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Lexus RX Accessories



  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    I have a '99 so I can't say for sure it is the same as your 2000 but I have a unit that sits over the glove box. You access it by opening the glove box door. It takes a 6 cd cartridge. For my '99 I purchased Pioneer JD-T612 cassettes because they were quite a bit less than the Lexus cartridges.
  • I just bought a 2001 RX 300 and discoverd no owners manual. Do you know a convenient website where I can purchase one?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    They are about $30 at Lexus dealers.
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Try, they discount most Lexus parts 20%.

    Pete :)
  • dcymbordcymbor Posts: 3
    I registered as an owner on the Lexus Website and from there you can order an owner's manual free.
  • jasonm1jasonm1 Posts: 1
    Can anyone recommend a bike rack for a 2002 RX300?
  • joanziejoanzie Posts: 51
    I have a 2001 rx300 and I bought a draw-tite hitch mounted Bike carrier. It can hold from 2-3-4 bikes with an adapter. It is great because when mounted on the back of the hatch back it tilts for easy access to the rear of the RX. Go to and take a look! I did not want one on the top of the car as I heard from others it is more difficult to remove!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Just completed the stage 1 mod to my 2001 AWD RX300.

    Have had too many instances of sudden and spontaneous windshield fogging with no ability to quickly remove condensation.

    In defog/demist/defrost mode the Toyota/Lexus automatic climate control system relies EXCLUSIVELY on the ability of the A/C to dehumidify the incoming airflow. If that airflow is already warm enough or heavily laden with moisture the operation of the A/C will dehumidify the incoming airflow and thereby create enough vapor pressure over the interior surface of the windshield to rapidly evaporator the condensation.

    The problem is that the ability for the A/C to efficiently perform this function is highly dependent on the level of moisture, Rh, relative humidity, of that airflow. In most northern, colder in the winter, regions of the US Rh actually declines with temperature and so the ability of the system to perform the defog/demist function also declines precipitously so below about 47F.

    As a matter of fact even though the design itself is such that the A/C is disabled below ~35F Toyota/Lexus STILL relies on the probability that fresh incoming airflow will be dry enough to rapidly defog the windshield, a new form of Russian roulette.

    As of ~2001 they added a new C-best option that allows RX300 owners, and maybe others, to unlink the automatic enabling of the A/C compressor when the climate control system is put into fully automatic mode. A second option will also unlink the A/C from operating automatically, without the driver's knowledge, in defog/demist mode.

    While I remain an advocate of the use of the A/C as an aid in defogging the interior surface of the windshield the manufacturers need to recognize that in too many instances this method alone will either be far too slow or completely non-functional, whereas FRESH incoming HEATED airflow to the windshield's interior surface will ALWAYS work. Heating the airflow can dramatically lower its Rh, raising the vapor pressure substantially thereby resulting in virtually immediate vaporization of interior windshield surface condensation.

    Additionally, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, applying heated airflow continuously will raise the temperature of the windshield surface such that it moves substantially above the dewpoint of the "local" atmosphere.

    If you own a new RX400h you will find a note within the owners manual indicating that the climate control system will automatically switch to floor/footwell outflow mode once the OAT drops below ~35F. That's because they just disabled the A/C compressor and now unless the windshield receives at least some level of heated airflow it will soon fog over.

    When your system is in cooling mode, dash or dash/floor airflow paths enabled, there is NO warming airflow to the interior surface of the windshield and therefore it can, and may, chill to the dewpoint of the local atmosphere.

    I fully expect that Toyota and Lexus will now begin to see not just a few lawsuits from accidents, injuries, and even deaths due to instances of sudden windshield fogging during wintertime operations of the RX400h. Automatically routing even a small portion of system airflow to the interior surface of an already thoroughly CHILLED windshield, at the same instant (OAT declining below ~35F) the A/C compressor becomes disabled, is likely to dramatically increase the number of incidents of sudden and spontaneous (to the driver) windshield fogging.

    But the main problem in all of this is what happens to the remaining this layer of condensate (too thin to accumulate into droplets and run down the drain) on the chilled evaporator vanes, 10,000 square inches thereof, once the A/C compressor is disabled automatically as the OAT declines below ~35F. Or you simply "exit" the defog/demist mode not knowing, with no indication thereof, that the A/C was operating and now you have just turned it off, potentially releasing a huge MOISTURE BOMB that will soon quickly coat your already chilled windshield.

    The C-best options in my RX300 have been set such that only I control my future lifeline. I only enable my A/C if the air temperature and/or the MRT require it. That means that it is never enabled during the winter months. Beats having to disconnect the A/C compressor clutch power lead each fall and then reconnect it the next spring.

    What we have done with my 2001 RX300 is add an ECU, microprocessor, that manipulates the climate control ECU's input signals such that when I activate defog/demist/defrost mode the system will ALWAYS provide a high level of HOT airflow to the interior surface of the windshield.

    When activating defog/demist/defrost there will be a slight delay(***) and then the reheat/remix apportioning vane will automatically move to the max heating position and then the blower speed will go to full "high".

    *** The new ECU detects that the system is in defog/demist/defrost mode by "watching" the system outflow routing servomotor's feedback potentiometer. When defog mode is activated and the servomotor has moved the airflow routing to the windshield outflow position the new ECU takes over control of the reheat/remix servomotor and moves it to the MAX HEAT position. Once it has reached the max heat position the blower motor speed is raised to maximum.

    The new ECU will remain in control of the system for a minimum of 45 seconds and then it will relinquish control back to the parent system's OEM ECU.

    In my 1992 Lexus LS400 I was able to accomplish this with a simple switch that added a resistance in line with the IAT (cabin atmosphere temperature sensor). The added resistance caused the climate control ecu to "think" the cabin had instantly gotten a LOT colder and it would therefore quickly raise the heating level and the blower speed.

    Somewhere between 92 and 2001 the engineers had added some digital signal processing for the various sensors and now the climate control ECU does not react to a "sudden" decline of the cabin temperature until about 20 seconds have elapsed. And even then it does so in increments.

    The new ECU design still forces a cabin COLD signal from the IAT sensor to the OEM ECU. But since that ECU will not react to such a dramatic, quick, (INSTANT)temperature change in the cabin atmosphere we have added new capability. After the 45 second delay the OEM ECU will have recognized, fully, the COLD state of the cabin atmosphere.

    After the 45 second delay the AMKA ECU will return control to the OEM ECU, EXCEPT for maintaining the FALSE cabin cold signal from the IAT sensor. That will be removed, negated, only by leaving the defog/demist/defrost mode.

    Once the defog/demist/defrost mode is deactivated it will take ~25 seconds for the OEM ECU's digital signal processing algorithm to adjust to the now correct cabin atmosphere temperature indication. So for that 25 second interval the driver will notice the blower speed and the airflow heating level decline incrementally.

  • glenfordglenford Posts: 138
    I have a 2000 RX300, and I like it a lot. But to be honest, I always have found it a little too soft riding. I switched to H-rated severe weather tires (Nokian) and that firmed it up a bit.

    Any thoughts or experiences about firming it up a bit more, without going insane? I don't expect that TRD will have much - this isn't a TRD-target car. I have never altered springs/shocks/antisway bars. The service writer suggested I might get some help if I upsize the wheels/tires, which I could consider.

    Thanks in advance for any help. Tim
  • We never received an owners manual for our 2000 rx300. Does anyone know how to program the garage door opener buttons above the driver's sun visor?
  • mikeytmikeyt Posts: 22
    dont know how to program the opener but the user manuals for the RX300 are all over Ebay
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    I had the same question a while back here is a link or type in homelink in the box.. Good Luck Matt!keywords=allin%3Amsgtext%20limit%3AL- exus%3ARX%2520300%20homelink&count=20
  • I just bought a used 1999 RX 300 and love the car but the original owner lost the rear cargo cover. I am told that an original OEM cargo cover is about $600 but I can't even find that on any Lexus web site. The only place I can find the RX 300 cargo cover for sale is on eBay and it's all auctions. Any suggestion on where to find an aftermarket cargo cover for the RX 300?

  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    Google™ found this one for $149.95:

  • glenfordglenford Posts: 138
    I had the same problem when I bought my 2000. I think the new price was a little under $600. I checked on the internet, and found a place that discounted Lexus parts - that brought it down to about $450 or so.

    Eventually I actually bought mine off eBay for $125+$15 shipping, and it was absolutely mint. Even if it were not, it would have been hard to argue with the price difference. I looked at completed auctions - they tend to go for $150-175.

    Other than these options, you could try places that part out wrecked cars, but I tried a couple of those and had no luck. Tim
  • Can anyone steer me in the right direction to get a NAV update for 2002 RX300? Can they be installed by owner or is it too complicated?
  • We just a bought a 99 RX 300 in great condition, but every time we get over 65 mph, we hear this wind whistle. We know it is not the windows, but can't figure if it's from the tires or from the roof rack &/or spoiler. Can anyone give us any help???
  • It is most likely the door seals. You can also try adjusting the cross members of your roof rack but I don't think it's your roof rack or spoiler that is making the noise. I have a 99 as well and no whistle.
  • My mechanic recommends (Lexus also) Good Year Intregity Tires ...all purpose road tire.
  • I love everything about my RX300 2003 model, except the exhaust tip looks a little dinky. Does anyone know if there is a customized chrome exhaust tip for this vehicle? It would definitely enhance the look on the car.
  • koponenkoponen Posts: 2
    I just bought the 2006 RX330. I do not like the 18" wheels/tires on it and am thinking about putting 20" on. Does anyone know if this is a good idea as far as wear and tear on the suspension, gas mileage, handling, any issues with going that much bigger? Thanks!
  • rx330rx330 Posts: 16
    is this on your rx300 AWD (18 incher)?
  • nmlnml Posts: 7
    i have a 2001 rx300 that i love. i took it in to have the sun screen - not sun roof = fixed so it wouldn't rattle and when i drove it on the freeway the first time there was huge amount of wind noise that had never occurred before. they are replacing the entire sunroof today. i also put those plastic wind shields on the windows - all around that i bought from a catalogue and the vacuum sensation when the windows are open is less oppressive.

    i intend to buy one for the sunroof when i get it back.

    query: does anyone out there have a grill cage/guard for their rx 300? i know of a couple that fit, but want someone who has one to give me the facts re their experience...and what model they chose.
  • jaws48jaws48 Posts: 1
    Did you get any useful answers to this question? I just purchased a 2002 RX300 and would like the same information.


  • dsharkeydsharkey Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 2002 RX300 and asked the same question to various dealers in the Chicago area. One said that it wouldn't be cost effective to put one in using factory equipment after the fact. The other said it couldn't be done at all.

    I'm going to purchase a Garmin GPS which can be mounted just above the NAV screen. It has voice instructions. Saw it demonstated at Circuit City and it has everything that a Lexus NAV system would have plus much more for less than $500.
  • gottlsgottls Posts: 21
    I have a '05 RX330 that I bought in March of 2005. The Nav system came with v.4.02 Map DVD. My dealer tells me they now have a version upgrade available, v.5.1 for $250.

    My question is has anyone got it for a lower price, and is there much difference or change between the two versions to warrant the cost?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Having just upgraded from rev 1 to 5 I would say 5 isn't worth it, especially from 4.02. My Garmin Roadmate portable still outshines it.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    $250 is the best price I've found all over the country. I upgraded mine, and it was worth it to me. Lotsa growth around here, the new version included most of them.

    Garmin may put proprietary Navigation out of business. Especially the Delphi unit - very difficult to use. But the Denso unit Toyota uses, is excellent, IMO.
  • mcdaniel4mcdaniel4 Posts: 9
    Hi I just bought a used Lexus RX 330, white and Hubby thinks it needs a pinstripe. Do some/most of you with white
    Lexus put a pinstripe on? Or are they rather a thing or the past? I made an appointment for in the morning, so I need an answerer asap.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    My wife bought me a Garmin Roadmate for Christmas. I have now had several occassions to use it and have been mightily impressed. So recently I started comparing it to the 5.1 Nav in my 2001 RX300.

    It has become clear that even with just ROM the Garmin has more database storage for/in remote, suburban and farm, areas than the RX300. Twice now it has guided me into areas, one just across the Canadian border in Surrey, wherein the RX had no database.

    And it can be used on the go....!!!
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