted in the "Meet the Members" board for Camry Solara owners for our other car.

    As I posted there, I name my cars and my husband indulges me in it. Our light blue Highlander is Galahad. He has about 86,000 miles. You read that right. 86,000. We live in Fresno, nowhere to go unless you're actually going somewhere.

    "Gally" has been a good car. No complaints, but a lot of enjoyment. Leather interior (which could use a cleaning) and sun roof (which we don't use but came with the car). He's the right size for our needs, neither too big nor too small. And having no kids means that, aside from a needed cleaning, the interior is near new.

    I'm very happy with my Toyotas.
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